Monday, February 27, 2012

The USA lost its moral content and now there is proof. Rock solid, undesputable proof.

Borat received more attention on the news today then a dead American student and his three peers.  I really could not care less about the GOP primaries.  It is moronic and does not deserve my attention.

CHARDON – Donna Rickers (click title to entry - thank you) stepped over a snow bank Monday morning, into a puddle and ran down Maple Avenue, shouting into her cell phone at her husband Paul.
“Yes, I’ll be right there. Hang on,” she said, skipping past a police barricade outside Chardon High School where Paul Rickers was pulling up in a car to pick her up.
It was about 9:30 a.m.– nearly two hours after the shootings at Chardon High School. The Chardon-area mother had just heard that her daughter Joy, a senior, had been shot and taken to Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights, where she was reportedly in stable condition....
Because internet access is inconvenient, doesn't mean I am in the deep forest.  There is little left of it, the deep forest that is, in the USA anyway.  MInority Speaker Pelosi needs to hold a press conference to speak to this tragedy, one again repeated by the free flowing gun supply in the USA.

The story started with news flashes about 10AM.  That is when I first noted it.  The story was gone off most media services by 2PM this afternoon.  I then witnessed a complete abandonment of the story except for CNN.  Wolf Blitzer is a moral man and does not allow populism to dominate his two hours of serving his viewership.

Heck, the front page of the New York Times now has the topic below the central picture.  

CNN continued with its coverage with Soledad O'Brien and Piers Morgan.  Soledad devoted a full one third of her program to the shooting and another one third to a mother attempting to return her daughter's body home from Syria.  Something happened in the middle of the program about some kind politics something.

Piers Morgan and Bill Mayer discussed the lousy gun culture in the USA.  The ONLY discussion of the day.  I have yet to hear what type of gun was used in Ohio and how it was obtained.  I understand the shooter was a peer as well, victimized most of his life including bullying.  He had few but good friends.

Where was the Ohio Governor by the way, still chancing lions, tigers and bears?

Shepard Smith at FOX forgot what country he was in because the only shooting appearing on his program was in Afghanistan and something about an apology that was used for political fodder.

Bill O'Rielly's show was completely disgusting.  It was nothing but politics and opened with a defamation of a dead President, namely John Fitzgerald Kennedy whom died in service to his country as did his older brother Joe.  Bobby wasn't far behind.  O'Reilly was a veiled attempt to support Santorum and his religious rant. 

Oh, yeah, none of the candidates addressed the tragedy.  

But, the frosting on the cake for O'Reilly was his final segments of pure, unadulterated narcissism.  Narcissism to beat the band.  Bill was enthralled with his own inaccurate depiction of Lincoln's assassination or something.  It was a book he wrote that is being made into a movie.  You'll never catch me reading it or in a theater.  But, Bill was thrilled with his own reality throwing thank you kisses to his audience.

That wasn't the best part, "Fair and Balanced O'Reilly" was excited over a race horse named after some kind of icon of his existence.  Oh, yeah, "The Factor."  Evidently, Bill has high hopes for Factor winning the Kentucky Derby.

Seriously.  Not a mention of a dead American child shot in an American high school, but, if it was all about Bill, it made the show.

Then Hannity came on with some kind of 'B Movie' like show featuring all the latest spin of the GOP, Rove himself and hate for President Obama.  After all, why make a big deal of a topic that would embarrass the NRA?  Hannity would simply be forced to call for guns in the classroom, in the cafeteria kitchen, officers where there weren't armed administrators and a new movement called "Arms for Librarians."  So, why go there?  Seriously.

Hannity, like the rest of Murdoch's media, including Greta Van Sustran ( the lawyer of the group) are deeply immoral in their content and completely disregard the lives of Americans as important.  Sound, complete and absolute proof.

But, it doesn't stop there.

Wanting to stop the 'wave of GOP' victories over the 2nd Amendment, MSNBC was nowhere to be found in regard to moral and dedicated coverage of yet ANOTHER student shooting from the 2PM hour onward.  After all, why risk sending negative signals to swing states?

The global community should take notice; the USA is depraved.  It values little its young people and seeks no attempt to stop guns in the hands of people that should not have them.  The NRA has no solid method to end the possibility of limiting inappropriate gun procurement and uses propaganda facilitated by tons of money to make sure they have as deep penetration as they can get for their product whether it means the death of the innocent or not.

Today, the media has proved beyond a reasonable doubt they are owned and operated by the power of the Plutocrats and not licensed by citizens to carry out the country's business for them when it comes to the 'need to know.'  Murdoch is a power broker.  He is not a media mogul, not even close.  He has allowed powerful leverage of the wealthy over the people and now we have proof.

"Good Night, Moon"