Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Joe Walsh doesn't like women in general. He never got along with his wife and then never paid support.

At this meeting with constituents he attacks Senator John McCain stating he should have retired fifteen years ago.

At 07:00 Walsh becomes physically aggressive against a woman constituent. Following that when a man starts to take the same point of view he starts yelling at the constituents. Joe Walsh has a short fuse. But, it is only the woman constituent that is physically confronted when her views are different than his.

Joe Walsh has no respect for women. His voting record reflects that. His attacks on Tammy Duckworth are nearly expected. He has no respect for people in the military involved with government and no respect for government.

Republican Rep. Joe Walsh (click title to entry - thank you) came under Democratic fire Tuesday over remarks that appeared to question whether challenger Tammy Duckworth, a Black Hawk helicopter pilot who lost her legs in combat in Iraq, was a "true hero."

Duckworth's campaign called the comments an insult to veterans, while Walsh insisted that his words were being distorted and that he indeed believed she was a war hero....

Rep. Joe Walsh is rude. He likes being rude and he believes being rude is showing he is a tough guy. I'll tell you want being a tough guy is. A tough guy is fighting for your country, losing both your legs, coming home without bitterness and then seek to be elected to the USA Congress to continue to make a difference. 

Tough is being a woman setting an example for other women and being an icon for young women. Tough is being proud of the country you fought for and not being ashamed to talk about it.

Joe Walsh is not a tough guy, he is a rude and nasty man that expresses some real hostility toward women while being as irresponsible as any man could be to an estranged spouse trying to raise his children alone and without support.

Mr. Walsh needs to stick to the issues and his record. He needs to stop attacking Tammy Duckworth's character because the truth be known, he has no character to speak of at all. If elections were held tomorrow and moral character were the only measure of worthiness, he wouldn't get one vote. So, he needs to move on from cutting down heroes in the USA.

Millionaire Donald Trump didn't ask Justice Roberts for his birth certificate? Amazing.

Donald Trump is leaving no stone unturned in his criticism of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert’s vote to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care law, calling the decision “extremely disloyal” and accusing the justice of wanting to be “loved by the Washington establishment.”
“It’s a disaster and obviously it would have been better if it was knocked out, but Justice Roberts wanted to be loved by the Washington establishment. And by the way, he is now loved,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning. “Because the way they’re talking about him, it’s unbelievable. So he is a beloved man to the liberals and to the Washington establishment."...
Did you hear about the lie regarding President Obama in Paris for the Fourth of July. I'll tell you what, even if it were true I would not have a problem with that because The Revolutionary War may not have been won if the French weren't our ally. If one 4th of July by one USA President was actually held in Paris, it might be very appropriate and a show of gratitude long overdue. 

Millionaire Donald Trump OWES Chief Justice Roberts an apology.

Who does he think he is, an ex-apprentice?

The Plutocrats really do want to own the country. They want their entitlements their way.

The Affordable Care Act is the law of the land.

The new Republican argument against The Affordable Care Act has no validity with voters. They are debating the idea the fee is a tax and therefore what?  If the RNC thinks they are developing still another wedge issue of the fact the fee is a tax to show President Obama is a tax man, they are wasting their time. I don't even know why they are going down that path. It is not important.

President Obama does not want the Bush Tax Cuts renewed. They expire at midnight of New Years Eve 2012 and good riddance. The USA needs to address the National Debt and not The Bush Tax Cuts. We need permanent Income Tax Reform.

I do believe President Obama advocates The Buffet Rule. That is a tax.

Shhhh....I guess the Republicans haven't figures that out yet.

published online: 7/3/2012

Tribune Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON - In the wake (click title to entry - thank you) of the Supreme Court's decision to largely uphold President Obama's health care law, a majority of Americans now want to put the fight over the Affordable Care Act behind them, a new national survey indicates. 

Fifty-six percent of Americans believe opponents of the law should "stop trying to block its implementation and instead move on to other national problems," according to the poll by the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation. 

By contrast, just 38 percent said those opposed to the Affordable Care Act should "continue trying to block the law from being implemented."...

It is not a child's sport. It is a dangerous sport.

...Jet skis and other personal watercraft (click here) also offer plenty of fun during summer months. However, as designed many jet skis and personal watercraft have inherent flaws which can lead to serious injuries and death. Many jet skis are grossly overpowered and often come to be out-of-control in the hands of inexperienced or younger riders. This creates risks not only for the users, but for those in the area. The problem is further exasperated if the jet ski does not automatically deactivate. Another concern with many jet-propelled watercraft is the water propulsion system itself. When users are thrown from or fall off such jet skis, the water from the jet propulsion system can cause severe orifice and internal damage....

According to the Coast Guard the number one accident types is collision with another vehicle and personal watercraft, such as jet skies ranks second in causing deaths right behind open motorboats. In 2011, personal watercraft caused 44 deaths including 18 drownings and 764 injuries. (click title to entry - thank you)

Eighty-two (82) of deaths are caused by vessels less than 16 feet in length. The greatest number of deaths are between the ages of 36 to 55 with greater than 55 coming in second. Oddly enough overconfidence can cause greater numbers of death. The greatest number of deaths in this group have 101 to 500 hours of experience. The largest number of deaths occur with one person on the vehicle, with two persons on board having the second highest number of deaths. Personal watercraft causes 41% of all deaths.

Accident, casualty and damage, including property damage resulted annually is $52,198,658.

Personal watercraft cause (these are ranked by frequency) broken bone(s), bruise, lacerations, sprain, concussion, internal organ injury, dislocation, spinal cord injury, shock, amputation(s), burns and hypothermia. Due to the fact these watercraft are open air there is no carbon monoxide concerns. 

Alcohol contributes to 16 percent of all deaths and 8 percent of all injuries. Seriously, alcohol causes twice as many deaths than injuries. Alcohol is not the primary reason for these incidents, though. Drug use is virtually non-existent in the statistics. The leading reason for danger is 'improper lookout.'

Improper Lookout is defined by the USA Coast Guard as: "Just as an operator must pay attention, it is also imperative to keep a proper lookout." In other words, a personal watercraft operator has to pay attention to where the vehicle is steered and what is in the water ahead of the path. The problem with these vehicles, similarly with snowmobiles, the speed over takes the operators ability to maintain good lookout. The machine has more capacity for movement than the operator's ability to keep up with that capacity.

Have a safe holiday. People tend to mimic what their leadership does. Please be careful when boating. The best enjoyment of a holiday are memories and returning home safe and sound to talk about it with friends and family. No one needs a thrill a second. All anyone needs fun.

The Andy Griffith Show: Andy Discovers America - Season 3, Episode 23 (1...

Andy Griffith is a North Carolina icon. He will be missed in that state.

He received the President's Medal of Freedom. He was born and died in North Carolina and is a favorite son.

He and Ron Howard were always in touch with each other regarding family.

Andy Griffith liked the Democrats and was featured in commercials with winning Governor's Mike Easley and Bev Purdue. He spoke at both their inauguration ceremonies. He was onced asked to run against Jessie Helms, but, declined the request. He also promoted Medicare with ads for seniors.

It is well known within The Andy Griffith Show there is a town called Mount Pilot. It was adapted from the famous icon of North Carolina Pilot Mountain. The theme of the show was very much 'tiny town' USA where everyone knew each other, tolerated each other in joy of living and honored each other by upholding moral values.

Andy Griffith was born in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The town enjoys that iconic status with an annual celebration called, "Mayberry Days." This year Mayberry Days is in September from the 27th to the 30th.

Mayberry Days (click here) is a festival for the whole family with activities and events for the fans who long for the days when life was simple and the sheriff didn't carry a gun. Enjoy a bottle of pop while playing checkers, relax to music from many local bands playing the same songs that Andy grew up with and performed on The Andy Griffith Show. There is so much to do during the festival such as watching the parade, meeting the Special Guests, laughing at Colonel Tim's Talent Time, placing the high bid at a Silent Auction or taking in all of the music at the many venues. Remember to to take time to slow down and enjoy what Mayberry means to you.

Kenneth "Otis" Junkin and David Browning "The Mayberry Deputy" on parade.

While Andy Griffith was best known for his role in the town of Mayberry, he had a very distinguished, interesting acting career. While playing the Sheriff of Mayberry his training showed through. He was adaptable to many tones throughout the TV series. He was the most flexible of all the characters and why the show revolved around him.

...If he had done nothing else, “The Andy Griffith Show” was great, (click title to entry - thank you) enduring television. On the surface, it was about a bunch of rubes in small-town North Carolina and their comic situations. But everybody who watched the show knew it was really about friendship, family, and doing the right thing. It was very smart, and it was very funny. There are many  reasons why it has endured for a half-century in reruns while so many other shows came and went without leaving footprints.
The folks of Mayberry had their flaws, flaws they couldn’t always recognize in themselves. In other words, they were like all of us. But when push came to shove, they always looked out for each other. It was something viewers connected to no matter where they lived. And it’s a hard to imagine a more likeable pairing of actors could ever exist than Griffith and Don Knotts....

Andy Griffith was genuine. Andy Griffith was a one of a kind. Andy Griffith will be missed.

This is a great standard for an insurance company. I have had Allstate insurance in the past. I simply don't right now.

The 'standard' illustrated by this Allstate commercial is based in sound medical application. A child will seek comfort in happy thoughts when in distress. They are so adaptable and this is an incredible level of healing Allstate is illustrating.

In places I have worked it was 'standard practice' to have donated plush toys at hand when children were part of the landscape. I worked in a profession where discomfort and scary stuff was part of the child's experience. An adult world can be a very scary place for young minds and hearts. Toys and play are a very important aspect of caring for children.

I applaud Allstate for this standard in their practice. And to realize all the children survivors received this from Allstate is also a healthy bonding experience for those children. They have friends automatically when they can identify a familiar form of comfort in the Teddy Bear. The friends and Teddy Bears are an important part of healing. I thank Allstate for taking their practice that much more forward to an excellent result. They didn't have to do that, but, they did and it matters.

The deadliest year for tornadoes in the USA was 2011. (click title to entry - thank you)

...For this map shows the course of every single tornado that has hit the U.S. over the last six decades,...

The tone of the article is to warn those afraid of tornadoes to move their lives to the western part of the nation. There are many aspects to consider including flooding and other natural disasters occurring in the western part of the country. This map is helpful but I wish it were more interactive to allow viewing of the dynamic on a year by year analysis. I still find it very helpful.

The graphs in the left lower corner shows statistics, but, not annual analysis. They are good graphs and helpful. 

Noted in eastern part of the map are dark areas where tornadoes are less dense. Those are the mountains.  

Florida is really interesting. The state illustrates tornado activity except for the Everglades where higher water vapor exists. The water vapor dissipates the heat the fuels the tornadoes. If one will note, in the Tornado Map above, there is a straight line across the entire center of the State of Florida. The straight line goes from the Space Coast to the Gulf Coast. 

Climate folks already know where this discussion is going. I mentioned the other day, it is up to the cities to protect their citizens from the extreme heat we are seeing these days and mentioned the idea of plant gardens dominating the sides of buildings and large open fountains and waterfalls adding water vapor to the atmosphere in the cities. I called the cities Heat Islands. 

Central Florida has a large populous with roads connecting them. It is very commercial. I know because I have traveled that area when my children were younger. We went to the Space Coast, Orlando and then to a lazy little town on the Gulf Coast called Cedar Keys. So, there is a lot of concrete and asphalt in Central Florida.

There is a road running from east to west in Central Florida, it is Route 50. I prefer that road rather than the interstates. Route 50 can be noted in this map. To note also are the other major highways in and out of this area. 

The point to all this is clear. The map at the top of this entry is about the density of tornado occurrence in the past sixty years. Easily discerned in the eastern area of the USA there are 'cool spots' for that activity. It is easy to discern there are 'hot spots' for tornado activity on the same map. In Florida there is both. The most intense tornado activity in Florida clearly is in a place were 'heat islands' occur and their connecting infrastructure. The "Florida Dynamic" clearly shows why nature has to be appreciated over and above the infrastructure humans design as ways of 'living, working and getting around.' It is easiest to think about as a 'concrete footprint' and its result in providing high turbulence in the air temperatures CREATING dangers. 

The Central Florida Corridor proves human development of land is done very poorly and without reverence to the fact human beings are biological in need of a benevolent environment surrounding them. This reality is a every real aspect of the Climate Crisis which dictates the certainty of the fact Anthropogenic Global Warming is real and contributes in large measure to the Climate Crisis.