Thursday, November 08, 2012

No 3:00 AM phone call?


I guess that is why they aren't President!

"More Takers than Makers"

Excuse me!

Corporate welfare is OVER!

The problem is not the number of 'makers' in the USA, it just that the 'takers' take a lot!

Corporate welfare deprives Americans of pensions, vacations, GOOD PAY, medical benefits that actually provide benefits and the list goes on.

I don't think so!

Speaker Boner is manipulative and lying.

Speaker Boner stated, "We are willing to consider new revenue if it is in growth and reform."


That is simply stating the GOP House is completely resistant to new revenues.

The nation needs to start now and begin to write to their House members demanding they get over their ideology, rescind the pledges they signed and PAY THE NATION'S BILLS!!!!!!!

The word "Growth" by Boner is to be linked to new jobs. Fine. Then make it retroactive to the entire amount of jobs lost since September 2008 moving forward. If that is the case there are lots of job growth under the Obama Administration to define GROWTH. The USA economy has not lingered in tragedy since the GOP crashed the global economy.

There has been nothing but growth so it is time to raise taxes on those that can afford it.

REFORM?  Really?

There is $750 million coming out of BOTH military and domestic programs as of January 1st. That is plenty of reform to begin to build tax incomes from those best to pay them. 

Reform DOES NOT include destroying Medicare, Medicaid, S-CHIPP, Veterans Programs, Social Security or Social Security Disability.

I have an idea, why not simply do what we did last time and pull another 1.5 million in sequester in addition to what is already agreed upon. Then we could send it to a Super Committee and decide where BEST the New Revenues are coming from.

Sounds like a plan!

The Bush Tax Cuts are to EXPIRE ! 

Tax reform committees need to be established by the House and Senate to end loopholes, restructure the tax rates and return revenues to the USA Treasury. The goal to finish the tax reform is before the elections of 2014. That is out of committee, introduced to the floor, voted and signed and enacted no later than Fiscal Year beginning 2014. The date I believe is November 1, 2014.

Florida, the ultimate voter suppressor.

Voters in St. Petersburg, Fla., wait at polls as they open Tuesday morning to decide which presidential candidate will get Florida’s 29 electoral votes. (credit: Edward Linsmier/Getty Images)

There were only two times the USA needed the signatures of every state of the union; when the Declaration of Independence was written and then followed by the USA Constitution. 

Electing the President of the USA only requires 270 electoral votes. In this case, President Obama has not only enough electoral votes without Florida, he has the popular vote. 

Florida is dangerously close to being irrelevant.

The citizens of Florida have a right to have their votes count.

November 7, 2012 11:54 AM

MIAMI (AP) — Elections officials in nine Florida counties (click here) are still tallying absentee ballots, after the presidential race was decided nationally.
President Barack Obama held a slim lead in Florida early Wednesday, but he didn’t need the largest swing state to win re-election. Instead, he captured several other battleground states.
State elections officials said absentee ballots were still being tallied in nine countries across the state.
They included Miami-Dade County, where elections officials counted through the night and had about 20,000 absentee ballots left to tally early Wednesday.
Pinellas County officials say they’ll reconvene Wednesday at 9 a.m. to tally more than 9,000 absentee ballots received on Election Day.
It is the First Lady's fault.

Now Allen West wants to use the 'poor disenfranchised voter' as his excuse. Where was he before?

It is amazing to watch angry men grapple with their failures rather than their anger.

The Republican Party was not the place to find reasons for complaining about voter suppression. The Democrats have been the champions of the under served in this election while the Republicans have attempted to estrange every voter other than white men.

Allen West needs to do two things if he is angry. First, complain to the Florida governor Rick Scot. Second, 'If he can't live within the laws of the USA he needs to leave.' I am sure the Middle East would appreciate the talents of an angry retired USA general. 
Associated Press
November 8, 2012

...The conservative congressman (click here) has refused to concede, but Murphy seized on the projections of several news organizations, declaring himself the victor after a long and often vicious campaign. It was unclear what effect West's actions could have on Murphy's 2,456-vote lead in the unofficial count, but the Republican's hopes appeared to be fading.
"You can always file a lawsuit," said constitutional lawyer Bob Jarvis of Nova Southeastern University, "but I don't see that as a viable option."
Murphy had 50.4 percent of the vote, giving him a margin of about three-quarters of a percentage point. That is above the threshold for a recount under state law. All precincts had reported their tallies but West held out hope for a surge of support from provisional and other outstanding ballots. That looked increasingly unlikely....

The man who never blinked.

I have watched David Axelrod be harassed, verbally attacked with attempts to make him eat his words and he never blinked. He simply kept the faith through impossible scrutiny.

It was Rodney Dangerfield who said, "I never get respect." 

Go, David, Go.