When is Snyder leaving? I am concerned for Michigan beyond the Flint policy. We don't know how much damage he has done since becoming Governor. This policy is just one example. We need a new governor before the level of malpractice by Snyder is known.

The involvement of the DEQ is corruption not incompetence. We have witnessed this level of corruption in North Carolina as well. People go along with it because they need their jobs. That is not an excuse to allow danger in people's lives, but, when the US EPA isn't moving rapidly into the corruption a government employee feels abandoned and lacks impowerment. What was occurring in Washington, DC was standard practice because they never thought the danger was off the scale. The negative feedback loop to MDEQ emboldened the governor and weakened the professionals.

Also, the poisoning continued past a one year policy. If the state insisted on a one year study, then clean water to the residents should have been well established before the switch to a Flint River water source.

Flint Doctor: 'No Other State Has Been Poisoned by Policy'  (click here) 

March 29, 2016