Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Here's one for you, Ben. What would you do?

Who knew? A governing drug cartel right across the Gulf of Mexico from the Port of Louisiana. Ah, come on Ben, give it your best college try. I think you can begin by first ruling out a near border war. Okay? I find it interesting the President of Mexico didn't know. See, Mexico is littered with all kinds of drug violence.

New York/Caracas, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Two nephews (click here) of Venezuela's first lady have been arrested and brought to the United States to face drug trafficking charges, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.
Franqui Francisco Flores-de Freitas and Efrain Antonio Campo-Flores were flown into New York on Tuesday, a source said. Both are nephews of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's wife, Cilia Flores, according to two sources linked to the Flores family.
The news may tarnish Maduro's image as he heads toward legislative elections in December that are expected to be among the most difficult for the ruling Socialist Party due to the OPEC nation's ongoing economic crisis.
The U.S. State Department says that more than half of the cocaine produced in neighboring Colombia is trafficked through Venezuela toward markets in Europe and the United States....

I tell you what, Ben. You can help me with something.

I am really having a tough time with level 77 of Candy Crush. Any ideas?

I don't blame Ben Carson for painting with a broad brush, the world is a complicated place.

Ben Carson wants another Iraq War including taking Anbar Province again. I wonder what he will do with all that once he has it. Assuming of course, most of the natural citizens are dead.

That is the problem with every Republican in the field. They absolutely treat foreign policy as if we can simply walk into a country and own it.

The only countries Ben Carson identified as of concern in the Middle East is China and Russia. 


No Libyans, no Iraqis, no Syrians which might be accurate at this point, no Kurds, they must have become refugees in Turkey, No Jordanians, the kingdom fell evidently, same thing for Saudi Arabia,... 

...I know for a fact the Ruskies took over Egypt at least a year ago and so goes the entire of the Middle East. I honestly didn't see him identify Israel either. So, under Ben Carson the USA must already have invaded Israel. Got rid of the Jews, huh, Ben?

Ben Carson has the same attitude about the world that "W" had. The world was his to conquer as the only Superpower. "W"rong, Ben, very, very "W"rong.

The USA has a lot of diplomacy working right now. As a matter of fact it was only today or so the USA was invited and/or permitted to help with the downed jet with Russia as a destiny.  

There are many, many countries in the Middle East. For every country there are many religious ethnicities. There is no way the USA can simply plant a flag and expect every person in the Middle East jump to attention and salute the hoisting of the red, white and blue. Those DYNASTY days whereby Napoleon conquered foreign lands are over. The USA, under President Obama, recognizes the legitimate leadership of every country and in the Middle East President Obama has brought together a coalition of countries to protect their sovereign borders and defeat enemies such as Daesh.

Now, why would President Obama do something as silly as that when all that has to be decided is the tug of war with Russia and China? 

Why? Because there will be another Daesh somewhere in the future. It is far better to have these countries organized to DETECT such movements and act to end them. Right now there is an Arab Nations Coalition with the USA that will last to the end of time. It will grown stronger and more independent and will govern the Middle East with sovereign peace in their borders. 

Some day in the near future Syria will have a power sharing government. The country will rebuild and there will be a right to return to the people that have called Syria their birth home. 

President Obama has been working hard along with his State Department to grow governance and not an invasion in order to occupy. We tried that. The country was Iraq. We all know how that turned out.

Have I been unfair to the Republicans in describing them as not having a clue about foreign relations?  

I don't think so. There are enormous numbers of innocent people dead and now there are more from the aftermath of the Iraq invasion of 2003. See, "W" thought the USA can simply march into a far weaker and disarmed country and write a constitution. Can you imagine the arrogance of a USA President to imagineer an entirely different country once the USA planted it's flag there

Ben Carson has not world view, neither did "W." And for the invasion into Iraq what did we get in return besides debt? We got Daesh. The invasion completely alienated the Ba'athists and now we have Daesh. 

We aren't going to do it again, Ben. We simply aren't. 

The crash scene? In Egypt? I keep looking at it with every new angle and every new photo and I see the same thing. It definitely looks like two separate jets that fell from the sky 3 miles apart. I have not changed my mind. The ENTIRE tail section lays in the desert intact and without CHARRINGThen three miles away is a jet completely burned and lying on the ground unrecognizible. The only way the entire tail section is that far from the main body of the get is if it fell away from the jet as it exploded. I have tried to change my own mind and I can't. The facts as I see them simply scream from the desert to have the truth recognized. 

I understand there is a recognizable noise on the black boxes. Fine. But, what I see is what I see. I am thousands upon thousands of miles away and I accept the findings of the governments involved. But, I doubt I will ever change my mind.

As far as competition in the Middle East with Russia and China? That will never happen unless it is a trading war. 

Is a Republican capable of governing? Not if the first thought in any decision is "We don't have to put up with this, we are the USA!"

It isn't as though the USA doesn't have it's own problems to solve.

November 9, 2015
By Alan Gottlieb

Well over one-quarter of all white students (click here) in Denver Public Schools were classified as gifted and talented last school year, more than twice the percentage of gifted and talented Hispanic students and three times the percentage of black students who carried that label.
District officials acknowledge that the numbers are inappropriately and “highly skewed” in favor of white students, reflecting testing and cultural biases....

The bias in the USA against minorities is as much cultural as well as economic. Educating children has to be sensitive to the economically disadvantaged as well as those outside the loop culturally. 
  • 95% of teens (click here) have felt inferior at some point in their lives.  When asked why they have felt inferior, students selected their top three conditions.  The main reasons students have felt inferior are:
    • Appearance:  59%
    • Ability in some activity:  49%
    • Intelligence:  38%
    • Size:  35%
    • Age:  21%
    • Race:  13%
    • Gender:  13%
    • Family economic status:  12%
    • Religion:  6%
    • Sexual Orientation: 6%
  • 84% of teens have felt superior to another person.
  • 41% of students have purposely tried to make another person feel inferior.
Cultural separation requires PURSUIT of the demographics unaware of how the process of an educational system works. Pursuing parents unaware of their own ability to promote their children within an educational system requires local town hall meetings where parents live and children grow.

Passing out flyers in the general mail or handouts with children can begin to serve initial steps to move minority children forward. Be prepared to call up drug treatment and help through social workers to educate parents about their importance in achieving better economic standing. No jail. No prison. No aggression, it is about children and not the failure of adults to thrive in the USA. Minority parents will understand "Children at risk for life long failures."

...Boasberg said biases and inequities explain some of the disparities: “It’s a result both of some systemic biases … and it’s a result of the privileges that students of different races grew up with and bring with them when they first, for example, have the opportunity to be assessed for those programs at age 5.”

The pipeline that begins at age 5 is the district’s longstanding Advanced Kindergarten program. While Advanced Kindergarten is not a gifted and talented program, it is where sorting of various kinds can begin. Students are tested at parent initiative, giving an advantage to families who understand the system and how to use it to their best advantage.

Preschoolers who demonstrate a mastery of kindergarten-level work while still in preschool qualify for Advanced Kindergarten. Advanced Kindergarten numbers are least as skewed as the gifted and talented statistics....

In contrast to invasion and nation building stands Myanmar.

The taste of democracy usually calls for more of the same.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (click here) is one of the founding members and current chairperson of the National League for Democracy (NLD) in Myanmar.
In November 2012, she accepted the role of UNAIDS Global Advocate for Zero Discrimination, for which she will advocate for the elimination of stigma and discrimination. She is especially concerned that stigma and discrimination create an environment of fear that prevents people from accessing lifesaving HIV services....

Democracy came to Myanmar with a compassionate and hopeful face. It did not take shape by war. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi brought hope and compassion to Myanmar through health initiatives supported by the global community. The people of Myanmar had little to no exposure to 'health knowledge' and the movement toward freedom and valuing human life. Nothing was forced on them, they decided day after day they wanted a different resolve by a government.

November 11, 2015
By Vijay Joshi, Esther Htusan 

Yangon, Myanmar (AP) — Myanmar's transition (click here) to greater democracy after decades of military rule surged ahead Wednesday as opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi's party continued its election sweep and the government promised a peaceful transition of power.
Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy said it received a message from Information Minister Ye Htut on behalf of President Thein Sein congratulating it for leading the race for parliamentary seats in Sunday's election.
Ye Htut said the government will pursue a peaceful transfer of power "in accordance with the legislated timeline." He was not immediately available for comment....
20 October 2015
By Cathy Burke 

More than a year before 9/11, (click here) Donald Trump predicted a terror attack on a major American city was inevitable.
"I really am convinced we're in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers," Trump writes in his June 2000 book, "The America We Deserve."

"No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen."...

Currently, Donald Trump states the USA should not re-enter the war in the Middle East and is a loyalist with Israel.

There is no clear enemy in the Middle East in countries lost to civil war. Besides that, the USA should not be involved in civil wars. Much of what has transpired in the Middle East since the invasion into Iraq are civil wars.

Al Baghdadi resulted because of the invasion into Iraq and the unrest that hated the invasion and the infidel soldiers. There is no role for our soldiers in the Middle East. 

Libya's instability resulted because of civil war. The USA ended Gaddafi's march to genocide in East Libya.  

Syria is a civil war with incredible number of players that have broken down into innumerable militias. Iraq's invasion from al Baghdadi has resulted in a lack of sovereign government and the provinces are organized to protect their people.

The USA has no place in the Middle East except as an ally of Israel. It has done enough damage.  American soldiers have infidel targets on their backs.

There is every reason to believe democracy in Northern Africa only allows radical Islamists a chance to rule the country. We saw it in Egypt, now, Tunisia.

Does the USA seriously want to continue experimental democracy with foreign powers? 

I have stated it over and over; a country has to be ready for democracy. Democracy does not hatch from an egg no matter the amouts of US dollars is thrown at it. NATION BUILDING DOES NOT WORK. How many examples does the USA need to stop the insane expectations of invasions of the US military? 

November 9, 2015

Thirty two Tunisian lawmakers (click here) accused President Beji Caid Essebsi's son of meddling and resigned from the ruling party bloc in parliament on Monday, allowing Islamist rivals to become the largest party.Tunisia has enjoyed a period of political stability following its transition to democracy after its 2011 uprising ousted autocrat Zine Abidine Ben Ali, but earlier this month brawling broke out between two factions of the Nidaa Tounes party over what critics say were attempts by Essebsi's son to seize control.
"We decided to resign from the party's bloc today after the refusal to hold an executive committee meeting, which is the only legitimate structure of the party," Hassouna Nasfi, one of the protesting deputies told reporters on Monday.
"We resigned to protest the non-democratic way in which the party has been managed."...
While on the issue of Dodd-Frank; Senator Elizabeth Warren stated from the Senate floor yesterday that the big banks are now carrying $10 trillion in debt. 

In 2008 the USA bailout the banks with $800 billion. Every American was angry and astounded at the sizeable bail out. If the big banks collapse again with that level of debt there was be a catastrophic economic collapse of the every country on Earth.

If ten trillion US is the correct debt of the big banks, the USA could not and would not bail them out again. Did Dodd-Frank Act work to end the danger to the global economy? No. If Senator Elizabeth Warren correct in her assessment should the big banks be spilt up? What is everyone waiting for? Breaking up the big banks is no longer in doubt! 

I think it is also important to determine the effect of Dodd-Frank on smaller banks before the big banks are broken up. 

Fact checking the debate:

November 11, 2015

Republican presidential candidates (click here) debated once again on economic issues and offered some misleading takes on jobs, tax plans, immigrants and state budgets.
  • Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said that “welders make more money than philosophers.” Actually, those with undergraduate degrees in philosophy earn a higher median income than welders.
  • Businessman Donald Trump said that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had forced out 1.5 million immigrants who were in the country illegally. The federal government claimed it was 1.3 million, but historians say that’s exaggerated.
  • Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said the Tax Foundation calculated that his tax plan “costs less than virtually every other plan people have put up here, and yet it produces more growth.” But the foundation said Bobby Jindal’s and Rubio’s plans both would lead to higher gross domestic product growth over a decade.
  • Cruz also repeated the years-long falsehood that there’s a “congressional exemption” from Obamacare. Members of Congress and their staffs face additional requirements than other Americans, not fewer....

Captains of industry state, "But, these are jobs for people with dependents." What did you hire them for then?

November 11, 2015
By Samantha Masunaga

Protesters demonstrate outside a McDonald's restaurant in Oakland, California, at the start of the minimum wage campaign in 2013. Photo: AP

Los Angeles: (click here) Thousands of low-wage workers and their supporters have marched through the streets of several US cities to drum beats and whistles calling for a $US15 ($21.29) minimum wage.
The nationwide "Fight for 15" protest expected workers from 270 cities to walk out in what organisers hoped would be the fast-food industry's largest ever strike.
In Los Angeles protesters – backed by the Service Employees International Union – gathered at a local McDonald's before marching to City Hall. Home care and child care workers marched alongside fast-food employees, union members and community organisations.... 

Across the USA it doesn't matter the industry one works the results in seeking good pay is all the same, "Get something for nothing."

When Wall Street and decades of Republican policy in Washington ignored an entire generation of Americans preparing for good paying jobs, they set up the USA for fiscal failure and their big profits.

Should I remind all that Walmart even has a special counselor for their employees to help with applications for food stamps and Medicaid. It is time to organize and become members of unions that will provide counseling to Wall Street to pay better and see even better profits with a growing future.

Marches work.

Families of the victims of the Bloody Sunday shootings march from the Bogside area of Londonderry to the Guildhall in 2010, to read a preview of the Saville Inquiry report. Photo: Getty Images

November 11, 2015
By Jordan Rayner

...Families (click here) of some of those who died in one of the most notorious episodes of the Troubles welcomed what they described as a positive step towards justice, but one of the architects of the peace process warned of the "perils" of dredging up the past.

Lord Mandelson, the former Northern Ireland secretary, said the authorities should "think long and hard about the perhaps unforeseen consequences" of arrests, adding that peace in Northern Ireland was "fragile" and there were dangers in anything that might "fire up tensions between different parts of the community".
MPs and former military commanders demanded to know why former soldiers were being investigated for murder when so many former terrorists were released under the Good Friday Agreement....
November 11, 2015

A charred car and aircraft debris smoulder where authorities say a small business jet crashed into an apartment building. Photo: Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal

Akron, Ohio:  As many as nine people are feared dead (click here) after a small private jet crashed into an apartment building in the midwestern US city of Akron.
The plane, a twin-engine business jet, was on approach to the airport in the Ohio city when it crashed on Tuesday, reports said.
The owner of the private jet said nine people, including two pilots, were on board. None are believed to be alive....

Three minute assuming one is not drunk, deeply asleep or taking sleeping pills.

You now only have about 3 minutes (click here) after the fire alarm goes off, to get out of your home safely. That time has dramatically dropped over the years -- it used to be 17 minutes.

These large open boxes were set up for the I-Team by the Alsip Fire Department. The one on the right is full of older or antique furniture, made of cotton, wool and down.

The room on the left is a typical a home with newer, synthetic furniture made with chemicals like polyurethane and hydro-carbons.

Firefighters and other safety experts lit both rooms at the same time using a candle. In just one minute and thirty seconds, flames raged through the newer furnishings in what firefighters call a "flashover."

The old furniture burned slowly. It takes more than 13 minutes to "flashover."

"The products now-a-days are all synthetic," says Thomas Styczynski, Fire Chief Village of Alsip. "They are hydrocarbons, a solid form of gasoline if you will. They will ignite quicker, they give off different gasses. Besides carbon monoxide, they give off cyanide gases, all those which are toxic to humans." ...

Everything old is new again.

So you’re looking for used and vintage furniture (click here) …you’re in the right place! We’ve got thousands and thousands of listings, all right here. Whether your home bar needs used barstools, your boudoir needs a vintage bed frame, or your living room needs used and vintage decor, Chairish has everything your happy home desires. New stock is added every day, and you’ll find the most recent listings first. Happy shopping....

Now a jet just falling out of the sky is going to be very difficult to protect from, but, fires are problems in the year 2015. Consumers have to pay attention.

Are we sure we think for ourselves?

The social network has crossed the line and needs to back off, writes Rebecca Lloyd. 

Dear Facebook, (click here)
The past year or so has seen our relationship change. I'm not sure I was ever as committed to it as you are but I could see the potential and I didn't want to let my family and friends down so I persevered. Mostly, I thought, it was working out all right.

But you can't ever leave a fairly good thing be, can you Facebook?

First you began deciding for me what I would and would not want to read from my friends and the pages I had chosen to follow.

It was bossy and patronising, but you did kind of have a point – there is way too much information pouring through this platform and it was much easier for you to just shut down a chunk of it than to offer something I might actually want, like proper curatorial tools or the capacity to use italics.

Oh dear, though, it didn't stop there....

When Republicans say...

...the USA better lead the world; what does that mean? Like I am suppose to read minds or something. 

The last time Republicans stated they lead the world they did it without any support from the global community. That's leading? Really?

When Republicans say...

...we have to rebuild our military, what does that mean? 

The last time Republicans rebuilt the military there were helicopters crashing in exercises off Hawaii, a Japanese school ship sank south of Hawaii, a USA spy plane crashed in China, towers collapsed in Lower Manhattan, they abandoned the war in Afghanistan for a faux war in Iraq, soldiers carried out ten to fourteen tours of duty in a war environment, they returned with missing limbs by the tens of thousands and PTSD is rampant among them. 

So, when Republicans talks about the USA as being a leader while rebuilding our military they have to make it clear EXACTLY what they are saying rather than simply submitting rhetoric.

I think politicians get off easy by flag waving.

World War I (click here) – known at the time as “The Great War” - officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France. However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.”... 

Veteran's Day was about the end of war, not the beginnings of it.