Monday, September 12, 2011

A quick note about the next Republican Debate.

Romney needs to go home.  He isn't going to be able to contest against the new face of the RNC which passed a draconian bill to destroy Medicare.  He would have to stand in opposition to every legislation passed in the House since January and that is a lot of Republicans that are sold on extremism.  The race is between Palin and Perry should she decide to get serious.  How can anyone trust Romney when he party has become so extreme?  I just don't see it.

It was quite a commemoration. (click title to entry - thank you)

The memorials were beautiful and quite a tribute to the families after ten years.

I tried to take in all of it.  From President Obama's visit to Arlington on Saturday and the unveiling of the Flight 93 Wall to the three visits by President Obama yesterday to New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania.

I especially liked the way Bush and Obama tried to bring the nation together by participating in the New York commemoration with separate speeches.  Hey, Bush even quoted Lincoln, ya know?  For as noble the purpose of "W"s presence  the only thing I could think of while he was speaking was Iraq and the $3.1 Tillion of the National Debt these wars have occurred to date.

The 'cause' of the terrorist attack on the USA on September 11, 2001 has to be addressed.  I remember hearing an emergency worker asking over the radio to the central command in New York played on the History Channel what does the President have to say?  This was about 45 minutes after the North Tower was hit.  Centeral Command stated, "He promised to get the people who did this?" 

Yep.  That's all he had to say.  Not much else.  Then he just continued to say it over and over and over again while looking for a smoking gun.  I was also thinking, the people who did this are now dead along with everyone else.

Then on the Neil Cavuto Hour there was this woman, I think she was a family member, stating that the events of 911 need to be archived with the rest of the history of the USA and how President Obama doesn't 'get it' when it comes to Muslims and Mosques in the USA.

Right.  So, we should have a national policy that monitors Mosques and their members so we can find the 'domestic terrorists' that the Middle East Arab naitions are mentoring in their extremist views of Jihad.  And.  We should archive the attacks of September 11th because after all there were only 2983 people that died.  Not 29,000 or 290,000 or 2,900,000.  A minor event on the timeline of history really.  So, in a way she was stating the entire mess in Lower Manhattan was overblown so "W" could invade Iraq, leave bin Laden on the loose to do it again and carry on with a War of Oil plan that has been shelved for so long.

I am sure she was annoyed at the cost of it all, too.\

I can agree with her, except, that when one waits for 2,900,000 people to die to NOTICE there is a global problem it might be really hard to recooperate from and you might even be among the dead.

It is prudent to condemn such actions on sovereign soil even though the major loss in Lower Manhattan was simply conrete, steel and some human fless along with some really messed up real estate.  Oh, by the way, the human life could be looked as mirely members of the Plutocracy, but, they were among the most valuable the American Brain Trust for financial markets. 


While the emergency worker responding to the tragedy unfolding in Lower Manhattan was looking for profound words of concerns along with sincere actions by the President like immediate deployment of military troops to Lower Manhattan to assist with the overwhelming reality they were experiencing, the fact is the Memorials are magnificent, appropriate and in the case of the Pennsylvania field sadly underfunded.

If Americans want to grapple with the oppression and poverty of the Middle East as to what spawned the attacks of September 11th and the Arab Spring and why the Yellow Sea is being coveted by Rep. Buck McKeon as the next get US Military effort one should come to understand what a completely bad idea it is to be the Global Police with a military budget that surpasses that of the combined military budgets of all the other nation's on Earth.

More about that later.

Have a better day and my deepest concerns and sympathies for all the 911 families.  The children are doing okay.  They are finished with Camp and now we need to worry about their education and transition into a society waiting for them.  I was sincerely impressed with the young man seeking to become a forensic scientist.  He misses his father terribly and yet he sees a future for himself.