Thursday, August 25, 2011

It is good to see people taking this hurricane so seriously.

I have been doing some very casual calculations on the speed of movement, not the winds, but the 'traveling' speed across the water.  Since the first 22 hours to the last 24 hours the hurricane has increased its westward movement by 0.63 miles per hour and it has lost speed northward by 5 mph.

August 25, 2011
1530.13 z
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite 

Six hours later is below.

In both these pictures above there is considerable water vapor available to it from the equatorial latitudes.  That water vapor CAN fuel higher velocities.  If one notices there is considerably more water vapor 'on the move' in the direction of the hurricane than six hours before.  It just has to be watched for trajectory and velocity.

To the right is the current weather satellite over Virginia.  It is unrelated to the hurricane EXCEPT that it has consolidated in the last six hours.  

This consolidation can be noted in the two GOES East satellite above.  It was diffuse in the 1530 satellite and currently is consolidated.  The fronts involved with this consolidation do not seem to be strong enough to resist the velocity of the hurricane moving inland.

The potential is that with additional water vapor available from the equator and a stronger movement westward it may prove to be a significantly higher velocity than might be expected otherwise.  I haven't noted any oscillation with the velocity either.  That would mean to me there is little counter effects from surrounding systems on this hurricane.  

The outer bands are already covering Florida and it is noteworthy that these clouds and not the eye of the hurricane is where the heavy rains START.  While the eye is where the highest velocity winds are it is not where the rain starts.  There will be heavy rainfall at the periphery of this storm as the denser clouds move in.

The storm is worrisome to me.  It is strong and has the potential to be stronger as it approaches land and not weaker if that water vapor becomes incorporated into it.  The storm is already 800 miles across with the densest clouds having a radius of 250 miles from the eye.  If there is more water vapor added to this system the diameter could increase and the radius expand as well.  I would expect to see an increase in the diameter first.

Hurricane Irene "Looking Bad" for U.S.—Moon May Make It Worse (click title to entry - thank you)

Unusually high tides and potentially unprepared towns might spell disaster.

Willie Drye in Plymouth, North Carolina
Published August 25, 2011
The exact times, places, and intensities of Hurricane Irene's predicted U.S. landfalls are still ripe for revision, but according to meteorologist Keith Blackwell, at least one thing is certain: "It's looking bad." And the moon is at least partly to blame for that cloudy outlook.
Current forecasts suggest Irene will likely make landfall as a major hurricane onNorth Carolina's Outer Banks barrier islands this weekend, bringing damaging winds and serious flooding to coasts from North Carolina to New England.
Hurricane Irene's center is "likely to go through the Outer Banks and rake the coast all the way up—Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey—all the way up to New England," said Blackwell, of the University of South Alabama's Coastal Weather Research Center.
"Long Island looks like it's really going to be in trouble."…

The other tropical system in the Atlantic is also pushing northeast.  I believe that is what is somewhat stalling Hurricane Irene in a stronger westward movement vs northward.

Good luck.

Let it never be said this blog is not fair and balanced.

I'll never purchase this book and it has nothing to do with ideology.  Dick Cheney is extremely transparent in his 'persona.'  He has a god complex.  He found out what it was like to have power as Chief of Staff to the late President Gerald Ford.  He never got over it.  

Not a 'godly' complex.  A god complex.  Tell me the definition doesn't fit.  Cheney, "There is no such thing as a debt ceiling."  There really isn't anything his book is going to say to cast new understanding of whom he is or the circumstances. 

god complex is the "overwhelming belief" that no matter how complex a problem is, one's idea about it is infallibly right, or the consistent belief that one can accomplish more than is humanly possible or that their opinion is automatically above those with whom he or she may disagree.  The individual may believe he or she is above the rules of society and should be given special consideration or privileges.

As a matter of fact, if I was to point a finger at any 'entity' that would attempt to undermine the entire Space Program over a hissy fit about the Space Shuttle it would be him.  During his time as Deputy Assistant to the President he was known to author a memo to Rumsfield, whom was then his superior, stating the Justice Department should be asked to leverage power over journalist Seymour Hersh.  Hersh was publishing an investigativer report in the New York Times that revealed Navy submarines had tapped into Soviet undersea communications under a classified program.  

The Former Vice is also known to spend time with new intelligence personnel to aggrivate issues of control.

Dick is a problem.  He is one of those “Lone Wolves” that use his access to power to cause trouble to achieve warped goals no different than 911 and what followed it.  He completely disregarded the memo regarding al Qaeda and bin Laden.  He and the Executive Branch under Bush neglected the best interest of the county to aggrivate circumstances that would allow for an agenda that didn’t exist, never existed until it was created by the imagineering of Cheney.

I have no interest in his book as I already know every scenario points to a man so power hungry he lost sight of the country a long time ago while wrapping himself in the flag.  He is sad.  In every way he is sad. 

I look forward to the day when he presents an autographed copy of his book to Ambassador Joe Wilson and former CIA Agent Valerie Plame.