Monday, February 15, 2010

Bye. Bah, bye. Everyone say goodbye. I never valued his opinions on most things.

The weather at Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska (Crystal Wind Chime) remains warmer than the lower 48.

A Farewell to Ice (click title to entry - thank you)

Sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean grew by an average of 13,000 square miles a day last month.

Great news, right? Well, not so much.

For one thing, it was January. Mid-winter. Sea ice cover is supposed to grow. For another, it ain't growing like it used to. In the 1980s, the average rate of ice growth was 35,000 square miles a day. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, average sea ice extent in the Arctic last month was 5.32 million square miles, which was 69,000 square miles above the record January low, set in 2006, but 417,000 square miles below the 1979-2000 average....

...This thinner ice, in other words, is prone to melt earlier, and when it does, the heat-reflecting light-colored sea ice is replaced by heat-absorbing dark-colored ocean water, which causes the melting to increase....

...until recently, models predicted the Arctic would be sea ice-free in summer by the year 2100. Today, however, most researchers agree that, at present trends, a more likely date is 2030.

Climate change, said Barber, "is happening much faster than our most pessimistic models expected."

It is not really acceptable to 'speculate' on the outcomes of Human Induced Global Warming. Logic demands priority. I don't appreciate the politics in this article, but, I felt is was an important article to mention. The author of the article is passing on an opinion at the same time he is calling the alarm. That is not prudent and is very dangerous.

There is an overwhelming TRUTH to Human Induced Global Warming and that it is a UNIQUE event to Earth.

For the first time in four to five decades the USA has a President that believes overwhelmingly in 'the science' and 'the scientist.' President Obama bases many of decisions on FACT and not opinion. The scientists involved in 'measuring' the effect of Human Induced Global Warming DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT have to have a political stand in order to be heard. As a matter of fact it would be extremely refreshing if every decision in the USA and in the area of Climate Change including the international venues were 'depoliticized.'

The Science and Scientists that have brought the warning of Human Induced Global Warming to the global landscape to facilitate governments to come to terms with its impending disasters and adverse outcomes have been abused by Wall Street for decades now.

Human Induced Global Warming is NOT a 'belief system.' It is NOT a religion. It is NOT subjective. It is an objective science and it needs to be treated in that way, given brevity and governments need to act up on its wisdom.

For anyone to take the reality of Human Induced Global Warming as nothing more than a nuisance and a political 'play' has not been 'in touch' with the reality of its devastation to date. Many people have died, crops were lost, land inundated with water, personal property laid to waste and species devastated or extinct.

A warming Arctic Ocean is not a 'simple' concept that can be measured exclusively by the fact 'Oops, the ice is gone.' But, more, "Dear God the ice is gone." The ice ocean has been the thermostat to the planet. The entire planet. With all the old ice gone and ONLY reoccurring winter ice apparent, there is much danger to be realized, not just to the biotic Arctic and Polar Bears, but, to the entire planet.

There is nothing to say that once the 'ice residuals' of Earth are gone, humans will be able to continue to live on it by some chance the winter ice of the Arctic Ocean is enough. It won't be. The land masses will become hostile to life and the global temperatures will continue to rise. For anyone to simply believe it is 'okay' for Earth to be without ice, is placing simplicity before reality.

And I will state it AGAIN.

"Earth has never had this many people or the impact of those engaged in modern day consumerism before." THAT cannot be ignored in understanding the brevity of what is occurring on Earth.

Local time :: 6:28 AM AKST (GMT -09)

Lat./Lon. 58.8° N 137.0° W

Elevation :: 33 ft.

Temperature :: 43 F

Conditions :: Overcast

Windchill :: 43 F

Humidity :: 70%

Dew Point :: 34 F

Wind :: Calm

Pressure :: 30.00 in (Rising)

Visibility :: 10.0 miles

UV :: 0 out of 16

Clouds :: Overcast 5500 feet

(Above the Ground Level)