Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The claim that "Igor" and "Julia" would never effect land is completely in error as of now.

UNISYS Water Vapor Northwest Hemisphere Satellite
September 15, 2010

Bermuda Premier Brown cancels D.C. trip as Hurricane Igor nears (click title to entry - thank you)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) — Bermuda Premier Ewart Brown on Wednesday decided to cancel his scheduled trip to Washington, D.C. to monitor the process of Hurricane Igor, which is on a direct path with the British overseas territory.
Brown was scheduled to host a Student Luncheon Reception for Bermudian students in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, but canceled the trip citing concern regarding Hurricane Igor. He was also expected to sign an agreement.
“Over the next few days, I had planned to attend the signing of the Howard University and Bermuda Collaboration Agreement and the events associated with the Congressional Black Caucus weekend in Washington, D.C.,” Brown said. “In light of the potential threat posed by Hurricane Igor, I have decided to cancel this trip.”
“Our government is monitoring Hurricane Igor closely and intends to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our people,” Brown added.
Large and powerful hurricane Igor is currently located about 1635 kilometers (1015 miles) southeast of Bermuda, and will likely start to affect the island on Sunday as a category 1 or 2 storm.

This troposphere is unprecedented.  There has NEVER been two Category 4 storms moving in unison across the Atlantic Ocean before.

The people trying to change the subject of this unprecedented season of 'twin storms' in the Atlantic by citing the year 2000 as the same as this troposphere are grossly incorrect.  The year of 2000 had two category four storms that existed for three days, one in the Caribbean and one in the Atlantic.  THIS  IS  GROSSLY  DIFFERENT !  End of discussion.

These two storms are completely in unison as they cross the Atlantic and they are maintaining their 'latitude' for days now.

Year of 2000 link:

It is one week out from the beginning of Igor and it has moved 6.4 degrees north.  It is three days and six hours since the beginnings of Julia and the storm has only moved 6.5 degrees north.  THESE STORMS ARE TAKING THE SAME TRACK across the Atlantic Ocean and are in syncronized oscillation with each, exchanging heat energy between the two.

Igor manifested at Longitude -25.50 on September 8th.  Julia manifested at Longitude -21.40 on September 12th.  When Julia joined the tropospheric dynamics of the Atlantic Ocean on September 12th, Igor was at Longitude -45.70.  That is a difference in Longitude of 24.30 degrees on September 12, 2010 between these two storms.  Three days have passed since then.  Igor is now at Longitude -55.60 and Julia is at Longitude -33.50.  THAT is a difference of 22.10 degrees between the two storms.  They are in oscillation and CLOSING the gap between them. 

They are moving in unison in very close proximity.  The Antilles and the Islands now lie in the line of tragectory of these storms.  I am demanding people in the CURRENT path be notified of potential danger.  This is unprecedented.  It is the SECOND time these storms have manifested together and in oscillation THIS season.  There is sincere and real danger to life from these storms and I insist people know the potential danger as these storms are continuing to be monitored for movement north and away from any danger to life and limb !

I DO NOT WANT another Katrina for ANYONE along the way whereby people were only notified with only 24 hours to take appropriate actions to protect themselves.

September 15, 2010
0014 GMT
Atlantic Ocean Satellite

There is still another tropical wave of significant size off West Africa yet again that may very well be "Lisa" with "Karl" being the THIRD storm simultaneously existing at the same time, but, the only one currently in the Gulf of Mexico.

Excellent ! Elizabeth Warren is someone to trust with a 'history' of trustworthiness. I think it means I can sleep at night.

It would seem as though President Obama has found his way out of the Bush / Cheney POST occupation maze.


Thank you to ABC for the 'early word.'

Exclusive: President Obama to This Week Name (click title to entry - thank you) Elizabeth Warren to Special Advisory Role to White House/Treasury Dept to Form New Consumer Agency

September 15, 2010 5:22 PM

President Obama will announce this week that Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard Law School professor who first proposed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, will be named to a special position reporting to both him and to the Treasury Department and tasked with heading the effort to get the new federal agency standing, a knowledgeable Democrat told ABC News.
Warren currently chairs the Congressional Oversight Panel of the Troubled Assets Relief Program and has been seen by many on the Left as a force for greater accountability and transparency, and a check against the forces in the Obama administration more closely allied with the financial sector. Many officials in that sector eye her warily as too anti-business....

What part of the tax cuts don't the Republicans understand? The wealthiest Americans were bailed out when their banks were saved. They are irresponsible and need to be accountable to the IRS, now.

Neoteny is an interesting concept the Republicans have mastered as a strategy against Americans.  Who does everyone think were losing money when all the Investment Banks were tanking?  The CEOs.  No.  They weren't alone.

The wealthiest Americans that are SUPPOSE to create jobs with all their tax cuts received a bailout along with their investment banks.

Wealthy Americans includes the CEOs of the Investement Banks.  They include people like Paulson and Bush.  So, where did they go after their investment banks were bailed out by the American people.  And I don't want to hear how the banks have paid back their bailout to the USA Treasury.  Because they left a 'WAKE' behind them that is STILL not addressed and caused the USA a lot of danager to its economy. 

Oh, they are around.  They are like circling vultures looking for where the Stimulus dollars are being spent, but, do they feel responsible for their damage to this country?

No way. 

After they were bailed out.  The richest Americans took their money and ran.  They disappeared and didn't look back.  If the Middle Class was suffering because they never 'put the economy' back where it belonged after they were bailed out; well that was too bad.

They indulged themselves with their investment banks and took their money to Europe and Asia.  What ever makes Americans believe their wealthiest are simply waiting to see if the Bush tax cuts for them are going to be preserved so they can descend on the poor, the unemployed and the Middle Class to be their savior for the monies they were 'granted' when they should not have been.

Where are the wealthy investors NOW.  They have had Bush Tax Cuts since the economic collapse of the USA in 2008.  What have they done to increase job growth in this country and where is their patriotic obligation to PUT BACK the economy they crashed after their investment banks 'blew' every dime in their treasuries.

There is something the legislation that provided a bailout to Big Banks neglected to include in its 'repayment plans.'  It forgot to address the TOTAL cost of the bailout.  They forgot that the banks collapsed the USA economy as if they weren't responsible.  When the Investment Banks state they paid their obligations back to the USA, they are completely "W"rong.  The fact of the matter is they haven't even begun to 'put back' the economy their leadership destroyed.

The payments by the banks that received bailout funds need to pay back more then interest they accumulated during the time they had money to 'play' with.  They needed to payback or put back the economy they destroyed as well. 

The investment banks and the wealthiest Americans have gotten away with outrageous borrowing and spending that tanked the USA economy and put millions of Americans out of work while filling their corporate and personal coffers. 


When it comes to paying off the deficit or 'pandering' to wealthy Americans that will never 'put back' the USA economy after Republicans make fools out of the USA public again in preserving tax cuts for people that could not care less about them; I want hte deficit paid.  At least that will address the future of my children and their children and their tax burden now and later.

I mean; for real here.  How stupid does this get before Americans 'wake up' to reality rather than a Republican Dreamscape? 

No more tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.   No way.  They don't deserve 'special treatment' over the future burden of my children and grandchildren.  End of discussion.

Sep 15, 2010

Obama: GOP still 'saying no' on tax cut deal  (click titel to entry - thank you)

President Obama blasted Republicans today for insisting that George W. Bush-era tax cuts be extended for wealthy Americans, thereby delaying an agreement to extend them for the middle class.
"Once again, the leaders across the aisle are saying no," Obama said in brief remarks after a Cabinet meeting. "They want to hold these middle-class tax cuts hostage until they get an additional tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans."
Extending tax cuts for individuals making more than $200,000 annually -- and couples making more than $250,000 a year -- will add $700 billion to the federal budget deficit, and "we simply can't afford that," Obama said....

We don't 'Knight" people in the USA. So Tony Blair continues to be 'medaled' in the USA.

Has anyone noticed Tony Blair has been hanging around the neighborhood?  He has a new book called, "A Journey." 

I was in a waiting room yesterday and happened to catch 'The View" on the television.  I could not believe I had the opportunity to see the entire segment, but, the estalishment's computer system went down the moment I walked in the door.  NO LIE.  So, the TV was on and I listened to the guy.  He is great man.  He really cajoled every question about the Queen and otherwise.  He stated, "My wife said if he ever received a phone call from "The View" simply don't answer."  He a good deal of fun.


He stated something really interesting when he began to speak to his INVOLVEMENT with Bush.  He stated as the President, George was a 'binary' decision maker.  You know, it takes a great deal of patience to deal with a binary decision maker.  Tony needs a medal from one more person, but, it would require him being Catholic.  Sainthood is what I am thinking.  I don't believe Blair is Catholic.

I'm going to purchase his book.  He deserves that level of dignity by Americans. 

I believe Tony Blair's 'Journey' is more than interesting.  He had eight years of a nightmare brought on by the corrupt political system in the USA.  He is an elegant speaker and words never escape his dialogue to make wonderful statements in ways that flow with conversation to make a point. 

I have long said on this blog that it was Tony Blair we have to thank to bring about sanity in a world that was dominated by hate mongers and a Dick Cheney that was intent on desensitizing the American conscience to a nuclear engagement with another country.  Even Russia. 

Tony is a sincere peacemaker and he has taken his expertise to the Middle East and is an intregate part of the movment to settle the region.  It was more than appropriate he received the Libery Medal and the Medal of Freedom.  It was more than appropriate that Former President Bill Clinton would find HIM to place still another medal around his neck.

Granted the USA has a strategic partner in Israel.  That reality does not diminish the diligent work of decades of Presidents and Secretaries of State to bring about peace in the Middle East.  That is the 'character' of our elected government.  We are not people that believe in war.  We do embrace peace and so much so, that a British Prime Minister recognized a 'detour' to that path after an attack by international criminals on USA soil.  Later, it would effect his precious London.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is a hero.  It is just that simple.  He is also a dedicated husband and father.  His competency spans his entire 'life journey.'  I am proud to call him a friend to the USA and the Middle East and hope his work finds success under the Obama Administration in the hands of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Steady as it goes, Tony.

Liberty medal awarded to Tony Blair (click title to entry - thank you)

Former British prime minister honoured in Philadelphia for role in conflict resolution, in particular Northern Ireland's Good Friday agreement

Mark Tran

The Guardian
Tuesday 14 September 2010

...Clinton said in a statement that Blair "continues to demonstrate the same leadership, dedication and creativity in promoting economic opportunity in the Middle East and the resolution of conflicts rooted in religion around the world"....


January 13, 2009

President Bush awards Tony Blair Presidential Medal of Freedom

...President Bush said that when America faced the first great challenge of his Administration, Mr Blair was on hand to offer his assistance.
“He was there a our moment of trial,” the President told a gathering of dignitaries and personal friends of Mr Blair. “At his very centre this man believes in freedom.”
Mr Blair received his medal along with John Howard, the former Australian Prime Minister and Alvaro Uribe, the Colombian President.
The President himself clasped the medals around each man’s neck after a military aide read citations in the leaders’ honour. Before today’s ceremony, President Bush had awarded 78 medals during his tenure in office.

The Hall of Fame of the GOP. I mean, let's get for real alrady, okay? So much for don't touch yourself.