Monday, April 26, 2010

The Yazoo City Tornado - the video of the tornado itself is remarkably like the High Point tornado. Low to the ground, extremely wide. Same dynamics. More vorticity/power. At least an F3 if not an F4.

Mentone Tornado Damage is the title to the picrure.  In my opinion it is more than damage, it is devastation.  
April 25, 2010
Mentone, Alabama
Photographer states :: CR 106, Mentone, Alabama

... (National Weather Service) - click title to entry - thank you)  Their initial findings indicate three storms for North Alabama that produced a total of four tornados. The storm that moved through Albertville produced a second tornado near Mentone in Dekalb County....
 F3 - trees uprooted but no solid structures.
...This section of the tornado touched down about three to four miles southeast of Mentone between County Road 106 and 117. The most significant damage occurred to a trailer park, Morning Glory Court, where several single wide manufactured homes were destroyed. Large trees were also snapped or uprooted.

Several injuries occurred with this tornado, but an exact number is unknown at this time....

Meet Paul Michael Robertson. Good looking and young. Yes? Should have a promising life I would hope. No so.

Just on the first page of the Googled word 'murder' there are two reported in the past 3 hours and an arraignment of another murder in the USA. 

This seems to be the only police murder of the day, in Miami-Dade.

An ex-con with a history of violence beat a Miami-Dade detective in the head with a cinder block, kicked him in the head and chest and ran him over with his unmarked police car, police said Saturday.
Miami-Dade Police Department Director James Loftus called the beating ``horrific.''
``Don't ask me to explain this, and don't ask me to understand this,'' Loftus told reporters at a press conference Saturday afternoon. ``Because I don't get it. It should horrify us all.''
Michael Paul Robertson was arrested Saturday morning for the attack Friday evening in Liberty City, which left Carlos Castillo with severe head and brain injuries and several broken bones. Robertson's girlfriend was arrested as an accomplice....

Glenny Beck is a crackpot and says stuff just to get attention. Now, he states, "The Good People are deported." Attention.

Meghan McCain Slams Arizona Immigration Law

April 26, 2010 12:32 PM

...In a column published at The Daily Beast, Meghan McCain, who often tries to position herself a spokesperson of sorts for young Republicans, called the new law "seriously flawed" and "essentially a license to pull someone over for being Hispanic." 

The new law compels police officers to question a person about his or her immigration status if there is "reasonable suspicion" that person may be in the country illegally. It would also make it a crime under state law to be there illegally. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed it into law on Friday, but some Arizona lawmakers are vowing to fight the measure. 

"I believe it gives the state police a license to discriminate, and also, in many ways, violates the civil rights of Arizona residents," Meghan McCain wrote in her column, entitled "Hate the Law, Not Arizonans." "Simply put, I think it is a bad law that is missing the bigger picture of what is really going on with illegal immigration."...

Beck states Americans won't accept work, so his twisted simpleton logic is that the illegal immigrants that will work for 'pica' are the good people and should not be deported.

If Megan could bring sanity to the circumstances of Hispanic citizens, I applaud her.

All I have heard from the media are excuses to why Goldman Sachs BUNDLED and bungled the American Dream and sold it exploitively.

No one understands why this is fraud by Goldman Sachs?  I mean really, don't understand it at all?  

Well, allow me.

The entire premise to the Sub-Prime Lending was fraudulent to begin with, they knew they were making bad loans.  Just because a President of the USA and a corrupt Republican Legislature passes billions of dollars in a bill to move citizens (assuming they all were) out of rental units into housing doesn't mean it is good business practice.

The legislature that was passed should have been viewed by Wall Street for what it was, illegitimate use of the credit market.  It wasn't.  The pigs ran to the trough.

I mean Wall Street is supposed to be conducted by moral, educated and highly skilled people.  Yes?  They didn't know what they were looking at?  Credit ratings all of a sudden were completely irrelevant?  Really?  Hm.  So, somehow, because the corruption of the Republicans became an opportunity to scour the government of money it was all okay and became a 'prime directive' of Goldman Sachs.

Then at first blush they decided instead of realizing their greed as the problem it became a 'prime directive' to DUMP the entire lot of mortgages.  Mortgages  to HOMES that were the backbone of the USA economy and its credit market.

I see.

That is only the beginning.

Yesterday, Robert Zoellick the head moron in all his wisdom (click here for the his anticipated goal of a one world government - Oh, I forgot, "The Family of Countries.) stated that to inhibit the 'genius (my word not his) of firms such as Goldman Sachs would mean destroying job growth.  That is nothing but a 'politically jazzed' statement.  It is mind speak and has nothing to do with the real world.

The USA economy existed before Goldman Sachs and it will exist afterwards.  There is NO corporation that important to the USA economy that it cannot be allowed to fail of its own immorality and greed.

Goldman Sachs went where no company should have gone, it did it with a plan in mind and it was completely exploitive of the dreams and hopes of every American.  It took on the mortgage market and turned it into 'gamblers choice.'  THAT is suppose to be allowed to continue?  That isn't fraud.

You wake up one morning and find out you don't know who own your mortgage and that foreclosure is eminent because there is no finding out whom one is dealing with to settle any balance that might exist.  The mortgage business, under Goldman Sachs, because a land grab and it is still going on.

Goldman Sachs premeditatedly destroyed the USA economy, which everyone seems to have forgotten for the moment, by pushing the company over the edge, bundling the American Dream for exploitation, and falling back on AIG to 'save the day' for insurance that should never have existed in the first place, ENHANCED, by 'financial instruments' that are fraudulent in the first place and destined to fail.  They knew that.  

They were playing with fire and they continue to do so and the American citizen is suppose to stand in awe of the genius that have YET to understand.  

Well, it doesn't take genius to bankrupt a company, but, to bankrupt a country?  That needed a Bush to do it.

So, if I am understanding all this correctly, the 'genius' of Goldman Sachs bundled an entire mortgage market and sold it as a commodity.


They not only 'wager' with the USA economy with abandon they marketed financial instruments along the way that no one understood and/or could control.  There was absolutely no fail safe built in for an entire country's economy except for the USA government to hand out freshly printed Federal Reserve dollars to stop the bleeding.

Well. That is amazing and it isn't fraudulent.  Okay then.

The stock exchange was for people with money that wanted to invest.  Those folks are suppose to look at a prospectus and at least have an 'idea' of what they were getting into.  Any stock exchange is NOT suppose to compete with a gambling casino.  Stock markets are suppose to be treated with some degree of reverence, but, evidently at Goldman Sachs that isn't important.  Making money, greed, at any cost is what counts.There are ethics involved with Wall Street anymore.  

By the way, Robert Zoellick, was once a managing director of Goldman Sachs.  That is another problem with Goldman, they have a 'corporate culture' that has tentacles every place.  They 'train up' their executives to work NOT WITHIN THE COMPANY, but, to work in government and global institutions to bring about 'standardization' of their profit model.

I nearly forgot to mention, the insightful Zoellick stated, "...there is unknown ability of these firms to create jobs."  


THAT is the problem with these idiots they openly state they don't know the potential of their financial instruments 'as if' that is suppose to be a legitimate reason for selling them and it will somehow, miraculously create jobs.  Zoellick openly stated he had NO CLUE to the potential for job creation by these huge investment banks.  Really?  Does anyone besides me think that KNOWING something about this is important?

Does anyone besides me believe that 'speculation' belongs at a Black Jack table when there are NO facts and figures to make well placed INVESTMENTS?

Well, anyone can state, "We just don't know the potential of these instruments so let's all try it out and see how it works."

That is CLUB.  Does anyone understand that?  That is a CLUB of people that simply want the world as their oyster with complete abandon to the responsibility INVESTMENT means in the lives of citizens and the sovereignty of countries.

It goes beyond ego.  It is a 'model' to propagandize the 'uncertain' in order to 'play the game.'

They are irresponsible and idiotic people that don't care about the outcome to financial instruments, so long as they can be 'bailed out' by sovereign treasuries because they are ? too big to fail ?.  

I don't think so.

At the height of this entire mess Morgan would have survived while everyone else tanked.  That tells me something and it should tell everyone else something to, about the talent of the CEO of that banking system.  If they would have survived, then that is the way it is.  

The game was real simple for Goldman Sachs.  All they had to do is stay ahead of the collapse and pass it on in the market place.  They knew at the beginning it was fraudulent use of the credit systems of the GLOBE and they simply played it to the end.  When it was becoming scary, Paulson replaced Snow to insure that Goldman would be protected from collapse.

THAT is premeditated, it is exploitive, it is unethical, it endangered the sovereignty of countries as they knew full well what they were doing and had a 'business strategy' to carry it out.  At the other end of their plans were business entities that were not as criminally motivated and took on the challenge of making money with obscure commodities because at that point Goldman Sachs was not only conducting investment banking they were directing investment MARKETS with advise and their own market pressures.

No, no.  That is not the way the game is played.  Unfair advantage is just that and COMPLETE disclosure by Goldman Sachs was never forthcoming, because, if it were the 'collapse' would have been stated in any prospectus along with the 'risk' that accompanied it.  In other words, COMPLETE DISCLOSURE would have prevented Goldman Sachs from destroying other companies.  

THAT is fraud.  

Riding the wave of a soon to be realized collapse is NOT a legitimate business model.

It is like handing off a bomb to some else just before the detonator goes off.

Goldman Sachs was manipulating the financial markets the entire time and had CONTROL.  They are the entity most responsible for the faux ? securities ? that never had a chance to be a real opportunity for investment.