Saturday, January 30, 2016

You can say, "Violence against Muslims is exactly what Daesh wants forever, but, it isn't the people's issue."

The people of Sweden didn't ask danger to enter their country, it was sent there by an ideology of death. You can ask people to be neutral regarding today's influx of migrants/refugees, but, it doesn't change the way people feel. 

It is not unusual for the right wing of any European society to be the first to act against foreign migration. They simply are dedicated to protecting their place on Earth. 

Those sincerely concerned for their safety, the sovereignty of their country and the culture that defines the borders between countries of Europe; asking for compassion and patience may be far too much for most to express. Deaths and threats of death provides automatic impatience in a country that has realized it's long and hard fought for stability and prosperity across generations.

30 January 2016

A gang of up to a hundred black-clad masked men (click here) marched in central Stockholm on Friday evening, singling out and beating up immigrants, and handing out leaflets threatening further violent attacks against unaccompanied refugee youth....

...After the attack the Swedish Resistance Movement, a neo-Nazi group, issued a statement claiming that the groups had “cleaned up criminal immigrants from North Africa that are housed in the area around the central station”. 

There have been other black quarterbacks, but, not in more than at least two decades.

The stance in the picture proves there was admiration of his athletic ability. He was valued.

I have to wonder what happened and why there aren't more black quarterbacks today when the racists lines were broken so long ago. Certainly, it isn't because of lack of talent.

1921 was an interesting time for America. WWI had ended about two years before and WWII would not take hold for another 20 years.

We know in years of war in the past there was a rise in minority and women athletes. Football may have been popular, but, it hardly had the social standing that the NFL enjoys today. If odd participants, such as minorities and women, were available for the amusement of the people of the USA they were brought on to mainstream arenas. Let's put it this way, in 1921 Yankee Stadium in the Bronx has purchased the land for it's stadium.

Five years ago, (click here) I wrote a five part series detailing the history of the black quarterback. With February being Black History Month and Super Bowl XLVII marking the 25th anniversary of Doug Williams becoming the first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, I figured it was worth another trip down memory lane.

The history of black quarterbacks in professional football is complicated. As recently as 2007, the New York Giants had never had a black quarterback throw even a single pass. On the other hand, as far back as 1921, Frederick Douglass “Fritz” Pollard not only quarterbacked the Akron Pros, but was also the first black head coach in NFL history.  A year earlier, Pollard and Bobby Marshall were the first two black players in professional football history and helped the Pros win the championship in the NFL’s inaugural season. The Pros ran the single-wing, and Pollard was the player lined up behind the center who received the snaps. At the time the forward pass was practically outlawed, so Pollard barely resembles the modern quarterback outside of the fact that he threw a few touchdown passes during his career....

Recent decades has resulted in a popularity contest in the sports industry. February 7, 2016 at 6:30 PM Americans will tune into the 50th Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl as originally called a World Championship Game on January 15, 1967. Something happened to football between the year of 1921 and 1967 and racism would remove the African American from the most popular position on a football team. Certainly, ticket purchases focus on the quarterback.

It has taken a long time to return a minority to the LEADER of a football team and I find it more than interesting it is concurrently with a minority leader in the White House.

Racism had resurgence and as popular topics are nothing more than a shifting baseline, it would be an enforceable racism, even as the laws of the USA were promoting equality. It has been a long time to wait for equality among a popular sport, but, it has finally arrived.

When Cam Newton takes to the field in February he will be the very first Black Quarterback to lead a team as their quarterback in a Super Bowl. The take home message is be happy the racism is pealing away, but, it has taken a very, very long time to find a way out of the resurgence of bigotry and racism.

Enjoy the game. What bothers me personally, is that Cam is a cutie and I have never prepared collard greens. Okay, okay, the grits I've made were the instant grits.

While most see an attack against Hillary Clinton, I see something more.

I see the issues of the down ballot elections. These down ballot elections is where Congress is most corrupt with Republican rhetoric and crony loyalties. These are issue that matter to the presidential candidate, but, also to those we want to have win in the down ballot.

The corruption is real.