Sunday, November 23, 2014

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Interpreted in the Guilani statement is 'Those black boys deserved what they got and it was good police work besides.'

This is good police work, huh? Really?

I heard that Mr. Guiliani stated 82% of black men are murdered by black men. I want to see proof of that. He is also way off base by calling numbers of percentages when the entire circumstance of the murder of Michael Brown, Junior occurred at the hand of a Caucasian officer that CHOSE to kill a young black man unarmed without calling for back up.

I have heard people I know who saw the segment (I did not.) state, "It is about time someone spoke up and put those black people in their place." No word of a lie. Guilliani made the statement out of context of the murder of Michael Brown, Jr. because of politics. He turned Ferguson into political issues not one to stabilize an entire city that has the black population under represented in it's police force and government.

Yes, I have relatives and friends who are bigoted in their point of view, although of course, they want every black person to have the same opportunity as every white person. I know the type. It is common in the south. People claim not to be racist all the time, but, they are.

The facts of the deaths of the many innocent black men at the hand of police DRIVES crime, it doesn't end it. Why be a citizen of any stature in the lower middle class when they have the high chance of being gunned down by police if they are African American? Why do that?

So, while Guiliani plays with numbers the facts are rather startling when examined in how they effect the black race in the USA.

Time and again, even in New York City, where there are many black police officers, young black men are gunned down by police. Unarmed and posing no deadly threat to anyone. Guiliani is wrong and he knows he is wrong, he just doesn't care he is wrong.

These politicians stand in isolation, including the appearance of Senator Graham (Cracker) from South Carolina. I think it's South Carolina. When he states the SEVENTH report about the deaths at Benghazi, Libya was a farce. Poliitics. It is all politics. There will be an eighth investigation, a ninth investigation, etc. until Hillary Clinton is elected President. MARK MY WORDS. 

Why so many investigations? Because none come to the conclusions that then Secretary of State Clinton said, "The hell with it, let 'em die." That's why.

The issues of black or white police officers murdering innocent black young men is getting to be historic. Best I can tell these murders are completely without cause. There just aren't innocent young white men having the same problem.

Yeah, I'm Caucasian, want to make something of it?