Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Regardless of party, the candidates need to remind those likely to vote for them to register as a Democrat or Republican because of closed primaries.

  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Kansas: Unaffiliated voters may choose a party the day of the primary, but may not vote in the primary and remain unaffiliated.
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey: Newly registered voters may choose a party at the polls.
  • New Mexico: Parties may choose to hold semi-closed primaries by changing party rules, but as of January 2016, primaries were closed.
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wyoming: A voter may change party affiliation on election day. (click here)

Fire exits could become blocked during a mass shooting. That has to be considered when providing these devices for use.

Fire personnel has to be oriented to their use as well and have strategies in place. 

There is a barrier method being promoted to end any mass shooting.

It is promising, but, the bullets can still penetrate the door itself. So, while adding this blocking mechanism there are still dangers. This device also presents a fire hazard leaving only windows as an escape. It is important those using this understand the dangers and how to over come them. Placing the device immediately on suspicion of a mass shooter will end the danger, but, on one, student or teacher, can remain in the line of exposure a wooden door would provide.

My first thought is while the teacher places the blocking device on the door, the students should move their desks together at a distant location from the door and perhaps even turn them sideways to protect from any ricochet bullets. Some school desks have a artificial material top, but, the underside where they store books, etc. is usually metal and would act as additional barrier.

I don't think any of these devices are unsafe, I think they add concerns not existing before. The device is not the end of the worry, but, it certainly is the beginning of safety.

Countries should have environmental laws in place before accepting Wall Street as a partner.

The polluting by the petroleum industry of Third World countries kills their citizens. Nigeria and Ecuador are prime examples of such HUMAN RIGHTS abuses. We can no longer look the other way.

Conclusion Study results are compatible (click here) with a relationship between cancer incidence and living in proximity to oil fields. An environmental monitoring and cancer surveillance system in the area is recommended....

The petroleum industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. Rather than conducting their business in protecting the environment and the citizens of any country, they instead allowed no standards to protect life or Earth.

The United Nation's has to include STANDARD environmental laws in the COP 21 paradigm or a stand alone Convention that provides insight to countries in what is suppose to be the best environmental laws to protect their people and their biotic content.

The petroleum industry can well afford environmental protection if it is demanded of it. No different than Apple had nets placed around a building producing it's phones. These companies aren't going to run the other way if they are faced with regulations and environmental laws. If the international community all subscribed to the same baseline standards of protection, where is Wall Street going to go?

Space? They won't find their fuel for their rocket boosters on the Moon. Trust me on that. USA NASA astronauts did not bring back oil as proof of the Moon's composition, they brought back rocks.

Trump Organization has been in existance for 93 years.

This is the flip side to the Trump Organization. It employs Americans in jobs that cannot be exported, but, the Bangladesh issues are real and should not be ignored.

Currently, China is manipulating currency. That has caused problems within Wall Street and losses were realized. I would think American manufacturers would be rethinking their dependency on Chinese labor in the face of losses due to China's monetary policies. There are some manufacturers such as Apple that will always have connections to China and probably a permanent manufacturing relationship with China because of it's need for Rare Earth Elements.

We know how draconian Mexico has been in causing loss of jobs.

The way Wall Street is conducting itself when it comes to American labor is completely wrong and adverse to even their own profits. We know Americans have enormous economic power. While countries such as Mexico needs a good and reliable economy, the way it is rolling out will cause real problems with recessions in the USA and loss of market to Mexican imports.

The way an economy has to roll out to INCREASE markets across the globe is to mimic the USA economy, but, one that is autonomous from robbing jobs from Americans. In other words, Mexico should be seeing auto assembly plants that will sell to Mexicans not Americans. Isn't Mexico tired of being used by Wall Street without boosting its actual GDP? Supplying labor for exports to the USA is robbing Mexico of it's tax base because citizens should be increasing their incomes from good paying jobs. Jobs that compete for labor, including USA labor, would mean Mexico has it right.

No American is going to China, India or Mexico to work because even minimum wage in the USA competes with pay rates outside the USA. Why is it Mexico doesn't have unions to increase wage labor that will GROW Mexico's economy. Why isn't Mexico manufacturing attracting labor already trained but out of work in the USA?

Mexico should be seeing higher incomes within their populations that DRIVES economic growth. Crossing the USA - Mexico border should not see stark differences in quality of life. The countries taking USA jobs are doing it all wrong. Mexico should be seeing growth of suburbs, cottage industry growth, an increase in entrepreneurial economics.

Mexico should be experiencing a tax base similar to that of the USA. Mexico should be providing a higher quality of life to it's citizens that makes them strong and able to turn their backs on drug cartels. Mexico is selling it's labor to Wall Street in a methodology that enforces drug cartels because poverty still exists.

When countries accept Wall Street on Wall Street terms, they lose. They are made weak and unable to change the path of their people. The unions in Bangladesh are correct. There should be excellent working conditions, good pay and UPWARD MOVEMENT of citizens from poverty to a NEW middle class with purchase power that drives development of an independent economy able to trade with the USA as equals. There should not be draconian relationships between the USA and other countries. The USA and other countries should be trading as equals and not a host to a parasite.

In other words, the cars manufactured in Mexico stay in Mexico and the cars manufactured in the USA stay in the USA. Trade Agreements are robbing more than Americans, it robs the countries and people of those seen as trading partners. The balance of trade within the agreements are self defeating.

When USA labor is exported for profits to CEO bonuses; the USA national debt increases because it has a tax base defeated by Wall Street. When Americans are moving into poverty due to loss of pay the USA is losing it's tax base and even national defense is under threat. A draconian Wall Street is more than simply causing poverty in the USA, it threatens it's national security as well.

China, India and Bangledesh should be experiencing "The Multiplier Effect" (click here) that drives a larger and larger prosperous economy. The demand of Mexican built cars within Mexico should prove to be an increase in GDP and a Mexican tax base. Today, emerging economies are not emerging, they are experiencing problems and shrinking. Wall Street is making profits at the expense of humanity.

September 3, 2015
By Heather Long

...A CNN Money (click here) analysis calculates at least 34,000 jobs attributable to the Donald.
It's not the most straightforward calculation. His company, The Trump Organization, is private, so it does not have to disclose information publicly about how much money it makes or how many people it employs. His campaign didn't give a specific figure either.
CNNMoney turned to PrivCo, which researches and tracks privately-held companies.
According to PrivCo, the Trump Organization has 22,450 employees and brought in $9.5 billion in annual revenue last year....
...But that's not the whole picture. There are likely other jobs that might not exist without Trump. Economists call this the "multiplier effect."
New York's Broadway shows are a good example. Visitors who come to see shows, may stay at least a night or two at New York City hotels and spend money at restaurants and stores. So any analysis on the economic and job impact of Broadway takes into account more than just ticket sales and employment of actors, singers and stage hands.
The same holds true for Trump's resorts and hotels.
Consider Ricardo Ara, the 24-year-old who works in the Koi Soho restaurant in the Trump SoHo Hotel. His story made news last month because Ara is an illegal immigrant from Mexico who has the right to work at the restaurant in Trump's hotel because of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program Trump wants to end.
Ara is technically employed by the restaurant, not the Trump Organization, but his job probably wouldn't exist if the hotel weren't there.
The state of New York says that "leisure and hospitality" companies like Trump's typically have a 1.5 multiplier effect....

When Governor Greg Abbot states "Donald Trump doesn't state what will replace Obamacare." These are not unique questions for Donald Trump; no other Republican, including those in Congress can state what will replace Obamacare.

This is not a mystery. Republicans hand everything over to business to solve it's own problems while government "gets out of the way." Republicans don't have answers for the country's problems. They dissolve government programs and tell the private sector to 'have at it / bring it."

Obamacare is fashioned after Romenycare in Massachusetts. Obamacare is already a bipartisan plan. In 2004, then Governor Romney proposed a plan that would cover nearly all citizens of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts health reform laws passed the legislature with the Governor's plan as the basement foundation.

"He is a con man." Donald Trump needs to get his act together to answer about preceived weaknesses.

Bangledesh is where a building collapsed occurred and killed workers. That happened in 2013. After that collapse the union began a more pronounced role in labors working conditions and wages.

26 April 2013
By Emily Young

A building (click here) that housed suppliers of clothes to European and American retailers collapsed on Wednesday. According to one union leader, garment industry workers had been told to ignore the cracks in the walls and continue with work as normal....

All this will come up one way or another.

22 September 2013

Tens of thousands of garment workers (click here) have downed tools and taken to the streets to urge the government for an increase in the minimum salary.
4 million employees work in the country’s $20-billion garment export industry - 60 percent goes to Europe - and earn about $38 a month. They are demanding a raise to $103 a month.

Earlier, the Bangladeshi government agreed to a 20 percent increase, but the workers called the raise
"inhuman and humiliating."

"Our backs are against the wall, so we don't have any alternative unless we raise our voice strongly," Nazma Akter, president of the United Garments Workers' Federation told protesters.... 

He's back. The Kelly brothers set in history a human standard for space.

Scott Kelly is setting all kinds of standards for life at the ISS.

Scott Kelly works on the International Space Station during a nearly eight-hour spacewalk in November 2015. (NASA)

March 1, 2016
By Maya Wei-Haas

After spending 340 days in space, (click here) U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are scheduled to touch down on our little blue marble around 11:30 p.m. ET today.

Though not the longest stint in space, it is the longest anyone has spent on board the International Space Station (ISS) and the best opportunity NASA has had to study what happens to the human body after prolonged exposure to weightlessness, cramped quarters and damaging radiation.

There’s no escaping the fact that Earthlings evolved to thrive with a certain amount of gravity. So since the early days of space travel, NASA has been trying to figure out what happens to a human body beyond our planet's pull....

Now the work to understand the human body in space begins. The Kelly twins are remarkable men. It is a dedication beyond 'the job.' The space standard is being written because of them.

The space industry, including NASA,  should have a special place for the Kelly brothers. What is known today and going forward was provided by truly heroic men. They have made history in this investigation into the human body. 

Thank you to both of the Kelly Brothers. The USA is a little more proud today because of their dedication to their country.

Republicans have their candidate and the Democrats still have a race to the convention.

Why did they vote as they did in the Republican primary (click here)

People are tired of being disenfranchised from their power within the government. They don't like being held hostage in DC.

The Trump mimics are guaranteed. I hear Rubio is calling Donald Trump a con-man. He thinks it sticks. Really?

Mr. Rubio lives in the future. He always states, the best is yet to come. How long do you have to wait? 20/20?

March 1, 2016
By Patrick Healy and Amy Chozick

Hillary Clinton took full command (click here) of the Democratic presidential race on Tuesday as she rolled to major victories over Bernie Sanders in Texas, Virginia and across the South and proved for the first time that she could build a national coalition of racially diverse voters that would be crucial in the November election
Based on results from Democratic primaries and caucuses in 11 states, Mrs. Clinton succeeded in containing Mr. Sanders to states he was expected to win, like Vermont and Oklahoma, and overpowering him in predominantly black and Hispanic areas that were rich in delegates needed for the Democratic nomination.
Mrs. Clinton, who also won Massachusetts and showed notable strength among Southern white voters, came away with a strong delegate lead over Mr. Sanders — notably larger than the one that Barack Obama had over her at this point in the 2008 presidential race....

Super Tuesday is really designed for Republicans since most of their constituency is in the South. The South is the Republican base. I think the Republican race is over. There were record numbers of voters in the Republican primaries most probably due to the Donald Trump candidacy. By all rights, Donald Trump should not have done as well as he did yesterday. 

Today the two Democratic Camps are stating, "Whee, that is finally over.", by for very different reasons. 

Senator Bernie Sanders still has the wind at his back into the part of the nominee process more likely to be attracted to his candidacy. 

Former Senator Hillary Clinton proved her years of experience yesterday and the continuing agenda of our minority members. The rest of the primaries and caucuses will provide her delegates, but, she'll have to earn every one of them. 

This is really amusing, the USA military hasn't got a clue where to put detainees.

Let's see, there are USA black sites, including the one in Chicago, but to imprison them abroad means there could be sympathizers that would turn them loose again.

March 1, 2016
By Eric Schmitt and Michael S. Schmidt

...Although American commandos (click here) have captured a handful of Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria in discrete operations in recent years, the Pentagon is now faced with the prospect of detaining a larger group of captives and potentially reprising some of the darkest images of the war in Iraq, particularly the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison....

There are innumerable military prisons they could be housed in the USA where no one is a sympathizer, like Leavenworth. Or. Alcatraz. You know, a place with a mote around it. Alligators. Crocodiles. Parana.

They could just be turned over to a group of American citizens in an enclosed environment. That would be interesting.

But, surely, all this melodrama as to where to place prisoners is a sincere joke, isn't it?

If they need to be interrogated it has to be out of the country and off the CONTINENT. I think there are plenty of places on USA military bases far more secure than anyone would like to admit where interrogations can take place. But, in all honesty, aren't these PRIZES to show off to the others thinking they can get away with something. Is there really that much to know about the wicked Ba'athists? We know a great deal about these people and the fact they are now captured and Syria is beginning to fall under governance says it all.

The USA military knows it can only play the intelligence gathering game for just so long and then the information is stale and what good are the prisoners? At some point in time the war has to be fought and won. I would think the middle east is very close to winning from the sounds to it. I'd rather the military would house POWs somewhere secure and stop the hideous game of "Gitmo." Gitmo is perverse and unhelpful.

I happen to think Russia and the USA make good partners in a search for stability, self-governance and ultimately peace with non-proliferation a goal.

Oh, here is a thought. Load the prisoners of that Mach 20 experimental vehicle and then see how much cooperation they provide.