Saturday, August 22, 2015

There was a family of three Wiccan members killed in Florida.

The suspect is their spiritual leader. The deaths happened on a blue moon which happens every 28 months.

August 5, 2015 

A Florida mom and her two adult sons (click here) were beaten to death and had their throats slit in a “Wicca ritual killing” tied to Friday’s blue moon, deputies said.

Deputies discovered the three victims — 77-year-old Voncile Smith and her sons 49-year-old Richard and 47-year-old John — dead inside their Pensacola home Friday morning, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said the three died on Tuesday in a “Wiccan ritual killing,” a few days before July’s blue moon on Friday, officials told NBC News. A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in a single month....

The deaths are an incredible violations of trust. 

Our best estimate (click here) of the total number of Wiccans in the U.S. during 2001 is based on the ARIS study:

Number of Wiccan found by ARIS:                              134,000 adults
Number of Pagans found by ARIS:                              140,000 adults
Total Wiccans and Pagans:                                         274,000 adults
Less estimated Pagans who are not Wiccans:                 70,000 adults
Total Wiccans:                                                           204,000 adults
Estimated number of Wiccans who refuse disclosure:    204,000 adults

Total Wiccan Families (adults and children) is approximately three quarters of a million or 750.000.

I don't want another Jonestown. When one takes into consideration the global population it is a nightmare. They don't have a right to die at the hand of their spiritual leader(s) or their own.

The practice of Wiccan beliefs have been around a long time. The religion is not considered demonic. It has been very passive and basically they hold the natural world dear. There are American soldiers that practice Wicca. They are laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery along with all the other faiths. The military religious leaders that see the practices of our troops could probably speak very highly of the moral character of these men and women.

But, this incident in Florida is outrageous. It is very disturbing and it cannot be tolerated. There is no religion in the USA that is permitted human sacrifice. NONE. 

At one time the American Indian was allowed to carry out their tribal practices without interruption. However, when it became known the treatment of young people in ceremonies of rights of passage was dangerous the US federal government stepped in. 

That is exactly what has to be done here. I guarantee you there are members of Wicca worried for their own lives. These deaths were unannounced to anyone and the suspect is their spiritual leader. One of the men worked for Homeland Security.  

This family did not know they were going to be sacrificed. They were living their lives as everyone else in this country when some wacko decided the blue moon was the time when they should die to please their gods and goddesses. 

The federal government needs to step in and issue warnings to the members and their practitioners/leaders that none of this will be tolerated in the USA. The federal government needs to consider shuttering the covens after a thorough investigation is carried out.

This is not a murder/suicide. These people were unwittingly sacrificed by their leader(s). This can never happen again in the USA. If the practice of Wicca is going to recognize human sacrifice, then the religion has to be disbanded and it's members set on a path of a different affiliation and practice. This is crazy. People are scared. There are children involved in this religion in the USA. 

Allies to the USA should be taking the same approach. I really think this attack on sanity is an example and a call to tightening the practice of the faith to stricter standards including human sacrifice. Knowing the depth these folks carry the natural world in their hearts, their leaders could be desperate to understand the sixth extinction and the disaster of global warming. Evidently, worship alone isn't working and perhaps the leaders are too passive to please the gods and goddesses.

It takes all kinds and for the most part these folks operate under the radar because they look and talk like every other American. There is something very wrong within the community and it has to be resolve.

Maybe they need to have a televised ceremony at Stonehenge when there is a blue moon, equinox or solstice. But, the desperation has to end. If they need a global connectedness to each other then they probably need some funding to make that happen. In 28 months or less I do not expect to see ANY Wiccan deaths in a sacrifice. I mean NONE. 

Blue Moon (click here)