Thursday, April 18, 2013

I don't believe they are foreign nationals. They didn't martyr themselves. Other similar instances in Europe the bombers were martyrs. That didn't happen here. I think that is very significant.

I don't think they were prepared at all to die. According to reports I have heard this evening, suspect 2 reacted to the first explosion. That is not a man ready to die.

I heard the observation they were over dressed for the day. Not if they came from some place colder than Boston. People dress for the weather outside the door, not necessarily for their destination.

Why draw attention?

How ridiculous and negligent is this?

Forget how the fire started for a minute. Just realize there was a fire where this chemical was stored.


Why wasn't everyone, including fire personnel, evacuated?

Anhydrous ammonia boils at a temperature of – 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-33 degrees Celsius). To keep it liquid at temperatures above this, it must be stored and injected into the soil under pressure. (Once in the soil, the liquid ammonia turns to gas, releasing its nitrogen into the soil as it absorbs the soil's moisture.) Containers used to store anhydrous ammonia should conform to the guidelines of the American National Standards Unit, with all parts and surfaces able to withstand a pressure of at least 250 pounds per square inch (1724 kilo-pascals).

The ANSU has been setting standards for careful handling of industrial chemicals a long time.

Why do I believe this was never adhered to? First the employer has to value human life before profits and then the company has to believe they have a responsibility to those human beings rather than profits. When companies don't value human life, that is the place of the government to say, if you are employing our citizens they have to be safe. To insure that they are safe, these are the regulations and inspection schedule you can expect on a regular basis.

Storage Tanks (click here)

Storage tanks inside buildings must be:
  1. located in a well-ventilated area; and
  2. protected by automatic sprinklers....
Texas should value their citizens enough to carry out regulation and inspections without having to wait for OSHA. As a rule OSHA responds to complaints first and then routine inspections. Why? Because under the Bush Administration they didn't give a darn they ever inspected any complaint. As a matter of fact, the Bush Administration made it nearly impossible to file a complaint. So, I can only imagine what the backlog looked like when the Obama Administration took over the federal office and then to have funding cuts makes it even worse.

This is from Tanner Industries. (click here) The company takes care of their responsibilities according to STANDARDS.

This is Tanner's mission statement:

“Our mission is to constantly improve our products and service to meet and exceed our customers' needs, to distribute our products in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner, and to generate a reasonable return in order to provide continuity for the business and employment for our employees.”

Anhydrous Ammonia: (MSDS) Material Safety Data Sheet (click here)

Mushy, what did you go over there for? I told you so.

I don't necessarily like what you did, but, I don't want to see you dead. I mean for real already.

The same bridge, Mush, the same bridge twice. What were you thinking?

Associated Press in Islamabad
Thrusday, April 18, 2013

Former Pakistani (click here) military ruler Pervez Musharraf has sped away from a court in the country's capital to avoid arrest after his bail was revoked, police have said.
Officers were deployed at the high court in Islamabad on Thursday, but Musharraf's security team rushed him out of the building and drove him away before he could be detained.
Ali Asghar, a police officer at the scene, said the court rejected bail in a case related to Musharraf's decision to suspend the constitution and declare a state of emergency in 2007.
A spokeswoman for Musharraf, Saima Ali Dada, said his legal team was considering the next move.

Fantastic work. Congratulations to all involved. Thank you.

Tenergy is sold online. Can the company put together what online services they sell FOR or TO. Any online sales would require identity and payment source.

Addresses that start at the scene of the crime and work out in radius for those that have purchased them.

New Hampshire needs to chime in on any potential, too. I just have this idea they weren't living in Boston when they put those bombs together. I think they took the Transit rails. I am probably wrong. They probably lived in the basement next to the finish line. But, I didn't get that impression.

BIAF 10308 Tenergy AA High Capacity Rechargeable Battery 2600mah NiMH (click here)

Peace Activist Carlos Arrendondo gave emergency care at the scene in Boston. Visibly shaken as he went home.

Thank you, Carlos, no one could have done better. You are a man of honor and compassion. You saved lives. You are a hero.

Peace activist Carlos Arredondo (click here) has come to be known as "the man in the hat" and widely described as a hero for a viral image of him in a cowboy hat pinching the severed artery of a bloodied, wheelchair-bound victim in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. Arredondo is no stranger to tragedy: He became a prominent opponent of the Iraq War after his son, Lance Cpl. Alexander Arredondo, was killed in Iraq in 2004. His surviving son, Brian, committed suicide in 2011. Carlos and his wife Mélida, join us to describe witnessing the Boston Marathon bombings and the immediate response to aid the victims. [includes rush transcript]...

The story of the Arrendondo family is an American tragedy. 

Both there children were lost to the violence in USA military. One son because of war and the other unable to cope with the loss of his brother.  

They are the face of American Military Families. The definition of American Military Family does not stop with the immediate next of kin. It does not end at the funeral while a wife weeps. The losses pervade their reality. They take their losses hard when a member dies while serving this country. They love the USA dearly. But, the suffering of our families go well beyond the loss of one member, it pervades their lives. 

Loss is never easy for anyone, including military families. But, the losses due to our violent culture is just as profound and just as painful. We need to stop the self-destruction that now exist in the USA in a culture of violence that has no purpose. There is absolutely no purpose to any of it. It is not productive and sickens the mind. 

Is no one at CNN or FOX interested in awards of in distinction?

Aaron Brown (click here) is the inaugural Walter Cronkite Professor of Journalism. Each semester he teaches a seminar on turning points in television news history, a subject in which he is well versed. From the Vietnam protests and Watergate in the 1970s to the beginning of the Iraq War, he has, quite literally, been there. 

The Former CNN anchor tells Salon about the "tremendous pressure" in the "inherently conservative" net's newsroom.

WEDNESDAY, APR 17, 2013 06:31 PM EDT

Brown, who is now a professor at Arizona State University, (click here) told Salon that his students had asked about the King reporting throughout the day. “I told them it never would have happened this badly on my watch,” he joked, before turning serious. “The role of the anchor is to say: This is true. And these things are very chaotic. [CNN should have indicated] ‘What we can say for sure is that the case moved significantly today.” Brown suggested that King and NBC News’ Pete Williams were using sources from entirely different spheres, with Williams operating with federal sources in Washington, while “my guess is that [King] was getting stuff from local or law enforcement or courthouse people; his sources were state people.”...

Sorry, if this is impolite, but, it seemed more than obvious to me what occurred yesterday.

The circus that occurred at two of the cable networks yesterday was a planned assault on the conscience of the audience. The management thought any apparent evidence of movement in solving the bomber case was their's to exploit. So, the management vied for 'being the Breaking News' of the day which meant they hoped and wished they were correct rather than VALIDATING TWO SOURCES. That is after all the ETHICAL STANDARD, isn't it? Tabloid journalism. Even the tabloids aren't that wrong all the time.

Open Memo to Fran Townsend. It wasn't al Qaeda. How about that, huh?

Indeed. Just one of those Right Wing Nuts from poverty stricken Mississippi. Full of hate and anger with nothing but time on his hands. Fits the profile. 

How could she go so "W"rong? Must have been a hysterical female moment, huh? She was once in government. Scary.

Posted on Wednesday, 04.17.13


A Mississippi man (click here) accused of mailing letters with suspected ricin to national leaders believed he had uncovered a conspiracy to sell human body parts on the black market and claimed "various parties within the government" were trying to ruin his reputation.
Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, was arrested Wednesday at his home in Corinth, near the Tennessee state line. He was being held in the Lafayette County jail in Oxford, Miss., a booking officer, who declined to give his name, said Thursday. It was not immediately known what charges Curtis faced.
Curtis had been living in Corinth, a city of about 14,000 in extreme northeastern Mississippi, since December, but local police had not had any contact with him prior to his arrest, Corinth Police Dept. Captain Ralph Dance told The Associated Press on Thursday. Dance said the department aided the FBI during the arrest and that Curtis did not resist being taken into custody. Since Curtis arrived in the town, he had been living in "government housing," Dance said. He did not elaborate....

Read more here:

Read more here:

The Guns still available in the USA because Congress don't deserve their jobs.

These are listed in definitions S. 649

``(ix) Fabrique Nationale/FN (below) 

Herstal FAL, (below) Herstal makes guns for the cinema.

LAR, 22 FNC, 308

FN HERSTAL NEWS (click here)

Featured products from FN Herstal (click here)

     Match (Match is a GRADE of ammunition) There is no place for these on the streets of the USA. They are designed for high velocity / to reduce air resistance. The higher the velocity the further it will travel from a short barrel gun. Get the picture. Since killing involves these weapons, the ammunition has to be tweaked to give the killer an advantage over other weapons that might be more accurate. But, these weapons are used at closer range and overcome accuracy with rapid fire rounds.

, L1A1 Sporter,(below) This one can be had for $675 plus shipping and handling on the internet. One of those private sales I suppose (click here) Do I know this seller? They don't know me either. No background check though.

PS90,(below - manufacturer noted)FN P90 / PS90 Factory New 30 Round Magazine - cost $24.95 (online purchase click here)

SCAR (BELOW) SCAR means  Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle. They are made to the specification of SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command )

, and FS2000. (below) This is a charming little weapon. It is a carbine. What is a carbine? Come on, this was covered before. Yep, short barrel weapon. I suppose this is something the Middle East Fun Club gets excited over.
This is the kind of online conversation that exists within this culture. It is about 'figuring out' what their guns are all about. This is amateurs playing with danger. This is not 'How do I get the cross stitch right in the sweater I am knitting." Okay? These are semi-automatic weapons and they are playing with them. Taking them apart, not knowing what they are looking at and then putting them back together to take apart again later with modifications they think they installed 'according to the directions.' The people owning these weapons cannot sincerely afford them. But, they purchase them and own them anyway.
I have one of those CAI L1A1 Sporters, with goofy looking thumbhole stock built on an Imbel Receiver. I still can't figure out is it an INCH pattern gun or Metric Pattern gun? (click here)
       ``(x) Feather Industries (Ah, light as a feather. It is a brand of weapon (click here) AT-9.(below) Can't wait to hang one on the Christmas Tree. Santa will love it after he comes down the chimney.


``(xi) Galil Model AR (below) Israeli weapons dot com (click here) They sell everything, even apparel. How special.
and Model ARM.(below)
The Galil rifle was invented by Israel Galili, chief weapons designer for IMI (Israeli Military Industries), and Yaacov Lior, the Galil is a somewhat successful attempt at the "best of all possible worlds." (click here)
       ``(xii) Hi-Point Carbine. (below)
``(xiii) HK-91, HK-93, HK-94, HK-PSG-1, and HK USC. HKs are parts. Specifically they are trigger parts (click here)
The HK 91 below asking price is $1194.95 (click here) Trying to get this legislation passed has very strong headwinds. There is a lot of cash and carry capacity here.
``(xiv) Kel-Tec Sub-2000, SU-16, and RFB. Amazing. The schematics on how to make them deadlier. This has a drum. The guy calls it his wish list (click here) This is considered a pistol.
Kel-Tec has a website where those in possession of the guns can find all kinds of instructions and schematics. (click here)
This is an example of the disaster waiting to happen within this industry - New Front Sight Adjustment Instructions (click here) Before making any adjustment, always loosen the metal screw first. Reverse the Phillips head bit in the included tool and use the hex to loosen one plast screw and then tighten the other in 1/8 to 1/4 turn increments. Always end by tightening the right side screw in order to avoid sight blade rotation. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE CLEAR PLASTIC SCREWS; they can be stripped easily if too much torque is applied. ¼ of a turn of the plastic screw changes the point of impact 1.3” at 100 yards or 1.3 m.o.a. with the rear sight placed at the far the strearward slot on the picatinny rail (1.6 m.o.a. at the farthest forward sl t).... 
The interesting aspect of the Middle Class of any country that has one is they have a 'plasticity' in their income. If a manufacturer can tweak their ability enough to make a product a 'Saturday Afternoon Project' for the "Man Cave" then they can sell products regardless of the hardship it causes the consumer. These weapons are made for war. Hunting shotguns and rifles are not at all that complicated. Hunting shotguns and rifles is where the Middle Class of the USA belongs. If one can't afford to be taking these weapons to a qualified craftsman to get them serviced and modified, then they should not be purchasing them. I am quite confident all these online sources of 'gun anything' will take credit cards and/or debit cards and possibly even PayPal. Follow? Wish List. Hunting can be a social sport. In all honesty, it should be a social sport for the safety of the hunters. This mess called Second Amendment Rights is a form of self-destruction.
``(xv) SIG AMT, SIG PE-57, Sig Sauer SG 550, and Sig Sauer SG 551.(below) with bayonet.

I am going to end it here for today. Thank you.

Safety negligence. Texas hates and despises regulation, remember?


...chloride (KCl), sulfate (K2SO4), or nitrate (KNO3). Agricultural fertilizers consume 95% of global potassium chemical production, and about 90% of this potassium is supplied as KCl

These things happen, you know. Tragic. Government has a place, except, in Texas.

"This is a crime scene." Texas is a crime scene from border to border. The fact the fire was never taken seriously enough to actually have regulations to realize the dangers of explosion is ENOUGH. Arrests can start with Governor Perry.

This is negligence. From any aspect of this event is negligence. Regulation is a crime in Texas, so it is difficult to say who exactly they are talking about.

There are no homes to CLEAR in an official sort of way. Ah, the word safer. Daylight will help. Is this guy for real? Texas doesn't have artificial lighting to make night into day? Pathetic. This is the public realm in Texas. Negligence, "...daylight..." Waiting for daylight is government negligence of the public.

Air quality is not an issue? Oh, the federal EPA needs to hit the ground running. This explosion happened because of PARTICULATE matter in the air. The air RIGHT NOW is contaminated with 'acidic' elements. These chemicals cause acid rain. The lung conditions in the area are now COMPROMISED.

Oh, yeah, Texas Public Rescue Workers are great. Rescue is important in Texas, it makes it look as through a Compassionate Conservative is actually in the Governor's Mansion. NOT!

I take it Governor Perry is nowhere to be found, right? This happened hours and hours ago and the Governor is not on the ground there? Oh, wait. Air pollution. Not safe for the Governor. Right, I forgot about that for a minute.

Texas is due for a huge fine based on The Clean Air Act and the lack of federal REGULATIONS. This is all particulate explosion. It is obvious. The initial explosion and ANTICIPATED second explosion as the particulates were still in the air. JUST THAT SIMPLE. When the state's treasury 'feels it' there will be protections for the people of Texas, but, not before.

Pure government negligence.