Saturday, February 18, 2012


...I am going to take the rest of the day off.

We are moving in the right direction as a nation with President Obama.

Removing Don't Ask, Don't Tell returns authority to the military.  It will remove the power base of the extremists within it.

President Obama's Health Secretary is absolutely correct and will remove the religious power structure that assaults diversity in communities.

We have a good and decent President.

Absolutely, we do.

It is a real question as to the intent of the GOP in their demands for religious politics.

I am confident when the GOP plays with words among their electorate they are promising there will be no faithless people in the country. They don't conceive of a country that allows faithless people and they languish in the power of intimidation as a real sword in their holy fight.

If jet fighter pilots 'majority' in evangelical preference and decide they will leave the military because there is a gay member to their squadron the reality of that assault against our country is real and not perceived.

When justices give themselves the authority to interpret law based in faith dogma as they frequently do in the Fifth Circuit that is sincere intimidation of the people.  

When Republican legislators allow their extremism to exist they are banking on the Courts upholding that political extremism DUE to the lack of legislation stating otherwise. That is why so many 'civil rights' issues like Gay Marriage are maintained at the State level, because, to federalize the resolve of those rights is to remove the potential of their 'real power.'

The 'grey' areas that still exist in individual freedoms is where the extremists live and I believe them without a doubt that their words are suppose to be carried out into reality as 'their army' within the citizenship will abide.  

Yes, it could be said there is a parallel government within our country due to the narrowing electorate that actually appreciates the extremism that exists today.

The real question is how far do we allow major political parties go in destroying the quality of life of our citizens and 'the quality of freedom' of our nation?

Should the GOP be considered a sincere major political party? When all the extremes of the party are added up there is nothing left by corruption and immorality so to that end it is no. The immorality of the GOP extents into disparaging our constitution and no one should have an illusion otherwise.  

That disparagement of our country began with George W. Bush and Richard Cheney and it was palpable globally. One of the reasons Russia wanted to include the rebels of Syria as an element to the violence in any UN Resolution is because of the danger of causing another Iraq. So, should the GOP play a major role in our political outcomes? If so, that is a very dangerous game we are playing. Never, ever should the USA have the political stance 'Bring it on!'

As far as I am concerned our US Constitution is under assault by desperate people that sincerely have designs on destroying sovereignty.  

Institutionalizing Religion

When religions decide they want to participate in financial ventures to benefit their members they can participate in creating hospital, schools, universities and community centers.  But, where the religious doctrine ends as an authority is when that faith decides to include all peoples within their institutions.

While there have been statements of sympathy surrounding the faith leaders of religions that do not accommodate the modern day stresses women face in that, "I went to my employ with St. Saint Hospital knowing it was a religious institution.", there is a profound lack of respect within that statement for the differences we pride in the USA as diversity.

If the health care economy was different and was actually mired in the dynamics of the 50's and 60's there would be a far different opportunity for employment and it would even be accepted to think if a Methodist went to work for a Catholic Hospital they would have to seek health insurance elsewhere if they wanted to have a plan that was enamored with their personal beliefs.

But, this is not the 50's and 60's, this is however the 21st Century.  In the 21st Century the USA has "HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS" that encompass large areas of cities and towns. There is often no employment, especially for health care workers, in any other institution than St. Saint Hospital. To believe employees of an institution, one with exclusive employment rights to the region, has the right to demand them to be treated differently than their faith or personal beliefs allow, INCLUDING, their own economic status due to the fact there is a MONOPOLY in health care in the USA, is an assault against the First Amendment.

Freedom of Religion also allows Freedom from Religion and to expect every employee of St. Saint Hospital to abide by the doctrine of the overriding CORPORATION  with the primary shareholder being a church is a removal of citizen's rights and NO legislator at any level of government should be victimizing that ONE person that needs the health coverage in order to afford the well being of themselves and their children and THE LIMIT they place on the size of their family.

The GOP is Anti-American through and through and if the Robert's Court ever believes this is a matter of the churches having the right to oppress diversity in our country, then they are as stupid as we all think them may be!

Corporations are not religions and religions are not corporations.  When that transformation takes place corporations have to abide by the law and not the doctrine!

This is my personal opinion and nothing more.

I have been exposed to many, many religions during my lifetime in a variety of capacities including definition of self.  But, I have found the Hebrew faith to be the most reactive faith in a democratic tone that brings justice to the individual of social change in a society.

The topic is called "Spiritual Health" and Americans have gravitated to it for as long as there is history in the USA including outrageous times such as The Salem Witch Trials.  

But, spirituality in any form is very important to Americans.  They embrace it no matter their personal beliefs because it has a right to exist in a way that no other dynamic of our culture exists.

Spirituality is important to being human.  We have more cognitive energy without the purpose of survival the more advanced our society becomes and spiritual content is one of the places human experience finds comfort in a changing world.

The Hebrews have a hierarchy among their rabbinical authority that seeks to perfect the spiritual health of their people to accept a changing world, adapt to it and remain within the graces of their faith.  They are wonderfully happy people that find love of family and community the greatest comfort their faith can ever afford them.

The Hebrews have a 'flavor' to their faith some being Orthodox, others Conservative and yet others Reformed.  Yet, they are all faithful to one set of values.  Those values grow as the content of the lives of their people grow.  The Hebrews react to the world in a wholesome way that allows happiness and not isolation to be a part of their faith.  I will go as so far as to say it is because of the inclusion by the rabbis to seek ways to incorporate a changing world into the faith that provides for 'well being' to dominate their households.

Faith leaders should shun the politics of the day.  I don't say this as a method to an outcome in elections, but, to preserve their congregations in the purpose their faith was intended.  The political environment today will strand them in the future if they believe their outcomes will benefit by participating in controversial dialogue among the citizens of the USA.

Faith is about inspiring purity to the soul.  Spirituality is a comfort to the person. Those two dynamics should mesh and not alienate.

The faiths within the USA already have the highest attainable rights of any nation on Earth, I sincerely don't believe there is anything they have to testify to that would bring them greater acceptance to allow their doctrines.

The GOP is perverting the country's focus and averting responsibility for its economy.

Ed Cox is a lawyer (click title to entry - thank you) with a distinguished record of service to his Party and in the domestic and international policy arenas.

The GOP is purposely targeting Elderly Caucasian Men with money as an election strategy which drives their opposition to solving the country's problems.  They are doing this, not just in election strategies, but on the House and Senate floors of the Federal and State governments.

There is a concentration of power within the Republican Party within the one percent to facilitate the demands of the only people in the USA that actually will tolerate them and vote for them.  The GOP lacks character and commitment to the best interests of the country by DESIGN.  They are Anti-American and pander to a minority of wealthy white guys while glamorizing it through religious dogma.

This will sound very crass, but, it can only be realized in these terms.  

What are wealthy old white guys most concerned with as they are facing death?  

Whom gets their money, how it will be used and the most narcissistic goal of all 'getting it right with god.'  

The GOP is perverse in its values by choice of whom actually values that extremism and the religious leaders become surrogates to the message.  The GOP has no value of sincere religious outcomes and may in fact be hurting chances of bringing back the very people the church leaders are trying to recruit to their flocks.  

This is disgusting and highly unethical to target church leadership in a faux debate among the American electorate to benefit the wealthy.

It may be the willingness of sincere church leadership to participate in a 'power struggle' of political outcomes will destroy their right to any non-profit status.  Sincerely.  The cloak is very thin as to what their participation is all about and I caution all of them to examine their motives and potential outcomes in such blatant campaigning within the government structure.  Those church leaders are not testifying they are demonstrating the power of the GOP to manipulate the turf.  That is all that is and they are unwitting participants.  At least I'll give them the benefit of the doubt they are unwitting.

There is no moral conscience in the GOP, there is only 'the goal' and the ruthlessness to achieve it.  Sincere damage will be and is being done to this democracy everyday the GOP is allowed to continue in their abuse of power for power's sake.