Saturday, November 01, 2014

What happens to men when they get outside the house?

At the very least this is harassment. It is actually sexual harassment, but, sexual harassment is normally thought of as confined to the job. When a woman is followed it is stalking. 

A person feels intimidated or uncomfortable is the definition of sexual harassment. In the work place it is believed to effect job performance.

Perhaps a better way of classifying this is social harassment.

It is known that sexual harassment can cause post-traumatic stress disorder, high blood pressure, sleep problems, physical pain, depression and suicide.

Perhaps the best way of classifying the behavior of these men is bullying. Bullying is an act of intentionally inflicting injury or discomfort upon another person through physical contact, through words or in other ways, repeatedly and over time for the purpose of intimidation and/or control.

Aren't the men seeking control? Their cat calls have a purpose. What is that purpose? It isn't compliments because that would indicate respect. Cat calls are not respect. The purpose of cat calls is to bring attention to the man who is seeking to control the outcome of the woman walking through his territory.

Cat calls make women feel uncomfortable, unsafe and makes the impression to change the place where she walks. She may feel the need to instead take a taxi. The burden in on the woman to carry the responsibility for men's bad behavior. When a woman feels unsafe she modifies her behavior to protect herself.

Mary Landrieu is a very special Senator. She works hard for the people of Louisiana.

Senator Landrieu has been in office since 1997. She has served the State of Louisiana with pride and resolve. If it weren't for Senator Landrieu there would be no recovery post Katrina. She has brought tens of billions of federal dollars into Louisiana to rebuild. The Army Corp of Engineers has built the most sophisticated flood prevention system in the country, if not the world. The monies brought into that project exceeded all of the Army Corps budget for the entire country.

By Carol D. Leonnig and Garance Franke-Ruta
Washington Post Staff Writer 
Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The conservative young (click here) filmmaker whose undercover sting damaged a liberal activist group last year faces federal criminal charges in an alleged plot to tamper with the phones in the New Orleans office of Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.)....

Senator Landrieu's Watergate.

Stan Dai, Joseph Basel, both 24; Robert Flanagan, son of Bill Flanagan, acting U.S. Attorney in Louisiana; and conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe, were arrested by US Marshals for their role in a plot to hack the phone system of Landrieu's New Orleans office to record her and her staff's conversations.

If the break in weren't enough, the right wing extremists didn't find anything that can be used against Mary Landrieu. With a Senator as honest as that the people of Louisiana have found someone who cares about them.

By: Mary Landrieu
Location: Washington, DC 
U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., (click here) Chair of the Homeland Security 
Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced a preliminary agreement between 
the United States and Mexican governments to suspend the ongoing antidumping 
and countervailing duty investigations of illegal sugar exports from Mexico.
The deal follows yesterday's preliminary finding by the United States Department 
of Commerce (Commerce) that the Mexican government dumped sugar on the 
U.S. market at a price lower than legally allowed, effectively hurting Louisiana's 
sugar industry. In August, Commerce also announced its affirmative preliminary 
determination in the investigation of countervailing duties on imported sugar from 
Mexico. Countervailing duties (CVDs) are trade taxes imposed to combat the 
negative effect of subsidies on certain industries....

Democrats are ranked among the highest in approval by National Organization of 
Police Organizations. Senator Landrieu received a 73% ranking. She is ranked the 
highest in Louisiana by the organization with the exception of the Democrat Cedric 
Richmond who received a 77 percent ranking. Senator Vitter received a 64% rating.

By: Mary Landrieu
Location: Washington, DC 

U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., (click here) Chair of the Homeland Security 
Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced that Customs and Border 
Protection (CBP) will pay $19 million to the Louisiana crawfish industry from unpaid 
duties the agency collected in a court judgment against Chinese processors that 
illegally dumped crawfish on the U.S. market. CBP announced its decision at a 
meeting with leaders of the Louisiana crawfish industry that was requested by 
Sen. Landrieu. This marks the largest single payout ever received by the crawfish 
industry, and is nearly three times more than last year's payout....

She is a very special Senator. She is creating jobs wherever the opportunity arises.
She also love the culture of North Carolina which is demonstrated by this 
World Heritage site in Louisiana.

By: Mary Landrieu
Location: Washington, DC
Today, U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., (click here) Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne 
and local officials inscribed Poverty Point as the 22nd World Heritage site in the 
United States. With this designation, Poverty Point (click here) now joins the 
ranks of sites like the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon.
Poverty Point will be preserved for generations to come and will boost Northeast 
Louisiana's tourism industry, attracting many explorers that seek out 
World Heritage sites. Poverty Point's designation as a World Heritage Site will 
also increase the demand for jobs in Northeast Louisiana, allowing families to 
have high-quality and high-paying jobs in their local communities.
"More than 3,000 years ago, Poverty Point was an economic engine for this 
region, and it will be again as a World Heritage Site. In the past, it brought 
goods and materials to be traded, today it will bring tourists and jobs to grow 
and expand the middle class," Sen. Landrieu said. "The process to secure this 
status for Poverty Point has truly been a team effort. Without the work of 
Lt. Gov. Dardenne and his staff, State Senator Francis Thompson, and the staff 
and high-ranking officials of the Departments of State and Interior who have 
spent countless hours on this nomination, we would not be here today. I 
appreciate that the World Heritage Committee gave Poverty Point this 
recognition and confirmed what we in Louisiana have known for many years: 
Poverty Point is a true cultural landmark and it deserves this recognition."...

The story of "Poverty Point."
were moved over long distances, some up to 1,400 miles (2,250 km). Many 
kinds of materials were traded, including flint, sandstone, quartzite, slate, shale, 
granite and other coarse igneous rocks, limonite, hematite, magnetite, soapstone,
greenstone, crystal quartz, copper, galena, and dozens of others. They came 
from many areas of the mid-continent, including the Ouachita, Ozark, and 
Appalachian mountains and the Upper Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. Even 
gravels were probably traded, since they were not always available within easy 
reach of every Poverty Point site.

The Poverty Point trade network reached throughout the Lower Mississippi Valley. 
Sites, like Claiborne near the Gulf coast, participated. So did sites, like Jaketown,
 in the northern sections. Many other sites were also involved, especially those 
close to the larger sites, where trade seems to have been more intensive. 
However, trade was by no means uniform nor did every site or community in the 
Lower Mississippi Valley participate. The trade that took place at the Poverty Point
 site was the most intensive of all....

Senator Landrieu has worked hard for the State of Louisiana. She deserves to be
re-elected. Quite frankly, she is a relief to the ruthless found in the US Senate. 
Louisiana has a gem in Mary Landrieu and should let her go. There are just a small
number of her accomplishments as she seeks to strengthen Louisiana. 

She is not failing Louisiana, the Republican Governor is. The Louisiana Republicans
tried to smear her, but, couldn't because the truth is she is a great Senator.

Governor Bobby Jindal is the right wing's Joe Biden.

October 31, 2014
By Steve Benen

Looking back at the last year (click here) or so, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s (R) effort to raise his national profile has run into occasional pitfalls. The far-right governor, for example, has suggested Americans have a guaranteed right under the First Amendment to appear on reality-television shows, while also refusing to say whether he believes in modern biology.

Reality TV is under attack? Since when? Reality TV is best defined by You Tube. I think it is well established reality tv is part of the landscape of the USA. Jindal only came to this reality recently?

Modern biology is a wedge issue? Really? There is no such thing as modern biology. Biology is what occurred when his mother gave birth to him. If Jindal has ever taken antibiotics it was biology that allowed it to cure his malady.

The Louisiana Republican has filed a federal lawsuit in opposition to an education policy he recently endorsed; 

Jindal has a lot more to worry about in Louisiana than an education policy. There are huge swaths of education infrastructure he hasn't rebuilt yet.

..."There is no question that the OPSB (click here) was authorized to lay off over 7,000 employees" after the state takeover, Victory wrote. The appeals court found the School Board should have created a recall list and systematically used it to hire back employees, as per teacher tenure laws of the time.

But the state Supreme Court decided that "the Teacher Tenure Laws did not envision, nor provide for, the circumstance where a massive hurricane wipes out an entire school district, resulting in the elimination of the vast majority of teaching positions in that district. It would defy logic to find the OPSB liable for a due process violation where jobs were simply not available."

The School Board currently runs only six schools....

There were 7000 employees within the Louisiana education infrastructure laid off following Katrina including a majority of the teachers in the effected districts. To date that education infrastructure has not been replace and there are no plans in doing so. 

Louisiana received huge amounts of funding following Katrina over multiple years and in every applicable bill voted for by Senator Landreau thereafter. WHERE IS THE MONEY? Why hasn't there been a priority to return education infrastructure to children? What is being done to employee those citizens in Louisiana to provide new employment? NOTHING? Bobby Jindal has not nothing to employee these people and prioritize the children of Louisiana? 

New Orleans continues to have a very high unemployment rate. In August 2014 the sustained rate is 7.8%. That is outrageous. The rest of the state has the same rate as the USA at 5.8%. But, New Orleans has sustained rates as high as 10.3% in 2010. This is no longer a Katrina problem, this is a structural employment problem in Louisiana and Jindal has done absolutely nothing for the citizens of New Orleans.

The city of New Orleans is ranked #1 in the entire country for poverty rates among it's residents. It also ranks #1 in the USA for residents born in the place of their birth. In other words, the resident of New Orleans spend their entire life in poverty and never leave there.

New Orleans ranks 3rd in the country for lowest median income, it ranks second for single parent households and 3rd in workforce unemployment.

August 29, 2013
...government report on evacuees (click here) pointed out that African-American residents were less likely to return to their homes than whites; 54 percent of African-American evacuees returned, compared with 82 percent of white evacuees....

The reason evacuees have not returned to New Orleans is because there is no housing. Katrina happened 9 nears ago and there is still vasts areas of the city abandoned.

If Jindal wants the attention of the country he needs to do his job. There have been billions upon billions of federal dollars sent to Louisiana for reconstruction in New Orleans and the largest Medicaid roles in the country. No matter what the people of the USA have tried to revitalized New Orleans and Louisiana it never happens. Bobby Jindal is not a good governor and never has been. 

His answer to the BP Deep Horizon oil explosion and disaster was to block lawsuits of the petroleum industry. Jindal is in the back pocket of Big Oil and the people of Louisiana who lost everything is going to have to find a way to get by because nothing is coming their way compliments of their governor.

June 6, 2014

Rejecting the advice (click here) of his own attorney general and dozens of legal scholars, Louisiana governor and potential presidential contender Bobby Jindal effectively blocked a New Orleans-area levee board from suing oil and gas companies for allegedly destroying the state’s coasts – and in so doing, may have also derailed state and local claims against BP for damages and tax revenue lost following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill....

Jindal has time for CPAC, but, no time to be governor. According to Jindal, the BP oil spill of 2010 never happened. Jindal has failed New Orleans, the teachers of Louisiana and the Louisiana gulf coast and fisheries. The reason the Jindal is still in office is because the petroleum industry buys the Office of Governor for him every election year.

The facts are obvious and well documented...