Thursday, December 02, 2010

Representative Steve King is a real joker, besides being a bigot and plutocrat.

It is a foregone conclusion the vote today in the House was a trial run for the real thing.  Everyone is calling it a political vote.  I suppose anything could be looked at in that manner, whether it makes the President's desk or not.  It is a perfectly acceptable method to put forward a bill for a vote to allow the electorate to know how their elected officials are voting.  The vote today was for the benefit of the electorate, not Mr. Boner or Mr. King.  It simply shows how completely moronic these men have become for the sake of politics.  They are a slave to the politics and are unable to govern.  In case there are a majority of Republicans and Tea Baggers that don't understand this DEMOCRATIC method of passing legislation, let me explain.  My pleasure, sincerely.

This is the time when the electorate of a House Representative can call, write or email their elected offical and let them know what they think.  So, Mr. King and Mr. Boner voted "NO."  If their constituency, their electorate thought they made a BAD decision, this is their time to act in a democratic way as an individual to let them know how they see things.

Got it now?  The RHETORICAL Republicans and Tea Baggers are completely blind sided by their OBSESSION with politics over governing.  This House vote is important.  It changes the tax structure the majority of Americans will pay for the rest of their lives.  This is NOT a minor vote.  The Middle Class of the USA on occassion will move into a wealthy 'status,' however, they usually earn their income for all their lives.  The vote in the House is about them and will effect them and their children permanently.  It would be remiss of the House leadership to ignore the importance of a 'preliminary' vote before the final vote was conducted.

It is completely SAD and totally pathetic that 'Chicken Shit' Boner and Steve King can't see that and actually see this vote as a joke.  I have to wonder if they see their electorate the same way.

START Treaty. Incredible interview by "The King" on CNN yesterday evening. "Long live the King."

Vladimir Putin never ages.  It has been an incredible life that Larry King has lived and to call the Prime Minister of Russia as a friend that is looking for a visit is to speak to the international respect Mr. King receives.

Prime Minister Putin should also take note of the new talent on our 24 hour news channels.  There is Lawrence O'Donnell and Eliot Spitzer.  They have brought sincere legitimacy to 'the truth.'  Anderson Cooper as had a good show last night.

The Prime Minister was not noted in the USA newspapers though.  No headlines.  Today the American people are obsessed with the gossip of the day, namely Wikileaks and Labron James from the Miami Heat.  During King's show Prime Minister Putin could have taken the initiative to talk a bit about Sochi Olympics in 2014 (click here) as one of our athletes are already looking toward the competition.

But, no matter, Prime Minister Putin (click title to entry - thank you) talked at length to every question asked of him and was very clear how important the START treaty was to the relations between the USA and Russia.  Some of his most surprising insight came about Afghanistan which their presence was interrupted by the collapse of the USSR.  I had not linked those two events.  It all makes too much sense.  I remember 'that time period' well.  There were cosmonauts in orbit for three months being mostly unattended during that time.  It is much clearer now, but, through the Taliban propaganda they would have the world believe the USSR was defeated by them.  The USA would like to believe that as well.

Prime Minister Putin addressed the nuclear concerns of Russia and how START could add to not only better relations, but, also global stability.  He expressed clearly his commitment to his alliance with Iran in regard to their peaceful use of nuclear energy.  It has been through Russia's diplomacy that Iran has been able to carry forward a nuclear facility originally promised by the USA.  No wonder Iran is sceptical of so much that is The West.  It would seem as though a 'trick' to Iran and why should they trust relations with the USA again.  It is a sincere enhancement to the relations between the USA and Iran for Russia to be involved.  That same concern carries forward with North Korea and Russia's Friendship Pact with China.

The Prime Minister is well versed on most issues put to him and he may be the one consistent global leader that has been involved in policy for nearly two decades.  That is what I find interesting.  The Russia people like the change they have achieved through the leadership of Former President Putin and now Prime Minister Putin and they like to have him where they can find him.

I wish he would have spoke about The Tiger Summit, but, he was not asked.  The 'link' between he and Mr. King was more than consistent and nearly immediate which begins to speak to Russia's satellite prowess.  That reality given the 'idea' the Former Bush Administration was dead set on placing a defunct 'Star Wars' base at Russia's border is more than interesting to me.  The Russia military has been doing its homework.  Very nice.  Rarely if ever do we see such 'immediate' response to questions through 'satellite' connections.  More than interesting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hour and found every word important, consistent and well stated.  I thank Prime Minister Putin for his consideration in speaking so well about President Obama.  He stated and I am paraphrasing, "The President is doing as he promised during his campaign for office. etc."  It was  a nice praise of our President Obama and it is deeply appreciated.  He is a man that keeps his word, if only his legislative peers would be as mindful of the needs of the American people.

If I could have the Prime Minister 'change' his approach to the consent to the interview I would ask that he submit his interests to the interviewer as well so all the topics between he and the American people could be covered.  It would be nice to know what is on his mind as well as him being so generous to answer all our questions.  I might point to the fact, Prime Minister Putin should 'sell' the 'commercial' aspects of Russia.  If Russia can consider any of their activities commercial.  You see, Prime MInister, it is the American way.  To commercialize all that is LIFE.  So, he should have 'plugged' the 2014 Olympic Games and all the 'Russia Resources' that the American Plutocracy covets so dearly.  It would have brought him more interest for the Americans that only see dollar signs in their eyes.

I appreciated his understanding of how Gay and Lesbian Rights are their's to enjoy.  He also pointed to the fact a government interest in the sexual health of their nation is in children and the future of the country.  Russia is concerned with its future generations and the proliferation of those generations.  He, however, stated the "Sexual Minorities" were of little concern of the government and enjoyed their lives uninterrupted, incluidng military service.

I believe what I enjoyed through the entire interview with Mr. King was Prime Minister Putin's 'clear and concise' answers and competency.  He is truly a man to contend with and counts on ONLY his own mind and understanding when discerning answers and making policy statements.  That is not only reassuring to his nation but to those that long to be his friend.

It was a great interview Larry.