Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thank you, Jeffrey Immelt, it was the best decision and a real boost to the parents that lost children because of gun violence.

The lending arm of General Electric (click here) has stopped offering financing to retailers whose primary business is selling guns. Around 75 retailers are immediately affected. A company spokesman says this is a response to "industry changes, new legislation and tragic events."

Currently, people purchasing guns in the USA are paying at least 18% interest on their purchases. They use credit cards. They are not the best credit risks but are moderate risks.

Gun purchases are investments. These investments are subject to market pressures. They are not good investments because the USA can cause a fall in value when the legislation is passed.

People like the gun owners on this blog are running after empty dreams. They have a faux sense of security by owning dangerous guns. Not only that but the investment they made have a high rate of loss and at least 18% interest raises the cost of the gun over time by more than 20%. If a gun is purchased on credit for $1000.00 there is a very good chance by the time that gun is paid off it will cost far more than $1200.00. That gun will never sell for as much as the purchaser paid for it. Guns will not appreciate that fast in value.

The moderate risk credit card gun purchaser is better off saving the money for better car or paying on their home or getting out of debt.

Buying guns is not assisting the USA's economy, by every measure it is hurting it while using monies people sincerely don't have.

More definitions to Assault Weapons Ban Amendment

``(ix) The following MAC types: (click here called "Whispering Death")
``(I) MAC-10.(below with suppressor and stock click here)
``(II) MAC-11.(below click here for Sumo Daug who rented the gun from a shooting range)
``(III) Masterpiece Arms (click here) 

MPA is Master-Piece Arms.

MPA A930 Mini Pistol (below)

FYI below: Does it qualify as an al Qaeda training facility?

, MPA460 Pistol,(below - I don't know about anyone else, but, I've always wanted to look up to a weapon.)

  • The 6” 460 Rowland Pistol, the 10” 460 Rowland Pistol, and the 460 Rowland Carbine.
  • The 6” 460 Rowland Pistol, or MPA460-10, is chambered for 460 Rowland ammo, has a 6” threaded barrel with muzzle break, scope mount, side charger and 30 round magazine. The MSRP is $579. Also available with extra 45 ACP Upper included for $669.
  • The 10” 460 Rowland Pistol, or MPA460-15, is also chambered for 460 Rowland ammo, has a 10” threaded barrel with muzzle break, scope mount, side charger, and 30 round magazine. Its MSRP is $675, but is available with extra 45 ACP Upper for $799.
  • The 460 Rowland Carbine, or MPA460-1, is chambered for 460 Rowland ammo, has a 16” threaded barrel with muzzle break, AR-15 hand guard, scope mount, 2-7×32 scope with illuminated reticule, side charger, MPA low profile fixed stock, 30 round magazine, 1:16 barrel twist- RH, 3.8 lbs trigger pull, parkerized finish, American-made, Lifetime guarantee. The MSRP is $853, but is also available with extra 45 ACP Upper for $999.

MPA Tactical Pistol,(below)
and MPA Mini Tactical Pistol.(below - click here for $551.00 weapon with threated barrel, 35 round clip, holosight and flashlight. Heck, I'd buy it for the flashlight alone.)
``(IV) Military Armament Corp.(click here The company focused on the military market)

Ingram M-11.(below - the hook on the back of the weapon is a retractable stock.) The manufacturer doesn't produce these anymore, but, they are still being sold. Many of these weapons come with lifetime warranty like a lifetime membership to the NRA. The warranty speaks to the longevity of these weapons.
       ``(V) Velocity Arms VMAC.(below)
``(x) Sig Sauer P556 pistol.(below)
``(xi) Sites Spectre.(below)
``(xii) All Thompson types,(click here on sale from $813,00 to $1543.00) including the following: ``(I) Thompson TA510D.(below - click here for comparison with Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21S Pistol Combination Gun which "FindTheBest" believes is more deadly.
``(II) Thompson TA5. (below - got to start somewhere)

       ``(xiii) All UZI types,(below)

including Micro-UZI.
UZI conversions micro uzi (click here) 
More conversions (click here) 
Parts Supplier (click here) 
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