Saturday, March 28, 2015

Who is the sovereign authority in the USA? Is the Supreme Court assaulting that sovereignty.

Add Angie's List (click here) to the roster of companies and business interests taking a stand against Indiana's new anti-gay law.

CEO Bill Oesterle announced Saturday that the company had put its proposed campus expansion project in Indianapolis "on hold" following the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act....

The definition of sovereignty is extremely simple when it comes to a country. It is simply supreme power or authority.

Before the Bush "W" White House and it's extremist electorate which was pandered to at every turn; the default setting to any decision regarding the separation of religion and the state was always based in governmental authority and the fact it had no authority over religion and religion had no authority over the government.


Every religion in the USA no matter where the location of the sovereign right of the USA, even in territories and military installations, was practiced with the understanding there were citizens that didn't practice a religion and there were citizens that practiced a variety of faiths. In that reality, every religion and expression there of was held within the domain of a church or church grounds or a minute of silence at functions and even school.

The US Supreme Court has turned that on it's head. The US Supreme Court is wrong and NORMALLY Congress would act to correct the course of the country. 

The USA does not answer to any god or higher authority. The USA is its' own sovereign authority. I has no official religion, it is not a theocracy. If there had to be a god identified as the one the Congress practices, in the case of the US House, it would be the Plutocratic practices of the "Money God."

This is a map of where Chik-fil-A stores are found. 

Below is an unofficial map of Hobby Lobby locations. 

The right wing extremists that own these establishments are right now oppressing the rights of their employees.

Boycott these businesses. I don't go into a store if it is known or displays any religious preference. I find it to be Un-American.

 Purchase a skimpy $15 top or $19 skirt (click here) from trendy but budget-conscious clothing retailer Forever 21 and you may notice "John 3:16" printed on your shopping bag. 
Printed on the bottom of each of the store's bags, the biblical reference is perhaps the most obvious reference to the religious beliefs promoted by the store's owners, the Chang Family, who are born-again Christians. 
Mrs. Chang told Bloomberg Businessweek last year that the store had religious roots, citing that "God told her she should open a store and that she would be successful."

Most of the businesses within the definition of Christian Soverignty provide services and primarily merchandise at very discounted prices. They treat their employees as if they have to rights because they have a governing status within their domains. This is not legal in the USA. The USA has sovereign authority and if a company participates in public access to define it's profit margin, then they are suppose to relinquish to the authority of the people and not their saviors.

The Robert's Court is counter culture and anti-sovereignty of the constitution. 

I really am tired of the hostage taking. This is oppression as practiced by the Republican extremism.

Since when do Americans tolerate oppression by government?

March 28 – April 12 Senate Recess (click here)

The US Senate is on recess. Are there priorities that need to take place during the US Senate's unethical holding hostage the first African American US Attorney General?

January 13, 2014
By Bruce Drake

...So far, Obama (click here) has made recess appointments 32 times, according to a Feb. 2013 analysis by the Congressional Research Service. Among the last four presidents, Ronald Reagan made the most recess appointments (232), followed by George W. Bush (171), Bill Clinton (139) and George H.W. Bush (78), who served only one term.  These include not only ones made between sessions of Congress, but ones during recesses within a session....

Mitch McConnell has openly stated he is taking the nomination for Attorney General hostage until "The Human Trafficking" bill is passed. That is unethical, coercive as well as illegal. Mr. McConnell is using strategic tactics against the Democratic Senate to effect a vote he prefers. It is time to remove the grid lock and allow the Nominee to take her place at the top of the US DOJ.

When is government leadership going to understand taking political hostages is not what the American people want. We want our government to function. Hostage taking is not functioning. 

In regard to Governor Pence. Why is it Christian extremists have the upper hand when the Orthodox Jewish community has their own cultural villages with their own police officers? Why is that? The Orthodox Jews in the USA live in sections of cities that satisfy their religious demands while it does not oppress the American electorate? 

If Evangelical Christians want to live within communities dedicated to their religious intensity, they have options other religious organizations currently practice. The difference between the Orthodox Jews and the Evangelical Christians is that the Jews respect the belief systems of other Americans where Evangelicals are interested in trampling those constitutional rights to impose their religious preferences on others.  

Oh, there are more Evangelical Christian Americans than Orthodox Jews? Exactly.