Saturday, September 13, 2014

Speaking of little gems.

Putin's ceasefire was to have the eastern provinces that were Russia Speaking People govern themselves while Ukraine retained it's sovereign borders. If the folks that were Russian Speaking provided they could govern themselves, without violence I suppose, it is only rational they could decide to be autonomous and free countries.

Cute, huh? That was the terms of the ceasefire. It looks as though neither side cares about a ceasefire under those terms.

September 13, 2014
By Ledyard King

Ukraine fended off an attack by pro-Russian rebels (click here) at a major airport Saturday as Moscow sent another convoy of aid into the country, underscoring the fragility of the cease-fire between the two countries.
Ukrainian military leaders repelled separatists at Donetsk airport as another round of fighting erupted in the eastern part of the country Saturday, about a week after the cease-fire agreement was reached.
A volley of rockets struck residential buildings near the airport but no casualties were reported, according to a statement posted on the City Council website.
Heightening tensions further was Moscow's decision to send a second convoy of trucks into Ukraine without its consent....

I have to share this precious gem. How worried is Snyder about the Michigan state deficit in November?

September 12, 2014

..."Faced with millions of dollars (click here) of lawful refund claims, Governor Snyder and the Michigan Legislature have egregiously denied the rights of corporate taxpayers by rewriting law retroactively to circumvent the Supreme Court ruling, specifically eliminating millions of dollars of taxpayers' rightful claims to refunds," said Susan Traylor Bittick, Principal and Public Affairs Practice Leader of Ryan. "The retroactive language was added to Senate Bill 156, passed by both chambers, and signed by Governor Snyder in a period of less than 48 hours, and without the benefit of a public hearing. This process was an affront to the many Michigan businesses this bill affects, and the legislation sets a dangerous precedent for future overreach to squash the rights of corporate taxpayers, render tax laws meaningless, and provide unlimited power to the taxing authorities."...

See, I always thought Republicans liked giving money back to businesses. It would seem as though Snyder's bragging about balancing the budget comes first.

Republican dogma demands that tax cuts create jobs. It would seem as though those tax cuts have priorities and come somewhere down the life from re-election.
One thing to remember about the current military assessment of the numbers of IS/IS/L soldiers tripling from 10,000 is that is a lie.

They are counting women and figuring for every man there is at least two women battle ready.

The attempted manipulations of Petraeus is amazing.

September 12, 2014
By Leslie Larson

U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus (click here) voiced his confidence in President Obama's strategy to attack ISIS, hopeful for success in Iraq but cautious that the fight in Syria "is going to be years, not months."
At a 9/11 event in Denver, the general who oversaw the 2007 surge in Iraq lauded Obama for presenting a "compelling argument" and setting forth a "good departure point" with airstrikes.
Obama told the nation Wednesday night he was authorizing U.S. airstrikes inside Syria and expanded strikes in Iraq. He also again asked Congress to authorize a program to train and arm Syrian rebels who are fighting both Islamic State militants and forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Describing the fighting as serious but "not that desperate," Petraeus drew a distinction between the "Iraq on fire, complete desperation we had during the surge" and the current state -- echoing Obama's early assessment of ISIS as the al-Qaeda junior varsity team....

First Petraeus states the threat to the USA isn't coming from Iraq because the bombing was successful in destroying the AMERICAN war machines HE left there; then he states the really big threat is from Syria.

Why Syria?

Because he doesn't know shit about what goes on in Syria. I can't wait for the expert testimony before the UN where Petraeus says the Syrians have tubes for centrifuges and mobile anthrax labs.

Why Petraeus?

I think Powell figured out the puppet he actually was to Bush's presidency and Cheney's deluded realities.

Petraeus has a new "Curveball" named John McCain.

Any rational person would think the leaders of the USA, even Obama, would come to the conclusion when rebels want to the heroes of the USA political right wing there is not a thread of truth to what they say.

Syria is actually safer with a Republican in office because it is only ranked 32nd in the world in oil. 400,400 barrels per day as opposed to Iraq's 3,400,00 barrels per day. That is more or less the ambitions of the independent oil operators in the USA. It won't pay Halliburton enough to bother. Democrats might actually think they can save the people from themselves.

There is a reason for film festivals. It is called the truth.

The peace movement has proven to be successful. All Bush and Cheney could do was call up the National Guard and their volunteer army. The exception was the back door draft of Reservists and some bizarre law that allowed former, non-active military to be called up. But, their ability to draft was non-existent.

They did their damage with the poor. If one had no other choice they enlisted. States like Michigan realized that reality all too much. But, Bush/Cheney were limited on their ability to kill Americans in illegitimate war.

The problem with the Democratic Party is that they always run on Republican issues. Currently, Republicans are happy with the country without an immigration policy. They are content with Voter ID laws based in fraud. They are seeking to turn the USA military into a chronic assault force no matter where in the world there is conflict. They are successful in winning elections while defeating women's priorities and they win elections while children have no school books. They are successful in promoting the harvesting of greenhouse gases. They don't talk about those issues in their campaigns, they talk about the problem with Democrats.

Zephyr Teachout (click here) took only 34 percent of the vote in Tuesday's Democratic primary against New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but she succeeded in bringing her old-fashioned populist platform to the attention of the media and a broad audience of voters.
Democratic politics give mass coverage to Republican priorities and their priorities are never are heard by the electorate. It is amazing to watch them defeat themselves.

Why be a member of a party that can't get out of it's own way?

Why do Republicans like low voter turnout? 
Because their voters are more than content with same 'ole, same 'ole. They hate taxes and who doesn't? Ten percent of the USA debt right now is due to the Iraq War and it is known to be based in fraud. 5000 Americans are dead because of a fraudulent war and these bozos are still in office. Republicans have followers, not members. The people of this country DO NOT vote for their platform, they vote for change. If there isn't any change election after election there won't people voting.

"We can't appear to be weak on national defense." - The Iraq war was not national defense, it increased the danger to the country and has proven to be the most irresponsible act any Republicans carried out with our military. Where is everyone?

Any victories with global warming is all grass roots and local. That is the truth of the situation. 

When the pubic is educated to their interest in the problems they face, it is then and only then that the truth is important. Otherwise they don't 'get it.' When people are unable to connect to the problem and it is abstract the Republicans are successful in dismissing it as a policy of cronyism. ie: Scientists get grants and vote opposition Republican.

The climate crisis is best talked about locally and with the truth and examples of that truth. The abstract discussion of global warming is too abstract and people don't connect. 

The flooding in Kashmir is something that occurs once in a blue moon. That is false. The truth of the matter is the same as the truth in the flooding in the USA. The warmed Earth has an air mass that moves because of Coriolis and not because of the jet stream. The reason the flooding occurs with such danger and damage is because it lingers for long periods over the same 'soil' which becomes saturated OR stays saturated. Therefore, the flooding in Kashmir is due to the same processes for the flooding in the USA. The humanitarian crisis that results in Kashmir is due to the poverty of the people and their lack of emergency infrastructure. They don't prepare for disaster, they react to it.

The American political system hasn't changed, we are chronically choosing the least of the worst and then watch as the power within the federal government changes our leaders to move against our best interests.

The changes that we need have to start at the local level. Personally, I am not interested in 'what works' in politics, I'm interested in leadership that knows the truth and stands for it.

What I would not give to have a president of this country to stand up for what is right and best and fight for it. I never thought Obama would crater. Never. When he speaks to this country people listen. We all know that. But, evidently that is not the case for all the country's problems, including the culture of fear that drives the USA military at a moments notice. The media is a real pain in the ass.

The Humboldt Fault and seismicity.

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The earliest, (click here) and possibly the strongest, shock reported within Kansas' borders occurred April 24, 1867. Several persons were injured, though not seriously. Plaster cracked, objects were thrown from shelves, and doors and windows were shaken at Lawrence. The earthquake was also felt strongly at Manhattan, where stones loosened on buildings and walls cracked. A heavy wave, about two feet high, was observed on the Kansas River at Manhattan. The tremor was felt over an area of 300,000 square miles in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and possibly Ohio....

Fracking has created earthquakes along an existing and once stable fault.

September 9, 2014

The governor’s (click here) Coordinating Council on Seismic Activity will bring together researchers with policymakers and energy industry experts. Energy Secretary Michael Teague will lead the panel, which will draw on expertise from the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the Corporation Commission, the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association and the Oklahoma Oil and Gas Association....

I fully expect Fallen to simply blame a fault like that of California on the earthquakes regardless of the findings by scientists pointing to the petroleum industry and it's frequent fracking drills.

The Humboldt Fault is a good example of the problems with fracking. It is primarily a stable fault with no seismic activity. On a rare occasion there is some movement. The increased drilling that accompanies fracking is creating it's own instability while also loosening existing faults.

The truth is the earthquakes occurring with frequency in the country and probably around the globe is due to the ventures of the petroleum industry. When a well is drilled it is permanent and the damage done in regard to that drilling cannot be reversed.

The increased seismicity in the area is also a reason to stop building oil pipelines, either above or below ground.
Did any American media notice the complete and abject tragedy that occurred in Kashmir? 

I didn't think so. I don't think there are any fund raisers anytime soon.

According to reports there are minimal survivors.

The USA is not at war. The air strikes are a matter of protecting ethnic minorities.

The reason President Obama decided the spill over from the Syrian civil war into Iraq was an emergency enough to respond to is because of the large number of diverse cultures within the borders of Iraq. There was no Iraq military to support the border, hence the spillover from the civil war. And the last component was the methodology used by the Islamic State (which could be names The Islamic group of nut cases in cooperation with Western fanatics) which killed men and stole women and it was anyone's guess what was happening with children.

The country of Iraq. It was a sovereign country able to hold it's borders and conduct sovereign issues of any state. The name has come from the ethnic group of Iraqi or Mesopotamian Arabs. They account from about 75% of the population of Iraq. They speak Mesopotamian Arabic.

The American media services are obsessed with power. There is nothing news worthy about their broadcasts.

American infantrymen (women) are glorified as the tip of the sword of American Policy?


American policy does not begin with war and the armed services are not about being the tip of the spear. The armed services in the USA is about defense, not aggression into another country.

They can glorify themselves all they want, but, guess what? The so called 'thugs' in Syria called the Islamic State are stated as killing according to the Quran.

1. Peaceful quranic verses were before Allah’s commands of slaughter, and are therefore annulled (click here)
Quran 2:106 – “We do not abrogate a verse or cause it to be forgotten except that We bring forth [one] better than it or similar to it. Do you not know that Allah is over all things competent?”
Considering the extreme nature of these verses, it would seem redundant to claim that ISIS are extremists of Islam, while they actually interpret the quranic commands as literally as possible, resurrecting the barbaric leadership of their prophet Muhammad....
The USA has more problems than a bus load of pregnant nuns and the country is obsessed by war. When people fall victim to racism and violence due to racism at the hands of police don't ask me to sympathize anymore, okay?
The problem with the violence doled out by the Islamic State is that is has a Jihadist Base in anarchy. It is the anarchy and it has always been the anarchy which is the problem. The ONLY aspect of the violence issued by the Islamic State that legitimizes actions against them is that they are no different than the anarchists in the USA.

The Islamic State works in anarchy no different than the 5000 extremists at on federal lands in Arizona.

The Islamic State are anarchists. Their religion has absolutely nothing to do with it.

That was the problem with al Qaeda and every other derivative of jihad on Earth.  They are anarchists seeking power outside that of a sovereign government.

Kindly get at least that much right.