Sunday, May 07, 2017

This is an interesting chart (click here).

China likes meat products for consumption. I will remind "The East" or sometimes stated "The Orient;" of the dangers of fat in meat. While meat can be good protein, it can also contain too much fat. Fat contains toxins and brings with it obesity and heart concerns.

Interestingly, India does not like to consume meat. They instead seek to use more milk in their diets. There are sincere culture differences between China and India and it shows in their diets.

As of this report in 2008, the developing world has not found an appetite for meat compared to the amount consumed by the developed world. That means all the management of greenhouse gases affiliated with farming is more intense in the developed world. And who has the worst record for containing agricultural environmental pollution, including greenhouse gases? Yep, the USA. It's feedlot which are not necessarily as abundant as they used to be are still a real concern in poor manure management.