Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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It was a good meeting and clarity was stated about the purpose of the visit by President Hollande. There are now hopes for a political solution in Syria. That means there will be leadership to step in when Daesh has been defeated.

This is a historical time in the world. A global coalition has never happened before. I look forward to President Hollande's visit to Russia and a strong world alliance to settle Syria into a stable land.

I wish all well.

Vive la France!

I demand Brian Williams to be fired.

He has major control issues that is built around the USA military. He is an idiot.

He is calling this world alliance a Third World War. He is about a much an idiot as one that can be found!

This is global alliance to end the violence and influence of Daesh in their societies. This is NOT A WORLD WAR.

You know MSNBC can complain about Donald Trump overstating reality, but, this? This is pure idiocy on a news network!
NATO should be grateful Russia and China have leaders with a steady hand on their military. I am quite certain Russia and China are grateful for President Hollande, Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama. 

There have been other incidence along borders recently. These destabilizing issues have to be brought into focus. The countries fighting Daesh cannot afford a war between themselves.
The USA wants to have contingencies within Iraq to lead simpletons and win back the ground Iraq and Syria lost to Daesh. 

The USA has to have a contingency to lead Turkey. This is going to happen over and over simply because Turkey is in an "OMG the border! stupidity.

I apologize to Russia. This is outrageous. There is absolutely no reason for this, but, then all the activities by the Turkish military and political leaders have been bizarre since Syria became incredibly unstable. There needs to be a contingency from the USA AND RUSSIA to direct Turkey's activities at the border.

Russia is a valuable partner in this struggle. Russia is an ally with Assad and Iran. We can't do this without them.

Station USA and Russia jets in Turkey along side of Turkish jets. It is the only way Turkish commanders will understand this. The hatred of Kurdistan is no different than the hate Israel has for Palestine. Turkey sees an opportunity to advance it's push against the Kurds and anything other than that will be a chronic problem. Puts jets of coalition members, including Russia, on the tamarac of a Turkey military instillation. 

Everything Turkey has done to damage the stability of Syria during this entire time is opportunistic. It has nothing to do with the priorities of NATO or the USA's interventions in the region. 


Turkey is wrong. There was no danger from Russia jets.

Turkey stepped outside of NATO's status in the region. I stated this was a potential if there was a No Fly Zone over Syria. Turkey has been on its own's standard for the entire time. It never secured the border with Syria. NATO has to meet with Russia to resolve tensions. If Turkey is fighting its own war then NATO needs to take steps to take over the Turkey border to end this type of issue. The war with Daesh CANNOT be compromised and lead to another war. 

This is Turkey. They have their own reality and now this. 

After a long struggle to secure their lands, Kurds were killed at Turkey's border when all of a sudden Turkey looked south and decided the Kurds were disposable to it's own priorities and politics. This is not the first bizarre strike Turkey has committed in recent weeks. 

27 October 2015
Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (click here) has confirmed that the Turkish military has attacked Kurdish fighters in northern Syria.
The Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) said Turkey shot at its forces in the town of Tal Abyad on Sunday.
The YPG has been a key ally of the US in fighting the so-called Islamic State (IS) group in Syria.
Turkey fears advances by the YPG near its Syrian border could fuel separatist sentiments amongst Kurds in Turkey.
The attacks come amid increasing tensions in Turkey ahead of elections.
"We said the [YPG-aligned Democratic Union Party] PYD will not go west of the Euphrates and that we would hit it the moment it did," Mr Davutoglu told Turkish ATV television late Monday.
He gave no further details....

Turkey is fighting a far different war than any other country in the region trying to stabilize Syria. 

November 19, 2015
By Uzay Bulut

In 1990s, (click here) the Turkish military used to burn down Kurdish villages; today they burn down Kurdish towns.
This month, three neighborhoods in the Kurdish town of Silvan in Diyarbakir Province -- Tekel, Konak and Mescit -- were put under military curfew and then attacked from November 3 to November 14. Telephone lines, water, and electricity were cut.
The neighborhoods, besieged by armored police vehicles, were then bombarded by tanks and artillery shooting from the hills. Many houses were hit by bullets and bombs; some houses were burned. [1]
Representatives of the governor's office in Diyarbakir claimed that the military operations aimed to "remove the ditches and barricades" set up by some Kurdish youths, but reports coming from the town showed that the operation actually seemed to aim at ethnically cleansing the town from its indigenous population of more than two thousand years, the Kurds. [2]
"We cannot get information from those neighborhoods in any way." Firat Anli, the co-mayor of Diyarbakir, told Firat News Agency (ANF). "We cannot send in any food or humanitarian aid. Dialysis patients, children, the elderly... We have no information about their situation. They have been disconnected from the rest of the world."...

Russia needs to meet with Turkey and resolve these hostilities. There is going to be issues with jet incursions and the Turkish borders. Where was Turkey when countries asked it to secure it's border with Syria?

DAESH has no jets!!!
THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I STATED BEFORE ON THIS BLOG WHEN THERE WERE DREAMSCAPES ABOUT A NO FLY ZONE. Turkey is not in the same universe as everyone else, yet alone on the same program. Turkey has and continues to compromise every effort to end the Daesh militia. Turkey is more of a problem than anyone wants to believe.