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For real, already.

Live through the recovery with pride and tell your Grandchildren how great you were !

Stop retreating from the truth !

Come home. The losers of 2006 and 2008 are not the people to trust.

Heck, the entire concept doesn't even belong to the Tea Baggers.


The Democrats began taking back the country in 2006.  It is time to continue...

I am tired of the mimicking and gimmicking of the electorate.

The shocking, rollicking, administration-ending new book By the year's #1 selling author Michael Moore  (click title to entry - thank you)

The Republicans aren't interested in 'taking the country back' in the way the electorate defines it.  BUT.  They and the Tea Baggers definately are interested in taking back the country the way they had it before.

Where is the Highway Blogger when you need him?

Inquirer Editorial: End tax cuts for rich

Posted on Sun, Sep. 19, 2010
By now you've heard the argument that President Obama's plan to raise taxes on the wealthy would imperil the economic recovery by hurting many small businesses.
The claim is a whopping exaggeration of the likely impact of Obama's proposal to raise marginal tax rates on the highest earners.
Congress must decide by the end of this year whether to extend Bush-era tax cuts that are set to expire. Obama and his Democratic allies want to reinstate the tax cuts for individuals earning less than $200,000 or families under $250,000.
Republicans, and some Democrats, want to preserve the tax cuts for everyone regardless of income level.
Yet they also profess, with a straight face, to being worried sick about deficits. They can't have it both ways.
Opponents of Obama's plan argue that raising taxes on the wealthy would either force small businesses to lay off employees or prevent them from creating more jobs.
But IRS data show that only 3 percent of taxpayers who report any business income would pay the higher tax rates. The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center puts the figure closer to 8 percent - a level higher than most Democratic lawmakers are willing to concede because they want you to believe a tax on the wealthy will have virtually no negative impact.
Regardless, more than 90 percent of taxpayers with business income wouldn't be touched because their earnings fall below Obama's income threshold.
Further, some of the people who would pay higher taxes are not proprietors of a business - they're corporate executives and other wealthy investors who receive some passive business income.
Reporting income as an S-corporation or a partnership does not necessarily qualify a person as a "small-business owner." The total includes people who earn side income as consultants or, for example, receive income from real estate - but who aren't likely to have employees.
Raising taxes on the wealthiest 2 or 3 percent of taxpayers would have an impact on deficits, the subject of valid concern across the political spectrum. The cost to the government of extending tax cuts for families earning $250,000 or more would be $700 billion over 10 years
That sum would be financed by borrowing from foreign governments, and paid off in the decades ahead by our children and grandchildren. That course is irresponsible. In fact, when the economy rebounds sufficiently, Washington will need to revisit the question of raising tax rates on all income groups.
The Democrats' proposal to extend tax cuts for the middle class also comes at a considerable cost to the Treasury - $2.8 trillion over the next decade.
But extending tax cuts for the middle class is more justified by its impact on an anemic economic recovery. The middle class tends to spend more of the money it gets back from tax relief, stimulating job growth. The wealthiest taxpayers tend to save the additional money.
Congress probably won't act on tax cuts until after the November elections. But the best course is to preserve the lower rates for those who can least afford an increase.

Repeal health care reform? The Reform Bill has some of the best outcomes for helping small businesses.

What small businesses will be able to do is COMPETE.  They will be able to offer health benefits for their employees and keep their employees so they aren't spending so much on training new employees all the time. 

There is nothing more discouraging than to have to retrain employees after they have perfected their skills.  They move on to better opportunities and provide a liability to small businesses.  It inhibits growth and profit.

Small businesses will also be able to save money on their health care benefits to their employees.  They will belong to larger. monitored and cost controlled pools.  It will serve to 'stabilize' expenses and allow PLANNING for future growth.

The 'idea' that a repeal of health care reform is suppose to be about stemming socialism.  Socialism doesn't necessary allow businesses to function better so much as simply absorb costs by the government.  There is nothing 'socialistic' about the Health Care Reform bill. 

Consumers are going to help decide the cost of their insurance policies.  85% of the premiums have to be put back into actual health care costs.  That means if consumers are healthier by their own design of a healthy food supply, exercise in moderation and clear air with safe working conditions they can bend their own cost curve down.  That isn't socialism, that is heavy based in capitalism.

Stop Health Insurance Industry Profiteering  (click title to entry - thank you)
by Zack Kaldveer, Consumer Federation of California

July 28th, 2007
Skyrocketing health insurance costs are a huge burden to consumers and businesses alike. Health insurance premiums rose 87 percent from 2000 to 2005, nearly five times the rate of inflation and four times the rate of wages.

Many employers pass these premium increases onto workers. Workers are now paying $1,094 more in premiums annually for family coverage than they did in 2000.
Consider where all this money is going:
• Four HMOs regulated by the Department of Managed Health Care have transferred $3.2 billion in profit out of California since 2002 – enough money to provide full coverage to 1 million Californians for an entire year.
• According to Weiss Ratings, between 2001 and 2005, HMOs and health insurers have increased their profits by 170%.
• Kaiser has $10 billion in reserves in the bank – ten times the state’s requirement – all funded with consumer premiums.
Until California adopts a single payer, “Medicare for All” style health care system (i.e. SB 840, Kuehl), and finally eliminates the private insurance middle man altogether, we need to regulate industry profiteering....

The Republicans are fuming over tax cuts that will return function to the federal government? It is ridiculous.

Republicans have never been successful at economic growth OR stability.  "W" and his Republican majorities federally financed their economy and sought to destroy SSI and Medicare into privatization.

What are people thinking?  That somehow a 'balance' of Democrats and Republicans 'will fix everything?'

NOT ! 

Allowing the corruption and extremist ridden GOP back into the picture only set the country at risk again. 

Do Americans live so much in denial because they are so far removed from quality of life that somehow the words these people speak don't matter?  Americans actually believe their candidates are different than they state?  Or is this simply a "Wacko Year?"  I mean even Murkowski never took her own primary seriously.  That is denial.  Denial in a very big way.  She wrapped herself in 'Wall Street and Big Oil' while Alaskans were saying, "No way."  Maybe they live with too much Hubris. 

..."I know $250,000 of income (click title to entry - thank you) is a lot of money for an individual, but if you're a small business with 10 or 12 employees and your overall income is around 250,000 bucks, that's not a lot of money for that business and they want to put that money back into the business," Matheson says...

That statement is bizarre.  That $250,000 is profit after expenses including salaries of 10 to 12 employees.  There is room within in a quarter million US in profit to hire more people or expand a business.  If more monies were spent on hiring or expansion it would not fall into the upper income bracket.  The argument that somehow a quarter million US is small business poverty is hideous and stupid.

These are wealthy Americans. Where do you think they have invested their tax cuts?

Why would any self-respecting American vote for Jim DeMint?  He is a self-professed bigot and hate monger.  I mean for real.  What are people doing?

It is almost as though citizens actually are testing the limits on how stupid and crude the government can be.

I don't know why Murdoch's paper is 'toning down' the Republican victories.  Perhaps to insure their base isn't too embarassed to actually show up for November elections.

I don't believe Republican turn out is going to be an issue.  The Wachos know this is their big chance.  The RNC should be so proud.


WASHINGTON—A leading conservative senator voiced doubts  (click title to entry - thank you)  over whether Republicans could gain control of the U.S. Senate in November's midterm elections.
Sen. Jim DeMint (R., S.C.) said that while Republicans could seize control of the U.S. House, "the chances of a [GOP] majority in the Senate may not be that great." Mr. DeMint, appearing on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, said the reason was because fewer seats are in play.
Republicans are expected to post big wins in the House and Senate this fall. But the size of the potential GOP gains remain unclear, especially in the wake of victories by tea party candidates over establishment-backed candidates in several GOP primaries....

This is a wealthy American. How did Bachman 'create' a Tea Party Congressional caucus when she is a Republican?

Seven people can make a caucus in the USA House of Representatives?

Are you sure?

What kind of policy do they believe they will actually effect?

Look, Bachmann is only ahead by nine points.  What is the DNC waiting for?  The district isn't that big. Where is the 'end Michele Bachman' occupation of the House BUS?

...While Bachmann (click here) is already dedicated to the movement, some other Republicans " would like the Tea Party to rally as many right-of-center voters to the polls as possible but not have to take any responsibility for the movement's more radical stands or the unseemly rhetoric that issues from some of its supporters," Dionne writes.
He continues: "At the very moment many Republicans are trying to figure out how to finesse the Tea Party, Bachmann is setting out to make the finesse a little bit harder."
At least one other Republican, however, is already on board with Bachmann, Jill Jackson reports: When asked if he'd join the Tea Party Caucus, Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) said, "You betcha."...

Target the Tea Party Caucus and get rid of them.  The backing of Ms. Witchcraft American, Ms. O'Donnell, is enough to disqualify Bachman on 'character and judgement' alone.  Unless she plans on carrying out the Salem trials all over again?  The Tea Party candidates are dangerous to the USA.  If that isn't obvious, I don't what is.

Michele Bachmann Leads Opponent Tarryl Clark By Nine Points  (click title to entry - thank you)
by Bridgette P. LaVictoire

As a note of caution, the majority of polling firms have made the assumption that Republicans will turn out en masse to vote this year.  While this appears to be the case, it is not necessarily going to happen.  In this very Republican “year”, Michele Bachmann is polling only nine points ahead of her Democratic opponent Tarryl Clark (pictured left).  Bachmann has held onto to a nine point lead through much of this election.  The thing is, with a margin of error of 4.1% and a high number of undecideds, this election may still end up being a loss for Bachmann....

The Obama Tax Cuts uphold the most important tax structure. The 'purchasing power' of the Middle Class.

The wealthiest Americans, including small business owners do not appreciate the tax cuts being supported by President Obama.  They are on a narcisstic rant that amounts to nothing more than, "Poor me."

No hardly.  When the deficit is being addressed and the USA's Middle Class has the tax relief they deserve the SMALL BUSINESSES touted by the Republicans as vital to the economy will be seeing an increase in income and 'in that' more opportunity to increase their employee base.

Years ago, the USA legislature ended welfare for the poorest and replaced it 'work fare.'  It is time to end 'wealth fare' and pay down the debt that occurred because the USA economy was trashed for corporate wealth.

Local economies.  Take back your country.

March 16, 2009

...To hear some of the anti-tax organizations (click title to entry - thank you) whining about the Obama budget, which follows the Obama campaign promises on tax cuts for most working Americans and small tax increases for the wealthiest Americans, you'd think that the proposal was unprecedented in the level of taxes....

These two women are now wealthy Americans. Why? Because they were willing to be Anti-Abortion.

Winning elections based solely in populism and social conservative values will not correct the economic course of the USA.

...She fuelled speculation (click title to entry - thank you) by travelling to Iowa to address the Republican Party's annual Ronald Reagan dinner. Her appearance was the clearest indication yet that she is considering running for the presidency in 2012....

The Conspiracy Theory returns.  Everyone is 'out to get' Palin's endorsed candidate. 

Palin endorses an extremist and all of a sudden the media is on the hunt.  Well, the word extremist means something.  But, then Sarah Palin knows something about being an extremist that is not qualified for office and being EXPOSED by the media.

Paranoia reigns among the Tea Baggers.  Go ahead everyone, explain how that is 'normal' behavior for a 'new party.'  A new party is suppose to have enough SEASONED leaders to actually lead.  When one looks at the Tea Party Line up, all together they don't have the as much experience in government as a single Democratic leader.  Tea Bagger candidates don't lead, they pander to their electorate and ASK permission to vote!

Sarah Palin To O'Donnell: Media Is "seeking ur destruction"

September 19th, 2010 4:31 pm ET

...O'Donnell's campaign has responded to such media inquires on past statements by dismissing them as dated and irrelevant to the concerns of Delaware's voters. And the campaign is following the Palin Tweeted advice of "speak through Fox" News instead of the rest of the press. But O'Donnell is now cancelling on Fox as well. Scheduled to appear on "Fox News Sunday", the campaign had abruptly cancelled over the weekend. And host Chris Wallace stated that it may have been the campaign's decision to avoid being questioned on the "witchcraft" comments....

This is a wealthy American.

Laura Ingraham may be correct.  It would seem as though the Murdoch affiliates are addictive to their audience to the point of being able to sell ANYTHING to the electorate, including snake oil.

...While the Tea Party (click title to entry - thank you) has scored some serious successes in this primary season, there is one race in which its candidates suffered nothing short of a humiliating defeat:  the GOP Senate primary in Illinois.  None of the five candidates who challenged Representative Mark Kirk from the right were able to win many votes.  The strongest among them, attorney Patrick Hughes received public endorsements from Conservative radio hosts Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin, got only 19 percent of the vote to Kirk's 57.  It seems that the people have spoken....

These are wealthy Americans. Where do the other 98% of the citizens believe these men will spend their tax cuts?

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon (L) and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein leave the White House after they and 13 other bank heads met with President Barack Obama March 27, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama used the meeting to tell the bankers that they must look beyond short-term interests toward obligations each person has in order to make it through the current economic troubles. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Jamie Dimon;Lloyd Blankfein

The word "Local" is being abused and used for any definiton under the Sun.  Wal-mart and multinational companies are NOT local companies.  Anyone indicating they would suggest investing locally by placing multi-naitonal companies at the top of their investment lists are manipulating the idea that a franchise actually serves Americans with diversity and employment and GOOD pay and opporutnity.

NOT !!!

There is not an American alive that does not understand the damage Wal-Mart does to local economies and local environments.  Companies such as Wal-mart actually cost the local, state and federal government to operate because they pay lousy, discriminate and have poor health care insurance.

It is better for local economies to reclaim their focus and put local insurance brokers to work in providing "Insurance Pools" to small businesses in the area.

This is outrageous.  Americans are thought of as fools to be deceived and manipulated either unwittingly or for political purposes.  There is no morality anymore, just money and power brokers to it.

Investment Guide: timely opportunities picked  (click title to entry - thank you)

By JOHN STANCAVAGE World Staff Writer

Published: 9/19/2010 2:26 AM

Last Modified: 9/19/2010 6:16 AM
...As always, we asked our group of local money managers to pick the local-interest stocks they think will perform best in the next 12 months. As we tabulated the votes from each picker to produce our top 20 list, a couple of themes emerged.

If things improve, consumer spending will rise, which probably was the reason Wal-Mart Stores Inc. grabbed the top spot this year.
Our pickers also liked natural gas plays such as ONEOK Inc. and Williams Cos. If business activity increases, natural gas use could rise, finally driving prices up from recent lows beneath $4 per thousand cubic feet....

Even in 2009, after the largest investment bank collapse in history, the GUIDE only names huge companies with abandon.  How many AMERICANS have these companies put back to work manufacturing products that Americans use?

Tulsa World Investment Guide 2009

1. AT&T Inc.: the big apple

2. Bank of America: through the fire

3. JPMorgan Chase & Co.: good show

4. Chevron Corp.: Prolific but second

5. IBM Corp.: new services

Ranking the Area Investment Stocks 2008

l.  Conoco Phillips

2. Walmart


This is a wealthy American.

Now that Miller has won the wayward Republican primary, Senator Murkowski who mistakenly sided with 'Big Oil' is looking like a deer caught in the headlights as she reflects on her loss. 

She is worried.  She is worried because she has allowed an extremists right winger win at the instigation of Sarah Palin.  All of a sudden her Big Oil alliance seems far less important than saving Alaska from an extremist with 'simpleton' ideas.  I feel bad for her, but, she along with every other Republicans in office during the first two years of the Obama Administration did NOTHING except obstruct vital legislation to protect the poeple of the USA.

Now she is attempting a 'write in' to run for her current seat.  Evidently, submitting her values to the Libertarian Party was a little to much for her and of course, a Green Party candidate is out of the question. 

Gee, you think there is a country and its assets and people at stake with these extremist candidates.

Ah, yeah!

The Republican Party is in disarray and the country is 'at risk.'  Why didn't Michael Steele and his alliance with Murdoch see it coming and why didn't he care? 

Republicans are about power.  They do not care about citizens.  If they did, we would not have experiened some of the most corrupt government in the country's history for 8 years under Bush and Cheney.  Who is sorry now? 

Palin is about money.  Not good government.  But, it sells well.

Despite Murkowski loss, lands bill not dead  (click title to entry - thank you)
By Mary Pemberton

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Story last updated at 9/19/2010 - 10:28 am

The Associated Presss

Editor's note: An incomplete version of this article appeared in Thursday's Empire.
ANCHORAGE - A lands bill that would allow a private Native corporation to pick select lands in the largest national forest is not dead despite the election loss of its main advocate.
U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's defeat in the Republican primary to tea party favorite Joe Miller could lead to major changes in the bill, including removal of the most contentious aspect that has given rise to criticism that Sealaska Corp. is conducting a land grab in the Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska....

How a Republican House Representative can avoid talking about the Bush Tax Cuts. Smart as a Foxx?

North Carolina FairTax Supporter,

We had good news yesterday as Congresswoman Virginia Foxx became a co-sponsor of the FairTax HR25. She is the 64th co-sponsor in this congress and represents District 5 in North Carolina. Please take time to thank Representative Foxx with a phone call, email or letter, you can find her contact information by going to Virginia

Now she can use our help spreading the word about the FairTax. We can write letters to the editor of our newspapers extolling the virtues of the FairTax. In a public forum we can ask her about the FairTax and also ask her opponent Billy Kennedy why he is not a FairTax supporter.

This is also a good time to get back after your own Incumbents and ask them to co-sponsor using Congresswoman Foxx as an example.

To all the volunteers that have been working with Representative Foxx in the last years, you deserve thanks and applause.

Let’s keep up the pressure.
John Pierce

State Director

North Carolina

PS Feel free to go to to make any size donation to support the grassroots efforts in North Carolina
It's Sunday Night

"Plutocracy" by Animosity

The dream is dead and seldom lived

So there has to be a better way than just hoping to be rich
But I look around and what I see
You're purose is to pollute me, to degrade me
sign my name unwillingly agree to fucking slavery
I know it fucking sucks, but what can I do I've got to hold on, have to try to make it through
When we are left on our own to freeze, every man is the enemy
Spend my life to improve his
Toil while he is spoiled
It doesn't make sense
Everyday it kills me
But what can I do
To be a part of the system is to be ruled
No one is given a fair chance and at times life is a gamble
Brought it to existence born already wearing the capitalist shackles.
Push me to the bottom and crush me into the earth
HOw low I go or tall I stand traces back to my birth
Use it to defile my freedom and despoil my home
Desecrate my mind and my life as a whole
I know there is more to life than this, but I can't just forget
You want to feed yourself, then place your bet
The only true freedom from this shit is isolation
But I won't live interned to a cage in captivation