Wednesday, October 26, 2016

This is a sexual predator. There is no decency in his actions.

October 12, 2016
By Yaron Steinbuch

Donald Trump (click here) barged in on Miss Teen USA contestants while they were changing clothes, and engaged in “creepy” dressing room banter with the girls — some as young as 15, according to a report.
At least four women told Buzzfeed that the mogul — who owned the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants from 1996 until last year — nonchalantly strolled into their dressing room during the 1997 pageant.
“I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s a man in here!’” former Miss Vermont Teen USA Mariah Billado told the site about the alleged 1997 incident.
The Donald, she recalled, responded, saying something like: “Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before.”...

Often the participants in the dressing rooms other than Miss Universe included young women less than 18 years of age.


This cannot be tolerated in leadership. This is not marital issues, this is being content with his wife on his arm while satisfying his ego driven PRIVILEGED status. These young women were made to tolerate a man walking through their dressing room while preparing for the runway to win their pageant and potential scholarships and status that would win them careers. They were compromised in remaining silent about such sexual exploitation

His locker room boy talk is one thing, but, to have it backed up by the actual acts of compromising young women's privacy is all that is needed to understand. His locker room boy talk was real. 

Where the women were 18 and older that is still no excuse for Donald Trump's behavior. The women did not enter into an agreement that allows the owner of the beauty pageant special status to gawk at their bodies. These women were seeking status and more; they weren't looking for a chance to be Trump's other woman.

How many women today that have taken part in the pageants when Donald Trump was owner can be considered damaged goods? How many will receive cold shoulders to their careers because they were gawked at by Trump? How many will be expected to be compromised as they were with Trump? This is an outrage and for any man to simply look the other way because power in the White House will be more advantageous under Trump is typical of old white men that laugh at women in their alarm and abuse.

Donald Trump has one shot at the presidency and everything goes.

October 26, 2016
By Elliot Hannon

The Democratic National Committee (click here) sued the Republican National Committee in a New Jersey federal court Wednesday, claiming that the RNC has supported and enabled Donald Trump in his claims the election is “rigged,” which, the suit says, is designed to illegally “intimidate and discourage minority voters from voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.” Specifically, the DNC’s suit says that Trump’s efforts to enlist supporters to engage in voter intimidation or “ballot security,” particularly in “other communities”—read: minority communities—violates a decades-old court order designed to prohibit attempts at voter suppression....

The fact "oops" Donald Trump broke the rules will assist the rest of the party into office is serious and matters. Voter intimidation is not a minor issue. As far as his refusal to accept the outcome of the vote in November is the underlying audacity of dissolving the Voter Rights Law of 1965. Donald Trump believes the Supreme Court acted against established law to benefit the Republican party once, they will do it again. 

The RNC and Donald Trump are a party.

What is this nonsense about blaming Donald Trump for all the problems of the Republican Party?

There is no stark difference between the Republicans of 2009 and Republicans of 2016. This is the first time Donald Trump has run for office. Granted he reached for the gold ring, but, the Republicans have been extreme since the election of 2008.

The Republicans have created their own problems. They have done nothing but pass legislation that serves their cronies. This is NOT new among Republicans. As a matter of fact Donald Trump ran his campaign for President of the United States of America with his own funds of which was suppose to set the country free of crony interests in the White House. His downfall is common among Republicans; mistreatment of women. 

The Republican Party did not take on this extremism overnight or since Donald Trump announced. The extremists have been taking over the Republican Party since the election of 2008, when Koch Industries found success in social extremism with their agenda tucked into the fiber of that deception. This is not just Donald Trump. He didn't sour the country with extremism. This is the Republican Party. They may not like the way they look in reflection of Donald Trump, but, make no mistake this is the Republicans.

The racist poll watching is a Republican strategy. This is nothing new. This is the Donald Trump campaign digging up the strategies that worked in the past. 

The Republican Party is NOT divorced from their presidential candidate Donald Trump. Donald Trump was nominated through the traditional and established primary process. End of discussion.
Reince Priebus cannot declare the RNC nominee the winner of the White House and divorce the RNC from Donald Trump.

October 24, 2016
By Tim Hains
RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (click here) told 'Face The Nation' host John Dickerson on Sunday that the Republican candidate is going to win the presidential election. He also clarifies Trump's position on not contesting the result of the election, saying: "I think, if it’s a close election, look, if you lose by 200 votes in Florida, are you going to concede on election night if you’re at 260 electoral votes?"...

Reince Priebus has been in lock step with Donald Trump since the primaries. Enough, the actions of the Republican nominee for President regarding intimidation of voters by poll watching speaks for the party strategy. Every Republican will benefit from that strategy if it works and there is no separating out the difference once the polling is complete.

67201, Guess who.

October 25, 2016
By Curtis Tate

Washington - A single Kansas zip code - 67201 (click here) - is the source of more than $7.6 million in contributions to federal candidates and political action committees this year.

That would place it among the top postal codes in the nation for campaign donations, according to Federal Election Commission filings sorted by the Center for Responsive Politics....

These are the men that promoted the extremist Republican dialogue in the first place.

...Charles G. Koch, the chairman and CEO of Koch, alone contributed $6 million from that ZIP code to Freedom Partners Action Fund, a super PAC that is buying ads opposing Democratic Senate candidates in swing states. Koch’s family members, including his son, Chase, account for almost all of the rest....

The extremist dialogue is code for the extremist agenda of Koch Industries.

The quintessential definition of CRONY. The Republican Party does the bidding of Koch Industries and receive campaign cash for a reward.

January 20, 2016
By Eric Roston

Charles and David Koch (click here) spent the past several years and millions of dollars building a conservative movement in American politics. A new book out this week, Dark Money by Jane Mayer, chronicles the rise of their influence during the Obama era.

A big part of their focus, and that of their peers, has been to shrink the impact of tax, fiscal, and especially environmental regulation. That position, Mayer points out, happens to work to the benefit Koch Industries, whose operations span oil refining, paper making, and synthetic fiber.

“They said they were driven by principle,” Mayer writes, “but their positions dovetailed seamlessly with their personal financial interests....

Koch and the corruption of the Supreme Court. It isn't just about babies:

...January 21, 2011: (click here) Common Cause discloses that Justice Thomas’ annual financial disclosure reports indicate that he failed to report his wife’s sources of income from 2003-2009. Within hours, Thomas amends 21 years worth of reports, which are required by the Ethics in Government Act....

...February 15, 2011: Common Cause asks the Supreme Court to clarify statements by a Court spokeswoman that Thomas spoke at a “separate” Federalist Society event and only briefly “dropped by” a Koch retreat in January 2008. According to disclosure forms, Justice Thomas was reimbursed by the Federalist Society for four days of travel and accommodations in Palm Springs, site of the Koch event, on the days the event was scheduled. There is no record of a separate Federalist Society event at that time or place. The court has not responded....

The extremist right-wing social agenda is a Trojan Horse to congressional corruption and profiteering.

Read more here:

Read more here:
In case one found this graph interesting as well.

Alternatives energy sources are a real solution.

Over 65 percent of the USA's energy is still produced by fossil fuels. The USA remains one of the biggest carbon polluters on Earth.

Coal emits at least 50 percent more carbon dioxide than natural gas. But, natural gas is methane and the leaks of fracking completely eliminates it as a viable source of energy.

Percentages are all very interesting to compare the two fossil fuels, but, it is the overall amount of carbon dioxide emitted that is important. The troposphere is far more sensitive to greenhouse gases than first understood. The signs of a stressed Earth is showing up at 400 ppm when originally thought to occur at 600 ppm. The estimates are wrong. The reduction in greenhouse gas production has to occur far more drastically now.

October 26, 2016
By NEonline

There is more installed (click here) energy production capacity in renewables than in coal plants, according to an International Energy Agency report published on Tuesday.
The renewable energy surge is led by China rather than Europe and the United States, suggesting that Beijing is leading the way in investment in renewables.


Sun and onshore wind production are leading the way....
Natural gas is not included with alternative fuels.
...Over the last year, half a million solar panels were installed every day, creating and 153 gigawatts (GW), enough to cover Canada’s needs.
China is the global champion, installing two new wind turbines a day, creating a worldwide renewable capacity of 1,985 GW.
The IEA forecasts that renewables will continue to surge, reaching an 825 GW capacity by 2021. One of the drivers is the declining cost of installing renewables that come with economies of scale, especially in solar energy.
At the heart of the production, the boom will be Asia, with China continuing to lead the renewable energy revolution. India is expected to follow.
Hydropower is also expected to surge....

The USA is behind major economies in finding alternative sources to it's energy demands.

...40% is produced from thermal coal plants.

Those coal plants cannot stand, they must be replaced by non-carbon sources of energy. It is know that electricity produced by the burning of coal is the biggest carbon producer. Coal electrical plants must be eliminated.

Typical and predictable sexism by a long standing Republican.

I like the dress. It is textbook. Megan Kelly is not the person the person fascinated with sex. 

I think Newt Gingrich has had as many marrages as Donald Trump, hasn't he?"

Fascinated with sex" would require a person to seek details beyond what was volunteered by Mr. Trump. In other words, "tell me more." It was Donald Trump that insisted the details be known. It didn't take much prodding either.

Accusing Megan Kelly of being fascinated with sex is nothing short of sexism. Somehow Newt Gingrich can have all the details, but, a powerful woman brings up the subject and she is off balance from her first words regarding the FACTS known to the public. 


It proves how under educated a person such as Newt Gingrich is about women's issues. He doesn't even understand the definition of sexism, discrimination and oppression. All these years in the public eye and he knows nothing about his own behaviors and belief and what is known about them. There are definitions regarding his behaviors that are identifiable as victimizing. Such behaviors are identified regularly by women's shelters to empower a battered woman.

All those behaviors are forms of abuse.

October 26, 2016

Newt Gingrich (click here) has accused TV anchor Megyn Kelly of being "fascinated" with sex and not caring about public policy in a bizarre live interview.
The Republican claimed she showed "bias" for mentioning the groping allegations against Donald Trump.
Ms Kelly retorted she was not fascinated by sex but by who was going to be in the White House.
The Fox News journalist has previously angered Mr Trump for questioning his attitude towards women.
Mr Trump publicly criticised Ms Kelly on a number of occasions after she asked about derogatory remarks he had made - including calling women "fat pigs" - during the Republican primaries in 2015.
But it was the mention of the leaked "sex boasts" tapes - in which the presidential nominee is heard to say he grabbed women by the genitals - which angered Mr Gingrich on the Kelly File on Tuesday....