Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why do I get the feeling it is really, really easy for Republicans to 'dodge the bullet' of opposition to financial reform if their cronies are so willing to run interference for them?

There is just no other conclusion I can come to given the 'track record' of the Republicans since President Obama took office January of 2009.

Now is there? 

Republicans are so 'performance' oriented that one has to measure their performance by what they value most.

Obama to ask CEOs to abandon 'furious efforts' to block financial overhaul

By Michael D. Shear
Thursday, April 22, 2010; 7:00 AM 

..."We've known that there would be millions of dollars spent by opponents of reform and allies of Wall Street to kill or weaken this bill," said White House deputy communications director Jen Psaki. "With that in mind, the goal from the White House has been to make the argument clear on what's at stake."... 

 In particular the Financial Lobby doesn't believe it should be responsible for its own bad behavior in the future.

The Financial Lobby seems to believe that criminal behavior works in their favor.  See, just because Paulson and Bush illegally placed a 'clause' in the Bailout Bill to exonerate any criminal activity doesn't mean it should be a methodology to count on.

My personal belief is that such a 'clause' is actually unconstitutional and the protections from criminal activity is nothing short of treason.  Either a country upholds the 'Word of Law' or it doesn't.  A country of laws or of men?  It would seem when it comes to Wall Street the Republicans PREFER a country of men.  Guns anyone?

Financial regulation reform faces stiff opposition,0,7582735.story
Senate panel approves third controversial piece of overhaul package. Obama to make his case in New York on Thursday. 

Of course (click title to entry - thank you), there will have to be an investigation and custody of 'the rig' will have to go to the government for evidence.

This image provided by the U.S. Coast Guard shows fire boat response crews battle the blazing remnants of the off shore oil rig Deepwater Horizon Wednesday April 21, 2010. The Coast Guard by sea and air planned to search overnight for 11 workers missing since a thunderous explosion rocked an oil drilling platform that continued to burn late Wednesday. (AP Photo/US Coast Guard)

At issue is the very real fact that the oil industry has an abysmal record of safety on a global scale.  This incident my be one of the first in the Gulf of Mexico in recent years, but, where there are oil rigs in the North Atlantic the European/British experience with the industry has a significant death rate.