Saturday, May 29, 2010

The 'Word Smiths' of the Right Wing simply can't come to terms with what the Gulf disaster actually is about.

The President didn't have to cross into a disaster area and handle, bare handedly, cancer causing agents.  Or expose his lungs to damaging chemicals.  But he did and he did it because he wanted to instill commitment by the nation to the people of Lousiana. 

The unfortunate truth is, in recent times, the USA has not had a President that loves the people of this country as President Obama does on a daily basis.  His administration has acted admirably and in the best methods possible since this began, even with errors that may have occurred.  Never, did anyone involved with this disater believe we would be at Day 40 and still have a leaking rupture.

I still believe the use of the oil dispersant needs to come to an end.  The waters of the Gulf of finite in the ability to 'dilute' the chemicals and prevent permanent environmental damage.

I believe BP has some interesting decisions to make.  It would be wrong to state their 'top fill' operation was a complete failure.  I do not believe that.  I do believe communication between the military leadership and BP operators in Lousiana and abroad needs to be better, but, I do not believe the recent operations were ineffective at all.

The supposed 'next step' in trying to place an appartus over the well again, as was their first failed attempt, needs to be prudently.  I would estimate the 'top fill' being successful for now and STOPPING the leaking methane would be the best time to attempt placement again.  However, if the methane starts to return to the surface of the sea floor they will still have problems with the methane ice again.  Those dynamics haven't changed.  If continuing the 'top fill' procedures continues to 'contain' the oil and methane, it would be far more prudent to continue it UNLESS there is research somewhere that states, the 'top fill' procedure loses 'capacity' to success as time goes by.  In other words, the 'physics' of 'density' changes as the oil and methane start to change with 'mixing' and then the density no longer is greater above the oil and gas vat but more or less 'neutral' in its mixing.

That has been my only worry with prolonged use of mud.  Mixiing.  If the mud, gas and oil mix and become homogenous there runs the 'chance / danger' the 'homogenous mixture' becomes mute to its purpose and the dynamics will reverse simply because the 'mixture' provides higher dynamics to the oil and methane than without the mixing.  But, if mixing is not an issue and the mud being pumped into the pipe remains dominant in its vicosity and weight over the pressure from the vat then the concern is for not.

With that, I thank President Obama for his dedication to the 'people' of this nation.  It exceeds that of any modern day leadership in the USA.  I admire his confidence in the 'new Green Economy' and a movement in the USA to alternative energies and fuel sources.  This 'event' states more clearly how much the USA needs new direction and take back its prominence as a world leader in a movement away from fossil fuels and the dangers that accompany them in an ever shrinking world.

I am grateful.

One has to question the motives of Louisiana Parish Presidents that were ranting about 'the presence' of the President.

Now, with new demands for 'influence' in regard to offshore drilling, the 'angry' bunch in Louisiana are sounding more like political opportunists than  concerned Parish officials.

A Gulf Coast official is pleading (click title to entry - thank you) with President Barack Obama to scrap the moratorium on new oil drilling and exploration as the investigation of the massive oil spill continues, saying the economic impact to her Louisiana parish would be too much to bear....

It doesn't get more 'histrionic' than this and leave it to cable to try to 'influence peddle' along with 'poor and desperate' Louisiana politicians.  This goes to prove how manipulative the political atmosphere in the USA has become.  It appears more and more that people cyring for help are trying to exploit the nation's emergency for their own agenda then sincerely care about the people most effected by BP's 'PRACTICES.'

At this point, I believe the White House needs to assess the 'political strategy' behind the 'crying' before pandering to the outcome of those too 'fearful' of the future to make good decisions.  I find this appaulingly overt in its purpose.  The Parish officials haven't learned how deadly and economically devastating 'poor practices' are?  They haven't learned yet?

This proves conclusively now corrupt the practices of the politics are, along the Gulf Coast and Southeast USA.  Wall Street first, small business owners dead last.  We were here once before.  As I said then, I repeat now, in many ways the tragedy that has effected Louisiana was deserved for as poor a value system as they have.

It is the impact on the rest of the nation that is grossly unfair.  We are again going to have to pay the bill for corrupt Wall Street influence.

And Cable news simply can't stay away from the 'political pandering' to advocates for Wall Street at any cost.  They pander to the outrage no matter the form it takes with the intent of exploiting it for ITS own purposes.

When will the USA ever be safe from its propagandists again?

Everywhere one looks in the USA today, there is ruthlessness rather than 'reason.'

It looks as though Gaza is closed due to weapons concerns. That is the issue, isn't it? This isn't the West Bank, this is where Hamas dominates policy.

Israel should still consider delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.  They are not promoting weapons production, but, simply caring about the well being of the people there.  I am sure the flotilla comes at recognizing peril may exist in their efforts to provide aid to the people there.  

I would hate to think these strategic motives by Israel were promoted by the arrival of a 'statement' by people that see compassion before war as a priority.

IDF bombs targets in Gaza

Army says strike on tunnel, weapons-production sites response to foiled terror attack, Qassam fire
Ynet and AFP
Published: 05.29.10, 09:08 / Israel News

Air Force jets bombed weapons-production sites in the northern Gaza Strip overnight Friday, as well as a smuggling tunnel in the south.
The IDF Spokesperson's Office explained the bombing of the tunnel was intended to prevent terrorists from infiltrating Israel...

These are unarmed people and they are going to humiliate any aggressive response by Israel. Knock it off.

The Turkish ferry Mavi Marmara is one of the eight boats expected to set sail for Gaza in the next few days. Photograph: Reuters

The medical supplies are needed in Gaza as well as any expertise to help the people there.  This is outrageous.  Israel needs to escort them to safe passage rather than make a mockery of the incident.

Everything on these boats are of known capacity and origin.  There is no reason for any aggression by Israel.  Israel should be facilitating their safe arrival.  There is no war, there is no anything.

There is absolutely no weapon capacity by these people and they are not facilitating any aggression against Israel.  Any violation of any maritime law is hideous for the purpose of their venture.  Absolutely no harm can come to these boats and their occupants.

Israel vows to halt flotilla aiming to break blockade

By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem
Saturday, 29 May 2010

Israeli warships were yesterday on full alert in the Mediterranean to prevent an eight-vessel flotilla carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists and an estimated 10,000 tons of humanitarian supplies reaching the coast of Gaza.
Naval vessels were expected to confront the flotilla of cargo and passenger ships later today with the intention of diverting it to the Israeli port of Ashdod and away from its intended destination of Hamas-controlled Gaza.
The flotilla is the largest attempt yet to circumvent the three-year-old Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.
While the Israeli authorities have indicated they want to minimise the risk of violence, Israeli media reported yesterday that they are prepared to take over the vessels by force if they ignore warnings not to cross from international waters into a 20 mile exclusion zone enforced by Israel along Gaza's coast....

Their success has been realized by the opening of the highway in the West Bank.  If that happened years ago none of this would have occurred.  These ships intend no harm to anyone.  They are expected arriving in anticipation by the people of Gaza.  Israel would be foolish to allow any disruption of their mission.

Israel highway reopens with restrictions

Published: May 28, 2010 at 7:17 PM
JERUSALEM, May 28 (UPI) -- A major highway in Israel, running through the West Bank and closed to Palestinian traffic since 2002, has been partly reopened, authorities say.
The Israeli military banned Palestinian cars from the route in 2002 after shooting attacks killed six Israeli motorists, but Israel's Supreme Court ruled in 2009 the closure was illegal, the BBC reported Friday.
Highway 443, built in the 1980s, is a major four-lane route between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with an estimated 40,000 Israeli drivers using the highway daily....

Incredible in roads to peace in the Middle East is being achieved by the Obama Administration, there should be no resistance to it and any aggression by Israel is counter to the path being pursued by all the other countries in the area.

189 Nations Reaffirm Goal of Ban on Nuclear Weapons


Published: May 28, 2010

UNITED NATIONS — Hard-fought negotiations over the future of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty ended here on Friday with 189 nations reaffirming their commitment to eliminating all nuclear weapons and setting a new 2012 deadline for holding a regional conference to eliminate unconventional weapons from the Middle East....

Israel does not have to worry about anything but an apology from the World Council of Churches, it has the USA as an ally and it always has.  Israel needs to rise to the occasion and realize ignorance when it confronts it.  Symbolism means something.

Confronting the flotilla is not the answer.  This is a PR stunt and Israel is feeding the fear intended to defame it.

The short sightedness SHOULD belong to the Christians.  

What an act of 'superiority' for 62 years !

Israel needs to provide safe passage to these humanitarian efforts, it has nothing to fear.  Israel can provide supervision to the visiting flotilla and escort is safely back out to safe waters after the delivery of supplies takes place and medical care is assured.

There is a 'place' for the Israeli military in this and that is one of protector of the people in the flotilla and the people of Gaza and Israel. 

Fri, May. 28 2010 03:51 PM EDT

Jewish Group Condemns WCC 'Anti-Israel' Peace Week

By Ethan Cole
Christian Post Reporter
A Jewish human rights organization denounced an upcoming World Council of Churches’ peace event as “blatantly anti-Israel.”
The Simon Wiesenthal Center was referring to the World Week for Peace in Palestine Israel, which begins Saturday and will run until June 4. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the center, accused the WCC of never standing up for Israel in the 62 years of its existence but being “fixated” on the plight of Palestinians.
“It (WCC) never issued a single response to Arab attempts to annihilate it (Israel), to drive the Jews into the sea, to mass murder Jews at prayer through suicide bombings,” said Cooper. “It is remarkably fixated on the single democracy in the Middle East, while it cannot find its voice in countries that criminalize the practice of Christianity and tolerate the murder of Christians.”...