Thursday, June 30, 2016

Josh Fox on His New Doc "How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Thi... (click title for Gasland offical website)

He was going to stay home discouraged and deflated. But, he went and found China with cutting edge citizen climate resolve. His new film, "How to Let Go of the World."

"The Moral Imagination"

Secretary Clinton's campaign needs to pay attention to the numbers, however, they will change after the nomination process.

Let's just get real. Donald Trump's numbers have drag on them because of the anti-Trump movement. After the nomination process he won't have most of that effecting his campaign.

Donald Trump is a statistical outlier. He has interesting friends that have believed in his political power for quite some time now. 

The polls being conducted now are highly inaccurate. Trump is also conducting 'traditionally Republican' fundraisers. I believe it was yesterday he attended a fund raiser with the coal folks. 

The money Donald Trump can attract has never been that of the Republican party before in the large measures it will be realized. There are many people that have befriended him that are looking at politics differently.

June 22, 2016

By Michelle Celarier

A small cadre of Donald Trump's richest (click here) and most prominent Wall Street backers gathered at a high-dollar Manhattan fundraiser Tuesday night in an attempt to shore up the presumptive Republican nominee's near-broke campaign.

Tickets for the event, held at Le Cirque, were $50,000 each. About 60 people took the plunge, according to Bloomberg. The named c0-hosts, including hedge-fund billionaire John Paulson, coughed up $250,000 per couple. Even with those astronomical donations, the fundraiser's total haul - estimated at between $5 million and $7 million - will only modestly improve the Trump campaign's bleak financial situation. As of the beginning of the month, Trump had only $1.3 million in cash on hand, compared to $41 million for Clinton, based on reports filed Monday with the Federal Election Commission. 

The bigger gift among Paulson and his fellow hosts might have been attaching their names to the event in the face of a generally souring view of Trump - too erratic, too offensive - among the top ranks on Wall Street.... 

I suppose propagandists can play with the idea of the unethical millionaire, but, it took no time for him to call on friends to set up a fund for Veterans' groups. It was a matter of days. I doubt his friends will jump in until after the convention.

His ability to raise money and have donations from the average Republican voter is real. He is obviously not worried. He didn't not spend money on ads the way other did in the primaries. He won the nomination. I think it is far too early to tell who winners and losers are. The reality is that doesn't solidify until two weeks or so before the elections.

Oh, yeah, the NYTimes had an article that the Clinton campaign doesn't understand the persistence of Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Senator Sanders is a really interesting guy and when the American people are traumatized over and over, there stands Bernie with an undisturbed view of the world and never sees war as an option, too.

Bernie's values are consistent and very long lived. Americans feel confident of Senator Sanders and go about their lives knowing how he would view and handle any circumstances that arise.

That's Bernie. Why is that so difficult to understand? Americans are suppose to automatically switch to Hillary? Isn't that arrogant and very dismissive of Senator Sanders very successful political career?

Commanders need to know their soldiers.

A Russian cell from Dagestan. It is the pink region on the Caspian Sea. The Istanbul attack was to be a regional threat. 

I hope Turkey has conducted a thorough investigation of the downed Russia jet. I think Russia needs to review the information Turkey has regarding that act.

With diverse populations within Turkey there could be sabotage to any cooperation or effectiveness.

This is the worry of the Charismatic Daesh. There is no telling how loyal some may be to their homeland.

Once Syria and Iraq are rid of Daesh, there will still be a period of vigilance afterward, especially immediately afterwards.

What I heard yesterday regarding the Istanbul airport was the security measures were lowered over the years after the Iraq invasion by the USA. That proved to be a luxury Istanbul did not have.

The Fort Hood killer was radicalized by a former American Imam. It was before Daesh made itself known, but, here are issues in security because of this mess.

Racism is about fear.

Congratulations to the Iraqi military. Do it again and again until Daesh/ISIS is GONE!

Deash is not Allah's people. Daesh is evil. Get this done. No Mercy.

June 30, 2016
By Alastair Jamison

Iraqi airstrikes destroyed (click here) around 200 vehicles believed to be carrying ISIS fighters fleeing one of their former strongholds — killing an unknown number of people, a senior official told NBC News on Thursday.
Brig. Yahya Rasool, a spokesman for Iraq's Joint Operation Command, said Iraqi helicopters and warplanes attacked the convoy on a road about 12 miles south of Fallujah on Wednesday.
"All ISIS militants traveling in these vehicles were killed," he said without providing a number of people who died.
The Iraqi military released video of the airstrikes. The Pentagon said Wednesday that it did not have details about the incident....
Earth's air mass is divided into circulation regions. The regions are not equally polluted with CO2 emissions. 
The mid-latitude, Ferrel Cells in this illustration is where anthropogenic CO2 is produced. As the Ferral cells fill with CO2 it rubs up against the Hadley Cells and distribution of higher levels of CO2 enter the Hadley winds. Same is true of the Polar Cells but at a lower rate because the production in the upper latitudes is far less compared to the two other air masses. There is also temperature differences that effect density. The air over the poles is also more shallow than over Hadley Cells and accept less volume of gas mixtures.
The illustration above is accurate in it's depiction of Earth's air mass height.
June 17, 2016
Soon after New Zealand (click here) passed a worrying climate change milestone, scientists have confirmed that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have now also hit 400 parts per million (PPM) in Antarctica.
The South Pole was the last place on Earth to cross the mark - an amount not seen there for four million years and a grim symbol of the swift pace at which man-made pollution is warming the world.
The pole has shown the same, relentless upward trend in CO2 as the rest of world, but its remote location means it's the last to register the impacts of increasing emissions from fossil fuel consumption, the primary driver of greenhouse gas pollution.
The level was recorded for the first time in New Zealand just a few weeks ago at NIWA's Clean Air Monitoring Station at Baring Head, and in Australia shortly before in Cape Grim, Tasmania....

Beijing, China is on the country's coastal plain. I discussed this once before.

Beijing is about 144 feet above sea level.

June 30, 2016
By Marnie O'Neill

It's one of the world's (click here) most important, vibrant cities and home to 20 million people, but Beijing is literally collapsing under the weight of its own economic success.
Research has revealed that parts of the city are sinking at an alarming rate - by as much as 11cm (about 4 and 1/3 inches) per year - because of the over consumption of groundwater.
The findings, published this month in the journal Remote Sensing, reveal the rate of sinking threatens "the safety of the public and urban infrastructure".
Uneven sinking prove catastrophic for the city's train network, buildings and other major structures, the study found....

Land of any kind tolerates weight placed on it by human beings. There are cities in the world that are very heavy and cause the escalation of sinking. New Orleans is another, but, the oil drilling and extraction is the prime reason it sinks.

There are a lot of people in Beijing that have consumer demands such as tall and heavy buildings.

This characteristic of cities around the world is no different than the denial of the climate crisis; people take Earth for granted. Governments never apply physics to the plan for their country. 

There are reports about the central valley in California discovering a new water supply. It isn't new. It is a deep aquifer that has ocean water impingement. Most of the time aquifers with ocean water impingement are not valued as a water source. There amounts of salt in it. High intake of salt in a person's diet is dangerous. Salt in large amounts can change the osmotic BALANCE of the body.

California's central valley will sink if the aquifer is used for a water source. ALSO, as the fresh water is used more and more ocean water will enter it. The salt content will increase and a water treatment plant will be obsolete and a desalination plant will have to take it's place.

When aquifers are tapped as a city's water source there will be sinking of the land as the hydraulic pressure against the land FLOTATION decreases.


In the case of Beijing there are many factors including drinking water, more people, more buildings AND a coastal plain with a history of flooding during sea level rise.