Sunday, February 28, 2016

I love movies. Tonight is the Academy of Arts and Science awards for the Oscars. I am taking the evening off.

Until later, there is this, a very big shake up at the DNC.

February 28, 2016
10:45 AM

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii (click here) endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in his bid to become President of the United States this morning on "Meet the Press." She also resigned as Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Just last month, she said she couldn't take sides due to her position with the DNC....

..."As a veteran, as a soldier, I've seen firsthand the true cost of war. … As we look at our choices as to who our next Commander-in-chief will be is to recognize the necessity to have a Commander-in-chief who has foresight. Who exercises good judgment. Who looks beyond the consequences -- who looks at the consequences of the actions that they are willing to take before they take those actions. So that we don't continue to find ourselves in these failures that have resulted in chaos in the Middle East and so much loss of life," Gabbard said....

I'll return to reading the climate documents next week.

The Western influence in Benghazi's history has been a thorn in the side of religious extremists.

With names (click here) like the Cafe Venizia, Mundo, and Hot Hot Hot Coffee, the espresso bars on seemingly every block of Benghazi are a pleasant legacy of Italy's otherwise largely brutal occupation of Libya in the 1930's. Another is the string of neo-baroque municipal buildings, art-deco cinemas and shopping arcades that the Italian city planners linked up to the old Ottoman-era town with a series of avenues and squares. Independence in 1951 and the oil boom in the 1970's left their own marks on Benghazi, in the form of surprisingly stylish renditions of the architectural fads of the day, Brutalist banks and International Style hotels. And though most of this huge country is desert, Benghazi is surrounded by green hills, white beaches, and blue waters. Under the influence of a few too many cappuccini — alcohol is banned in Libya — it's easy to imagine some glossy travel magazine of the era branding this stretch of North Africa as the Libyan Riviera.
But the sober reality is that Benghazi, now a symbol of resistance to the rule of Colonel Mummar Gaddafi, is also a symbol of that dictator's abuse, megalomania, and incompetence. The once beautiful downtown is a skeleton of its former self, with monuments surrounded by scaffolding that never comes down, empty office buildings, and decrepit apartment blocks. Outside of downtown, the pavement stops just off the highway, and dirt streets fill with rotting garbage. The city of one million has one sewage treatment plant, built more than 40 years ago. Waste is just flushed into the ground or the sea, and when the water table rises in winter, the streets become open cesspools. Benghazi, the second largest city in a country with vast oil wealth and a tiny population, is rotting in its own fifth. "Why do we have to live like this?" says, Rafiq Marrakis, a professor of architecture and urban planning at Benghazi's Garyounis University, Libya's oldest, who took TIME on a tour of Benghazi's sad decline. "There's no planning, no infrastructure, no society. Gaddafi has billions and billions in banks all over the world. But he's left us here with nothing."...

Gaddafi was attempting genocide in Beghanzi when the USA military intervened to end it. The UN was acting and Gaddafi knew it. He wasn't about to do less than destroy the city and it's people.

Gaddafi learned his lessons well. He took example of an American administration that warned UN Inspectors to get out of Iraq.

The attack on Benghazi was underway when the USA and French jets arrived. The French acted before the USA. The French probably saved lives.

March 17, 2011
By David D. Kirkpatrick and Kareem Fahim
Tripoli, Libya — Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi (click here) warned Benghazi residents on Thursday that an attack was imminent, as the United Nations Security Council seemed headed for a vote Thursday on a resolution authorizing not just a no-flight zone but additional steps to halt the movement of Colonel Qaddafi’s forces.
“We are coming tonight,” Colonel Qaddafi said. “You will come out from inside. Prepare yourselves from tonight. We will find you in your closets.”
Speaking on a call-in radio show, he promised amnesty for those “who throw their weapons away” but “no mercy or compassion” for those who fight.
Rebel leaders doubted that the loyalist forces could mount an assault tonight, in that they were still fighting for control of Ajdabiya, 100 miles to the south of Benghazi, Thursday morning. But witnesses said there were skirmishes on the road to Benghazi in the afternoon, about 30 miles from Ajdabiya.
The United States Ambassador to the United Nations,Susan E. Rice, said she has been working furiously on language for the resolution and hoped to bring the measure to a vote by Thursday afternoon....

Was Gaddafi a religious extremist? Absolutely. He was a Bedouin. He would not conduct diplomatic meetings, except, in his tent. That tent would do everywhere with him along with his many women. He lead terrorists to down a jet over Scotland. It cost over two people their lives. He was definitely a religious extremist. His extremism, no more than Daesh today, was baseless and did not adhere to proper teachings. He made up his own rules.

This is a familiar attack line among Republicans.

To illustrate the difference between Republicans and Democrats; the Democrats would be proud of the employment.

October 11, 2011
By Emily Freedman 

The Romney campaign (click here) dubbed Texas. Gov. Rick Perry’s accusations that the former Massachusetts governor employed illegal immigrants as a “personal, cheap shot,” that came from someone who came to tonight’s debate “angry” and “out to get Mitt Romney.”
Perry accused Romney of hiring illegal immigrants at his Massachusetts home during tonight’s CNN debate in Las Vegas, recalling a story first reported by The Boston Globe in 2007 when it discovered that lawn workers at the Romney’s Belmont home were not in the country legally.
“Mitt, you lose all of your standing, from my perspective, because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year,” said Perry. “And the idea that you stand here before us and [say] that you’re strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy.”
The issue of illegal immigration has pitted Perry and Romney against one another again and again this campaign cycle. While Perry has said he does not support a fence across the border between the U.S. and Mexico, Romney has advocated for one, arguing that employers in America are acting as “magnets” to illegal immigrants who are looking for work and whose legality is never properly checked....
Hillary Clinton gave the best speech I ever heard from her last night. She was far more genuine than ever before. She set out on a campaign learning about the American people. She is definitely seeking to be their champion. 

There is nothing wrong with learning and achieving to be the champion of the people. It's okay because her heart is sincere.

It is on the blog.

I stated when Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency to take him seriously. The Republicans laughed him off.

Donald Trump knows what he is doing. I'd like to think I know what he is doing and it is all politics as defined by the Republican's electorate.

He has openly stated he loves the Tea Party PEOPLE. He has stated that over and over and over through the years and he takes their part to be their spokensman. He didn't do it for politics. He did it because, "...they are good people that love this country."

Gained insight was factual and disturbing. I was fine until I started to be educated and learned the sincere dangers to people by a warming planet.

Why don't I always put identities/names to descriptions?

I don't like nausea.

I'd far rather say "Voltimort" than some names that literally sicken me to their lies and use of American power. At least Voltimort was obvious about his wish list.

I am dead serious. I've been doing this a long time and the level of corruption, danger and denial to the real problems of the American people has it's cost. I don't intend to stop while my stomach and it's contents wishes I would.

It is called burnout. I prefer Pepto-Bismol. 

I started this long before this blog. As I attained credentials I became worried about my young adult sons and their inheritance of Earth. This is real. I made that clear in my testimony, both written and verbal, to the "New Source Review" in 2003. Real law comes out of all those citizen initiatives. I wouldn't waste my time otherwise.

I don't ask a dime for what I do. I think money raises questions. Earth doesn't need questions, it needs people to love it more than money.

Document Display (click here)

I started this blog because a single man who heard me speak asked me to do it. Honest. I would not mislead anyone into a world contrived for profit. Never. I would not lie to my children.

I never knew Google's existed before he introduced it to me to carry the message. True. 

Let me just state how I don't practice politics to my children SIMPLY because there is this 'idea' about once a Democrat always a Democrat. That is not the case.

My eldest son has wealth. He and his spouse are vastly successful. They are both Libertarian. My youngest son is a small businessman with his spouse and his five children. He has business expenses that provides a living, but, not a great deal of wealth. He does not what great wealth at the cost of quality of life with his children. He feels he is good at what he does and he is a happy man. He loves those children more than life itself. He is an Independent. 

I am a Democrat and have been for a long time. So were my parents. My mother is still alive and votes with every opportunity. 

Both of my parents were employees to Wall Street firms. I understand how Wall Street can provide a lifetime of income and well being. But, that was two generations ago. Both my father and I were happily union members. We both lead opposition movements because of the CONTRACT. My Dad was asked to resign along with the five other officers after a ninty day wildcat strike over working conditions. The community was behind the strike. They extended credit for groceries and medical bills while demand for better working conditions existed.

My Dad found a new job in a different state. We were fine. All the employees went back to work as agreed and the union elected a new slate of officers. 

I'd like to think my heritage gave me a backbone as well as dedication to the truth.

The dangers of low level radiation is well known. The industries involved with it just ignore the law. Why? Because they aren't prosecuted.

Low-level waste (click here) includes items that have become contaminated with radioactive material or have become radioactive through exposure to neutron radiation. This waste typically consists of contaminated protective shoe covers and clothing, wiping rags, mops, filters, reactor water treatment residues, equipments and tools, luminous dials, medical tubes, swabs, injection needles, syringes, and laboratory animal carcasses and tissues. The radioactivity can range from just above background levels found in nature to very highly radioactive in certain cases such as parts from inside the reactor vessel in a nuclear power plant. Low-level waste is typically stored on-site by licensees, either until it has decayed away and can be disposed of as ordinary trash, or until amounts are large enough for shipment to a low-level waste disposal site in containers approved by the Department of Transportation....

Fines yield funding for balanced budgets and otherwise. Supposedly, a companies employees are considered innocent and act at the will of the living, breathing corporation. Prosecutions are never leveled at CEOs.

I'd like to know who is addressing the radioactive dumping by the fracking industry.

September 1, 2015
By Sayer Ji
The EPA openly acknowledges (click here) that fracking fluid contains "thousands of chemicals," but nowhere is there mention of radioactivity in its risk assessments. Now, a new study reveals the "natural gas" industry may be hiding a secret as dark and deadly as the one the nuclear industry has been trying to conceal for decades. 
With recent news that California's fracking industry will be "repurposing" its toxic wastewater to meet the needs of an agricultural industry driven desperate by the drought, a timely new study published in Environmental Health Perspectives reveals fracking wastewater is not just a source of dangerous petrochemicals but also a highly toxic form of radioactive waste....

Now, with so many companies collapsing under the weight of their own wayward investment empowered by the 2005 initiatives of the Republican administration in the White House; who is carrying the financial burden for the nuclear waste?

April 16, 2015
By Rebecca Leber
North Dakota (click here) recently discovered piles of garbage bags containing radioactive waste dumped by oil drillers in abandoned buildings. Now, the state is trying to catch up to an oil industry that produces an estimated 27 tons of radioactive debris from wells daily.
Existing fines have apparently not been enough to deter contractors from dumping oil socks — coiled filters that strain wastewater and accumulate low levels of radiation.
“Before the Bakken oil boom we didn’t have any of these materials being generated,” the state’s Director of Waste Management Scott Radig told the Wall Street Journal. “So it wasn’t really an issue.”
The state is in the process of drafting rules, out in June, that require oil companies to properly store the waste in leak-proof containers. Eventually, they must move these oil socks to certified dumps. However, North Dakota has no facilities to process this level of radioactive waste. According to the Wall Street Journal, the closest facilities are hundreds of miles away in states like Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Montana....

And how many of the public were exposed to this radiation and is there WATER contaminated by the fracking as well as the radioactive waste? Has OSHA or POSHA identified exposures?

Donald Trump is a known mobster? Really?

I find that very odd. He admits to being audited annually by the IRS. It worked with Al Capone. I think Donald Trump follows the law and regards LIFE as important.

Those kind of wild accusations by Ted Cruz only proves the desperation of his campaign. It is typical of Cruz. I have said before his wild accusations are his brand. It is what defeated a competent Senator from Texas when Cruz was elected.

When any adult thinks of Ted Cruz, they think "WAKO" or is it "WACKO?:" I am not up on all the Twitter-verse abbreviations and 110 character strokes.

Melisasa Harris Perry is cancelled? Really?

The NAACP needs to consider lawsuits against MSNBC. Just because the other media outlets are already racist, doesn't mean it should be propagated.

I'd start with an anthropological study regarding the appearance of minorities in the media in the same capacity as the Caucasians appear. Once that study is done, which is a foregone conclusion the USA media is racist, then file lawsuits to enforce a standard that ends the killing of innocent Black people.

I realize that is a free recommendation, but, check with a few Black Antropologists at the PhD level to find out if it the best way forward. I consider a lawsuit based in facts a far better and effective lawsuit. 

February 28, 2016
By Brian Stetler
On Sunday morning, (click here) two days after the host's private fight with management went public, an MSNBC spokesman confirmed that the channel is "parting ways" with her.
Earlier in the morning, Harris-Perry posted a photo on Twitter and said "Farewell #Nerdland," a nickname for her weekend show, "Melissa Harris-Perry."
"Inviting diverse new voices to table was a privilege," she tweeted. "Grateful for years of support and criticism."
Harris-Perry confirmed to CNNMoney that her representatives are in talks with MSNBC about an exit deal.

Melissa is nothing short of genius and definitely a voice for the minority community in the USA. There are prisons around the world for activists and rebels, but, the USA has it's own propaganda prison no one ever speaks to.

OMG is Bill Gates is misinformed about the Climate Crisis.

He is promoting his own investments as truth when in fact it is ideology without sound scientific reality. 

Fahreed Zakaria and Bill Gates need to invite James Hansen to speak about the climate crisis.

Top climate scientist James Hansen (click here) tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. In doing so he outlines the overwhelming evidence that change is happening and why that makes him deeply worried about the future.

Fahreed Zakaria needs to accommodate "equal time" on his program and Bill Gates needs to have Dr. Hansen speak to his employees and the BEST path to the future and energy. I can't believe the Democrats, a political party, are the only grown ups in the room.

Wall Street is a problem when it comes to climate.

Hayden and his cited buddy, Mr. Clapper are pathetic.

There are no prisoners in Cuba, they are at the US Naval Station Guantanamo Bay. (click here)

USA intelligence is are too concentrated today on cyber. Where was the intelligence about bin Laden and 911? It was 'on the ground' intelligence. Shoe leather and danger. That is where American intelligence works best. It it also where it fails, ie: Curveball.

But, Curveball was known to USA intelligence as unreliable. It wasn't the fault of American intelligence where Curveball failed, it was the CHOICE by the White House to disavow the concerns of USA intelligence for the sake of propaganda.

That element of propaganda begs the question, why include it in intelligence at all?

I'll say this about Apple. When the new laws were passed or written by President Obama when it came to mass data collection, METADATA, it was understood the telecommunication companies would still have to answer any problems identified by the government. That permission for data would have to come through the FISA Court. It is the court that has issued wire tapping and a disconnect from private rights in the USA FOR DECADES. 

When Tim Cook, I think that is his name, states he has encryption no government can defeat that may or may not be true, however, he has no right to advertise Apple will never give out client information. That is illegal. I know many people using iPhones from Apple and they are intricate parts of their lives; but; they would not consent to breaking the law. I am sure there are law enforcement officers using iPhones in their personal lives, but, quite possibly in their professional lives. It is important information remain secret, otherwise, their lives could be compromised.

It is important Tim Cook differentiate between lawful use of the iPhone and unlawful use. He is not doing that and is facilitating dangerous people on their ideological missions.

I do agree the FBI or CIA or whoever should not have carte blanc access, but, the information concealed within a lawfully obtained cell phone by the FBI is vital the US Government have cooperation. 

I am quite sure the vast majority of iPhone members would be astounded to realize Tim Cook aided a terrorist. BUT, the issue they point to sometimes is the blatantly clear information on public media whereby the terrorists were making it clear to a perfect stranger half way around the world, their lives would be sacrificed to the ideology.

It was on public media. Hello? 

Let's not forget there is real evidence outside of a private mobile phone. If that public evidence leads to subpoena about a phone then the industry needs to live up to the law of the USA.

It is just that simple. The FBI's Comey is stating this is a one time request. Here again, the FBI's Comey seems to be misinformed as the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is stating she has several other requests at her desk. 

What needs to happen between Apple and the USA Government is the honoring of a request by the FBI through the courts. The FBI followed the rules, why isn't Apple?

Donald Trump has disavowed David Duke.

Jake Tapper, Martha Blackburn and the CNN pundits are lying again.

Donald Trump has disavowed David Duke at a rally on Friday. I didn't write down the date and time, but, I should have known the Republicans are nothing more than a propaganda machine and don't care about the facts.

A call came from the audience about David Duke. Donald Trump stated without hesitation he disavowed David Duke. He repeatedly states, "I don't really know what endorsements do." I am fairly sure he is referring to the fact the higher regarded establishment candidate had exceptional number of endorsements and never achieved an electable percentage of 5 percent or so.

This is typical of Republicans. They don't tell the truth. They don't even bother to know what the truth is. Why? Because of cronies, that's why. If the life fits wear it and convince the voters it is the truth. 

This is another joke by the Republicans. Their members go to conventions where White Supremacists meet. There is an entry on this blog about that very issue. It involved Mr. Scalise. He went to a meeting in Europe to be endorsed so it would not be covered by the American media. Oh, I never said they were proud of themselves, but, simply willing to jump through legislative hoops for them. 

Martha Blackburn's branding that disavows David Duke is a new lie. The Republicans have been connected at the hip with White Supremacists for a long time. This new lie is an anti-Trump issue. Oops, I guess they didn't bother about the facts AGAIN.

In case looking through the blog is inconvenient, this might help.

February 10, 2015
By Brian Tashman

Last month, (click here) David Duke stopped by the white nationalist radio show “The Political Cesspool” to discuss his relationship with House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, who reportedly spoke at a 2002 gathering held by Duke’s European-American Unity and Rights Organization when he was a state lawmaker in Louisiana. Duke blamed the controversy on the supposed Jewish establishment, which he claimed controls the media and wants to throw “European-Americans” into gulags, and which he said sees Scalise as a potential threat down the road....

Kindly remember the Republicans can't deliver on social legislation that would exclude other Americans. Be proud of the USA's inclusivity; it is a method of fairness so many people around the world which was the character of their government. 

Have a better, factual and honestly well informed day.