Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Flint River Water Project - Documents are expected.

I first have to apologize for not posting this on Friday. Friday was crazy for me and I let my back bone slip. Just that simple. That is not an excuse it is a fact.

I want to apologize and ask for forgiveness. I know how people are invested in any word about a serious issue and I do not take it lightly. This was a glaring mistake.

I expect documents to arrive. There is no exact date because as I have stated before these are not frequently on the list of FAQs. 

I realized once this became obvious it was not going to be an issue any longer I didn't ask how they would arrive. I don't know if it will be an envelope or a semi-trailer. Seriously. The potential for it being a substantial size set of items is real.

I have made preparation. My garage is ready. All I have to do is park the Jeep outside. BUT. I really think I need to be prepared to have a storage locker ready, so I'll look into that this week. 

This is not a minor thing. I also realized it will be important to update by photo taking equipment. I have 35 mm that has become antiques. Great cameras though. All in all about $2000 worth, when I purchased them.


I am planning to be in Genesee County, Michigan the week of August 7th. I am sure no one will notice me. I don't intend to approach anyone about my project. When that happens I'll write the people necessary, but, I'll have to make plans for digital photography to post.

I am an anti-digital person. It was forced on me and it reflects Wall Streets demands for commercialism and not my preferences. But, given the fact digital is the only real answer, I will accept the restraint on my life and proceed. 

Again, I ask your forgiveness. It is a waiting game now, but, at least I have an ally and am not waiting alone. My ally and I expect progress.

I should have told them microfiche would be good.

Oh, well. 

This is a personal victory. Sophisticated information regarding drought in a newspaper.

I have no clue as to whether this is due to my advocacy, but, it seems like it to me. The really interesting thing about that news page is that it was written by the US government scientists. It doesn't get better than that. I have smile from ear to ear. People who read that page will know more about their country's stress than anyone else they meet. It is all good.

"Sierra Sun Times" (click here)


Precipitation was virtually non-existent in much of the Western region during the period. Light rain (0.5 inch) did fall in central Oregon and norther Washington. The southwest monsoon provided some relief to parts of Arizona, albeit only light amounts fell. Temperatures were cooler than normal in the Northwest, but slightly above normal for the desert southwest. The cooler than normal temperatures during July have helped suppress many new wildfires from emerging. This is the dry season for the West Coast, so changes to the drought monitor are very rare this time of year....

...Looking Ahead

The next 3-7 days will bring above normal temperatures for much of the CONUS (CONUS is Continental United States) with the warmest anomalies forecasted for the Midwest and along the East Coast. Negative temperature anomalies will be confined to the Northwest. The High Plains, parts of New England, the Southeast, and Florida have the best chances of greater than normal precipitation.

The CPC 6-10 day outlook calls for the greatest chances of above normal temperatures in California and the Great Basin, as well as the East Coast. The probability is high that below normal precipitation will occur in the Northwest, especially in Washington and Oregon, and the Midwest, while odds are in favor of above normal precipitation in the Southeast and East Coast.

July 23, 2016
By Chris Jennewein
"Giant Santa Clara fire roars through 11,000 acres: Evacuations forced" (click here)

...No injuries were reported as a result of the blaze, which began at 2:10 p.m. Friday, near Sand Canyon Road, Marron said.
Fewer than 100 people were evacuated from the area of Capra Road off Soledad Canyon Road because of the flames, county fire officials said. And residents of between 200 and 300 home in the Little Tujunga area were also under a mandatory evacuation order, according to the sheriff’s department.
An emergency shelter for residents was established at Golden Valley High School at 27051 Robert C. Lee Parkway in Santa Clarita and shelter for large animals was made available at Agua Dulce Airport, Wayside Jail in Castaic and Pierce College in Woodland Hills.
About 300 firefighters were battling the flames from the ground and air as of Friday night, Marron said. The Los Angeles Fire Department sent a water- dropping helicopter to join four from the county fire department. Eight fixed- wing firefighting aircraft were also called in to attack the blaze, Marron added. Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service were also assisting in the fight....