Monday, May 17, 2010

Media buys 'in to' British Petroleum's Bait and Switch. BP has the worst environmental record on the books.

The accident at the offshore oil rig is threatening an ecological and economic calamity along the U.S. Gulf Coast.

First BP was going to capture the oil and methane in a concrete capture unit, then it was going to place a 'Top Hat' on the well to stem the flow UNTIL a 'Junk Shot' was SUCCESSFUL in stopping the flow completely.

NOW ! 

To the delight of Americans everywhere, BP has decided to continue to allow the well to spew tens of thousands of barrels of oil and methane gas into the ocean while a mile long pipe 'sips' at the flow in order to capture some of the mess to 'balance the cost' of the clean up.

It has been nearly a month since the explosion which was a result of the high methane content of a site one mile below the sea surface that killed eleven people (of which we have heard nothing from their families to any service conducted) and BP still does not have control over the 'gusher.' 

Today, the USA media stated, that BP is collecting some of the oil so that it will go to refineries to help power American cars. My, my.  What a wonderful idea.  The question is "Whom in the USA is actually purchasing BP products?"

The current administration is 'buying into' the propaganda of BP as well.  Does the Obama Administration really want to END the flow of oil and gas out of the rupture or it is 'warmer and fuzzier' to simply demand monies and public statements that lead to those 'feel good feelings?' 

Money is power it would seem, BP should spread more around. 
BP Inserts Siphon Into Leaking Pipe -- Still No Sign It Will Do Much Good
Joe Weisenthal

May. 17, 2010, 5:43 AM

Deepwater Horizon oil rig blew up and started leaking last month.
According to a press release, some oil has been captured and siphoned off via the insertion of a tube into the leaking well.
There's not much more news than that. The word "some" doesn't give one the sense that a significant portion of the flow has been stopped.
Expect lots more throughout the day.

How lucky for the USA, it is ruled by Plutocrats. 

Update on Riser Insertion Tube Tool progress
ROBERT, La. - The Unified Area Command for the response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill continues to advance multiple subsea options to contain and ultimately stop the flow of oil from the MC 252 well in the Gulf of Mexico.
Overnight the Riser Insertion Tube Tool was successfully tested and inserted into the leaking riser, capturing some amounts of oil and gas. The oil was stored on board the Discoverer Enterprise drill ship 5,000 feet above on the water's surface, and natural gas was burned through a flare system on board the ship.
The test was halted temporarily when the tube was dislodged. While this is disappointing, it is not unexpected given the challenging operating environment.
Technicians have fully inspected the system and have re-inserted the tool.
The tool is fashioned from a 4-inch pipe and is inserted into the leaking riser, from which the majority of the flow is coming. While not collecting all of the leaking oil, this tool is an important step in reducing the amount of oil being released into Gulf waters.
The procedure - never attempted before at such depths - involves inserting a 5-foot length of the specifically-designed tool into the end of the existing, damaged riser from where the oil and gas is leaking. In a procedure approved by federal agencies and the Federal On Scene Coordinator, methanol will also be flowed into the riser to help prevent the formation of gas crystals, known as hydrates. Gas and oil will then flow to the surface to the Discoverer Enterprise drillship.
The Enterprise has the capability to separate the oil, gas and water mixture safely and eventually store or offload the recovered oil onto another vessel.
We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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Torpedoes ! 

Peaceful use of powerful explosive device to close the hole one mile down.