Sunday, July 27, 2014

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Israel : "Hamas will never stop fighting even if all concessions are made."

That might be the case, but, currently Israel is reading minds and not living up to it's responsibility according to many international documents. Israel is in a very poor set of circumstances and it was all self created. Israel is the aggressor and if there is so much hate and rage the fighting will never stop, then Israel created a paradigm of genocide to the Palestinian people.

Are there not extremists in Saudi Arabia or any other country on Earth? Were there not massacres no one ever expected by those that hate?

Palestine, in it's current state cannot control their extremists. That is not an excuse, but, more a reason to resolve all concessions to the Palestinian Authority.

Currently, Israel is more an extremist than Hamas could ever be.
Hamas sees no profit in ending the violence and they are correct. If they agree to a complete ceasefire what have they gained? The right to allow those still alive to continuing living? That would put them right back where they started or worse. 

The  Palestinian leadership MUST demand the end to Israel's stalling of settling the borders and providing access to allow Palestine to develop their country and instill an economy. 

This is where it all gets lost and why the violence continues. Every time there is an incursion by Israel, the SAME TERMS are demanded; "Hamas ends the violence and Israel will end the violence." End of negotiations. Why would that change the future of those fighting Israel? It doesn't. It only allows Israel to continue it's aggression into the West Bank with settlements and puts the Palestinian people further behind in what they call 'their land.' 

Hamas isn't going to stop and they don't care if Israel states they are terrorists. Hamas knows what they are doing and they do see the Palestinian leadership as weak. They have lost ground, literally, for decades and it is becoming more and more difficult to see the future.

The Palestine leadership are good people, but, they must demand borders and rights to access to the world even through the fighting. This is over. Either Israel commits to what is Palestine's right to exist and stops occupying it's land or the fighting may never cease. Does Israel think simply because they own all the land and occupy all the land the fighting will stop? That is foolishness and greed.

Israel has to make concessions. Ending the killing isn't enough.

Israel must set borders and remove settlements.

By Isabel Kershner and Ben Hubbard

...On Sunday afternoon, (click here) Hamas backtracked on its earlier rejection of the temporary cease-fire and said the “resistance groups” would agree to a 24-hour truce starting at 2 p.m. local time. A Hamas official in Gaza released a statement saying that Hamas’s decision came “in response to the intervention of the United Nations” and out of understanding for the people of Gaza who are preparing for Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that ends Ramadan. There was no immediate response to Hamas’s statement from Israel....