Friday, July 13, 2012

West meets East. It is a very different story than Russians usually read. Nice.

Rancher Anthony Stidham

Miratorg Agribusiness Holding via Bloomberg

Rancher Anthony Stidham, seen here, said, “There’s no place in the U.S., Australia or anywhere in the world that will have cattle as good as what they are putting together here.”
A three year contract that ends in 2014 to make Russian beef the best in the world. I'll be darn. Medvedev. 
I sincerely hope this program is very successful for Russians. They deserve to have good food products within their country. It is a sovereign issue. A fresh start for healthy beef and no chance of prions. In three years there should be two new generations on the ground. It should be easy to tell the success of the program by then.
...In Russia’s southern republic of Bryansk, (click title to entry - thank you) which borders Ukraine and Belarus some 200 miles to the southwest of Moscow, the country’s biggest meat importer, Miratorg Agribusiness Holding,has so far launched 16 open range cattle ranches. By the end of 2014, the company plans to expand the number of ranches to 33 with an overall stock of 250,000 Aberdeen Angus, which is considered by many to be the best beef breed....

Harry Reid won his objections. Lauren is going to seek manufacturing in the USA for uniforms in the future.

Misti Schindele (click title to entry - thank you)| April 23, 2012

Cool beans.
I hope this will lead Ralph Lauren to bring more fashion to the USA then just Olympic uniforms.
The USA can use the help. I like the uniforms. They have class. Ralph Lauren did a good job. They look like summer in the USA. We want it back.

...Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (click here) said he had to choose his words carefully because he was so angry.
"The Olympic committee should be ashamed of themselves," said Sen. Reid.  "I think they should take all the uniforms, put them in a big pile and burn them and start all over again. 
House Speaker John Boehner says simply of the USOC, "You'd think they'd know better." 
"We have people in America in the textile industry," continued Reid.  "We have people in the textile industry who are desperate for jobs and I think what the Olympic committee has done is absolutely wrong."
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says she's proud of the nation's Olympic athletes, but "they should be wearing uniforms that are made in America."
The uniforms in question are red, white and blue slacks and skirts with blazers and berets designed by Ralph Lauren.
In a statement, the U.S. Olympic Committee defended it's choice....

Lies. Romney was 100% stockholder and listed as CEO. I don't need to know anything else.

July 13, 2012
LACONIA, N.H.—Republican (click title to entry - thank you) presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he retained ownership of Bain Capital for a time after 1999 but had no management role....

His business model was immoral. Lying is a part of it. He expects citizens of the USA to blindly believe his words over obvious evidence otherwise. Those alone are dishonest dealings. Either I can trust what I read in news articles and on official documents or I can't. They don't mesh. 

I do not believe "The Lame Stream Media" is that irresponsible or that inconsistent. If I were to say I never believe the press over candidates, then I have to be a very stupid person, because, I have read newspapers for information from the headlines to the notices in the back pages all my life. From the time I was young and in grade school. I am now suppose to believe a politician over my understanding of the reliability of the media. No.

I read newspapers in duplicity when facts don't seem to mesh. I read international newspapers and news services to achieve an understanding of cultural differences that might taint the truth. I know what I know. I don't doubt what I know when I know it.'

Romney is a liar. 

I don't trust him. 

I suppose he never spoke to Ted Kennedy about the Massachusetts health care law either. Where do the lies stop? They don't seem to stop anywhere. Ted Kennedy was as much a part of The Affordable Care Act as the Massachusetts law. He will repeal it. He'll sign a repeal. He doesn't care about people.

End of discussion.


EUCLID, Ohio — At a town hall here today, (click here) Mitt Romney was confronted by a questioner about foreign taxes he reported on his income tax returns, a charge Mitt Romney appeared to deny.
"I don’t think I paid any foreign income taxes, but I’ll look at it," Romney replied over the boos of the audience for the hostile questioner.
But in fact, Romney has paid over $1.2 million in foreign taxes for "passive category income" since 2000, according to his 2010 income tax return.
Additionally he has paid over $800,000 in foreign taxes for "general category income" according to the same filing.
Romney's wealth has dogged him since this campaign began, with a series of gaffes about his wealth seemingly serving as easy fodder for late night comedians. His refusal to release more than two years of tax returns has also drawn charges that he is hiding information from the public.

What is going on in Europe with religious freedoms?

European Jewish (click title to entry - thank you) leaders furiously condemned a German court's ruling outlawing circumcision as the "worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust" yesterday and demanded that Chancellor Angela Merkel's government intervene to protect the practice as a religious rite.

The damning remarks came amid growing European Jewish and Muslim outrage over a ruling by a Cologne court last month declaring that the circumcision of young boys could be considered a criminal offence because it caused bodily harm and infringed a child's right to integrity.
Yesterday, Moscow's Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, the president of the Conference of European Rabbis who made the Holocaust comments, added: "I see no future for Jews in Germany if the ruling is upheld"....

...Of course, it is not just a British problem: (click here) the poison of Islamophobia has infected Europe's political mainstream. According to a Pew Research Center survey, nearly six out of 10 Europeans believe that Muslims were "fanatical", and half believed they were "violent". As here, the European far-right aims fire at Muslims above all other groups. In the Netherlands, an anti-Muslim party led by Geert Wilders is the third largest in parliament. Wilders compares the Koran to Mein Kampf, calls Islam a "Trojan Horse" in Europe and demands that the country's 850,000 Muslims be paid to leave the country. Wilders doesn't languish on the fringes: the current Dutch cabinet depended for two years on his party's support....

In some ways these were the mad ranting of  Anders Breivik.

...The attacks (click here) “were a pre-emptive strike,” the 33-year-old said in a final statement. “I acted on the principle of necessity on behalf of my culture, my people and my country. I ask to be acquitted of the charge....

The concession Norway has to build a new facility to house Breivik is interesting. He is not the usual in Norway. He is dangerous. Breivik is a problem for Europe's youth culture. He is a scary guy. He was never sorry for what he did. 

...The Associated Press reports that Norway’s Health Directorate (click here) on Wednesday signed off on a plan to build a new psychiatric ward inside the prison specifically to house the right-wing extremist in the event he is found to be insane, as they hope he will be....

Peace isn't good enough? The triggers to violence had to be pulled. There was no attempted murder.

The allegations of murder are inflammatory and intended to restart fear, anger to escalate violence again.

It seems early, but, Tony Blair needs to get involved. The residents were not absent of materials to defend their neighborhoods. This is a measure of defense of the neighborhood. There is no allegations of attempted murder. This is an act of self-defense by all those involved. There must be reasons the people still hold these fears.

No doubt there is religious bias at the very least involved.

...The chairman of the Northern Ireland Parades Commission (click title to entry - thank you) today defended the decision to allow to loyalist and republican parades to go ahead within two hours of each other. They culminated with serious public disorder and dissident republican gunmen opening fire on police.
More than 20 police officers were injured during the trouble which flared in the nationalist Ardoyne district. None of the injuries are thought to be serious....

This is a joke, right? Apology? Over suspicion of a felony? No! Quite frankly I think it was fraud.

The more I learn about this the more I want answers. I sincerely believe there was gross misrepresentation by Romney over his role at either Bain or the Olympics or both.

If I am to believe as Romney's peers state, he was too busy with the Olympics to participate at Bain, then the SEC filings are fraud. That is a felony or worse. It is not only fraud on federal documents, it was done to misrepresent the leadership of Bain in fear of loss of investor confidence in the firm. All that is serious. If Bain worried about losing investor confidence it should have sought marketing help, not lies to the SEC.

Romney was obviously involved in the Olympics, that is why it is very difficult to set this aside. He has claimed for years, there was ONLY interest in the Olympics from 1999. Lying to the pubic for political purposes is not prosecuted, but, on a rare occasion. It is up to the other candidate to speak the truth and hopefully be heard. This is different. 

This also requires an investigation, which can take time, cost and can be set aside of Romney were to be elected as in the Massachusetts Governor race. Romney relies on what the electorate 'believes' rather than truth. This is not about being believable, this is about the sincere credibility of his activities beginning in 1999. He has filed to run for very high political office including the Massachusetts Governorship. If Romney has been living a lie since 1999, there is a lot wrong, not just a little wrong.

Romney has a problem, he is a liar. Proven. It may be he has no credibility as a candidate at all. That reality cannot wait for an SEC investigation.

Presidential rivals trade charges of lying, Romeny calls for apology over 'felony' remark

...Obama official Stephanie Cutter (click title to entry - thank you) made the claim a Boston Globe article that said documents show Romney was in charge at Bain for three years longer than he had claimed. Cutter said Romney was either misrepresenting his position at Bain to the Securities and Exchange Commission, "which is a felony," or misrepresenting to the American people. 
Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades issued a blistering statement in response. 
"President Obama's campaign hit a new low today when one of its senior advisers made a reckless and unsubstantiated charge to reporters about Mitt Romney that was so over the top that it calls into question the integrity of their entire campaign," Rhoades said. "President Obama ought to apologize for the out-of-control behavior of his staff, which demeans the office he holds. Campaigns are supposed to be hard fought, but statements like those made by Stephanie Cutter belittle the process and the candidate on whose behalf she works." ...

If the Obama Campaign doesn't carry these inconsistencies to the electorate who then will bring the truth forward? No one. The Obama Campaign knows there are people in the electorate that base their votes on the truth and the ability of a candidate to live up to the truth. It matters. They are doing their job, not making frivolous 'mind speak' rants to win votes. They know better than that. The people voting for President Obama rely on the truth as a basis of morality. This is not frivolous. Not at all. Where would the people voting based on that value system be without accurate facts coming from the Obama Campaign? I trust them. They know that. There are no apologies here. They have not inflated any aspect of this.

I don't want another Richard Cheney. I don't want another Halliburton. This is not a distraction.

The Washington Post article is not accurate, if anything it implicates him further and raises more questions.

...The SEC documents, (click here) especially the ones Romney signed, do raise some questions. One can certainly argue that because Romney did not fully extricate himself from Bain till after his Olympic sojourn ended, he should bear some responsibility for what happened in that period. But that is an entirely different matter than suggesting that he is a potential criminal. It is more of a PR problem, which the Obama campaign is trying to exploit to build a larger case that Romney is secretive....

To begin with Romney ended his activities with the Olympics before the job was done. It is written in another article Romney left the Olympic clean up to others. So, let's get that much straight. He left for more political ambitions on the coattails of the Olympics.

Then the Washington Post states there is no possibility of felony because Romney signed some kind of statement about his former employment. He was 100% stockholder. He was making decisions for the company. He had to be. Just because he stated he was a former employee doesn't absolve him from lying to the electorate he was then interested in and further more he stated HE stated; he himself stated; he left Utah to participate at Board Meetings at Bain.

He misrepresented himself to the SEC on documents he signed.

A state commission ten years ago stated he left Bain in 1999. Based on what? The document he submitted to the SEC? That is inaccurate, by his own statements that is inaccurate.

Bain then used that statement to provide a disclosure to clients as to his interest in the management of the company. You've got to be joking and here we go again!

He was 100% stockholder and he held absolutely no power or interest in the operations at Bain. "W"rong. I don't care what statement he made to the SEC, he is lying and his peers are culpable. What everyone wants the electorate to believe is that Romney is above it all. He picked up his Regatta Boat, his blonde wife and went to Utah to be noble. 


They overlook the fact, he took his Regatta Boat and his Blonde wife to Utah to be CEO of the Olympics, to make a political footprint, while being 100% stockholder in a firm in Boston in case none of it worked out for his political aspirations. He was listed on the SEC forms as CEO of Bain. That is not being employed? Right.

This is not about understanding the private sector. This is the fact Romney wore the glass slipper until midnight. He was worried about everything political turning into a pumpkin and he would not have all the money he needed to tow his Regatta Boat and all the trampings for the rest of his life. 

THREE YEARS. That isn't enough for a Board of Trustees to change ownership of Bain Capital? 

They sure the heck did a job on every other company they bought and it sure didn't take three years.

Ohio manufacturing is not only growing, but, challenged by the DOD to bring their needs home.

President Barack Obama talks with Edward Ruscitti, right, during his tour of Summer Garden Food Manufacturing in Boardman, Ohio, on Friday, July 6, 2012. Obama is on a two-day bus trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania.

As if it isn't enough to point to the Brotherhood of Liars within the GOP, the fact is President Obama is transparent about his administration. He has successes and now the DOD is realizing their needs can be better met in the USA.

Published: Friday, July 13, 2012, 5:06 AM

...So now Portman and Romney are trying to distort the president's record. (click here) The truth is that Ohio is back on track, thanks in large part to the president's policies. For example, because of his commitment to bringing back manufacturing, Ohio has added 44,700 manufacturing jobs in the last two years -- the first time the state has added manufacturing jobs since the 1990s. And the president ignored Romney and the other naysayers to make the bold decision to rescue the American auto industry, saving the hundreds of thousands of Ohio jobs that depend on it.
The president's policies have created more than 4.4 million private-sector jobs nationwide and 28 consecutive months of job gains through June 2012. Since the economic recovery began, Ohio has added 148,300 jobs....
The lying of Republicans is a reality that needs to be recognized, but, the real story is how the Department of Defense wants to bring manufacturing of their needs home. 
The DOD has needs currently met in other countries. I don't believe any DOD needs should be outside the USA. Now, they are challenging states like Ohio to manufacture their needs in small operations not usually considered to be important.
Now, the DOD can brag about "Made in America" adding a real sense of security to our nation. Thank you, DOD. Well done. 

DOD wants to use Ohio companies; Plan to address Defense needs in manufacturing would create jobs.; LOCAL COMPANIES (click title to entry - thank you)

A new initiative to match unmet Department of Defense manufacturing needs with Ohio companies will create jobs and reduce costs and dependence on foreign manufacturers, officials said.
"It would be a huge impact to the region," said Dayton Defense President Dale J. Kirby.
Many U.S. companies are deterred from applying for Defense Department business because they aren't aware of the opportunities, don't know how to apply or find navigating through the bidding process too difficult and time-consuming, officials said.
"It's a very cumbersome process to do business with the government, and it's costly," Kirby said. "A lot of manufacturers that could work with the government won't because they can't afford it."
American manufacturers number about 360,000, but fewer than 10 percent sell products to the Defense Department, officials said....

Another liar.

By Glen Johnson/Globe Staff
July 13, 2012
First, it was kings and queens. (click title to entry - thank you) Now, it is heads of state — and the secretary of state....

...“I can name a litany of Democratic-sponsored bills that I’ve done that never would have passed hadn’t it been for me,” Brown told CNN. “And the president had called me, and vice president calls me, and Secretary [of State Hillary Rodham] Clinton calls asking for my vote all the time.”
In reality, Brown’s staff says he has spoken by phone with Clinton just twice during his Senate career — most recently over a year ago, on July 5, 2011.
The other call occurred in December 2010, when the Obama administration was seeking votes to pass the New START Treaty....