Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is NOT free market analysis.

—The term ‘‘reference price’’, with respect to a covered commodity for a crop year, means the following:
(A) Wheat, $5.50 per bushel.
(B) Corn, $3.70 per bushel.
(C) Grain sorghum, $3.95 per bushel.
(D) Barley, $4.95 per bushel.
(E) Oats, $2.40 per bushel.
(F) Long grain rice, $14.00 per hundred-weight.
(G) Medium grain rice, $14.00 per hundredweight.
(H) Soybeans, $8.40 per bushel.
(I) Other oilseeds, $20.15 per hundred weight.
(J) Peanuts $535.00 per ton.
(K) Dry peas, $11.00 per hundredweight.
(L) Lentils, $19.97 per hundredweight.
(M) Small chickpeas, $19.04 per hundred weight.
(N) Large chickpeas, $21.54 per hundred weight.
This is the Monsanto Clause

—In determining whether a grower of hybrid seed is a producer, the 
Secretary shall not take into consideration the existence of a hybrid seed contract; and
(ii) ensure that program requirements do not adversely affect the ability 
of the grower to receive a payment under this title.

By scientific definition the difference between GM or GMO and Hybrids is the genetic engineering. Literally, genes can be grafted into crops without normal hybrid research or techniques.

This is from 2009. Technology has proven it cannot do better than Earth.

For years the biotechnology industry (click here) has trumpeted that it will feed the world, promising that its genetically engineered crops will produce higher yields.

That promise has proven to be empty, according to Failure to Yield, a report by UCS expert Doug Gurian-Sherman released in March 2009. Despite 20 years of research and 13 years of commercialization, genetic engineering has failed to significantly increase U.S. crop yields.

There needs to be legal challenges to Monsanto to prevent them from receiving government subsidies. They are fraudulent in their practices. The term hybrid dose not apply to their seeds or methods.

The term “hybrid,” (click here) which you’ll often see in seed catalogs, refers to a plant variety developed through a specific, controlled cross of two parent plants. Usually, the parents are naturally compatible varieties within the same species. This hybridization, or the crossing of compatible varieties, happens naturally in the wild; plant breeders basically just steer the process to control the outcome. In contrast, GM varieties (sometimes called “genetically modified organisms,” or “GMOs”) are a whole different animal, as we’ll explain in a bit. First, some background on plant hybridization.

Parity means Family Farms receive what they put into the production of their products. There should never be a question the FIRST responsibility the USA government has to the Small Family Farm is support in gratitude for their dedication and love of a vital need of the country.


Not the military. Our Small Family Farmers should have the highest priority to the USA Treasury expenditures.

This bill is unnecessary. There needs to be appropriations for any crop failure this year and estimates of those in need of food stamps. There should be provisions for school programs. The rest will take of itself when Governors and local authorities are connected, as they should be with their people.

Subsidies are appropriate, but, with the Climate Crisis a reality any crop losses need to be a part of the understanding the USA government is failing their farmers and their people. 

Farm Insurance won't feed an empty belly.

It breaks up cooperatives and/or turns them into corporations.


—If a dairy operation consists of more than one dairy producer, all of the dairy producers of the operation shall be treated as a single dairy producer for purposes of—
(A) registration to receive basic margin protection and purchase supplemental margin protection;
(B) payment of the administrative fee under subsection (e) and producer premiums under section 1415; and
(C) participation in the stabilization program under subpart B

This entire mess is an attempt to limit the amount of subsidy dairy farmers will receive. This is based on FEEDLOT dynamics and eliminates any production due to pasturing. The federal government is attempting to control agriculture. It will run the Family Farm out of business.

.—The term ‘‘average feed cost’’ means the average cost of feed used by a dairy operation to produce a hundredweight of milk, determined under section 1402 using the sum of the following

The bill then goes on to tell farmers what they will be compensated for
regardless of their feeding practices. When a farmer is not compensated for the farms feeding program it will limit the subsidy, drive milk production down
and put family farms out of business.

There is no freedom in these programs. The farmers are going to have to 
produce records stating where they have adhered to the government program
in order to receive their subsidies. That means they have to handle their 
herds and operations according to government standards.

The Dairy Industry, especially, the smaller farmers need to take a darn good
look at this. It doesn't matter if the transportation costs to farmers suffering
in droughts is high because of the cost of fuel. It will be a flat rate of subsidy 
as if the crop was grown in their backyards.

Sec. 1402. Calculation of average feed cost and actual dairy producer margins.
Calculations of Average Feed Cost.
—The Secretary shall calculate the national average feed cost for each month using the following data: The price of corn for a month shall be the price received during that month by farmers in the United States for corn, as reported in the monthly Agricultural Prices report by the Secretary. The price 
of soybean meal for a month shall be the central Illinois price for soybean meal, as reported in the Market News-Monthly Soybean Meal Price Report by the Secretary
The price of alfalfa hay for a month shall be the price received during that
month by farmers in the United States for alfalfa hay, as reported in the 
monthly Agricultural Prices report by the Secretary.

There should be no charge for any program by the USA that supplements a family farmer when the market does not bring about parity for their products.
The enrollment by any farmer to either the free program or the supplemental
program should NOT be required. If a family farmer has a bad year, then that
dairy producer should be eligible PERIOD for any help they need. This is 
outrageous. This is the USA and the way it treats it's family farmers. It is a 

All a family farm should have to produce is there balance sheets and nothing
else. If they are producing milk the nation needs there should be no questions
about their production methods or their costs and whether they meet some
stupid standard bureaucrats decide to assign their operation!

A trillion dollar farm bill that deprives Americans of food assistance and makes
farmers grovel for help when they need it. It is disgusting.


—For purposesof providing supplemental margin protection for a
participating dairy producer that purchases supplemental margin protection 
for a year under section1415, the Secretary shall determine the annual production history of the dairy operation of the dairyproducer under 
paragraph (2).
—The annual production history of a participating dairy producer for a year is equal to the actual milk marketings of the dairy producer during the 
preceding calendar year.

Each day a dairy cow will produce 6.5 gallons on average for processing 
and sale. This is not rocket science. The cows eat the hay, feed and graze.
They produce milk. The cost and receipt per cow does not need bureaucrats 
to make themselves feel important when they are not. 

.—A dairy producer described in section 1412(c)(2) that purchases supplemental margin protection for a calendar year after the start of the calendar year shall pay a pro-rated premium for that calendar year based 
on the portion of the calendar year for which the producer purchases the coverage. 

What the Farm Bill needs is to remove all the bureaucrats from the process. Remove all the fancy calculations, tables and 'signing provisions' and take THOSE savings and reinvest in the confidence of the Family Farmer to handle their own recordkeeping. There is absolutely NO REASON for this \bill to be this size and NOT provide all the help the American Farmer needs. 

No reason. 

Local Farm Bureaus know these farmers and can tell what their balance sheets look like in relation to their operations. The local farm bureaus need to be able to process the request without charging the Family Farm a dime. It is called appreciation for the hard work and dedication these families have to their operation and the nation. There is less than 10% of milk produced in the USA exported. This entire bunch of nonsense
is a no brainer. There is no support for the Farmer, this is a crying towel for the Right Wing.
Check the Earmarks on the Farm Bill and then people will know where all the money is going. This isn't going fix bridges.

According to the Congressional Budget Office. The 2013 Farm Bill with Food Stamp Cuts? Now I am curious.

Call me crazy, but, aren't Red States primarily rural states?

June 12, 2013
by Ron Nixon
...“I’m going to vote for (click here) the farm bill to make sure that the good work of the Agriculture Committee and whatever the floor might do to improve this bill gets to a conference so that we can get the kind of changes that people want in our nutrition programs and in our farm programs,” Mr. Boehner said.
Shortly before the Senate voted to approve its version of the farm bill on Monday, Mr. Boehner said he had some issues with the provisions currently in the House version — specifically a program to help dairy farmers — but nevertheless said the measure would be brought up for a vote.
“As a longtime proponent of top-to-bottom reform, my concerns about our country’s farm programs are well known,” Mr. Boehner said in a statement. “But as I said on the day I became speaker, my job isn’t to impose my personal will on this institution or its members.... 

It is a FIVE year bill, not a ten year bill. See, if it were a ten year bill it
would be less spending than the previous bill, but, it is not a ten year bill.

HR1947 of the 113th Congress (click here) FIVE YEARS. Not ten. 

To provide for the reform (click here) and continuation of agricultural and other programs of the Department of Agriculture through fiscal year 2018, and for other purposes

Speaker Boner is attempting to make people desperate about the Farm Bill by terrifying parents about the Dairy provision. In other words, "Pass It, Just Pass It, before Boner does something more to our lives." There are all kinds of changes in this bill, including rolling back forestry laws.

Subtitle A—Repeals and Reforms
Sec. 1101. Repeal of direct payments.
Sec. 1102. Repeal of counter-cyclical payments.
Sec. 1103. Repeal of average crop revenue election program.
Sec. 1104. Definitions.
Sec. 1105. Base acres.
Sec. 1106. Payment yields.
Sec. 1107. Farm risk management election.
Sec. 1108. Producer agreements.
Sec. 1109. Period of effectiveness.
Subtitle B—Marketing Loans
Sec. 1201. Availability of nonrecourse marketing assistance loans for loan commodities.
Sec. 1202. Loan rates for nonrecourse marketing assistance loans.
Sec. 1203. Term of loans.
Sec. 1204. Repayment of loans.
Sec. 1205. Loan deficiency payments.
Sec. 1206. Payments in lieu of loan deficiency payments for grazed acreage.
Sec. 1207. Special marketing loan provisions for upland cotton.
Sec. 1208. Special competitive provisions for extra long staple cotton.
Sec. 1209. Availability of recourse loans for high moisture feed grains and seed cotton.
Sec. 1210. Adjustments of loans.
The Billionaire Republican Sugar Growers in Florida have their own title.
Subtitle C—Sugar
Sec. 1301. Sugar program.

Sec. 1481. Repeal of dairy product price support and milk income loss contract
Sec. 1482. Repeal of dairy export incentive program.
Sec. 1483. Extension of dairy forward pricing program.
Sec. 1484. Extension of dairy indemnity program.
Sec. 1485. Extension of dairy promotion and research program.
Sec. 1486. Repeal of Federal Milk Marketing Order Review Commission.

Subtitle A—Repeal of Certain Forestry Programs
Sec. 8001. Forest land enhancement program.
Sec. 8002. Watershed forestry assistance program.
Sec. 8003. Expired cooperative national forest products marketing program.
Sec. 8004. Hispanic-serving institution agricultural land national resources
leadership program.
Sec. 8005. Tribal watershed forestry assistance program.
Sec. 8006. Separate Forest Service decisionmaking and appeals process.

Subtitle B—Reauthorization of Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978
Sec. 8101. State-wide assessment and strategies for forest resources.
Sec. 8102. Forest Legacy Program.
Sec. 8103. Community forest and open space conservation program
Sec. 8201. Rural revitalization technologies.
Sec. 8202. Office of International Forestry.
Sec. 8203. Change in funding source for healthy forests reserve program.
Sec. 8204. Stewardship end result contracting project authority.
This should be very interesting reading. This is a spending bill. This is LOADED. Cheney must have written this one.

Section 9001 of the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (7 U.S.C. 8101) is amended by—
(1) striking paragraph (4) and inserting the fol-lowing new paragraph:
(A) I
.—The term ‘biobased product’ means a product determined by the Secretary to be a commercial or industrial product (other than food or feed) that is—
‘‘(i) composed, in whole or in significant part, of biological products, including renewable domestic agricultural materials and forestry materials; or
‘‘(ii) an intermediate ingredient or feedstock
The Republicans are marking forests as biofuels for burning. There needs to be lawsuits from inside and outside the USA to stop this travesty. 
This is all mischief. We were through this in 2009 which clearly stated Biofuels did not include the burning of biomass for electricity. Biofuels were suppose to be those that were used for ethanol and biodiesel production, not this. The 'feedstock' is any kind of garbage they can find to burn related to anything wood.
Deforestation needs to stop in the USA. This will drive CO2 levels higher by destroying forestland and burning the wood instead of allowing normal processes of trees to return soil to the forest floor. The global community has to file suits against the USA to stop this idiocy. This is nothing by stupid policy for the wealthy. There is no conservation in mind at all here.

Possibly through the WTO, too. Flooding the international market with cheap lumber while burning the garbage producing severe climate events globally.

Any kind of biomass burning, including wood from forests, produces very high emissions of NOX and SOX. Besides the CO2. This is not only inefficient energy, but, it is high in pollution.

I want to put this into context. When a biomass plant dedicated to producing electricity begins it's burning it requires huge amounts of biomass to satisfy energy production in comparison to coal. There is FAR MORE CO2 production from biomass electricity plants than any coal plant. The emissions and ASH are very dangerous from these plants. The ASH is significantly higher than that of coal and it is very toxic with some elements produced being radioactive. This is outrageous.

Burning wood produces many less BTUs per ton compared to coal.Both are carbon fuels and should not be used for energy production, however, coal produces more energy with less toxins and CO2. NEITHER are good solutions, but, burning wood is far more dangerous to air quality and environmental stability.

Wood Burning Creates Dioxin, Radioactive Particles and Releases Stored Lead.

Burning wood produces acid rain. Above are the heavy metals of burning wood for fuel.

The chart above is a study from 1996, I think. No matter, wood is wood. Nothing has changed including the technology. It is a publication of the USA government before corrupt values set in. This was from the day when quality of life mattered.

A Review of Environmental Impacts (click here)

The USA federal government should be seeking the preservation of it's forests and not their destruction. It should be providing incentives to protect forests, build Heritage Forests and improve carbon sinks. This is a program for immediate wealth not the interests of future generations of Americans.

.—The term ‘forest product’ means a product made from materials derived from the practice of forestry or the management of growing timber
Forest Product, not Forest Protection. This is the lousiest Congress this country has ever had. Boner isn't a leader, he is a Yes Man. The Congress is A VOID OF MORALITY.  It destroys for the purpose of wealth, while people go
hungry. Yet, they want to eagerly spend money on war. These are policies of 
immoral people. 

I take it Mr. Snowden was not a big contributor to Rep. King.

"I know Hank Paulson personally. He has my phone number. As a matter of fact he just called me. He would never do anything like this."

I want an investigation into Rep. King's baseless accusations. He needs to demand an investigation and not grandstand his own opinion. Baseless opinions CAUSE danger to the USA and creates national security problems, including baseless, illegal and immoral wars. 

June 14, 2013

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) (click here) expressed strong suspicions on Friday that National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden may be in cahoots with the Chinese government.
The New York Republican pointed to Snowden's Chinese language studies and the fact that he fled to Hong Kong as potential red flags.

"There's a lot of reason for suspicion," King said during an appearance on MSNBC. "First of all, the fact that he transferred money to China. The fact that he studied Chinese. The fact that his girlfriend had some connections to China. The fact that, of all countries in the world, he went to China and he arranged to have the papers, or his documents, released on the same weekend that President Obama was meeting with the president of China. And why he's still in China, what is Chinese intelligence doing with all this. Listen, there's no definitive proof yet but it's something that has to be investigated fully. And my belief is that it is being fully investigated."

As a matter of fact, the relationship with China and Private Equity is more than interesting.

Paulson Institute-McKinsey Workshop on the Future of Manufacturing (click here)

The Paulson Institute and McKinsey and Company jointly convened a workshop in Beijing on June 5, 2013, to explore issues related to the future of manufacturing, with a focus on cross-border investment and the changing relationship between production and innovation.

The goals of the workshop were twofold: (1) to discuss the major trends that will determine the future of global manufacturing, and (2) to identify potential opportunities for cross-border manufacturing partnerships between Chinese, American, and global firms, and new tie-ups between innovation and production in the changing global economy.

All this happened before Snowden. It has nothing to do with him. Convenient to think it might, but, that would a lie. The sabotage by the Chinese has been transpiring for many, many years now. Paulson's favorite travel plans was to China for the two years he was the nation's Treasury Secretary. It is documented on this blog.

I want an investigation. Don't tell me there is nothing but an innocent coincidental connection. That would be a lie.

A President, his brother, family and his Treasury Secretary involved in expansive Chinese development is no coincidence. It is wealth.

Now, someone needs to explain why private equity companies have national security clearance, because, when it comes to loyalty to the USA; it doesn't exist.
By Daily Mail Reporter

A confidential report (click here) from the Pentagon revealed that plans for over two dozen United States weapons systems were stolen by Chinese hackers.

The hackers, who are reportedly employed by the Chinese government to help advance their military system, have been a growing threat for some time now.

Amongst the systems stolen were those critical to US missile defenses for Europe, Asia, and the Gulf, and combat aircrafts and ships....

What political party would this serve?

The government is invasive, dangerous and a threat. 

The government is big and bloated and expensive.

As a lifelong career criminal, (click here) although I no longer enjoy the right to keep and bear arms, I'd like to take a moment to express my appreciation to the National Rifle Association for nonetheless protecting my ability to easily obtain them through its opposition to universal background checks.

Upon release in a few years from my current federal sentence on bank robbery and weapons charges, I fully anticipate being able to stop at a gun show on my way home to Connecticut -- where new laws have made it nearly impossible for a felon to readily purchase guns or ammunition -- in order to buy some with which to resume my criminal activities..
One might want to ask whom exactly the big, bloated, expensive, invasive, dangerous and threatening government is actually serving.

Mitt Romney was and is private equities.

Now, who was it that was so ambitious they wanted to effect the outcome of the 2012 election to provide the Associated Press with a reason to publish?

The justification for the corruption must have gone like this: "I mean this information can't be all that because Mitt was involved with the Olympics. He would know, right?"

Meta Data or spelled Metadata.

Who collects Meta Data in the private sector?

Metadata is 'data about data.' It has no specifics, but, it does provide trends. It does provide patterns.

Who in the private sector collects metadata?

No one? This is only an activity of the federal government?

Baloney. Private industry collects metadata all the time. They use it for marketing, to attract advertisers, to create commercials. The private sector collects it all the time.


Let's just say I am right and the EVIDENCE of all the leaks in the near past is a torrent and not a leak. I mean the Olympics? Get for real. Even Holder stated this was the worst leak he has ever witnessed in all his years in government. 

The Olympics were hacked by someone with national security clearance because the Republicans wanted to win a Presidential Election. 

So, let's just say there is a torrent of federal government security clearance in the private sector, especially in the Private Equities market.

Getting the picture, yet?

Wall Street. Private equities is Wall Street. Wall Street is SUPPOSED to thrive on secrecy, patents, brilliant minds seeing incredible information of opportunity. 

Now, there is such a torrent of national security clearance in the private sector that anyone can tap into it.

Now, ANY Wall Street firm can tap into the information about Metadata the federal government is collecting with their well paid employees to determine what everyone else knows. Is there any exclusive nature to the big bucks Wall Street, especially the equities market, is obtaining? No

So, why not come up with a complaint about metadata that closes the loop. Why not come up with a complaint whereby the average citizen is a VICTIM of their own government, when it actually is the complete opposite. 

See, Wall Street private equities don't want to give up with well paid employees, like Petraeus, for national security clearance. They are finding having a well paid employee with national security clearance PROFITABLE. There is a direct relationship between national security clearance and the private equities market otherwise they won't doing this. Private Equities has nothing to do with national security. They make money by investing in companies involved in national security. 

Given Wall Street doesn't want to give up it's national security clearance they then want to shut down the only place where 'a common source' exists. They want to shut down the USA government metadata collection. They want to shut it down not because it is a sincere problem for Americans or a danger to them, but, because they don't want to share what they know with everyone else on Wall Street with the same ability to tap into the national security of the USA.

The Associated Press was more than willing to expose the threat of an attack at the Olympics. They put millions of people, international athletes, national security of an entire globe of countries at risk to win a presidential election. Does anyone actually believe Wall Street cares whether metadata saves lives? Did they care anyone had a job in the USA? Did they care if anyone ate food from day to day?

This mess isn't about personal safety from the USA government, it is about how Snowden and Manning had a rush of conscience to prove to the country exactly how corrupt the 'business' of national security is and how much the average American doesn't know about the activities in the name of national security.

It is all bullshit. The Bush White House committed crimes against humanity and Wall Street has complete access to USA national security to buy and sell the future of the American economy.

At this point do I think China has incredible hackers? No. I think the USA isn't at all secure anymore. That is more the truth than any idea.

The media has really become a hostage to the culture of fear, hasn't it?

I can't believe there is such paranoid behavior within the media to lead Americans by the nose down the path paved with gold.

Look, the leaking of national security secrets is not new. These TORRENTS, not leaks,  has been in existence now since the Bush/Cheney White House. They were the ones that built this demonic security machine. They were the ones that provided the ability for those with security clearance to be hired to the private equity industry and continue their clearance.

Cheney is a maniac. He wasn't about to leave the White House without being able to spy on every action of it under any future leader.

I find it more than interesting the USA Military had to stretch the truth about Bradley Manning's leak to include the fact Osama bin Laden looked at Wikileaks and demanded thumb drives by his messenger. That is a hideous and made for movies charge of Manning.

I am quite confident spying by the private sector for it's own use by former government officials has absolutely no consequences. There are NO criminal measures, not even misdemeanors, that anyone in the private sector suffers when they spy on the activities of our government. It is why the USA military needed to lie about the extent Manning compromised the nation. The fact bin Laden read Wikileaks on a thumb drive is nonsense. 

Manning and Snowden have done NOTHING compared to the level of spying by the private sector on the USA government EVERY DAY. They suffer no consequences. The ONLY problem here is that now the USA Public knows there is no such thing as National Security and it is scary for the USA military to admit that.