Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Voter ID Laws are racist and unconstitutional. I mean you gotta be joking. No AG recognizes that?

The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution GUARANTEES equal protection to all USA citizens REGARDLESS of race, color or creed.

What seems to be the problem?

This Amendment has historical significance to this topic.  It was passed on June 13, 1866.  That year means anything to anyone?  1866?  

The union army beat the pants off the confederate army.  The 14th Amendment was passed by the legislative branch of the USA in 1866 after the war ended.  It wasn't just providing assurance that the White Folks could still vote.  I mean they could, but, that wasn't the purpose of the amendment.

Friday, Sep. 30, 2011
S.C. voter ID count excluded thousands (click title to entry - thank you)
By Jim Davenport - The Associated Press
COLUMBIA -- More than 74,000 people who skipped voting in past elections may have been excluded from data used to estimate how many voters lack state issued identification that’s at the heart of South Carolina’s new law requiring photo IDs to vote, the State Election Commission said Friday.
Under the new law, people have to present photographic identification at precinct polling places to cast regular ballots. The data crunching is important because it will be used to reach out to voters to make sure they know about the change, an issue the U.S. Justice Department is concerned about as it reviews the law.
There’s enough question about the data that the state on Friday delayed filing responses to the U.S. Justice Department’s questions about the new voter ID law, Deputy Attorney General Bryan Stirling said....

The thing is this, the fourteenth amendment clearly states all citizens regardless of their GENETIC composition, socioeconomic status or ability to 'get a ride' to obtain a photo ID can VOTE.  That was CAN vote.  Even if the citizen is a white folk.

The Fourteenth Amendment does NOT say that all USA citizens are equal WITH REMEDIATION either.  Getting a ride to obtain a photo ID is remediation.  Seriously.  South Carolina law enforcement that give free rides doesn't know that?  How is it that police officers offering free rides that enforce an unconstitutional and racist law actually find that a good and kind thing to do?  I mean we heard last week how FAITH BASED VOTING is actually illegal.  And now this?  Wow.

What has come of my country?

The 14th Amendment had enough states ratifying it about two years after the bill passed the legislature and was signed into law.  That is sort of status quo for most amendments to the USA Constitution.  About two years.  

Interesting document, the USA Constitution.  What is NOT interesting is when dysfunctional state governments are trying to deliberately hurt citizens.  That is not interesting at all.


...But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the executive and judicial officers of a state, or the members of the legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged,...

Purposeful obstructionism is ABRIDGING the rights of African American voters.  It is UNDUE burden and is unlawful.

The number of voter fraud cases does not DICTATE otherwise AND the laws to enforce fraud actually work so therefore the voter registration and balloting WORKS without flaw, UNLESS, South Carolina is stating they have many cases of voter fraud other than that on record that would justify such actions by the legislature.  

The law the South Carolina Governor so pompously signed is RACIST.  I don't want to hear how that law is to impact the Democratic vote.  THAT is irrelevant.  The Black Voters are unduly impacted by a law that was UNNECESSARY.  When a voter is denied a vote by obstructionist legislation it is HIGHLY illegal and I would think especially considering the law is unconstitutional, there would be grounds for impeachment of the Governor.

End of discussion.

Name calling? The Republicans have resorted to name calling of the President's Bus?

The American Taxpayer purchased a bus with the specifications the Secret Service required.  The real crime is that there was no bus manufactured in the USA that would meet those specifications.

Why isn't Republican leadership as astounded by the FACT there is no USA bus manufacturer that can build a custom made bus to meet the requirements of the Secret Service?

That is the problem.  Not the fact this bus was made in Canada, at least they are allies.  Why wasn't it made in the USA?  Why?

...When the Secret Service decided (click title to entry - thank you) to order custom-made buses, it wanted a particular model only available from Quebec-based manufacturer Prevost, said Ed Donovan, a spokesman for the agency.
"The vehicle had to support the weight of security and communication equipment that we had," Donovan said in an interview. "Our understanding was that that was the only model that could do it."
Donovan said the Secret Service ordering a custom-built bus gave the agency "a level of security that we couldn't achieve by doing it the other way."
President George W. Bush rode on a bus from the same Canadian manufacturer for a spring 2004 "Yes, America Can" campaign tour through the Midwest....
Republican tactics may work, but, they are completely moronic.  They state the President's Bus was made in Canada as if he went out and purchased it himself as a preference to one made in the USA.  That would be interesting, but, why would he not have the choice of "Buying American?"  Answer that one !
What is completely hideous about all this is that Republicans actually PARTICIPATE in the Moron Game.  What does that say about what they believe about the electorate?  Are they willing to be morons for their preferred party or are they actually declining an education in hopes it will have a purpose of political domination?

Understand the concept of guild? Trade unions? Business clubs?




Sharing costs?  Buying in bulk?  Purchasing insurance at lower group rates?

Go.  Do.  Be happy.  Make it work, everyone has gotten this far!

I have a computer. It is custom made for me.

I paid $1400 for the tower initially without any peripherals and about every six months to a year I take it back to the 'custom shop' for a tune up.  They run the programs, keep it clean and install any upgrades I may need or would like without paying for an entire unit.

The components in the computer are manufactured, but, the machine is custom assembled and serviced.  It has been years since I first spent that $1400 and I would have purchased at least two other towers in that time.  It has cost me less in all these years and I have had state of the art components and hassle free internet access the entire time.

Moral of the story:  "BREAK IT DOWN" and go to work.

A person doesn't have to design and make the dress for their dress shop themselves, they can 'home manufacture' through a friends network dedicated to whatever quality the consumer base is demanding.  We already know the 'designer certification' that will be on it.

Taxing the wealthy is an answer to bring down national debts, but, with a movement that spans ...

...cities and countries, there is an automatic client base once organized to take the consumer base away from Wall Street and return it to the people.

The global community needs to find a way to have a secure 'global market place' where goods and services are known to have 'the human element' of which merchandising takes place.

This is a local concept that has a global customer base.  The biggest task for those that decide to take the fat away from the fat cats need to be aware of 'market share' and limiting a portion to themselves while developing skills in apprentices.  It will work.  The Movement needs a trade market to provide reassurance the product being purchased is '#Occupy Wall Street" approved.

Certifications can eventually be a part of this paradyme shift.  Certifications are very popular.  Woods are certified.  Green products are certified, especially those sold in backpacking communities.  The Red List.  #Occupy Wall Street could define itself by developing a certification process which will employ people as well, but, will 'set up the market place' where transactions are guaranteed not to feed Wall Street.

Good luck.  I know you are all up to it.  An automatic Global Market Place is huge.  Greed is not an option.