Friday, March 19, 2010

The problem with Curtis Wright's America is that it simply returns the Repblicans back to office under an alias.

The Tea Baggers don't bother to recognize the very values they emulate are the same as the ones that were the basis of the corruption that angers them.

They believe simply changing horses in mid-stream will solve the problem and they blame their plight on the 'person' and NOT the values that caused the corruption in the first place.

The Tea Baggers are no different than the Republicans that nearly destroyed the sovereignty of the USA. They believe in a Plutocracy, NOT, a democracy.

They hide behind the flag to accomplish their ill derived goals.

The term "plutocracy" is formally defined as government by the wealthy, and is also sometimes used to refer to a wealthy class that controls a government, often from behind the scenes. More generally, a plutocracy is any form of government in which the wealthy execise the prepondernce of political power, whether directly or indirectly.

The Plutocracy that is the basis of The Tea Bagger and Republican ideologies have made it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Money Grubbers

The Supreme Court kills campaign finance reform. (click here)

...Citizens United is an ideological group, like the NRA or Planned Parenthood, except that it takes for-profit corporate funding. It produced an anti-Hillary Clinton documentary. The group wanted to air the documentary during the 2008 presidential primary season through a cable television video-on-demand service and to advertise for it on television. In exchange for a $1.2 million fee, a cable-television-operator consortium would have made the documentary available to subscribers to download free on demand....

Citizens United Prevails At Supreme Court (click here)

...The leading winners from the court's decision are powerful incumbent officeholders. Corporations often have a great deal at stake in legislative decision-making. Therefore, they are anxious to win the favor of officeholders who they perceive are in a position to help them on legislation. This effect was shown in 2002 when then-Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, raised $749,000 from 20 corporations in support of his Texans for a Republican Majority political action committee. Many of the corporate executives knew that the contributions were of questionable legality and little or nothing about DeLay's plans for the money. They knew only that DeLay wanted funds, and pleasing DeLay was important to the corporations' objectives in Congress....

The real goal of Plutocrats is NO CHANGE, just oppression.

If voters want to 'throw the bumbs out.'

Make sure they are the right bumbs and not just a carbon copy.

New Hanover County is among the most corrupt counties in the county.

The County Commissioners want to pass a sales tax. They used a recent survey, paid for by the taxpayers, to determine their political clout to weather the storm should they pass the tax on consumers.

They have no reverence for the people of Wilmington and that goes for the Mayor and Council as well. They only know power and how to manipulate the vote. They are horrible people.

As a matter of fact the university in Wilmington was dismissed from testing the water quality because they did too good a job. Their reports were highly technical and complete. In stead of the university performing this quality work, the county commissioners awarded private contracts to companies that claim the pollution cannot be 'point sourced' to know where it comes from. Therefore, the private company simply states 'unattainable' as if that is suppose to be a legitimate report. The county commissioners don't care about the people of New Hanover, they do like the monies though.

Jason R. Thompson, Chairman (click here)

...Overall, the poll summary (click title to entry - thank you) said that county commissioners are “well liked” as individuals, but that “the low job approval rating is more of a reflection of attitudes against government in general.”

The poll summary did not provide details on what voters said about the commissioners....

Curtis Wright talks about termination from BIG Talker

I hope this is the beginning of the Murdoch empire cleaning up its act.

This is the guy. The one that lent his radio program to organizing a political party called The Tea Party.

The ethical and potentially legal issues surrounding his actions along with that of the entire 'infortainers' of Murdoch and Rush networks is far more than worrisome. It is more than interesting that his boss actually ran for Mayor.

There is a lot "W"rong here. Conflict of interest is only the beginning. They are also influence peddling. I wouldn't be surprised that it can be viewed as racketeering.

...Knight says Curtis lived (click title to entry - thank you) and breathed that radio show, which brought in ratings and revenue for the media company. He says the termination was a long time coming and has to do with issues that take place behind the scenes, off air.

"Everybody is allowed to have a bad day, but don't have 2,3,4,5 and don't go stirring up a bunch of mess with my staff because that's the quickest way to be asked to leave," said Knight.

Curtis said his relationship with Knight changed after his boss ran for mayor, but Knight says he gave Curtis a letter of immunity allowing him to speak freely on air about the race....

Privatizing Post Offices was the worst idea the government ever had, they are ripping off the public.

I was just at the Eastchester Road Mail Drop in High Point, North Carolina. I had two items to mail that needed delivery confirmation. I paid more than I should have.

The woman at the counter is the owner and operator to the place. When she weighed the packages she leaned on the scale with her hand for the first one. Then she left extraneous papers that were to be my receipts on the scale for the second one. Those papers no matter how they were might be minor in weight add up when it is one customer after another that she services.

I won't ever go back there and I don't believe the USA Mail is safe at her operation.

To much responsibility to the public and too much temptation to commit fraud. The Post Office should not have done it.

Mideast Quartet calls for freeze on Israeli settlement activity

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden
Netanyahu's spokesman Nir Chefetz (click here) said the Israeli leader had proposed some "mutual confidence-building steps" that both Israel and the Palestinians could take in the West Bank. He declined to spell these out.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon

..."The members of the Quartet (click title to entry - thank you) have agreed that we will use every available opportunity to encourage the Israelis and Palestinians to resume indirect talks. We think that the announcement that we have made today states very clearly the assessment of the situation and paves the way first towards the start of indirect talks, and then to direct talks," Lavrov said.

Ban and Clinton condemned the Israeli housing plans and demanded that all settlement activity be halted.

"The Quartet urges the government of Israel to freeze all settlement activity, including natural growth, dismantle outposts erected since March 2001 and to refrain from demolitions and evictions in East Jerusalem," Ban said.

"We all condemn the (settlement) announcement and we are all expecting both parties to move toward the proximity talks," Clinton added.

Ban also said that a new peace agreement between the Israeli and Palestinian authorities should be reached within 24 months....