Friday, May 24, 2013

Is this not what ALEC is all about?

The citizens of this country pay a good deal of money for parliamentarians to write correct legislation. There is the Inspector General's Office to keep those elected honest. There is the Congressional Budget Office to help with challenging math questions, so what is the problem in Washington?

Corruption AGAIN.

I don't care the party, it is time to cut the umbilical cord.

by Eamon Murphy 
March 24, 2013

A dispatch from the Dodd-Frank (click here) wars in our nation's capital: Big banks seeking to roll back financial reform have returned to lawmakers' good graces -- not just Republicans, who opposed the regulatory bill in the first place, but many Democrats, too....

ALEC (click here) is an organization where the nexus between Wall Street and State governments come together to rob the Middle Class of their dignity and impoverish good, decent, hard working people.

The hapless lawmakers don't care about the nexus, as a matter of fact those following the instructions of the Pre-Fab legislation receive political funding from those influencing the entire process. There ain't nothin' like it. The campaign donors pay for the candidates that then pass the legislation paid for by those that funded the candidates.

There is something different at the federal level? Yes or no. The legislators are on a committee they know nothing about so they accept the dictates of Wall Street Banks in order function and appear to be competent when they haven' t got a clue?

I have to admit, Senator Elizabeth Warren has a point, where are the collective prosecutions for conflict of interest. And don't stop there, ethics needs to come to bear with any member of the House or Senate that pledges allegiance to the Greenback rather than the American people. 

I sincerely don't believe the American people need any more 'hard lessons' about 'the real world of economics.' The real world where corrupt politicians are massaged by Big Money Banks, Big Oil or any other interest that seeks to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate. 

It screams investigation. It is just a matter as to whom will conduct it.

Given the fact Morgan lost billions in venture capital regardless of what Morgan calls it, there has to be real pause to think the same people are assisting USA legislators. Is anyone sure the legislators aren't writing legislation that will allow Morgan to conduct the same stupidity with the USA Treasury? Or better yet, personal advise on the side by the unelected bank-legislator to be sure the compliant Congressmen/women completely understand how important their correctness actually can be.

I'll put it this way.

The legitimacy of the American Press is sincerely in question when there is no reliable source of information. 

On Sunday Crowley stated there were three ongoing prosecutions and today Blitzer reports there is six. 

Amazing, AG Holder has been more ambitious in three days than I could have ever imagined.

Do I believe there are three ongoing investigation? Why should I?

There is no there there. AG Holder is not council to the President.

  • The latest picture being used to portray a shady White House is when AG Holder appeared with President Obama at the Police Memorial.

  • Article by: Associated Press
    Updated: May 15, 2013 - 11:50 AM

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama (click here) is honoring police officers killed in the line of duty, saying members of law enforcement never let down their guard and that the public they serve should "never let slide our gratitude."
Obama was speaking Wednesday at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service, an annual ceremony to remember those officers who died the previous year.
Among those Obama singled out was Bruce St. Laurent, a 20-year veteran of the Jupiter, Fla. police department killed last September when his motorcycle was struck during an Obama motorcade.
Obama said he is always mindful of the sacrifices made by police officers assigned to protect him and his family.

We already know FOX News doesn't care about the nation, so it is no surprise with Ed Henry leading the White House pack they would find a way to get away with compromising the national security of a nation. This is just as egregious as hacking the phone of a dead person.

May 24, 2013
By Alex Pareene

Attorney General Eric Holder (click here) personally signed off on the warrant naming Fox News journalist James Rosen a “possible co-conspirator” in violation of the Espionage Act, Michael Isikoff reported yesterday. Which is sort of awkward, because Barack Obama also yesterday told the country (the whole country) that he didn’t want to criminalize reporting, and that he was going to ask his Justice Department to make sure not to do that anymore....

The Press knows what has occurred with the DOJ is legal. What they are hoping to continue to do is raise suspicion to the administration and branding it an oppressive government. make sure not to do that anymore....

For real? President Obama stated he was going to tell AG Holder not to do his job when it comes to journalists. That is like screaming, "Mommy, brother is doing it again."

By David Weigel
May 23, 2013

Journalists should not be at legal risk for doing their jobs. (click here) Our focus must be on those who break the law. That is why I have called on Congress to pass a media shield law to guard against government over-reach. I have raised these issues with the Attorney General, who shares my concern. So he has agreed to review existing Department of Justice guidelines governing investigations that involve reporters, and will convene a group of media organizations to hear their concerns as part of that review. And I have directed the Attorney General to report back to me by July 12th....

...Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on a controversial search warrant that identified Fox News reporter James Rosen as a “possible co-conspirator” in violations of the Espionage Act and authorized seizure of his private emails, a law enforcement official told NBC News on Thursday...

I don't believe the warrant is controversial when it is to protect the country. So, I think in order for journalists to be taken seriously, there needs to be a legal analysis of what is involved.

Can AG Holder sign off on this document? Yes.

Can the DOJ be suspicious of a journalist seeking and obtaining information in regard to national security / defense? Yes. 

Is it plausible a journalist could be in violation of the Espionage Act? Yes.

Does anyone believe FOX News would do something dangerous to the nation seeking leverage for Republicans? Yes.

Does anyone believe FOX News is capable of all the DOJ alleges? Yes.

Does anyone believe FOX News would seek to leverage public opinion in it's favor after it caused problems for the nation? You betcha.

So basically, when it comes to these issues, reporting the facts is good, but, there needs to be more objective JOURNALISM to prevent adverse opinions of the profession and the professionals. I would think I didn't have to write that.

Richard Nixon's downfall was due to investigative journalism facilitated by an informant with intimate information about him and his paranoid personality. It was not facilitated by national security information. Get for real.

I'd be more worried about President Obama if he stayed away from the Police Memorial. Understand why? If not? Then one doesn't understand what a healthy life and asserting one's authority means. I don't believe President Obama is the man with the problem. 

It would serve the Press better if they didn't go out of their way to victimize the authority of the USA and the people that legitimately use it in the way it was intended.

If Mr. Rozen is having a problem that is his own doing.

It is not admissible in court. It was released by his attorney. It is an attempt to pollute the jury pool.

George Zimmerman, charged with killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, arrives in Seminole circuit court, in Sanford, Fla., with attorney Mark O'Mara (l.) for a pretrial hearing on April 30. Mr. Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial is currently set for June, but his lawyers are seeking a delay.

Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/Pool/AP/File

By Stacy Teicher KhadarooStaff writer / May 23, 2013

Ultimately, (click here) many of the photos and cellphone records of Trayvon Martin released online Thursday by George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys – indicating that the slain teenager smoked marijuana, got into fights at school, and had an interest in, and perhaps access to, guns – may be ruled inadmissible in court. But they are already making the rounds in the court of public opinion, which can influence everything from fundraising efforts to the mind-set of potential jurors in Mr. Zimmerman's murder trial....

The description of Trayvon Martin in the video that accompanies this article is horrible. It seeks to portray him as a criminal, "...he took one in the chest...". That as if he was a participant in criminal activity that included 'taking one in the chest' as a potential to the activity of walking to his Father's home.

The media is backing the NRA and pro-gun money while attempting to portray the plaintiff as a victim of the system.

S. Amendment 711 - legal guns - continued

Page S2603 refers to the page in the Congressional Register where these weapons are listed.

[[Page S2603]] (click here)
       ``Meacham High Wall(below)
The type of rifle action that is known as the highwall (click here) was originally invented by John Moses Browning and patented in 1879. At that time Winchester Repeating Arms Co. was very successfully selling their model 73 and 76 repeating rifles but these actions were too week to be used with the large powerful cartridges used by western hunters and the repeaters were not well liked by the publicity generating target shooters of the day. In the early 1880"s a Winchester executive heard of the Browning rifle and eventually bought the Patent and hired Mr. Browning, the beginning of very fruitful relationship.
       ``Merkel K1 Lightweight Stalking Rifle
       ``Merkel K2 Custom Stalking Rifle
       ``Model 1885 High Wall Rifle
       ``Navy Arms #2 Creedmoor Rifle
       ``Navy Arms 1873 John Bodine Rolling Black Rifle
       ``Navy Arms 1873 Springfield Cavalry Carbine
       ``Navy Arms 1874 Sharps Rifles
       ``Navy Arms 1874 1885 High Wall Rifles
       ``Navy Arms Rolling Block Buffalo Rifle
       ``Navy Arms Sharps ``Quigley'' Rifle
       ``Navy Arms Sharps Cavalry Carbine
       ``Navy Arms Sharps Plains Rifle
       ``New England Firearms Handi-Rifle
       ``New England Firearms Sportster/Versa Pack Rifle
       ``New England Firearms Survivor Rifle
       ``Red Willow Armory Ballard No. 1.5 Hunting Rifle
       ``Red Willow Armory Ballard No. 4.5 Target Rifle
       ``Red Willow Armory Ballard No. 5 Pacific
       ``Red Willow Armory Ballard No. 8 Union Hill Rifle
       ``Red Willow Armory Ballard Rifles
       ``Remington Model Rolling Block Rifles
       ``Remington Model SPR18 Blued(below - sold in a set online for $750.00 - click here)
Bluing is used to protect the metal used to make guns. Some handgun owners prefer stainless steel because it does not rust. Guns worn close to the body in concealed carry absorb body heat in their holsters. That means they heat up when carried and cool down when not carried. That change in temperature creates condensation of water. Water causes rusting. Refinishing guns using a bluing process can remove rust and provide a nice finish to the gun. Guns that are blued are often less expense to purchase. I think he needs better ventilation, but, one would have to know what the rest of his new shop looks like.

       ``Remington Model SPR18 Nickel
There are different 'finishes' to guns and obviously bluing and nickel are options. Handgun owners sometimes prefers 
       ``Remington Model SPR18 Single Shot Rifle
       ``Remington-Style Rolling Block Carbine
       ``Rossi Match Pairs Rifles
       ``Rossi Single Shot Rifles
       ``Rossi Wizard
       ``Ruger No. 1 RSI International
       ``Ruger No. 1 Stainless Sporter
       ``Ruger No. 1 Stainless Standard
       ``Ruger No. 1A Light Sporter
       ``Ruger No. 1B Single Shot
       ``Ruger No. 1H Tropical Rifle
       ``Ruger No. 1S Medium Sporter
       ``Ruger No. 1V Special Varminter
       ``Sharps 1874 Old Reliable
       ``Shiloh 1875 Rifles
       ``Shiloh Sharps 1874 Business Rifle(below)
There are other aspects to gun collecting. There are many aspects to ownership and operation. One is an age old practice called lubrication.
Far and away (click here) the most common problem I see when instructing is lack of proper lubrication. This goes for civilians, LE, and military. Of the groups I train on a regular basis military Spec Ops definitely understands the importance of lube the most but it is still common to find weapons not lubricated properly. And what I mean by properly is having lube in/on the working parts of the weapon.
Many weapon systems will not tolerate lack of lubrication and continue to function for any length of time. The US military M16/M4 family and M9 pistol are prime examples of two weapons that do not work well or for long without lubricant. Another example is tightly fitted custom or semi custom 1911 pistols. Simply put these weapons and others REQUIRE lubricant to function reliably – no way around it....
``Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range Express ``Shiloh Sharps 1874 Military Carbine ``Shiloh Sharps 1874 Military Rifle ``Shiloh Sharps 1874 Montana Roughrider ``Shiloh Sharps Creedmoor Target ``Thompson/Center Contender Carbine ``Thompson/Center Contender Carbine Survival System ``Thompson/Center Contender Carbine Youth Model ``Thompson/Center Encore ``Thompson/Center Stainless Contender Carbine ``Thompson/Center TCR '87 Single Shot Rifle ``Thompson/Encore Rifles ``Traditions 1874 Sharps Deluxe Rifle(below)
``Traditions 1874 Sharps Standard Rifle ``Traditions Rolling Block Sporting Rifle ``Uberti (Stoeger Industries) Sharps Rifles ``Uberti 1871 Rolling Block Rifle/Carbine ``Uberti 1874 Sharps Sporting Rifle ``Uberti 1885 High Wall Rifles ``Uberti Rolling Block Baby Carbine ``Uberti Springfield Trapdoor Carbine/Rifle ``Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles
I'll start here next time. Thank you for your interest.

To assume there is nothing, absolutely nothing, "W"rong with the tax structure victimizes all of us.

Lois Learner is a prime example of why public employees need unions to slow down any process.

Public employees, especially those in leadership positions, become scapegoats for politics. The scapegoating by Republicans of an iconic figure is a strategy, not problem solving. 

I think we need to realize these people invest a great deal of their lives and aspirations into public service. They need to be valued and not a toy for politics. In many instances the people are lucky to have them and that should never be under appreciated, hence, unions to provide a grievance process to actually find a path through the weeds. It happens in private industry as well when a boss decides he isn't the problem so much as his employee(s). But, that is not the case here.

I think there is a lot to this 'so called' scandal. The depth of the issue is beyond the scandal. The scandal characterizes Republicans as a victim. That is a convenient lie. There is a lot of money involved with these groups and it is very odd to think such wealthy organizations actually need the non-profit status yet alone be considered a charity.

Yes, I am stating these organization never deserved the tax designation in the first place. If the Supreme Court is hapless our tax structure should not be.

This method of applying non-profit to political entities allows corporations to benefit. The organizations for the sizable treasuries they hold don't really need the status so much as the money. So these political organizations provide a great benefit to Wall Street tax returns, not their operational status. That is more the issue than any other here.

There is no real measure of their success in being a charitable organization under 501(c)4. When one looks at other large foundations that carry this designation it is completely obvious the benefit society receives for their charitable tax status.

In the case of political organizations can we actually say that is true? There is no measure of the QUALITY of their work in relation to the benefit society receives. The messages these organization frequently purport to be important are lies and misdirected truths taken out of context. They seek to victimize candidates by societal discrimination based in social bias rather than sincere issues people face, ie: The Willy Horton problem. The Willy Horton advertisement did a terrible thing, it provided a greater fear of African Americans instilled in the American psyche that still carries scars on our people today.

How is the USA suppose to justify placing any burden on the IRS if the definition of benevolence is not directed to the 501(c)4 designation. Those designations are suppose to be benevolent and not victimizing. It is time the Congress address the status of the entire designation and how to better craft the clarity of it without stating, "...shame, shame..." on those at the IRS. Scapegoating might make the Republicans feel better and get that 'feel good feeling' but it doesn't resolve the underlying problem.

I thank Ms. Learner, regardless of the ugly outcome, for all she has strived to do at the IRS. Absolutely no one from the government writing the darn regulations has made it easy. I would like to entertain Ms. Learner be part of a commission to reform IRS laws and return function to our tax structure. I have a great deal of confidence in her loyalty to the USA and how best to bring about meaningful change.

Perhaps the US Treasury Secretary should be worrying more about IRS regulations than currently seems to be his focus.
I think we need a new tradition at American bachelor parities.

The last version of the Little Black Book includes a phone number. The burgeoning married man needs to give up the old phone number as well as his bride and take on new ones to bring about a refreshed relationship before they tie the knot.

Don't stop now Anthony. The House not been the same. That, sir, is leadership.

Representative Rangel should endorse former Representative Weiner for Mayor of New York City. Then again, maybe an endorsement from an admonished Congressman isn't really a good idea. 

Mr. Weiner consider your critics. 

The sad truth about Democrats in New York is they are magnificently qualified to lead, but, as in the case of the Sheriff of Wall Street, any wedge to destroy their careers serves Wall Street and not the people of the USA or New York or New York City. Turn this around, Anthony. Please.

Inclusion of children is the best the BSA can do?

The Boy Scouts of America (click here) has decided to allow openly gay Scouts to join the organization but not gay Scout leaders. Sixty-one percent of the National Council who cast ballots supported the controversial proposal.

I suppose it is a church thing. There is still hope for the young gay, but, forbid adult gays as a role model. Or is it the BSA actually believes all adult gays lust after young gay boys? I mean which is it? I find the new BSA policy ludicrous.

If I had a gay son I would never trust BSA one day with his mind or heart. See, as a young scout he is acceptable and even sought after, but, as an adult he really sucks.

Why start the ball rolling and then cast him to the street in front of the church?

The Boy Scouts of America failed AGAIN.