Saturday, July 14, 2012

Video First: Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs in Den (click here for Snow Leopard Trust - thank you)

...The dens of two snow leopard mothers and their cubs (click here) have been located in Mongolia for the first time, with new, unprecedented video showing the mothers and their young inside the den, a conservation organization announced yesterday (July 12)....

Really, Republicans? Really? I am trying to figure out whom is more dependent on government supplements the wealthy or the poor.

...Schmidt broke with conservatives (click title to entry - thank you) on the committee who were pushing to slash that nutrition program by billions more -- joining with Democrats and a handful of other Republicans in voting against an amendment that would have doubled the SNAP reductions to about $33 billion. Schmidt reportedly made an emotional plea to her GOP colleagues to vote against the cuts....

My youngest son has six children, two are his step children. He is a very ambitious man. He has a taxi service. Family own and operated, small business. He has his time schedule full.

He is a smart business man, but, I doubt he would be accepted to Harvard. He put his NEEDS to work when he decided to bring LOCAL farmers into his weekly business activities. It isn't simple feeding six children and two adults. One of the children has allergies and needs a special diet. That has been since she was born. So, her diet is without any additives or artificial stuff. As a result the household is generally healthier. 


What he decided to do with his very busy week is to set aside one day to market local produce. He works with a statewide network and receives deliveries of produce, spices, bread products, all sorts of stuff depending on the season. He first went around to the neighborhoods he services with his taxi and promoted the idea of 'produce boxes.' When he received orders he became part of the network to receive the produce products his customers requested. I don't know how many boxes he sells per week but he makes $2.50 per box and he clusters his delivery. 

He provides a valuable service to the community and to himself. He considers himself lucky to have the businesses he has because otherwise he would be dependent. He has customized his life and his enterprises to fit his needs and abilities. He is a very smart man. Considering how challenged he was at one time in his life, I considered the fact he would always be dependent. He isn't, but, he could be and if his marginal existence ever fails him and it could; he and his children will need Food Stamps.

I certainly don't consider a government benevolent or 'ready' to take care of its citizens if it is not ready for failure of the private sector to protect their interests. The Republicans are always seeking to increase the danger to the marginal citizens in our country. They are our citizens, they deserve the lives they were born into and they deserve the right to opportunity. When a citizen works as hard as they can to achieve a good and happy life and the private sector fails, it is not their fault. I know that for a fact. I have the personal stories.

The government has to be ready to step up and provide support to its citizens when the private sector fails and it fails royally, especially when Republicans deregulate with promises of jobs. It is a joke. Deregulation that will ultimately lead to private sector failure, bubble and bust, is the most hideous ideology an elected official could have. So, the Farm Bill is 70 to 80 percent about Food Stamps/SNAP. So cuts to these programs are outrageous because the private sector is constantly deregulated by Republicans whom scoff at the very people they should be PLEDGING to protect from failure.

One last thought. My son. The one with six children. He tried working for the private sector. Yep. The jobs he worked told him he wasn't productive enough. Joke. I mean a joke! I don't know a more ambitious man, including his brother.