Friday, September 17, 2010

Case in point. The damage done by the Bush Administration and its aggressive Rumsfeld/Cheney agenda of global domination.

The issue of selling the missiles to Syria was raised during the talks with U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Did Bush make the USA safer?


Secretary Gates took over an aggresive global agenda from Don Rumsfeld in 2006.  December 18, 2006.  Just before Christmas if that makes a difference.

I never envied his job post Rumsfeld and here is some of the aftermath of a Neocon determined to bring the global community under his thumb.

The contract Syria made with Russia was in 2007.  Three years ago.  There was dearly little to anything Secretary Gates could do to stop it.  Upping the 'ante' was all part of the justification of Bush and Cheney to increase the dominance of the USA.  Disarming was not in Bush's dogma.  He didn't understand the defintion of disarmament.  If one recalls he trashed the ABM Treaty.

So, what does a Robert Gates do about alliances that were taking place out of the need to secure their nations from a very aggressive and ambitious USA that wanted to rob the world of its natural resources to fuel the treasuries of companies such as Halliburton?

What Gates position was in 2007 with Bush as President was to maintain maximum readiness while concentrating on Iraq and its 'staging' to elections, etc. 

When it came to promoting peace there was no 'path' to success.  So, nations such as Syria which BORDERED Iraq was not about to be caught unprepared to protect its borders and rightfully so.  I am sure the 'finger pointing' by Rumsfeld at porous borders with Syria raised the ante all that much more.

So now, three years later, Syria is looking at a very different set of dynamics.  The USA is no longer engaged in battle and aggression in Iraq, we are concentrating on an insurgency in Afghanistan and the USA is no longer waving its finger at Syria about porous borders.

So, Russia is faced with living up to its contracts or BY CHANCE reconsidering such contracts to promote the Middle East Peace Process.  Will Secretary Gates and Secretary Clinton be able to deliver security to Syria, to provide confidence to allow that nation to step away from such a contract? 

Perhaps.  But, there is a dynamics in the Middle East that cannot be denied.  Increasing the 'hardware of war' has been on the agenda and after all we just began the process of settling a huge contract with Saudi Arabia ourselves.

I believe there is an opportunity to bring down the 'armament' tone of the Middle East, but, to be realistic 'at this point' the sincerely open path to all parties is to achieve a sense of security of nations and assess the 'likelihood' of those nations to actually use those weapons in aggression rather than defense.

To say the USA has a difficult 'path to peace' with all these nations is an understatement, but, to also realize it is proceeding and there is definately progress being made.  Not minor progress, but, sincere and measurable progress that seems like a 'relief' to Palestine as well as Israel.

The 'balance' to the Middle East has to be established and it means making these nations realize the brevity to their decisions in purchasing such weapons, the brevity of spending monies on weapons rather than on their people and the brevity of going to war.

The USA will never abandon Israel and 'in that' is the reality that Syria will have a good deal of trouble in stockpiling such weapons and placing itself at the center of a 'target' for even housing such weapons. 

The decision of 'arming a nation' has its own brevity and it is best all nations in the Middle East take it seriously and realize this is not a decision to make without its consequences. 

I do not see why this 'contract' that was entered into under the umbrella of fear by the Bush White House cannot still be rethought, but, if it should go forward I do not see why it will ever be an impediment to peace.  After all, Taiwan now has a productive relationship with China (which has nuclear weapons) and they never gave up their defense posture nor ever stopped protecting its people.

I do believe Secretary Clinton needs to get on with drawing up the ultimate contract and that is the one that will make all these armaments in the Middle East seeem completely silly.

Redefining power. Up to now, after eight years of self inflicted helplessness under "W" is OPPRESSION.

The MICRO - particulates will kill people.  They will claim STATES rights.  But, the Clean Air Act preempts the emmission issue.  IT IS NOT clean energy.  The Clean Air Act will require the ceasation of emissions as soon as 'THE WIND' carries the pollution over the state line.

FirstEnergy cleared for $200m Ohio biomass project

Published: August 18, 2010
...The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio has certified the 156-megawatt units at the Shadyside facility as eligible as renewable energy generators under state law.

The move means that any power generated by the power plant using biomass fuels can be classed as renewable energy under the state’s renewable energy credits system of incentives.
It would be eligible for up to 75MW of renewable energy credits from the project, more if the facility uses less than 20% coal and fuel oil....

I used to review Mike's blog on a regular basis over the years and maybe I need to do that again.  The review usually spoke for itself and all I needed to do was list the articles and briefly comment.  As of late, Michael Moore is becoming more 'Main Stream' than not and his work in Michigan has huge dynamics.  He literally revitalized Traverse City AND the region by introducing 'art' and 'film art' to a nearly extinct part of Michigan.  Northern Michigan was not only deteriorated and abandoned, but, down right primative.
Recently, Traverse City defeated the building of four Biomass Plansts that would have dumped tonnes and tonnes of deadly toxins in to a NEW TOURIST rich region that also hosts one of the most prestigious arts high schools on the planet.

Even though these sets of biomass plants are shelved and the city is seeking alternative energies and other methods of energy the sad truth about these plants are only beginning in the USA.  I could go on and on about Adenocarcomas and how they are the "Non-Smoker" lung cancer that result from deadly and tiny particles from biomass plants and coal plants, but, that would take some space and this isn't about 'conservation or energy.'  It is however, about the people of Michigan and the 'kindly' manner they have fostered within their culture to absorb disappointment and allow abuse of power.

I haven't read Ms. Huffington's book yet, but, I am hoping her "Third World America" has captured this exact phenomena in a real way.  Abuse of Power is real.  It causes oppression and we have witnessed it globally.  When populous of citizens are helpless to change their circumstances they don't 'retreat' but they do 'resign.'  They resign to being 'correct' and 'know the truth' and 'bond together' and 'hunker down at the local pub' to civilly talk about how lousy life actually is and how this was never explained to them as they sacrificed and toiled all their lives.

There are issues with Americans.  They have had thirty years or more years of Republican Oppression intermitently interrupted by a Democratic President that would set their circumstances straight.  To make the USA an honest and better place.  To revitalize THE TRUTH as the doctrine of the USA Constitution and take seriously 'the promise' so easily trashed by the Republicans Capitalistic Focus and Indulgence. 

There are millions of 'resigned' Americans within its borders.  The African American Community of the USA doesn't know what it is to be resigned, for if they did, they would never be allowed to be successful.

The USA needs to be 'disturbed' enough to save itself anymore 'blows to their freedoms' by idiots we are now witnessing mentored by flunkies like Palin, Gingrich and Murdoch.  Of the three, the only one that has managed to maintain their status for a lifetime is Murdoch.  Palin lost her Governorship to obsession of wealth and Gingrich was drummed out of the 'corp of Republicans' by making a 'contract with America' that turned out to be a 'bogus' PLEDGE.

You can call it 'draining the swamp' if you want, but, what is occurring in the USA is 'resignation of hope.'  The people of this country need to find their anger is a way that is productive and achieves purpose.  They need to fight the fires of hatred, even though they don't recognize it as hatred.

I frequently state, "President Obama sincerely loves us."  That means he takes himself and us seriously enough to seek out people like Elizabeth Warren to 'Fight the Good Fight."  He can't do it alone.  The 'Spirit of 1776" has to be revitalized even when sports heroes are wrongly ruled on.  Believe me the Tea Bagger have no idea what the Founding Father's Spirit is all about, they only know the one that Murdoch dictates and it doesn't even come close.

Get up and fight America, but, do it with an understanding that you've been 'beaten and abused' into an emotional corner that 'feels good' but has no real substance to sustain life in a democracy.

Those that demonstrated for peace under Bush know what the word oppression means when they faced snippers on rooftops while they were marching in a PERMITTED event.  They wore all their costumes and carried signs that would humilitate.  We are now today out of Iraq and will be leaving Afghansitan.  They were far from a failutre.

...But maybe the Bears game wouldn't be so bad had (click title to entry - thank you)  not Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers also had his perfect game ripped from him by an umpire back in June. Not only did he throw a perfect game (not a single batter made it to first base in 8 2/3 innings, a virtually impossible feat), but he also got the last out of the game by running over to first base himself to touch the bag in plenty of time before the runner got there.
There have only been 20 perfect games in the history of baseball. The 21st, by this umpire's own admission after the game, was stolen from Galarraga because of his bad call.
Neither call, in baseball or football, was reversed. And neither Detroiter asked for it to be. Galarraga and Johnson took their abuse with such good grace and forgiveness, it set an example that all of us wished we could see in sports every week. People were amazed not to witness any Motor City madmen action -- only humility and kindness.
Well, I'm from Flint, so I ain't all that forgiving. That these two huge blown calls could happen in the same summer to a town already so badly battered just sucks. I'm not saying that umps and refs have it out for Detroit. But ask yourself this: Do you think two blown calls on huge historic plays in one summer would be allowed without any howl or cry if they happened to two teams in New York? You know the answer....

Things are getting very silly when it comes to the Climate Crisis.

California Braces for Showdown on Emissions  (click title to entry - thank you)

Published: September 16, 2010
LOS ANGELES — A ballot initiative to suspend a milestone California law curbing greenhouse gas emissions is drawing a wave of contributions from out-of-state oil companies, raising concerns among conservationists as it emerges as a test of public support for potentially costly environmental measures during tough economic times.
Charles and David Koch, the billionaires from Kansas who have played a prominent role in financing the Tea Party movement, donated $1 million to the campaign to suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act, which was passed four years ago,...

There was a 2007 Decision by the USA Supreme Court mandating the EPA was to rule in the regulation of Greenhouse Gases.  This 'action' in California is empty and unconstitutional.  It won't survive the first court challenge.  It is nothing but an election stunt as far as I am concerned. 

I mean California was one of many states that sued the EPA under the Bush Administration that brought about the ruling in the first place.  This is a hideous petition and simply carries no brevity except for political rhetoric.  And the Koch 'addicts' are spending a million US on a campaign initiative, but, what else is new?

High Court Faults EPA Inaction on Emissions
Critics of Bush Stance on Warming Claim Victory
By Robert Barnes and Juliet Eilperin

Washington Post Staff Writers

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

..."EPA has offered no reasoned explanation for its refusal to decide whether greenhouse gases cause or contribute to climate change," Justice John Paul Stevens wrote for the majority. The agency "identifies nothing suggesting that Congress meant to curtail EPA's power to treat greenhouse gases as air pollutants," the opinion....

There is another article in the NY Times about tornadoes hitting the city.  Think 'HEAT SINK.'
What is a 'heat sink' and why are major metropolitan areas being struck by tornadoes?
A few years ago I was tracking a 'system' on radar and I could not believe what I saw.  As the system came closer to St. Louis, Missouri it was picking up vorticity (velocity).  The closer it got to the city the more danger there was and before much longer there were tornadoes warnings.  When I looked at the newspapers in regard to the 'aftermath' there was significant damage done to St. Matthew's church.  Of course, I blogged about it and to some it would seem as though God was speaking loud and clear. 

Supreme Court: EPA must address climate risk
The high court's 5-to-4 ruling Monday rejects the White House's view and hands environmentalists a major victory.
By Warren Richey, Staff Writer, Brad Knickerbocker, Staff Writer / April 3, 2007
The Environmental Protection Agency must take action to assess the environmental perils of global warming.
In a major victory for environmentalists, the US Supreme Court on Monday rejected the Bush administration's view that the EPA has discretion to decide when and how to best respond to international environmental threats. The vote was 5 to 4.
Instead, the high court said laws passed by Congress to protect the environment require the EPA to swing into action to assess environmental threats that jeopardize human health and safety.
"Under the clear terms of the Clean Air Act, EPA can avoid taking further action only if it determines that greenhouse gases do not contribute to climate change or if it provides some reasonable explanation," writes Justice John Paul Stevens for the majority. He says the agency had offered no reasonable explanation to avoid the clear instructions of the Clean Air Act.
"This is the congressional design," Justice Stevens writes. "EPA has refused to comply with this clear statutory command." Joining Stevens in the majority were Justices Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stephen Breyer....

BUT, there would be more of these 'city tornado episodes.'   There was one that struck a CNN studio and did a lot of damage.  It was all over the media and people were astounded by the force of what most people would term 'a strong storm.'  There would be a growing number of these 'incidents' which includes stadiums and the 'weather broadcasters' were calling them 'down blasts.'  Another name for a low level tornado of short duration.

In recent history New York City has experienced tornadoes.  I believe it was last year or the year before an F1 touched down doing a fair amount of damage to a community.

So am I surprised that while it seems 'more logical' to have 'tornado touchdowns' closer to Eastern Lake Ontario than NYC, the answer is "No."

Why?  I really think nearly anyone that understands the Climate Crisis began with Human Induced Global WARMING , will 'figure out' what a 'heat sink' is and why they are FUELING their own destructive storms.

Will they get worse?  Yes.  But, they will become more frequent before they get worse.  Or.  Will they?

If the cities are 'unsure' what to do with this phenomena, the white roofs will help, but, they need regular cleaning.  Also, one might recall an interest in a "Paris" design modeled after the "Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

What was that?  Let's see.

If you haven't run across Blanc's work before, prepare to be wowed. He's the creator of Le Mur Vegetal -- the remarkable "vertical gardens" that now adorn the exterior walls of buildings in Paris, Manhattan, Bangkok, and other cities. One notable example is the Musée du quai Branly in Paris (photo © goodduckling @ Flickr):

It is no substitution for healthy forests, but, it will soak up some carbon dioxide and anything 'green' will bring temperatures down.  Try walking across a street and then across a lawn.  Notice two things.  The level of noise caused by your feet and the temperature difference.

Below is the Massachusetts ruling that send same ot the Supreme Court.

While the court recognized the validity behind the science as opposed to the politics of the Bush White House.  One other thing.  Now that we know the Brisith scientists were victimized and the opposition that grew around the invasion of privacy of a professor's email is bogus, what happened to the investigation that would find and convict those that broke into the British university website?

...1. Petitioners have standing to challenge the EPA’s denial of their rulemaking petition. Pp. 12–23.
(a) This case suffers from none of the defects that would preclude it from being a justiciable Article III “Controvers[y].” See, e.g., Luther v. Borden, 7 How. 1. Moreover, the proper construction of a congressional statute is an eminently suitable question for federal-court resolution, and Congress has authorized precisely this type of challenge to EPA action,...