Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Kendrick Meeks needs resources from the DNC.

What is so difficult to understand here.  Kendrick had a former President and a former Vice President in Florida to join him in promoting a dynamic Democratic platform for his Senate seat. 

It is called RESPECT.  A follow up to the President and Vice President would be a good thing.  Nice actually.

Let's get on this thing.  From what I hear, Rubio has some skeletons in his closet similar to that of O'Donnell.  When are the Democrats going to get tired of losing to Conservatives that are going to take their Social Security away from them.  Yes, the Republicans have full intention of stopping Social Security at first opportunity REGARDLESS of what those 'slick' words say. 

REMEMBER BUSH after the 2004 elections wanting $2 Trillion for privatizing Social Security.  It just rolled off his tongue as if it were everyday language.  "Oh, yeah, you know we all know we can't continue to send those SSI checks, right?  I mean after we sent you all the surplus it is time to give back."

Meek has absolutely no intentions of cutting Social Security regardless of its increased buying power since the 2008 slide. 

Did I say, that old folks are getting more money because everything is dirt cheap now? 

OHHhhhhhhh, really?

Democrats need to read between the lines and start 'getting the word out.' 

Kendrick Meek's Team Goes After Charlie Crist for Flip-Flops  (click title to entry - thank you)

Kevin Derby's blog
Posted: September 20, 2010 1:49 PM

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio is not the only politician attacking Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running without party affiliation in the Senate election, for switching positions on issues. The campaign team of U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee in the U.S. Senate race, is hitting the governor for backing offshore drilling, which he denounced on Monday in a meeting with the Orlando Sentinel editorial board.
"This is yet another attempt by Charlie Crist to try and hide his conservative intentions as he stakes out positions on both sides of this issue," said Abe Dyk, Meek's campaign manager. "To have supported drilling 5 miles off Florida's beaches puts Charlie Crist on the ultra-conservative fringe of the Republican Party."
Mired in third place in most polls, Meek’s strategy is to win-over Democrats and liberal independent voters who may be backing Crist as the best option to defeat Rubio. Look for Meek and his camp to continue hammering Crist, insisting he is a conservative -- just like Rubio will blast Crist for being a liberal. For the moment, as the television ad he released today shows, Crist is focusing his fire on Rubio....

The weather in Antarctica (Crystal Wind Chime) is sprining.

Octobe 6, 2010
0900 PM UTC or 2100 on a 24 hour military clock
Temperature Satellite

The warmest reporting station:

Vernadsky (Ukranian Station - click here)

Local Time :: 12:35 AM GMT (GMT +00)
Lat/Lon :: 65.2° S 64.3° W
Elevation :: 36 feet
Conditions :: Overcast
Humidity :: 68%
Dew Point :: 34 Fahrenheit
Wind :: 45 mph from the North
Wind Gust :: -
Pressure :: 29.21 inches (Falling)
Visibility :: 12.0 miles
UV :: 0 out of 16

The coldest reporting station:

Vostok (Russia Station) - I recorded the conditions two weeks ago.  I want to check that for a few minutes.

Local Time: 6:47 AM VOST (GMT +06)
Lat/Lon: 78.4° S 106.9° E
Elevation :: 11220 feet
Temperature :: - 87 Fahrenheit
Conditions :: Clear
Humidity :: 32 %
Dew Point :: - 94 Fahrenheit
Wind :: 9 mph from the SSE
Wind Gust :: -
Pressure :: in (Rising)
Visibility :: 12.0 miles
The entry was on the 24th of September.  Vostok wasn't the coldest station either.  It was -63 Fahrenheit that day.

A lot of wind coming off the equator toward Antarctica.  I am going to take a look at a couple of local newspapers.  Basically, the surface winds have the same pattern as the upper tropospheric winds.  There is also many 'onshore' winds moving from East to West and creating a hot peninsula.  But, the reason Vostok is the coldest today with 24 degrees colder is because of 'elevation' not because of climate.  In other words Vostok is always the coldest when the rest of the ice continent is 'taking on' heat from onshore influences.

Antarctica and surrounding seas
October 6, 2010
2100 utc
Infrared Composite Satellite


October 6, 2010
1800 gmt
Vortex winds - high troposphere satellite

Basically, the onshore winds are significant.

October 7, 2010
1200 AM
Surface winds satellite

The 'onshore pattern' is chillingly similar.  That means the high tropospheric winds are transending all elevations. 


There is still drought in Australia.  Whales in the harbor in Sydney.  Winds, temperature 23 C or 73.4 Fahrenheit.  Some really cool articles about the folks there.

Severe weather warning as storms march across Victoria Robyn Grace  (click here)

October 6, 2010
New warnings for severe thunderstorms have been issued as the Bureau of Meteorology braces for damaging winds, flash flooding and large hailstones almost statewide.
Storms today grounded flights at Melbourne Airport and delayed trains on the Frankston line but failed to cause any major damage....

Feud among whaling activists Andrew Darby (click here)

October 6, 2010
HOBART: The war against the whalers has descended into an ugly internal feud before the new Antarctic season.
Sea Shepherd's leader, Paul Watson, and the Ady Gil skipper, Pete Bethune, are locked in an angry dispute over fallout from the New Zealand skipper's Japanese trial, according to emails seen by the Herald.
Mr Bethune has demanded to join the coming Antarctic campaign in apparent defiance of an undertaking by the anti-whaling group to Japanese authorities....

Oh, yeah, strong surface winds.  Everywhere.  Quite a mess, huh?  Hot air lands on the ice from the Equator and all sorts of havoc ensues.  Aye?

Whale of a time in the harbour Georgina Robinson (click here)

October 7, 2010 - 12:13PM
A week of dreary weather may have kept most of Sydney indoors but the whales sure didn't mind.
A humpback whale and her calf were spotted frolicking just 100 metres off the shore at Manly Beach this morning....

See, at one time on Earth, high tropospheric winds were in the upper troposphere and NOT transending to all levels of the surface.  The VORTEXES that domninate all areas of Earth have been at work since October 4, 2002.  A very long time for ionic storms to dominate the troposphere.  Unending.  Unyielding.  And now.  Homogenous throughout the entire air column. 


God's world/creation in reaction to those left in charge of EDEN.  I mean it isn't the people of conscience stating 'Drill, Babe, Drill' now is it?

Snowy blast on the way again (click here)

By Philip Duncan 4:52 PM
Wednesday Oct 6, 2010

It looks as though the warm weather will come to an end this weekend in the South Island as a southerly change moves through.
Forecasters are predicting snow to low levels in Southland and a risk of snow on higher altitude parts of Canterbury and Otago....

Damn, I'm good.  Got it nailed, boys and girls, we got it nailed.  You have to understand, this is the beginning of SPRING in the Southern Hemisphere. 


There was a big winter storm on September 19th.  End of Winter.  Severe storm.  Wow.  I'll post it.  Pictures primarily.

Free electric car trial (click here)
October 7, 2010

.UP TO 150 Victorian households stand to get a free electric car for three months as part of a $5 million, five-year trial.
The state government yesterday announced details of the trial, which will swap a pool of about 60 electric vehicles - including cars, trade vans and motorcycles - between households and another 50 state-based organisations.
The battery-powered vehicles will be assessed in real-life conditions to give car makers and electricity suppliers an idea of the demands that future owners will place on the state's power grid....

Huge storm hits NZ  (click here)
5:08 PM Friday Sep 17, 2010