Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let me ask one question, just one.

If a company leaves a town where most of the people were employed by them, how in fact will that town revitalize their economy if there is not redistribution of government monies from State and Federal governments to assist them?


I suppose there are all sorts of clever thoughts, but, in reality that is exactly what was occurring when the federal government bailed out the car industry, AIG and Wall Street banks in 2008 and 2009. There is not one administration, Republican or Democrat, that has not bailed out a major industry or company during their administration through redistribution of government money.

The redistribution of government funds stopped the implosion of the USA economy to a certain extent. It stabilized the slide.

The Recovery and Reinvestment Act stabilized the implosion of state treasuries for the most part. It provided breathing room for states across the board to continue to receive tax dollars through their own taxation while providing opportunities for employment. There was one state, I don't recall which one, that had a program for its bridges, called "The Worst Goes First." That was pretty bad. The bridges in the state were in profound disrepair for lack of investment for some many years and decades.

Those bridges connected people through personal transportation and pubic buses to economic opportunity. Opportunity for work or tourism. While the bridges were employing people for repairs, they also opened up areas of the country which were going to be closed if those bridges were destroyed. Economy. Bridges are economy. They provide the venue for economy.

While most people think of Wall Street as paper such as stocks and money, their ability to carry out the economy that facilitates that paper is paid for by the redistribution of taxes they pay and the wealthy pay and Americans pay to their treasuries at all levels of government.

The Peace Bridge in New York, the Ambassador Bridge in Michigan and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge all demonstrate vital infrastructure paid for by redistribution of government monies to enhance, create and support economies between countries across borders and across long spans of water.

There are cities and towns across this country with minimal economies because of failure of their once flourishing economy. It is reaching out to bring new hope to these areas that will help revitalize local economies. Infrastructure and redistribution of government monies, including internet access, will improve and more probably vastly improve their local economies compared to at least the decade past.

So. Redistribution of government monies? You betcha. 

I have no problem with this speech by President Obama in his early days.

Redistribution of government monies works. A favorite GOP redistribution of monies are Farm Subsidies. So, to way redistribution is a BAD thing is completely taking it out of context.

This is going to sound like a broken record from this website, but, it is true. Women are prime examples of the success of redistribution of government monies. Women have been able to start small businesses, employ people, MAKE MONEY, become millionaires and PAY TAXES all because their beginnings were to do redistribution of government monies.

If destroying redistribution of government monies is a goal for the Romney campaign then he is more and more defining himself and any administration he would enact as a Plutocrat catering to the wealthy. 

Why tax the wealthy if government isn't going to redistribution monies? Of course, government monies are redistributed. It pays the National Debt, pays the military and enhances business opportunity through redistribution of monies. The entire idea this is a communist plot by anyone is completely silly.

The government DOES distribute monies. That is what it does, ask the GOP under Bush, they'll tell you all about it. "Six Flags Over Lincoln" didn't happen because government did not redistribute monies. Oh, wait. Hm. "Six Flags Over Lincoln." That is Wall Street. I'll be darn.

The idea Romney has discovered a 'secret agenda' by President Obama from 14 years ago is about as creative as Karl Rove lying to the grand jury in regard to Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson. Karl returned to correct his TESTIMONY at least six times.

The United States of America redistributes money, the Recovery and Redistribution Act was redistribution of money. Those monies prevented an economic disaster in the USA. It reignited programs to repair neglected infrastructure and seek opportunity for energy sources. Every state in the union received monies from the Recovery Act. Their citizens benefited form the tax credits and their unemployed received extensions. 

President Obama has been correct about the ability of government to return function to impoverished areas. He was correct 14 years ago and he is correct today. His work needs to go forward.

The USA House of Representatives under the bill presented by Congressman Shuster wants to declare war with Russia.

...Whereas Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (click title to entry - thank you) stated in Tbilisi on July 5, 2010, that, ‘‘We continue to call for Russia to abide by the August 2008 ceasefire commitment. . . including ending the occupation and withdrawing Russian troops from South Ossetia and Abkhazia to their pre-conflict positions’’;...

The House is voting on measures to increase tensions throughout the world. I remind there were over 1000 innocent civilians killed by the Georgian military while they were helpless to stop it. The killing of civilians by the Georgian military is a human rights violation and urge Russia to take the matter to the United Nations general assembly and the World Courts at The Hague.

While the words in this bill state peaceful resolve is the only way, it completely ignores the acts of the government of Georgia against its own people and is the first step in a really stupid issue to force Russia to move from its protective stance in Georgia. It also does not recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia as developing independent nations no different than Southern Sudan. 

There are 23 bills in the House today that 'sets tone' to international relations based in lies and opposition to other countries serving the people of such regions. The tones are hostile, carry no valid facts of any brevity and reach back a decade or more to make their case. The bills are constructed to aggravate relations internationally and show NO resolution for peace in a way that is realistic.

In this bill in particular I demand all the people dead in Abkhazia and South Ossetia and the way in which they died to be included in this bill. I also demand valid anthropological research into the wishes of the citizens of this region as a part of this bill clearly illustrating their concerns for their lives and their wishes to be autonomous nations.