Thursday, March 01, 2012

A couple of things are beginning to worry me.

March 2, 2012
0230:00 z
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite of USA (click here for 12 hour loop)

I have to include a hemispheric image in order to better define this, but, to begin there is a circulation center that is beginning to consolidate in a central rotation found at the border between Canada and North Dakota.

I was more defuse with less punch about an hour or so ago, but, the center of the circulation is taking shape.  I think we are going to see high velocity winds in several forms tonight and tomorrow.

March 2, 2012
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

There is a reason why the central circulation is developing at the border of ND and Canada.    It is the fast moving question shaped air mass off the Pacific Coast.  It is probably easier to see in Water Vapor.  But, that Pacific Air Mass is hauling hot water vapor from the Equatorial Air Mass and taking it right into the Arctic Air Mass.  The velocity is really picking up speed and causing the circulation center over ND to take on definition.

March 2, 2012
UNISYS Water Vapor Hemispheric Satellite of North and West Earth Hemisphere (click title to entry for 12 hour loop - thank you)

I don't like it.  There is not only a lot of hot and cold mixing that will cause turbulence, but, there is a variety of wind velocities.  There is most likely going to be straight line winds along with what is not developing in the ND/Canada border, namely a vortex.

Optimistically, the hot and cold mixing over the Pacific might blunt the turbulence, but, the sheer mass of that Pacific system and its affect on the system at the Canada/ND border spells trouble to me.  Either way the Enhanced Infared is showing intermittent consolidation of activity and that can't be good, unless it continues to consolidate and disperse.  It might be the Pacific system may tame what is occurring over the continent and the nation will only have to deal with winds.  Let's hope so, but, the air mass by size and density that has resulted in that 'pushing' dynamic is a worry.

At this moment the Graphton, North Dakota / Winnepeg, Mannitoba, Canada region is seeking sincere central rotation of that system.  It is moving east, northeast, but, only slightly.

Romney's latest billionaire crony turned energy adviser. Harold Hamm.

He IS hydraulic fracturing and he IS the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline.  

Romney's camp is corrupt from top to bottom filled with cronies that will profit even more from his candidacy with a chance to win the Executive Branch.

It is the truth and there is no denying it.  If I may?

...Mitt Romney,(click here) the front-runner for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, appointed Oklahoma oil billionaire Harold Hamm as energy adviser to his campaign.
Hamm, the 66-year-old founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Continental Resources Inc. (CLR), will be chairman of Romney’s Energy Policy Advisory Group, the candidate’s campaign office said in a statement today.
Hamm ranked 36th on Forbes magazine’s list last year of the 400 wealthiest Americans. His 68 percent stake in Enid, Oklahoma-based Continental, the largest leaseholder in the Bakken oil formation, had a value of $11.2 billion as of yesterday’s close....

Forbes has Hamm listed as the 33rd richest man in the USA.  He is worth more than this listing in Forbes:

Harold Hamm (click here)

Net Worth
$7.5 B As of September 2011
He is actually worth $8.6 billion.  You could easily call him a Dick Cheney protege.  He practically owns Oklahoma as the fourth largest economic operation in the state.  His fortune is comprised of primarily three enterprises and they are all entrenched in fossil fuels, there is nothing alternative energy about this guy.  He can't hold a candle to Secretary Chu.  Hamm would not know the business end of a nuclear reactor if his life depended on it.
His primary operation is "Continental Resources." 

ContinentalResources' Earnings Beat Last Year's by 63% (click here)

updated 2/23/2012 4:24:31 AM ET
...Looking ahead Next quarter's average estimate for revenue is $493.1 million....
Hamm is one of the guys that eats dinner with your gasoline price at the pump.
...Continental's (click here) output has continued to rise over the past year as new wells in North Dakota and Oklahoma deliver strong results. Climbing oil prices have also helped the company's top line, though losses on derivative contracts have sometimes overshadowed higher revenue from oil and gas sales....
Continental is Hamm's oil operations in Oklahoma and North Dakota.  But, where his holdings gets really interesting in with "Hiland Partners" and "Hiland Holdings as mentioned below.
He (Hamm) also serves as Chairman of the board of directors (click here) of the general partner of Hiland Partners LP and as Chairman of the board of directors of the general partner of Hiland Holdings GP, LP ("Hiland Holdings"). Hiland Holdings owns the general partner interest and units in Hiland Partners LP. He also serves as a director of Complete Production Services, Inc., a NYSE publicly traded oil and gas service company. Harold is past chairman of the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association and served as a founding board member of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board. He was President of the National Stripper Well Association and founder and Chairman of Save Domestic Oil, Inc. He recently co-founded the Domestic Energy Producers Alliance to preserve the oil and gas markets for oil and gas produced in the United States. In 2011, he was inducted into the OIPA’s Wildcatters Hall of Honor, the association’s highest recognition.
Click here for Hiland Partners Asset Map. (click here)
The most northern location is Norse Natural Gas Gathering System in North Dakota.  
  • Location: Williams, Divide and Burke Counties, North Dakota
  • Miles of Pipe: 74 miles of natural gas gathering pipelines
  • Gathering Capacity: 25,000 Mcf/d
  • Processing Capacity: 25,000 Mcf/d
  • Basin/Formation(s): Williston; Bakken Shale and Three Forks/Sanish
This is a map of the USA and Canada.  North Dakota is in the north next to Canada and Oklahoma is in the south next to Texas.
Right? To the right is the Canadian Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta, just northeast of North Dakota. And below is the proposed route for the Keystone XL Pipeline, right through the middle of the "Hilard Partners" North Dakota properties.  I'll be darn.
The Keystone XL Pipeline goes all the way to Port Arthur Texas right through Oklahoma. Interesting. Strange coincidence. See, the other properties, of which there are four in Oklahoma, of "Hiland Partners" is their headquarter in Enid. Enid is about less than one hundred miles northeast of Cushing, Oklahoma. I mean how much of a map of cronyism has to be drawn to know how corrupt Romney's campaign is?
Hiland Holdings (click here) lets.Hiland Partners do all the work. The company owns a 2% general partner interest in the natural gas gathering and processing company. Hiland Partners serves primarily the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions of the US. It maintains natural gas gathering systems, processing plants, treating facilities, and NGL fractionation facilities. Hiland Partners supplies natural gas and NGL products to transmission pipelines and various markets. Hiland Partners chairman Harold Hamm owns about 32% of Hiland Holdings and plans to take both companies private.
Hiland Holdings is the processing operation for natural gas into liquified natural gas. He and good ole Boone are probably the best of buddies. Yeah, buoy.
If this news (click here) doesn't make T. Boone Pickens at least a little happy, then I don't know what will.  The familiar brown-clad package carrier, United Parcel Service(NYSE: UPS), has purchased 48 new liquified natural gas (LNG)-powered tractors to add to its long-haul fleet operating in the southwest U.S.  The vehicles, which will replace older generation diesel vehicles, are expected to produce 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions and displace 95 percent of fuel used by conventional diesel vehicles – an impressive savings of approximately 4,000 gallon a day for these 48 vehicles.
So there it is. The Romney Energy plan is to strip the USA of any reason to protect its agricultural lands and pump and frack until the cows come home. And Mr. Hamm's company Continental is doing really well. They are moving their headquarter soon to a different city in Oklahoma.
Our operations (click here) are focused on the Red River Units, Anadarko Woodford and Bakken field plays. Our operating strategy is to create shareholder value through organic growth and applying advanced technology to harvest oil and natural gas resources.
Although we evaluate strategic acquisitions periodically, our technical staff has internally generated substantially all of the opportunities for the investment of our capital.
Above is the operations map for Continental Resources.  I would just hate for them to run out of capital.  That would be a darn shame since they have such dedicated investment. So there is Romney's energy plan and the man in charge of it to make it all happen regardless of what is best for the USA and its agricultural sector and Clean Water Act.

The Drought is becoming a systemic problem.

The west coast is an increasing worry.  The southern border is experiencing it across the entire four states next to Mexico.  The Mississippi River System is holding up, but, the southeast USA is seeing a deeper drought.

The total picture is not improving.

Texas drought twists migrations of many birds (click title to entry - thank you)

Associated Press

Posted: Thursday, March 1, 2012 8:41 am

Strange things are aloft in the bird world.
Endangered whooping cranes flew 2,500 miles from Canada to Texas, where they usually spend the whole winter. Instead, they pecked around for a short time and flew back. In Nebraska, other cranes never left.
Some ducks just kept flying south _ all the way to Belize in Central America. And a snowy owl was spotted near Dallas, only the sixth time that's ever happened.
Throughout the winter, scientists have noticed these and other examples of bizarre bird migrations _ a result, they believe, of flocks becoming desperate for food and habitat becoming increasingly scarce because of the stubborn drought in Texas. The unusually mild winter in the Northeast and Midwest has even persuaded some birds they could stay put, fly shorter distances or turn back north earlier than normal....

It isn't just Texas profoundly effected by the drought.  This is Kansas.  Salina, Kansas is about in the center of the state.  This is from the Salina Journal News.  I think the University of Kansas is there.  No, no that is Manhattan, Kansas.  The State University is in Manhattan which is about 100 miles or so east of Salina.  Garden City, Kansas is near the west Kansas border.


GARDEN CITY — A two-year drought is forcing the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) to move bison from the Sandsage Bison Range and Wildlife Area, near Garden City, to Maxwell Wildlife Area, in McPherson County north of Canton. The drought has depleted forage on the area, and the move is being made to protect both the sensitive range as well as the bison....

Breitbart croaked. He is being eulogized by Gohmert on the House Floor. Gohmert must have run out of things to ramble about today.

There is nothing natural about dying at age 43.  Must have been a broken heart over the deterioration of THE PARTY.
The man was a chronic liar manipulator and right wing opportunist.

Well, what are ya goin' to do?  
...The 43-year-old passed away unexpectedly from natural causes on Thursday.
Breitbart — the adopted son of a restaurant owner and a banker — was raised in a liberal, Jewish household in Los Angeles. He said his political outlook shifted after the Clarence Thomas hearings, in which the future Supreme Court Justice was grilled by Senate Democrats over Anita Hill's accusations of past workplace sexual harassment.
"It was the moment that I saw a glimpse of the matrix," Breitbart told ABC News last year. "And I started to ask some very tough questions of myself, and my peer group, and my parents and their friends."...
Right is Gohmert.  He is always on the House floor rambling on about something.  He is filling his time to day by making Breitbart a saint.

Sorry, but, there are enormously more journalists that actually risk their lives to tell the truth whom should be given that honor.  

Breitbart: Conservatives ‘outnumber’ liberals, ‘and we have the guns’ (click here)

Posted on 09.19.11

By Stephen C. Webster
Speaking to a Massachusetts tea party group recently, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart made some comments that are raising eyebrows online this week, telling the small gathering of Republicans that he sometimes wants to “fire the first shot.”
“I’m under attack all the time,” he said. “The call me gay. There are death threats… There are times when I’m not thinking as clearly as I should, and in those unclear moments, I always think to myself, ‘Fire the first shot. Bring it on.’ Because I know who’s on our side.
“They can only win a rhetorical and propaganda war. They cannot win. We outnumber them in this country and we have the guns… I’m not kidding. They talk a mean game, but they will not cross that line because they know what they’re dealing with. ”
Breitbart added that “major named people in the military” will sometimes “grab” him and say, “Thank you for what you’re doing, we’ve got your back.”

Next time the House Floor is used to eulogize a journalist, make sure they carry a message of freedom and truth and not political exploitation of American values.  What Gohmert did was politics and not honor.

BEIRUT: The body of Marie Colvin, (click here) the American journalist who died last week during shelling in the central Syrian city of Homs, will likely be buried in Syria, her mother told CNN over the weekend.
Rosemarie Colvin says that aid workers have so far been unsuccessful in trying to remove her daughter’s body from Syria and have determined that it is too dangerous.
"We were told yesterday that today was probably the last day," the elder Colvin told CNN Saturday, speaking of attempts to transport her daughter's body out of the country.
Colvin added she believed her daughter was intentionally targeted....

The tornado season is becoming less of a season and more of a year round threat.

Tornadoes Kill at Least 12 in Midwest (click title to entry - thank you)

Soledad O'Brien of CNN stated the tornado impact within the last 24 hours stretched across 270 miles.

This map is where the density of night time tornadoes have a history of occurring.

Nighttime tornadoes (click here)are more dangerous because people are more likely to be asleep and not hear warnings....

There was only one major hurricane to hit the USA and a few minor tropical storms to reach North America last year. Irene was a Cat 3 storm and carried a wide diameter and huge amounts of water.
There were two other major hurricanes, Cat 4 Katina and Ophelia, but, they remained in the Atlantic. There were a total of nineteen storms in 2011 and only six made it to Cat 1 or more with only three being major of 3 and 4.
Hurricanes, as a rule, are a natural phenomena of Earth's physics that cool the troposphere by delivering heat into the oceans. That did not happen on a vast scale in 2011. The last time there was that kind of dynamic was 2005, the year of Katrina.
The incidence of tornadoes increase as the heat index of the troposphere increases. It is a simple relationship between tropospheric heat, available water vapor, hurricanes and tornadoes.  Tornadoes result because of the heat and hurricanes take the heat away from tornado occurrences. Therefore, if there is a weak hurricane season the incidence of tornadoes increases.  That has become all the more evident as we witness this Climate Crisis.

When Earth's troposphere was healthy, the incidence of tornadoes would be blunted by hurricanes. However, with water vapor moving up in the troposphere rather than on the surface of Earth as witnessed by changing 'mass balances' of glaciers and weather phenomena in the upper elevations, that means there is less water vapor AVAILABLE for hurricanes to harness and develop to remove the heat from the troposphere.

The higher incidence and year long occurrences of tornadoes is unnatural. Earth's troposphere is out of balance and becoming more dangerous every year that goes by.

Scott Brown states everything the Late Senator Ted Kennedy did was based in morals Brown practices.


That is according to the Boston Globe and the rebirth of the Blunt Amendment.

It would seem as though Senator Brown is lying, yet again.

Kennedy bills appear to undercut Brown

February 28, 2012
By Noah Bierman

The late Senator Edward M. Kennedy (click title to entry - thank you) sponsored bills in the 1990s and 2000s that would have required all employers who offer prescription drug coverage to include contraception coverage, an action that seems to undercut Senator Scott Brown’s contention that Kennedy shared his views on allowing exemptions based on moral objections.
The most recent version of the bill, in 2005, did not allow for exemptions based on moral objections of churches or other employers. Advocates said earlier bills were similar.
Brown, a Republican in a tough reelection battle, has come under fire from Democrats and one of Kennedy’s sons, former Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, for invoking Kennedy’s name in support of his position. Brown has cosponsored a bill that would allow employers and insurers to exclude coverage of drugs and procedures that go against their moral views....

...But his son, Patrick Kennedy, and three former aides to the late Massachusetts senator say he never supported allowing employers to exclude health coverage for contraception, as Brown’s measure would do.
“Contraceptive insurance coverage is essential for women’s health,’’ Kennedy, then chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, said during a 2001 hearing on the bill that would have extended insurance coverage for contraceptives....

Women need to file a lawsuit against Senator Brown for imposing discriminatory standards against women.  Women are BORN with a uterus not a reproductive disability!

Brown is taking everything out of context and giving it his own definition.  Besides, action speaks louder than words.  Senator Ted Kennedy NEVER presumed to have a conscience for every woman alive.  He RESPECTED them !!!

Karzai has no control of the country, he probably has no loyalty among any of the Taliban...

Violence has broken out across Afghanistan since Korans were burned at a U.S. military base two weeks ago.

...and this is the result.  The Taliban are trying to make 'Syria' happen in Afghanistan.

Since the USA has no strategic role and we are simply training soldiers, we need to leave.

When Jordan trained Iraqi soldiers they did it on their own turf.  Unfortunately, in a return to Iraq the soldiers returning from Jordan were ambushed.  

I sincerely suggest the USA move its training facilities from Afghanistan to Turkey.  There is no reason to continue in Afghanistan, there will be an escalation of violence and innocent people will die.