Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Not to be a minimalist, but, we knew this was going to happen when Daesh was first discovered.

The Brussels explosions (click here) are the latest attacks to demonstrate a significant leap in the Islamic State’s ability to coordinate operations against the West. In October, the Islamic State downed a Russian passenger jet, killing all 224 people on board. Two weeks later, an assault across Paris killed more than 100 people....

This is the charismatic effect of Daesh. This could not happen unless there was this ideology of a caliphate among young Muslims. That is a fact. It isn't as though Daesh has a league of soldiers conquering lands across the planet. This is a charismatic movement that can be stopped and is the one reason countries have to ban together to end the ideology. It is a lie. This charismatic movement is a lie to the young people it demands to come to Syria.

No one knew how it would spin out, but, it was known it would occur. I think the link to Molenbeek is instructive. It is the impoverished and those at the extremes of society that is the greatest nightmare of France and Belgium. 

Besides what is noted on this timeline there are the attacks that have occurred in Australia. I think Australia is still struggling with the idea those young Muslims will never be back. Along with young people are also grandchildren. Thirteen year olds celebrating their birthdays in Syria are becoming wives and mothers. It is a nightmare no one bargained for. 

There has been a growing concern since 911 about the changing populations of cities in Europe. 

Kindly be careful with maps and ideas. This map below is in Wikipedia. It discusses the percentage of population of Muslims in the cites in Europe. 

It can be interesting to know Europe is very attractive to Muslims. And there is consensus that the changing populations have occurred over the past twenty years. 

The problem is this; while intelligence among the public is a good thing, it can also create increased concern and could lead to victimizing of both sides of the religious Muslim divide. If people become seriously angry with others we could end up with a snowball effect that has been noted by the example of Anwar al Awlaki. We cannot afford to allow that to happen. 

I do not believe every Muslim in Europe has the capacity to kill. I absolutely don't believe that. I think Europe needs to trust it's security forces as it learns more and more about the network seeking to end the lives of innocent people. 

All I ask is that media be careful about the seeds shown. It is important the media remain objective while soliciting loyalty of good people that embrace diveresity AND OPPORTUNITY. 

With the US Dollar slipping a bit there has been an uptick of optimism in Europe. That is a good thing. Don't let the terrorists win. They want a snowball to end all other religions besides their own. Optimism to a better quality of life for everyone is important. Better than optimism are actual upticks in the economic stability of the citizens of every country. 

The terrorists are alone in their hate. It is important THAT IS THE DIVIDING LINE and not more generalized fear of all others.

Thank you for entertaining my views.

A loyal taxi driver broke this thing wide open. They found a bomb making factory.

March 22, 2016

A break in the investigation (click here) may have come from a taxi driver who took the suspects to the airport.
The driver contacted authorities after seeing surveillance footage and gave them the address where he picked the men up, according to two U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.
That information prompted authorities to raid a residence after the attacks, the officials said.
Investigators found a nail bomb, chemical products and an ISIS flag during a house search in the northeast Brussels neighborhood of Schaerbeek., Belgium's federal prosecutor said in a statement.
Hours later, they were still combing through the building for evidence.
Security was high. At one point, a helicopter hovered overhead, carrying a sniper with a weapon trained on the building....

The third bomber is still a fugitive.

Investigators carrying out raids (click here) after Tuesday's terrorist attacks in Brussels believe they've found a bomb-making factory complete with chemicals used in explosives, nails and bolts.
Authorities are still hunting for one of three suspects caught on surveillance video as they pushed luggage carts through the airport. They believe he fled the gruesome, chaotic scene.
"I can understand that people are scared," Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon told NBC News as he visited a makeshift memorial.
"But I can say that our services are now in a high state of alert and are working day and night to arrest these guys." 

The New York Times has an interactive that discusses Molenbeek. (click here)

It is a troubled area of Belgium. Molenbeek has a severe history of good economics and impoverishment. In it's impoverished state it has become a haven for extremists. It can be argued the extremists grew out of impoverishment rather than finding Molenbeek as a haven. But, this area of Brussels has a problem. This accumulation of extremists doesn't happen overnight. There needs to be a prohibition of arms with blockages to any illegal small arms movement.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud and Ibrahim Abdeslam spent time in the same Brussels prison and were friends. 
Chakib Akrouh grew up with Mr. Abaaoud in Molenbeek.
Mr. Abaaoud, the Abdeslam brothers, Hamza Attou and Mohamed Amri spent time together at a neighborhood bar. After the attacks, Salah Abdeslam asked Mr. Attou and Mr. Amri to drive him back to Brussels. 
 Ali Oulkadi and Abraimi Lazez, who are also suspected of helping Salah Abdeslam flee after the attacks, also lived in Molenbeek.
Amedy Coulibaly, who was involved in the Charlie Hebdo attack, is believed to have bought weapons there.

Mehdi Nemmouche, a Frenchman who targeted Jews at a Brussels museum in 2014, killing four, also bought weapons there.

Ayoub el Khazzani, a Moroccan who tried to attack passengers on a high-speed train between Brussels and Paris in August, is thought to have lived there.

Where are the rebels that shot down MH-17?

The rebels that shot down MH-17 are not Russian citizens and are not protected by Russian extradition laws.

March 22, 2016
By Ivan Nechepurenko

Donetsk, Russia — A Russian court (click here) sentenced a Ukrainian military pilot, Lt. Nadiya V. Savchenko, to 22 years in prison on Tuesday after finding her guilty of complicity in the deaths of two Russian journalists, in a politically charged case that highlighted the strained relations between Moscow and the West.

When the judge began to read out the sentence, Lieutenant Savchenko reacted by starting to sing a song in Ukrainian. The judge had to stop the proceedings for at least five minutes. The hearing was interrupted again later, after people in the crowd began to sing the Ukrainian anthem.

“Simply put, Lieutenant Savchenko did not get a fair trial, and so her conviction is unsound and should not stand,” Hugh Williamson, Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement.

“There should be justice for the deaths of Kornelyuk and Voloshin, but justice won’t be served by an unfair trial that was highly politicized from the start,” he said, referring to the two journalists....
How the primaries going today?

Oh, the primaries. We hear about NOTHING but stupid politics from 6 am until 11 pm everyday, EXCEPT, when fear is a better strategy for ratings.'

How many people did not vote today. If only the same thing can happen in November the Republicans will win. At least The Arizona Republic (click here) didn't forget it is voting in the headlines.

Snyder deregulated Michigan. He could not dissolve the Michigan DEQ, it would cause too much alarm. So, he made them ineffective.

March 22, 2016
By Paul Egan

Lansing — A dysfunctional culture (click here) at the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality that led to the Flint drinking water crisis was created by Gov. Rick Snyder, the Senate minority leader alleged after a Tuesday meeting of a joint select committee investigating the issue.

Snyder has repeatedly said a culture among "career bureaucrats" that focused on technical compliance with federal and state rules, rather than ensuring that drinking water was safe, was a major reason Flint's drinking water became contaminated with poisonous lead while DEQ officials insisted it was safe to drink.

On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint, said that culture came from the very top of state government.

“The DEQ changed under Gov. Snyder,” Ananich told reporters after the second meeting of the Joint Select Committee on the Flint Water Public Health Emergency.

Under Snyder, the department “was not mandated to be an enforcement agency, as it should be," Ananich said. "It was more to help people (businesses and other entities) get through the system. … They used this minimalist approach. I believe it was pressure from above. It was a culture change.”...

This is standard Republican strategies to promote profits at any cost. The same dynamics were at work in North Carolina. Every STATE EXPERIMENT is suppose to prove the value of these strategies to the federal government. It hasn't worked yet, but, that doesn't stop them from instituting "Priorities for Profit" at the cost of health or the wealth of the middle class. How many people purchase water today because they don't trust their government to act in their best interest? 

On one hand, homeowners pay their property tax and they supplement their own safety by purchasing their own water. Who wins? Profits win. 

The USA needs infrastructure, physical and professional. Where is the direction of the country heading? War. If Americans don't make their best interests the height of this election they can kiss their country's infrastructure good bye because every day that goes by and nothing is done the more expensive it gets. EXAMPLE: Flint, Michigan. If the city council and mayor was still making decisions the entire and very, very expensive disaster would never have happened, children would have never been poisoned and they would still be on Detroit water.

I don't know how many times I have to say it, I guess for at least 12 years, the Republicans take their SHORT TERM profits provided by corrupt government and are happy. They have their millions at the cost of the wellness and well being and quality of life of the American people.



In the hands of Snyder's cronies and profiteers. Flint cannot simply turn the valves on for Detroit water because Snyder sold the pipeline to a profiteer. Don't tell me about Republicans, I know about Republicans. They are not good people. They are corrupt right to the core.

The more Americans are distracted by fear the more Republicans score points for diverting the spending of monies on WAR rather than America. We don't need hawks in the White House, they focus on singular problems and singular methods.
FOX News strategic analysis is not needed. What is needed is to life Belgium from economic collapse and improving their national intelligence at every turn.

Belgium has nothing to do with the middle east. Belgium needs help in containing the RESIDENT terrorists within it's communities.

How did Russia get in the middle of this? NATO is not overly concerned with Russia and Europe. Ukraine has issues, but, their people need to work it out and there is a MINSK II agreement. Russia is currently working to end the battles in Syria. Too bad, but, Russia is needed in Syria.

"Overwhelming bombing, carpet bombing." Ted Cruz. He has no reasonable answer to anything.

There is no reason to move American assets in to the middle east. There is an entire US Navy deployment in Italy and there is a Russia Navy in Syria. The middle east has enormous assets from all parties. There is no reason to move more and more hardware and soldiers into the middle east. 

There is so much fire power in the middle east right now there had to be an agreement with Russia so they and the USA weren't shooting each other down. Enough. There is a strategy in place as articulated by General Dunford in the US Senate oversight committee last week. You know, General Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. I think he knows what he is doing. Even if President Obama's Secretary of Defense Ashford does roll well off the tongue, certainly even Republicans can respect General Dunford.

Kasich is too simplistic. Be sure the neighbors know what to do.

Red Cruz does lie. He lies a lot.

The problem with using inflammatory language in a country like the USA is that it causes real problems for AMERICANS. Americans are of all ethnicities and religions. I would think Americans would have taken a lesson froAnwar al-Awlaki in creating their own terrorist networks. The Awlaki terrorist network was created by inflammatory rhetoric and a DC administration that would not believe him.

There is no defeating Daesh until the middle east is stabilized and General Dunford has a strategy that is working.

THE PROBLEM that spawned Daesh happened in 2003. Now, the world including the USA have to pay the price of ending the terror network turned loose from iraq.

The O'Reilly Factor does not have a military. When the O'Reilly Factor has it's own military they will be welcome to join the rest of the world.

I am finished with this. It is propaganda and should not be on American airwaves.
Every country in the middle east is doing their part. The Saudis have an active program to find and arrest those that want to cause harm within their society. The Saudis have been doing this for a long time.

These murderers didn't come from Saudi Arabia. The murderers existed in Belgium. This has nothing to do with the middle east.

Daesh exists in the middle east and we are already fighting 'where they exist.' The European violence is due to 'sympathizers' or those 'on a mission.' The murderers are already in Europe.

The Belgians are not out manned. This is an intelligence failure. Evidently, the arrest this week sparked an acceleration of this attack which was planned anyway.

Daesh is not winning. How could anyone say that? That is terrible. There are issues with intelligence domestically. The attack today was contained as best it could have been. Belgian airport officials were not prepared for what occurred today because of the lack of intelligence. But, it was contained. The attack had limited ability to kill people today. Don't lose sight of that. 

It is terrible people lost their lives today, but, that attack was contained from a far larger scale. Daesh is not winning. We need to get better than we did today.

USA intelligence states there is no danger of a terrorist attack in the USA. That matters. There is a terror level that is reviewed everyday by Homeland Security to determine the possible threat of a terrorist attack.

There is nothing more that can  be done in the middle east than what is already being done. There is every country in the region closing down Daesh, including Russia. There is nothing more to be done in Belgium that is not already being done. The Belgians need to be better at protecting it's airports and perhaps they need to look to Israel in how them protect it's airports. We know Israel's strategies work. Belgium needs help in improving their domestic circumstances, but, they did find that arrest, no matter how it happened, they did find it. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how one values civil rights) they have a lawyer standing in the breech and it is probably difficult to interrogate him. Otherwise, this might not have happened.

MSNBC is working the story far better than FOX. There are live reports and varying opinions and not talking head presidential hopefuls. FOX does nothing but produce propaganda while other media is doing their level best to bring the facts and perspectives of this story. It is unfortunate. Sincerely. FOX gets more viewers for the inflammatory politics. That is a shame.
It would seem as though President Obama didn't dedicate enough time to recognition of the emergency in Belgium. That would come out of the mouths that value 'the show' rather than reality.

Today happened in spite of the fact Daesh is being defeated in the middle east. There was no deterring today regardless of all the propaganda.

This was an intelligence failure.

SAS forces and an elite Interpol group (click here) have been called in to help prevent Euro 2016 being hit by terror attacks.

The French government fear this summer’s major tournament is a key target for ISIS fighters determined to wreak havoc over Europe.

So they are planning to throw a ring of steel around all sides competing in France in an effort to minimise the threat of any incidents.

Officials have already invoked a previously unused part of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty (click here) to call on the help of British special forces throughout the entire tournament.

Understanding the Lisbon Treaty (click here) 

And now they will be joined by an Interpol Major Events Support Team as French authoroties and UEFA do everything they can to ensure the safety of all the squads and supporters.

The SAS are expected to be asked to help secure the sites of all training camps and hotels, as well as advise on precautions around match venues....
FOX is politicizing this already. 

It isn't enough people are dying because of a mass migration, there has to be a political dividend out of it.

At a time when there were migrants were arriving to a Greek island, Russia was complaining the West was being cruel to them. I don't think Russia has anything to say today though.

Vice President Biden is capable of carrying out the responsibilities of the USA.

The USA military still in the middle east already have a strategy. The USA Congress has not issued an AUMF. General Dunford explained what is occurring in Iraq and Syria during the Senate oversight committee hearing just last week. 

After the Iraq War whatever makes McCain think doing the same thing all over again will turn out any differently. Daesh is NOT a STATIC force. That is what was occurring in Iraq. There was no static opposition forces. The angry young men in the world came to Iraq to kill Americans. 

The hawks never have a different answer for any circumstance, except, kill. The soldiers are not their sons or brothers or husbands or the female equivalent.

This happened to Belgium because it has been a safe haven for radicals. How is the over abundance of angry young men in Belgium relate to Iraq and Syria? 

I think Europe and NATO, hence the USA has their hands full. Enough. 

The BEST strategy for the instability in the middle east is to end the instability. That means every country in the region has a strong sovereign defense force that can immediately react to any threat and join together as allies if needed.
Most likely a single murderer. He is pushing a cart will his luggage.

Investigators believe the man in the white jacket was an accomplish and still alive.

The two men in the left picture are the bombers. Something about a black glove hiding a failure proof trigger to the bomb.

Why would any bombers need fail proof systems if they decide not to engage? I thought these people were dedicated. 

I don't believe the black glove is an incentive to carry out the crime. I think it is to insure the bomb goes off even if they are shot when security discovers the gloves.

The airport authorities are going to have to bring this reality to their customers and provide instructions when the opportunity arrives the police are going to kill the bombers. 

There is really no good answer to this reality. The bombs are going to explode. 

Don't stand in crowds. The gloves are obvious. No doubt with this event the strategy will change. But, people can see this coming if they know what to look for. It is just that the methods will vary to keep everyone off balance.

Unrelated event.

March 22, 2016
By Lindsay Murdoch

Bangkok - More than 10,000 Timorese (click here) besieged the Australian embassy in Dili on Tuesday to protest Australia's refusal to negotiate with East Timor on a permanent sea boundary in the oil- and gas-rich Timor Sea.
East Timor's former president and prime minister, Xanana Gusmao, called on Timorese to rope in 10 other people to attend the protest, one of the largest in the waterfront capital since the country voted to break away from Indonesia in 1999.
In a speech on the eve of the protest Mr Xanana, a hero of East Timor's independence revolution, said Timorese must "stand firm and raise one voice" to demand that Canberra negotiates with East Timor.
East Timor claims it has lost some US$5 billion (nearly $6.6 billion) in royalties and tax revenue in the Timor Sea since independence, enough to fund its entire budget for three years.
The fledgling half-island nation asserts the vast majority of oil and gas reserves in the Timor Sea – worth about US$40 billion in royalties and tax alone – would lie in its territory if sea borders reflected the norms of the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea, a contention Australia rejects....

Take control away from the murderers. We are on our own.

March 23, 2016
By David Wroe

Belgium's violent Islamic(click here) extremism problem has reached such a scale it now appears to be beyond the ability of European authorities to control, terrorism experts have said in the wake of the latest bomb attacks in Brussels.

The co-ordinated attacks on the airport and train station in the Belgian capital were very likely carried out by jihadists who were part of the same extensive network as the Paris attackers, the experts said.

Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs has urged people to "reconsider your need to travel" to Belgium - an escalation on its previous travel advice to show "a high degree of caution". 

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop issued a swift condemnation of the attacks and said her department was "urgently seeking" to find out if any Australians were affected.

The fact that authorities were still failing to contain the wave of violent extremism even after the November Paris attacks and subsequent massive manhunt that netted the final Paris plotter, Salah Abdeslam, just five days ago suggested the problem was beyond the security agencies of Belgium and its neighbours, experts said....

The smoke added to the inability of people to rescue others.

The most valuable assistance people can give to each other is to stop the bleeding by using  tourniquets and/or hand pressure. 

Then be sure the person is breathing. 

If they still have a heart beat but unable to breath start CPR and/or rescue breathing while clearing the airway first.

Call out for other people in the area to help if it is difficult for one person to help. Say whatever works to wake people up from the shock of the incident to become rescuers and then call for police help. The response by the emergency personnel was very impressive. They will value the help survivors can provide to assist in the survival of those severely injured. 

Stop being helpless! Steal death from the murderer by saving the lives of those most injured. Make the act of violence worthless. Survivors should be racing toward the injured, not away from them.

New non-toxic materials need to be developed for strong structural integrity of public buildings and areas. Infrastructure should not contribute to the success of the death of innocent people.

Good. It is as it should be. Someone came forward to offer a method to open the iPhone.

If this method works and there is no court hearing needed, the FBI should offer the hero a reward. The person came forward to assist in the complete knowledge of mass murderers. It deserves a reward because our country will be a little safer now.

March 21, 2016
By Katie Benner and Matt Apuzzo

Riverdale, Calif. — The Justice Department (click here) said on Monday that it might no longer need Apple’s assistance in opening an iPhone used by a gunman in the San Bernardino, Calif., rampage last year.
The disclosure led a judge to postpone a court hearing over the issue and temporarily sidesteps what has become a bitter clash with the world’s most valuable company.
In a new court filing, the government said an outside party had demonstrated a way for the F.B.I. to possibly unlock the phone used by the gunman, Syed Rizwan Farook. The hearing in the contentious case — Apple has loudly opposed opening the iPhone, citing privacy concerns and igniting a heated debate — was originally set for Tuesday.
While the Justice Department must test this method, if it works “it should eliminate the need for the assistance from Apple,” it said in its filing. The Justice Department added that it would file a status report by April 5 on its progress....             

Know the tactics of the enemy.

Anthony Deloos, an airport worker for Swissport, which handles check-in and baggage services, said the first explosion took place near the counters where customers pay for overweight baggage. He and a colleague said the second blast hit near a Starbucks cafe."We heard a big explosion. It's like when you're in a party and suddenly your hearing goes out, from like a big noise," Deloos said, adding that shredded paper floated through the air as a colleague told him to run."I jumped into a luggage chute to be safe," he said.'
It was baggage and not a suicide bomber. Overweight baggage. It all makes sense. The next blast was 10 to 15 seconds later at a location near the baggage area in the main terminal. The people running from the first explosion would have be near this bomb when it took more lives.
Tom De Doncker, 21, check-in agent intern, was near the site of the second explosion."I saw a soldier pulling away a body," he said. "It felt like I was hit too" from the concussion of the blast.
March 23, 2016

More than two dozen people (click here) were killed when bombs exploded in Belgium's capital - two at the main international airport and one on a downtown subway train near European Union headquarters. Witnesses described chaotic scenes of blood, dust and flying glass as the blasts hit transport hubs in the middle of a busy rush hour. Here are some of their accounts:...

...Zach Mouzoun, who arrived on a flight from Geneva about 10 minutes before the first blast, told BFM television that the second, louder explosion brought down ceilings and ruptured pipes, mixing water with victims' blood."It was atrocious. The ceilings collapsed," he said. "There was blood everywhere, injured people, bags everywhere. We were walking in the debris. It was a war scene," he said.

People were hit not just by nails (shrapnel) they were hit by debris. When a mad man makes plans there is always an assessment where to place the bomb for maximal effect. Glass is a great ingredient to add to the plan. 
Marc Noel, 63, was about to board a Delta flight to Atlanta, to return to his home in North Carolina. The Belgian native said he was in a shop buying magazines when the first explosion occurred about 46 metres away."People were crying, shouting, children. It was a horrible experience." His decision to shop might have saved his life. "I would probably have been in that place when the bomb went off."
Jef Versele, 40, from Ghent, Belgium, said he was at the airport and about to check in when he heard two blasts and suddenly the air was full of broken glass.
"Everything was coming down - glassware. It was chaos, it was unbelievable. It was the worst thing," he said.
"People were running away. There were lots of people on the ground. A lot of people are injured."
Jordy van Overmeir had just collected his luggage after landing at the airport from Bangkok when "all of a sudden I heard a loud explosion - this boom. Initially I thought it was the sound of a suitcase falling down."
"At this point I saw all these policemen running around, shouting and saying 'there was an explosion," he told Sky News.

Who cares who claims the attacks. Average people have to police their lives.

The governments of Europe accepted large numbers of young men from Syria. What did the governments think was going to happen?

Rob Ford died. (click here)

Rob Ford, 46, seemed like an unstoppable political force, but the city councillor and former Mayer could not beat cancer.

March 22, 2016
By David Rider

Rob Ford, the Toronto city councillor who became the world’s most famous mayor during a wild, scandal-filled term, is dead at age 46.

The married father of two young children died after 18 months of treatment for a rare and aggressive cancer first diagnosed in the midst of his 2014 bid to be re-elected mayor. Ford would have turned 47 on May 28.

A brief statement from the Ford family announcing the death Tuesday described the former mayor as a “dedicated man of the people” who “spent his life serving the citizens of Toronto.”

“The family will not be making any statements to the media or taking any questions,” the statement said.

Ford underwent surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in May 2015, what was then considered his last chance to survive pleomorphic liposarcoma....

Pleomorphic liposarcoma

...Most people with liposarcoma do not feel sick. (click here) They might notice a lump (which can be soft or firm to the touch) that is usually painless and slow growing. Unfortunately, tumors in the abdomen can grow to be quite large before they are found....

...Well-differentiated liposarcoma is the most common subtype and usually starts as a low grade tumor. Low grade tumor cells look much like normal fat cells under the microscope and tend to grow and change slowly.

Myxoid liposarcoma is an intermediate to high grade tumor. Its cells look less normal under the microscope and may have a high grade component.

Pleomorphic liposarcoma is the rarest subtype and is a high grade tumor with cells that look very different from normal cells.

Dedifferentiated liposarcoma occurs when a low grade tumor changes, and the newer cells in the tumor are high grade...

Sincere sympathy for Rob Ford's family and friends; in particular his brother who cared a great deal about Rob Ford.

There will be no scapegoating Apple Computers. This is unrelated to San Bernardino.

This is an intelligence failure.

There is a good chance there is only one person involved. An unexploded backpack has been found. The police did explode. They may or may have not been able to obtain fingerprints or other clues to the original owner. It could have been set there to explode and didn't.

There is a suitcase used and then a suicide bomber. That could mean there is one person involved in this.

The mass emigration out of Syria.

Where is Clapper and his internet information?

The emigrants out of Syria have training. This was not long term planning. This is a reaction to the arrest of their leader. 

This is danger now.

March 22, 2016
By Jamie McGeever
London (Reuters) - European stocks fell (click here) and investors rushed for the safety of gold and government bonds on Tuesday, after two explosions at Brussels airport killed several people and blasts at metro stations in the Belgian capital.
Travel sector stocks including airlines and hotels fell the most, pulling the broader indices down from multi-week highs as reports on the scale of the carnage in the de facto capital of the European Union unfolded.
Belgian media reported that at least 11 people had been killed and that one of the blasts at the airport was a suicide bomber. This came four days after the arrest in Brussels of a suspected participant in November militant attacks in Paris that killed 130 people.
"The initial reaction in financial has been airline stocks all lower, and safe-haven capital flow with gold, German government bonds and the Japanese yen in demand," said Brenda Kelly, head analyst at London Capital Group....
What does the lawyer know? Get Adbeslam out of Europe. This is not a criminal that should be communicating with anyone.

I thought the community in Brussels was poor. Where does the lawyer come from? The country because of the financial status of the prisoner?

Unstable hydrogen. That is the weapon of choice. This is not longer term planning.

The suicide bombers who carried out attacks in Paris Friday night used an explosive called triacetone triperoxide, Paris prosecutor François Molins said Saturday. TATP can be made in a household using, among other ingredients, hydrogen peroxide. It is also very unstable.

This is TATP or acetone peroxide. It takes pounds and pounds of it. Ten pounds or more.

I don't think it would ever make it on to an aircraft. Security checks would pick it up. The attacks in Belgium occurred in an airline terminal because they could not make it through security checks with this substance.

The underwear bomber was assisted on to the aircraft. "...prior to boarding the plane they witnessed a "smartly dressed man" possibly of Indian descent, around 50 years old, and who spoke "in an American accent helping a passenger they identified as Abdulmutallab onto the plane without a passport, apparently posed as a Sudanese refugee,"...

This is a similar problem noticed in other bombings in Northern Africa. This is state to be the problem in Egypt. Criminals are being assisted onto aircraft.

The underwear bomber and shoe bomber used PETN as an ignition for their bombs. The shoe bomber bought a ticker and legally made it into the jet.

These bombs require ignition and it was that fact they were found by airline staff. 

All this mess can be easy found.