Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"Restoring Our Future" - The word "Restoring" was/is a favorite of Beck.

The CORPORATION responsible for the Anti-Gingrick ads.

He used that word all the time.  He used it in narcissistic framework.  "Restoring Dignity."  "Restoring what it was that needed restoring."

He never used it in terms of what was needed in government, like, "Restoring the tax structure we need to pay the debt."  "Restoring the forests or clean water or the USA treasury."  

It was always used in terms of 'personality deprivation as if something was DONE to people that were in his audience.  Didn't he have a restore Israel thing?  ??????  Oh, yeah, "Restoring Courage." I didn't know Israel turned 'chicken.'

But, the "Restore" mess is directly stolen from Beck, or maybe he gave them permission to mimic his methodology.  "Restoring our future."  Sounds like something President Obama has been trying to do in spite of the Republican obstructionists for the past three years!

This ad is deceptive. There has to be a scope for political ads.

There are several aspects to these 'swiftboat type' ads that are deceptive advertising.

To begin, no one is asking Mitt Romney to disavow the hostile tone of the ad.  During the 2004 campaign, George W. Bush was asked to disavow the ads both in their tone and in the lack of factual content.  Bush won't do it and therefore provided permission for the viciousness of the campaign that attacked a Vietnam Veteran.  Simply providing ads that 'I approve this message," while interesting, isn't disavowing the other ads.

Secondly,  President Obama never made the statement the former Speaker would be his choice to run against.  Quite the opposite, President Obama stated he would expect all the debates be robust.  He never stated there would be one candidate or another he would prefer to run against.  That aspect of the ad is nothing but supposition and lies.  They aren't even legitimate suppositions if one understands the actual statements by President Obama.

Thirdly, these ads can't simply be ignored, but, they should be met by plenty of questions from the electorate as to the 'answers' the former Speaker made regarding these allegations.  The former Speaker answered all these allegations in the debates.  Debates which cost money as well.

The fact the ads don't include the answers to the allegations is deceptive and quite frankly immoral.  When the rebuttals provided by the former Speaker were disregarded as legitimate by the producers of these ads, it lead me to believe the rebuttals were more factual than the allegations.  In particular, in regard to $1.6 million from Freddie and Fannie, the former Speaker stated, "His corporation, which had three offices, received those monies and he did not."  If that is the case, then the former Speaker received a salary along with the rest of his staff.  I always thought Republicans applauded small businesses.  Additionally, if there is a corporation they could produce records to validate Mr. Gingrick's answers to the allegations.

I don't believe allegations should stand alone in political ads.  Anyone can do that.  The electorate needs answers, the truth and an understanding of whom they are voting for, not the most deceptive and wealthiest candidate among their choices.

I sincerely believe the FCC has a jurisdiction here along with assistance from the Justice Department.  It is the deception in advertising that is at question.  It is the tone of the deception that provides an 'adult - child' news feed of information in these ads.  These ads are a problem and I consider them to be corrupt.

Clergy Members Arrested with Occupy Wall Street Protesters After Briefly...

Clergy members? This is disgraceful. The clergy came out to make the point the protesters are making a very moral statement about the condition of the USA's citizens. Where does the harassment by the police stop?

This was December 17th.

The events in this video happened today, December 17th, 2011, at roughly 3:45 PM as protesters, including clergy members, attempted to liberate the unused, fenced off section of Duarte Square on the corner of Canal Street and 6th Avenue in New York City on the three-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street.

An Egyptian politician believes Iran does not have to prove its control over the Straits of Hormuz.

..."Iran is a powerful country (click here) and has many winning aces in its hands; were it a weak and feeble country, the colonialist and imperialist powers would have attacked it already," Abdullah al-Ash'al told FNA in Cairo on Monday. 

"I believe that these wargames of Iran have a clear message for Israel and the US, while helping the country test and evaluate its power in the region as well," he added. 

He further reiterated that Israel has always been fearful of Iran's leader and military power, and added, "Iran's wargames show its power and capability of exercising its sovereignty and control over strategic points of the world like the Strait of Hormoz."...

Iran's economy is failing and they are hopping mad.  Certainly nuclear capacity can't be that important.  There will be no invasion into Iran as there was Iraq.  When change comes to Iran it will come from within

...The prospect of sanctions targeting (click title to entry - thank you) the oil sector in a serious way for the first time has hit Iran's rial currency, which has fallen by 40 percent against the dollar in the past month.
Queues formed at banks and some currency exchange offices shut their doors as Iranians scrambled to buy dollars to protect their savings from the currency's fall....

Iran Waiting for EU to Set Meeting, EU: Ball in Tehran’s Court (click here)

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday that Iran is waiting for proposal from EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, to set a meeting for fresh talks on the nuclear issue.

After receiving letter from Ashton, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili will review her proposals, said Ramin Mehmanparast during his weekly press briefing.
“We are waiting for a date and venue of the next meeting to be declared by Ashton for negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 group,” Mehmanparast told reporters.

Ashton wrote a letter dated October 21, 2011 to Iran reiterating an offer to resume negotiations. Mehmanparast said Tuesday that, "Iran has already given its response to Mrs Ashton....

Iran Dismisses Sanction Impact on Currency (click here)

TEHRAN, Iran January 3, 2012 (AP)
Iran said Tuesday that the steep depreciation in the country's currency against the U.S. dollar was not linked to U.S. new sanctions targeting its Central Bank, while officials geared up for a meeting to assess possible measures to shore up the riyal in an already ailing economy.

Since President Barack Obama on Saturday signed into law a bill that takes aim at Iran's Central Bank, the riyal hit a new record low on Monday, dropping by around 13 percent against the dollar in just two days and reaching 18,000 riyals to the dollar. The official rate, which few but the government pay attention to, is 11,180 riyals to the dollar. The currency rebounded Tuesday to about 17,000 riyals to the dollar....

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