Saturday, December 29, 2012

The injustice of believing in a minority President.

Alex Okrent died while dedicated to re-electing a President he believed would be best to lead the nation.

“He was a loving, (click here) passionate, bright young man, who should have had a long, bright future,” Mike Okrent said. “He looked to November and said ‘What am I going to do next?’ He said, ‘This is OK for a young man, but it takes a lot.’”

His obituary is below:
Alex S.Okrent, 29, (click here) beloved son of Michael Okrent and Lynn Pollack; loving brother of Abby Okrent; cherished grandson of Susan Okrent, the late Samuel Okrent, the late Marion and the late Alexander Pollack; dear nephew, cousin, friend and colleague of many. Service Monday, 11 a.m. at the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, 303 Dodge Ave., Evanston, IL 60202. Interment Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, memorials in his memory to The Obama for America Campaign,, ACLU, or JRC would be appreciated. Arrangements by Chicago Jewish Funerals -Skokie Chapel, 847-229-8822,
Published in Chicago Tribune from July 15 to July 16, 2012

On the internet there is a large variety of defamation of his character. It should not exist there. It is unusual to have a 29 year old to die of a heart attack, but, it is not strange. I believe I mentioned this phenomena once before when a basketball player died after taking ephedrine cold medicine in a large dose.

Young men, strong young men with a very healthy background and fit body can over tax their cardio-vascular system and have a heart attack. Skeletal muscles of the body at this age can actually demand performance from heart muscles it cannot deliver. Seriously. I have witnessed young, very fit police officers in a cardiac unit on monitoring after experiencing chest pain while chasing a suspect on foot. His fitness caused his heart a loss of the ability to deliver oxygenated blood to itself through it's coronary arteries because he was literally consuming oxygen in his skeletal muscles faster than his heart and lungs could deliver. The heart can also beat so fast it no longer has the ability to push blood out the left ventricle efficiently causing a drop in blood pressure. So, take your pick, which ever causes a loss to sufficient oxygen to the heart causes real damage. I also don't believe everyone can be a tri-athlete if they try hard enough, either.

Yes, they do heart damage that way.

Unfortunately, Alex went to the gym that day, already under stress from a tough campaign and experienced damage to his heart muscle while believing he was being smart about his fitness. There may have been other factors, such as dehydration or nutrient imbalances that could have contributed to his cardiac failure.

Alex kept a low profile in his dedication to his choice in Presidential hopefuls. That is not a crime and it is not suspicious. Some people are simply not demonstrative. Believe it or not, everyone doesn't post to Facebook or allow their lives to be chronicled there. It is attractive to his person and dedication to be also humble in his demand for attention.

I like Alex. I think he was very special and I am sorry he is gone. 

The internet content defaming his character and entangling him in some kind of wider conspiracy committed against him should be expunged from the net. Alex's memory is above reproach and it is time the internet displaces that. I would think a court order to his family would permit them to track it down and eliminate the nasty content posted by complete strangers.

The USA has wealthy people and wealthy agencies seeking adoption.

It is unfortunate the entire issue of adoption has had to become political in Russia.

I don't care of these are Middle Class families or heterosexual or not, the idea children have to be protected by their central authority is disturbing enough. I suppose the best way to approach this is victimize Russia as the evil empire again; as if the children involved have their heritage in that country. Nice. It is admirable the evil empire is on trial before the very children to be adopted. I think you guys really never handled this well. 

This is a State Department issue and not in the hands of average or above average (if there is such a thing) Americans. The idea the children will receive a foul opinion of the very country where they were adopted from is outrageous enough, but, there is more to this than meets the eye.

To begin, Russia is still a communist nation with communist priorities. I am assuming the children, when adopted, are well cared for and healthy. I mean it is not a human rights tragedy when these children arrive to their new homes in the USA, right? So, the idea that new American parents are defaming the very country that is the heritage of these children and their new sovereign government has not appreciation for the generosity in completing families in the USA is hideous. What do you think you are saying and what do you think you are doing?

This is Russia, not China. It does not have a population boom causing a stress on resources. As a matter of fact, Russia is worried about its population growth. Russian families can give birth to as many children as they want. There is no 'one child' limit there. Russia can afford to support these children, send them to school and give them a place within their society.

Additionally, Putin and Medvedev have historically been very sensitive to the fall in Russian population over recent decades. They have opened the borders of Russia to repatriate their diaspora. So, the idea this is some kind of tragedy for these children is not the approach to take with Russia. The State Department needs to address Russia's concerns regarding the adoption of these children. The State Department needs to provide facts and not fiction to counter the opinion of Russia to the global community, but, the fact Russia is shutting down adoptions to the USA is not a surprise. Between repatriation of the diaspora and Russian leaders concerned about population growth, this should have been expected.

President Putin will make his final term in office count to stabilize and promote the future of his country.

I take it Russian parents don't adopt American children. Is there a shortage of children in the USA for adoption? Or is there a shortage of white children for adoption in the USA?

The Up or Down Vote is for the CHANCE at a clear majority, rather than political interference by the GOP.

President says 'I believe we may be able to reach agreement' but White House prepares back-up proposal for Senate vote

..."Leaders in Congress (click here) are working on a way to prevent this tax hike on the middle class, and I believe we may be able to reach an agreement that can pass both houses in time," Obama said....

President Obama wants the government to work the way the government is suppose to work. Currently, the GOP are pulling power trips to cause problems hoping they will secure some kind of advantage in 2014. It is nonsense. The country needs their government to function and now is the time for many reasons.

Accusations an up or down vote is an attempt to trap members into being EXPOSED is more political nonsense. The country needs the government to function. Just that simple.