Wednesday, December 04, 2013

One other thing. Hm?

In the Sandoval Quarry of the ejecta blanket, 298 km from Chicxulub Pto. (click here)

I am trying to imagine where in the Yucatan or the region of the Yucatan there is a geological structure that would be suitable to storing nuclear waste.

See, now that the news is out, the entire area where Mexico disposes of it's waste will be scrutinized by the cartels.

The problem I am having with this entire issue of Third World nuclear storage is the actual facility itself. See, the Yucatan has a karst geological formation. The karst geology is porous. If the containment facility in Mexico is in this area and isn't well lined and protected, there is a chance sea water could cause corrosion of the containers.

Sorry to make more of this nightmare than it already is, but, better to address all the concerns than just one.

Loose Nuke Diplomacy

Samples of radioactive cobalt-60 isotope cast a blue glow from underneath deep water. (click here)

MEXICO CITY — A truck stolen near Mexico City (click here) with a load of a dangerous radioactive isotope used for medical purposes was found on Wednesday by the police after a two-day search, but some of the cargo was missing, a senior nuclear-safety official said....

The First World needs to secure these dangerous commodities from the Third World. Knowing Mexico the most dangerous scenario would be if the drug cartels got their hands on the Cobalt. But, they would have to have suits and the ability to handle it and I doubt they would. Not in time enough to know what they actually had without killing everyone in the neighborhood.

Now that the word is out, there will be incentive to find any loose material. But, to PREVENT this, the First World needs to take custody of radioactive material for disposal in a secure site.

This started in Tijuana and the shortest distance to a safe site was north to the USA and not southwest to the Yucatan. There needs to be policies with Third World nations having these capacities to secure this material. If the material was secured and removed by a First World nation, this would not be a problem. First World nations could afford security and equipment in the kind of condition that would prevent such problems. 

People have died in Mexico because they were naive. There is a lot of incentive for Third World nations and any other country that feels compromised with the need for such security, to have allies and friends that can prevent such a very preventable tragedy. Sorry to hear this happened.

I would expect any First World nation volunteering to help would be responsible for the cost without burdening another nation that struggles to help it's people.

This is off the cuff, but, it occurred to me safety doors could be added to classrooms.

Something occurred to me while I was thinking about Sandy Hook and it would not be an inexpensive fix for enhanced safety for children.

This is Weston Elementary School in Manville, New Jersey.

It is where my sisters and I attended school for K through 6th grade. 

The Kindergarten was located at the front of the school. It was tangent to the Main Office / Principal's Office. The building is one story throughout. The picture below is fuzzy because I enlarged it to see what design existed for the Kindergarten. 

The Kindergarten had four classes a day. Two in the AM and two in afternoon. There were two rooms for the Kindergarten classes. The Kindergarten also had their own playground immediately outside the safety glass door (There was wire throughout the door in the structure of chicken wire in case the glass was damaged. It would not shatter). It was set up that way to prevent disruption to the rest of the school when they came and went. And they were the 'little guys' and shouldn't be on the same playground with bigger and taller children. 

Interesting enough those glass doors were never a problem and actually let more sunshine into the school room. Those doors opened from the inside, so the children would line up outside after being called as they were probably busy on the playground and then they would walk into the classroom on time to class.

Above to the right is the door. It is immediately the first dark area that goes from top of the windows to the ground. The other classroom was the same except it was at the far end of this area of the school.

When I was thinking about Sandy Hook and when I was a 'little guy' I thought about those doors. The children in those classrooms had fire drills and were exited out those doors to firemen "The Good Guys" waiting outside. I can't help but believe if classrooms had fire doors or safety doors like this they would be able to get away from a gunman.

Just a thought.

Freedom of Information. The judge had no choice.

If minutes would have made a difference at Sandy Hook, I am sure it would have the endorsement by any parent. So, this may be an improvement. Something was learned from the 911 tapes that actually could bring a difference in saving lives of students as circumstances exist today in the USA.

Published 6:01 am, Monday, November 11, 2013
A gunman walks into a school and starts shooting. (click here)
It's that rare, worst-case scenario, one that all police prepare for and every parent prays will never happen.
But if it happens at one Oakland charter school, a person 25 miles away, sitting in a small, dark room on the second floor of a building in a Newark business park, will hear the gunshots and - within seconds - push a button to notify police.
The information will hit police car computer screens instantly and include a floor plan of the school showing which classroom the shots were fired in, the type of gun used, and which direction the shooter or shooters appear to be moving. If more shots are fired, police almost instantly will know the exact location....

They advocated for the poor and called out the government in their policies that victimized and abandoned the people that should be their responsibility.

Their experience and that of Pope Francis is unique, insightful and worth hearing. When the church seeks to minister it wants to be able to instill a sense of hope, upward movement and self-sufficiency. That is the foundation of the USA. There is absolutely nothing wrong with their message.

When Food Stamps were cut a huge burden transferred to charitable organizations and they are not able to completely fill the gap. 

"God is not on our side."

Stuart Varney (click here) net worth: Stuart Varney is a British-American journalist who has a net worth of $10 million dollars. Born in Derby, Derbyshire, England, Stuart Varney went on to graduate from the London School of Economics, and then began working as a broadcast journalist at KEMO-TV in San Francisco in the 70s. 

This is the FOX RANT. FOX uses the excuse that capitalism is the only methods of economics that actually provides democracy. That is not the case. Capitalism is alive and well in Europe, but, the governments when it comes to the 'care of their people' are socialistic. As a matter of fact, in his growing up years Mr. Varney has never known medical cost at all.

It is about time someone as compassionate and connected of the Poor has rattled the cages of these war mongers. I am quite sure Iraq is still wondering why their streets are not paved with gold and capitalism yet.

Pope Francis is a well educated man. He has lived with impoverishment of people for a long time. He knows exactly what inequity is and the suffering it causes. He is advocating for those that cannot speak for themselves and be heard. They sure won't get it from Varney.

Tuition to London School of Economics in 2013 (click here)
Students ordinarily resident in England and EU students do not have to pay 
any tuition fees up front. Instead, the cost of tuition is covered by a non-
means tested government loan which you will only start to repay once you 
have left university and are earning over £21,000 per year. 

The lost generation has been very successful in moving into their own economy.

This is a food truck, called "The Tamale Spaceship."

...On the face of it, Hernandez, (click here) a former manager at Adobo Grill, embodies the account spun by the city and optimistic foodies, both of whom have advanced a millenarian vision in which independent-minded restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, finally unshackled, will change the way we eat....

I guarantee you there are no food trucks on the stock exchange. See, the personality of the owner and operator is as important as the food and the truck itself. One might notice the face masks on the counter help.

Those most disappointed in the loss of their AMERICAN PROMISES have developed their own priorities and their own social status. These trucks sometimes congregate together in fields and/or parking lots with the knowledge of the city and sell their inventions. Many of their customers are within the same generation they are and don't have a lot of money to spend on social engagements. So, the product being sold is frequently under $10.00 including a beverage. 

What is so amazing about these food truck gatherings is that rarely is the product in duplicate. So, the crowd goes from concession to concession to SAMPLE the products and pass on opinions online.

The really interesting thing is that the monies are spent happily and in unison and remove them from any formal setting found in the city or town where they might be gathering. Yes. They are taking a new direction, literally and figuratively, making it work, finding LOYALTY among their customers and build on the opinions of their customers. They are all creating their own market share that is unique and powerful. Those opinions and that loyalty grow 'a base' for the concession and those that "Like" it become friends and share the same views of life and inclusiveness.

Like I said, they are smart folks.

I am going to assume these young people were sampled from across the nation.

If that is the cause then a full 33% are at least leaning conservative. That is the base of the GOP and some may be attracted by Libertarians, but, this poll doesn't really impress me. It is good know and Harvard is a quality study, but, besides being too early to tell what the nation actually thinks of the law; many of these folks are already covered by their parent's plan.

...A solid majority, 56 percent, disapproved of the law when it was called the Affordable Care Act. Just 17 percent said the measure would improve the quality of health care; 78 percent said quality would either stay the same or get worse. Half said the law would increase costs, while 46 percent said costs would decrease or stay the same.

The survey, of 2,089 18- to 29-year-olds, was conducted between Oct. 30 and Nov. 11 and had a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points. It is the latest in a series of two dozen polls that Harvard has conducted of young voters since 2000.

Some real statistics according to a young Democrats organizaton:

This generation will be about one third of the electorate by 2015, so it is important to get it right with them. This generation was about 21% of the electorate in 2012. They have generational priorities that do not carry through with older voters, not even their parents necessarily. I want to say first, I like them. They are free willed and frequently volunteer so I would expect them to be INVOLVED in politics at the grassroots level more than other generations.

This generation of voters are more diverse; in 2012 the percentage of non-white was 39%. 

The voters were majority college educated or getting a college education. Where this generation was not college educated, only 35% voted in 2012. Where they were college educated 66% voted in 2012.

Going back to 2008 there was an increase of 104% compared to 2004 that voted in primaries. In the general election of 2012 their numbers were 23 million.

This generation are joiners. They like social circumstances and hold very strong political opinions. It is my opinion they see government as a method to solving problems and tend to vote in their best interest. I think social media has brought out the activist side of this generation and they refuse to be left out of the debate and insist on being heard and COUNT in the direction of the country.

They have in past voted Democratic, but, I also believe they are very open minded to all opinions and consider them with brevity IF the opinions are based in fact. I don't believe they are easily steered from the truth. I think they seek it and adhere to the reality the truth presents and then work on solutions.

I also believe the younger members of this generation trend toward being naive. They trip over themselves a lot. BUT, their learning curve is good. In some ways they have to learn the ropes about life themselves because their circumstances are unlike those of previous generations. I think they are also innovators and are very capable of leadership EVEN if they are naive about their own brevity.

From what I have witnessed and heard from this generation they rely first on ideology and manufacturer their opinions out of the ability to imagine with some degree of fantasy. There lives are so new to the American landscape they have to rely on imagination to bring about a new reality. This was the lost generation. The ones that the ESTABLISHMENT forgot and found themselves homeless and in the cold after 2008. They have every right to move through life differently while building sustainable work with sustainable employment or entrepreneurship. They are not the folks that will seek information or direction by other and older generations. They learned their lesson of generational forgetfulness all too well.

If they are miffed at President Obama it is because their operational ideology was violated. They seek to be perfect in a world far to difficult to live in. If they are not perfect they do not get hired. When leaders, such as the President, are imperfect their own ideas of who they are and how hard they have to work is rattled. I don't blame them.

Much of their disillusion is due to GOP propaganda. They are targeted with hate speech and have commercials made about them to victimize their own body images and sense of privacy, so why wouldn't they be disillusioned and angry? So, while Harvard counts numbers what they don't count are the lives they live and the reality they are seeking to change. 

Disillusionment empowers this generation and they move on what they know and what they believe. The opinions they hold today will change as they feel more control and direction in their favor. 

The opinion polls of this generation is a moving target because they problem solve as quickly as possible and move in the direction of their best interest. They are smart folks.

Old Saint NIck is the emblem of generosity.

Here is some imagineering of the beauty of the spirit of Christmas. A world of peace and generosity. That is what Santa represents, by the way. Generosity. Gift giving and the benevolence of a people to each other. This is NOT a national security issue.

In case anyone sees the emblems in this well done video and reacts negatively, that is unfortunate. Faith is very much a part of the Christmas holiday and ΑΩΑ  is "Alpha-Omega-Alpha." Alpha Omega Alpha is the  Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. My guess is they are the ones that funded the video.

The USA is about diversity. Faith is a dividing line in many of our values. It is allowed and I would expect at this point in our history diversity is embraced by most Americans.

No one in this country is going to make a war of Christmas, a sacred season of benevolence and peace.

I've had enough of the government plotting against the people of the USA.


:  the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

:  ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to
damage an opposing cause; also :  a public action having such an effect

The entrapment of children into a net of fear is a bridge too far. I am appalled at the willingness of the USA military to carry out a campaign of indoctrination of young minds in this country. The American people are not the enemy.

Never in my wildest imaginations would I expect such aggressive and insidious use of the American military against the people of this country. We are the country, the military is not the country and in a growing paradigm the people of this nation are becoming OBJECTS and not human beings. 

The people are not targets of STRATEGIES to provide a clear demand by the military to accept a national security state for our own good. THE MILITARY DOES NOT MAKE THE RULES in this country.

The need for defunding and dismantling of these PLOTS and those that carry them out has to go forward. The military day by day is losing the trust of the people and rightfully so. 

I don't care if control freaks like Hayden are sitting in DC squirming in their seats at the disruption in the world and fearing any minute now there will be another 911. They need to go. They are paranoid and cause more problems than they solve and NOW they want to pollute the minds of our children with ideas that their imaginary heroes, like Santa, are in danger along with them. It is disgusting. The USA military is too big with too much money. And to think a private contractor, namely Microsoft, is throwing in with them is simply outrageous. Never did I think it would ever come to this. Microsoft in this capacity is a plague on the country.

The National Security State


It is corruption. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Make it their reality when they are young and they will accept any aspect of invasion of privacy from here out. 

Money, money, money.

Microsoft in Government (click here)
Stuxnet Helps Make the Case for Good IT Security Hygiene
By Steve White

Cybersecurity Architect, Enterprise Services 

“Stuxnet is the Hiroshima of cyber-war.” That evocative closing line, which ran in the April 2010 Vanity Fair article on last year’s most infamous cyber attack, makes my blood freeze every time I read it....

This is a joke, right? Big Red One is 1st Infantry Division of the US Army. NOT FUNNY!

Pull the funding on NORAD'S Santa Project. Microsoft has a very strange idea of fun.

The jerks militarized the Santa Tracker. The mountains even look like chocolate frosting. This is the most disgusting actions NORAD and Microsoft could have done.

Santa's getting some new digital digs. (click here)
In 1955, after a Sears ad mistakenly listed its number as Santa's, the Northern American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) began receiving calls from children asking about the whereabouts of Mr. Claus. Ever since, the agency has continued to provide the status and location of Santa on Dec. 25, and this year, it will do so with the help of Microsoft and a flashy new website.
Visit today and you will be brought to a brand new site that not only counts down the days until Santa will begin delivering presents but lets you visit the digital North Pole and play various games. Every day, NORAD will release a new game on the site; currently you can help Santa shoot hoops or help light the tree by solving a maze.
On Christmas day, the site will monitor Santa and the reindeers' whereabouts on a map and keep a running tally of the number of gifts delivered.....

Children don't need a militarized Santa. It adds fear to their lives and for some children it could be traumatic at a time when losses of a parent are felt more deeply during the holidays. I can't believe NORDA and Microsoft are this stupid. This is stupid.

Children and Fear of War and Terrorism (click here)

Tips for Parents and Teachers

National Association of School Psychologists

Terrorist attacks in our country and threats or realities of war are frightening experiences for all Americans. Children may be especially fearful that threatened or actual military action overseas will result in more personal loss and violence here at home. Because repeated scenes of destruction of lives and property are featured in the news media, they understand that “enemies of the United States” can cause harm in this country....

...Emotional Responses

Emotional responses vary in nature and severity from child to child.  Nonetheless, there are some similarities in how children (and adults) feel when their lives are impacted by war or the threat of war:
  • Fear:
  • Loss of control
  • Anger: 
  • Loss of stability
  • Isolation: 
  • Confusion: This can occur on two levels. First, children  may feel confused about terrorist attacks and war, what further dangers might arise, and when the violence will stop. Second, children may have trouble understanding the difference between violence as entertainment and the real events taking place on the news. Today's children live in the world of ArmageddonIndependence Day, Air Force One, and cartoon Super Heroes. Some of the modern media violence is unnervingly real. Youngsters may have difficulty separating reality from fantasy, cartoon heroes and villains from the government soldiers and real terrorists. Separating the realities of war from media fantasy may require adult help. 
This is just what parents and family need on Christmas Eve, fear and worry over Santa arriving at all. Who came up with this one, Hayden?

What Can Parents and Teachers Do?

Help children to feel personally safe:

  • Try to maintain normal routines and schedules to provide a sense of stability and security. 
I can hear it now:

Child: "Why does Santa need a jet?" 

Parent: "Ahhhh, I guess there is a lot of traffic tonight." 

Child: "Is Santa going to be, okay?"

Parent: "Of course he will, NORAD is giving him an escort."

Child: "NORAD didn't prevent 911."

Parent: "How did you know that?" 

Child: "Everyone knows that."

Parent: "You know something, this is just a cartoon. The government really doesn't know Santa has better radar than they do and doesn't need anyone but Rudolph in bad weather. Let's have some cookies and milk."