Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Alaska's Epic Storm November 2011 (11/9/11)

Morning satellite image of Tropical Storm Sean (below)
Forecast for Sean
The latest SHIPS model forecast predicts wind shear will remain about where it is now through Friday morning. However, ocean temperatures will gradually cool to 24°C during this time, and it is questionable whether Sean will have a favorable enough environment to strengthen into a hurricane. The computer models show little development of Sean, with none of our reliable models predicting it will become a hurricane. Bermuda is the only land area that need concern itself with Sean, as the storm is now caught in a trough of low pressure that will accelerate the storm to the northeast. The center of Sean could pass close enough to Bermuda to bring the island heavy rain squalls and sustained winds of 40 - 45 mph on Friday. NHC is giving a 52% chance that Bermuda will receive tropical storm-force winds of 39 mph. Wind shear will rise to 30 - 50 knots on Friday, which should be able to rip the storm apart by Saturday.

The "Iditarod" might be quite a challenge this year. It doesn't begin until March 2012.

November 9, 2011
0333.54 PM
Satellite Radar (click here for animation of current weather map)

November 9, 2011\
2030.00 gmt
NOAA Infrared Satellite of Alaska (click here)

In the lower center of the image is the Alaskan island chain.  That should help find Alaska and the west coast of Canada.

November 9, 2011
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of the north and west hemisphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

Bit of a mess, huh?  There are simply vortices everywhere, in the center of the continent, at the Arctic Circle off the east coast in the Atlantic.  Just everywhere.
North American Continent Map with Alasak and the west coast of Canada.

November 7, 2011                   Snyder Oklahoma            Photographer states: 
This is the Tipton-Snyder, OK tornado. This supercell produced multiple tornadoes over a couple of hours.

Oklahoma battered by tornadoes, hail (click here)

"Peaceful Purposes" may have a different definition in Iranian.

I would imagine 'Peaceful Purposes' to the Iranian President would include a regional peace the Iranian government considers important such as their National Defense against anything living.

Senator Gretchen Whitmer Responds to Pro-Bullying Legislation

Tea-vangelical Governor Bob McDonnell claims today the Republicans election success was do to job growth. It could not be further from the truth.

Virginia Unemployment Rate - Seasonally Adjusted (click here)

The unemployment rate in Virginia is a stagnant as the rest of the nation, otherwise McDonnell would be running for president as well.

The reason the Republicans were somewhat successful yesterday in Virginia is due to the face McDonnell has been CRYING "Poor me" in regard to judicial appointments. 

The lowest rate of unemployment in Virginia occurred from September to Noverember 2000 of 2.2%.  January 2008 the unemployment rate was 3.3%.   Ocober 2008 the rate was 4.8%.  By Janaury 2009 it was 5.7% and it kept climbing to an all time high of 7.2% in January 2010.  Below the national average, of course, but the pattern is the same as every other state in the nation.

The current unemployment rate in Virginia is 6.5% with a low between January 2010 and the current rate of 6% in May of this year.  The unemployment rate, its pattern and stubborness is as lackluster as the rest of the nation and even more profound when one considers the all time low in recent years was 2.2% in 2000.

I rarely quote the Washington Times as they are 'creative' at times, but, just the same there was this:

McDonnell wants action on judicial appointment (click title to entry - thank you)

By David Sherfinski
The Washington Times
Thursday, July 21, 2011

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell on Thursday sent a letter to leaders in the Virginia General Assembly telling them to move quickly on selecting judges for state courts, including the Supreme Court,  as he is prepared to do it himself should they adjourn their special redistricting.

The legislature has been mired in a partisan gridlock over judicial appointments as they remain in a special session called to re-draw congressional district lines. Mr. McDonnell wrote that House conferees have agreed on new lines, but the Senate will not acquiesce....

This was on his Twitter feed yesterday evening with the statement "Voter Turn Out is Low."

Link:  Find Your Local Polling Center  (click here)

Candidates for Senate eager to sway voters (click here)

No one has more riding on the outcome than the governor, who reaches the midpoint of his term in January.

...Republicans have waged an all-out effort to gain control of the Senate, fielding candidates in 36 districts and waging aggressive, well-funded challenges to several Democratic incumbents — including three who represent parts of Southwest Virginia. The fates of incumbents John Edwards of Roanoke, Roscoe Reynolds of Henry County and Phillip Puckett of Russell County may determine whether Democrats keep the Senate majority they won four years ago. More than $4 million has been spent in the fights for those three seats.

No one has more riding on the outcome of Tuesday's vote than McDonnell, who will reach the midpoint of his four-year term in January. A Republican Senate could give McDonnell the legislative muscle he needs to enact policy reforms in state government, public education and the state employee pension system that Democrats have blocked....

Ran into my good friend Governor Doug Wilder at my polling place this afternoon! Polls are open until 7pm - please get out and vote! (from

Something on the International side: Could Lord Ashcroft have been the hub of the current drug cartels in Central America?

This is where the picture came from (click here)

£Ashcroft: Biggles, Bertie, Algy and Ginger Flaunting the Rules? via Labour of Love March 1st, 2010 at 23:54

We've been following the rather ridiculous Baron Muchhousing Ashcroft of Belize for some time. Here, for example is our archive featuring "Flying Lion" - the good Lord's private jet company - which has been ferrying shadow mimicsters and MPs around willy nilly. Not a UK company. Not paying tax here. With no base here. With no direct company interest in the demented big-C wasting involved in dashing around the globe.Michael Ashcroft's Flying Lion has exploited an apparent loophole in the donations rules. These bar overseas companies and overseas based individuals from donating either money or in kind goods and services to UK political parties. With one exception. That being Travel. This concession being designed to allow the Sultan of Brunei say to summon some UK polis at his own expense.

Lord Ashcroft is a British Tori that lived in Belize more than the UK.  He was found to be issuing tens of thousands of Passports and Visas while living in Belize under British authority.

Just in this past year he was given a free pass by the Cameron government and sent to what normally would be considered a 'safe' place to put him.  I believe it was a country somewhere along the Mediterranian.  Not sure, exactly.  At any rate, there is no reason to believe he isn't still as toxic to global security as he was while in Belize.

He is a worry and now this turns up.  It is reasonable to be suspicious as to any connection between the antics of this corrupt Brit and the drug cartels.  Passports and Visas probably facilitate the migration of the cartels into the USA.  So, much for border fence security when passports and visas abound.
Tonight 24 persons, (click title to entry - thank you) most of them Belizean Immigrants in the United States are facing federal charges for drug trafficking and passport fraud.

It's the result of a major operation by US Law Enforcement, a three year investigation into and infiltration of the Belizean Bloods Gang, a drug trafficking operation based in Chicago.
The biggest name to come up so far is Jerry Johnson, who, according to investigators, ran the operation out of Chicago. According to informants who gave police information, JOHNSON inherited his father's drug connections when that father was deported to Belize. Once the drugs got to Chicago the Belizean Bloods had a narcotics distribution route including Illinois, Utah, Ohio, Indiana, New York and California....

Congress needs to pass the "American Jobs Act."

Paper clip or no paper clip, the best option for returning teachers, police and emergency workers back to their jobs was written by President Obama.  It is just a fact.  There is no other viable solution and everyone in the country knows it.

John Kasich dumped on Ohioans that could least afford to lose their jobs.  I guarantee you there are more houses in foreclosure now since Kasich took office and they belong to those he laid off in some of the most vital jobs in the state.  The American Jobs Act HELPS states continue their vital services and supports education. 

The states need this bill.  They need it intact as it stands.  The members of Congress that have stood in opposiition to passing this bill, including those in the Senate demanding yet another filibuster are causing state budget shortfalls that are causing more and more contraction of the economy. 

The Governors should be pushing their Congress persons to pass this bill and turning it down.  The bill is paid for.  The country's extremists are hurting people, not helping them.

PASS THE BILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why John Kasich should stay in office. He has hurt the people of Ohio.

When the people of Ohio voted for a Governor that would create jobs, they didn't think he would actually destroy them and reduce the tax base and vital services all at the same time.

John Kasich can't possibly believe he is going to have a productive relationship with Ohioans from here on.  He doesn't believe he can salvage any of his agenda at this point.  If there ever was a covert agenda in the 2010 election, this had to be one of the top qualifiers.

Why should the people of Ohio put up with this mess from here on?  John Kasich needs to resign. 

...with 75 percent (click title to entry - thank you) of precincts reporting, the repeal was led by a 62 to 38 percent margin.
John Kasich took over for Ted Strickland as Ohio's newest governor in January, and coming into power, he promised to curb the power of unions. In abolishing the rights of more than 350,000 public workers, including police and firefighters, to negotiate for things like benefits, equipment and various other issues, Kasich appears to have overstepped his bounds....