Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raw Video: Voting Begins in Iowa Straw Poll

I would like to congratulate US Rep. Michele Bachmann on her victory in the Iowa Straw Poll.  I think she deserved it.  She worked hard for it.

She was the target of sexism and personal attacks when no one else in the field was.  She was backed by a mentor that was once an Iowa Straw Poll winner, Mike Huckabee.  That is no minor supporter either.  

She is the candidate of choice for the Anti-Abortion movement as well.  I sincerely believe the movement to ban abortion is sincerely worried about their future.  They are using the States to try to win ground for their ban and are seeking momentum to return their efforts in a way they started to gain ground under Bush/Cheney.  No other candidate has what Rep. Bachman does to that movement.  

Published: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 10:25 PM    
Updated: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 10:36 PM

AMES, Iowa -- On the day that Texas Gov. Rick Perry formally joined the Republican presidential race, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, narrowly won the Iowa Straw Poll in a contest that dealt a major setback to third-place finisher Tim Pawlenty.

The events of Saturday marked the opening of a new and accelerating chapter in a 2012 GOP campaign that has been slow to take shape. With Mitt Romney established as the front-runner for the nomination, the entry of Perry and the victory here by Bachmann are likely to reorder the field and intensify the competition to emerge as the former Massachusetts governor's principal challenger.

Romney has dictated the pace of his campaign almost without regard to other contenders, and he has managed to avoid direct confrontations with the other Republicans in the field, most recently in Thursday's debate in Iowa. But that could change quickly as the GOP candidates look toward a September calendar that includes three nationally televised debates….

I also believe, while Rick Perry is a favorite to many that like the dissonance a Texan brings to the political spectrum, he is after all simply another GOOD 'OLE BOY.  Now, isn't he?  I strongly believe he was 'placed' in this race because Palin backed him for re-election as Governor and the GOP is attempting to water down the chill of the "Iced Tea Party" in this race.  Perry has enough of a radical Right Wing following to cast a shadow on Rep. Bachmann.

US Rep. Ron Paul is singing his 'swan song.'  He is not running for re-election and the GOP respects his dedication enough to want to make him noteworthy in his point of view.

Pawlenty primarily showed up third because he was willing to attach 'a woman' in the field when no one else did.  You know, that whole front runner 'thing.'  If he was strong enough to take on the front runner then he is stronger enough to beat her.

For the most part, Michele did herself proud.  She also proved to the GOP that women can make an impression that lasts and her stand on issues of the day matter to people.  

This will bring her campaign added funds which she needs.  I do believe the women of the GOP will see to her campaign integrity more than others imagine.  I believe she is the 'distaff' candidate.  When women run, they frequently win.  I wish her well, everyone is out to stop her.  

President Obama needs to focus on jobs, just as he did when first taking office. Save jobs and grow jobs. Sustainable jobs.

Above is a route of The Pony Express.  Recently, the United States Postal Service came under attack by the Tea Party stating it should be privatized.  They lied about the relationship between private carriers and the USPS.  I remind, the FedEx boxes went outside the US Post Offices during Bush #43.  There is nothing less patriotic than believing disbanding any US Post Office is okay.  It isn't.  There was a record number of Post Offices CLOSED during Bush/Cheney and supposedly there was no economic slow down to require such a thing.  We all know the US Economy was buoyed during the Bush/Cheney years by federal spending and increase in the national debt, but, the US Postal Service is self-sustaining.

The FexEx drop off boxes should be removed from the grounds of the USPS.  It is disrespect to the people that work for the US Post Offices all over this country.  A slap in the face, if you will.  I don't like them on government property.

It was also during the Bush / Cheney years the "Forever Stamp" was first issues.  I am confident the largest purchaser of ‘cheap postage’ was corporations.  If the USPS is facing financial short falls the "Forever Stamp" should be disbanded and never again produced.  It has delivered exactly what was intended, cheap postage for corporations and short falls to the US Postal Service for supplying faithful service in spite of rising prices of that service.

President Obama needs to speak to the United Postal Workers and find out the best way to preserve jobs while improving any service they provide and enhance their bottom line.  He should be doing this now and not in 2012.  The US Postal Workers need their President and they need him now.

Additionally, the US Postal Service also brings UPS and FedEx to distant addresses.  I know because I spent the summer of 2010 on Eastern Lake Ontario where there was ONLY letter and package delivery.  I frequently was sent documents in the mail.  If they needed to be expedited, the only way to do that was to send it US Overnight or Express Mail.  Why?  Because it was less expensive than sending it FedEx and UPS Ground because the US Postal Service would deliver it anyway.  There were no FedEx or UPS Ground trucks with routes where I was, but, there were US Postal Trucks.  There were no FedEx or UPS Ground offices where I was, there was however a local post office with Saturday hours and a 'drop slot' open with extended hours even though the window might be closed.

Don't tell me about MY Post Office.  I know about MY Post Office because that is ALL I USE no matter where I am and have shipping to conduct.  Everything goes USPS or it doesn't go.

President Obama has a real opportunity to work with the United Postal Workers to SAVE JOBS and keep the mail delivery going even if by Pony Express.  He needs to speak to his plans for returning jobs to the USA.  He needs to speak to the fact he needs a House and Senate ready to act in returning jobs and how that is best accomplished.  He needs to actively push for jobs at every turn in his current administration while his cabinet does the same.  "Be out there and be heard."  Let the citizens of the USA be reassured about the kind of nation they can expect and how the national debt is going to be paid down with increased REVENUES from a 'lean and mean' federal system that taxes those best to pay while enjoying the benefits of the great democracy.  For without the USA, the wealthy would never be where they are today.   

The US Postal Service survived an anthrax attack after September 11, 2001 only to be destroyed by Plutocrats? 

President Obama is more than capable of saving jobs by stopping the draconian practices imposed on the US Postal Service by past administrations.  He needs to now.

U.S. Postal Service faces financial crisis, seeks to back out of union contracts (click title to entry - thank you)

Published: Saturday, August 13, 2011, 8:00 AM

By Ursula Zerilli
The Grand Rapids Press
GRAND RAPIDS — Postal workers may face serious job challenges nationwide as the U.S. Postal Service seeks congressional action to allow it to withdraw from federal heath and retirement plans and cut its workforce by 20 percent to avoid financial doom within weeks.
The USPS troubles have already affected local post offices — which employ about 20,000 people in Michigan — this summer.
Residents in Jamestown Township are making a case to save their local office as 60 Michigan offices — among 3,700 nationwide — are on a “review list” to be closed depending on traffic and space utilization….

It is all too obvious that if Ms. Casey Marie Anthony returns to Florida for one year probation she is in peril.

In an Orange County courtroom (click here) Judge Stan Strickland sets bond at $500,000 and ordered Casey Anthony to have a GPS device attached. "I don't think I can please anyone," the judge said.

Jul 22, 2008

Administering JUSTICE is not about 'pleasing people,' it is about doing what is best and just to a citizen.  The State of Florida ROYALLY screwed this case up and did it for political reasons.  Enough.  The entire case is a joke as is every Justice affiliated with it.

This case was exploited by the media and they made millions off their harassment of the family and the defendant.  This is not an ordinary case.  The judges involved need to get creative so Ms. Anthony can serve her probation without putting herself in peril.  The threat of her being in danger is enough to break probation.  The Judicial System of Florida is loading the odds against Ms. Anthony's survival over the next year.  She is not suppose to face the 'death penalty' by mob control to satisfy one year probation.

If the court wants her in Florida then they need the media to pay for protection the entire time for the next year while prohibiting them to cover her whereabouts or activities.  What the Florida Judiciary is doing is playing politics with a woman's life.  They should be investigated and charged with "W"rongful Prosecution, or should I say persecution, of a woman found innocent because the state never handled the case properly.  

Ms. Anthony's probation needs to be dismissed and/or given clemency and if anything happens to her as a result of these decisions the judges and governor need to be held accountable.  Putting a human life in harms way to satisfy the state is NOT what probation is all about.

This is outrageous. 

Perry has delayed (click here) releasing jurors names due to THREATS.  By placing Ms. Anthony in harms way he is practicing vigilante justice.  Remanding her to prison for her probation is NOT probation and imperils the integrity of the law.