Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Zealand man states he had a Christmas Miracle.

They aren't the most exciting holiday gift, but, it is certainly the most profoundly defined.

Types of PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

December 24, 2015
By Amelia Wade

...Chester Vaenuku (click here) was in his 3.6m tin boat fishing for Christmas dinner in the Mangere Inlet. This year was going to be special because his children, Kaelin, 9, and Benjamin Savage, 10, had flown over from Australia where they lived with their mother.
But the swell increased and water began to spray into the boat, so Mr Vaenuku, 35, decided to pull on his raincoat. It caught on his seat and as he took his hand off the throttle to loosen it a large wave knocked him overboard.
His gumboots sucked him straight to the bottom.
He said his old and tattered but still functional lifejacket pulled him to the surface.
Mr Vaenuku tried to get back in the boat but the motor was still running and it got away from him.
The wind whipped the waves into his face and Mr Vaenuku started praying.
"I called out: 'Please God, help me. Take me back to my children, they came to Australia to spend time with me'," he told the Herald, voice cracking.
"I yelled out and yelled out. I just hoped that something would happen. I prayed and prayed and after about 20 minutes, a boat appeared. It came from nowhere."
Onboard were Justin Robertson and Errol Geange, whom Mr Vaenuku called his "Christmas angels". It took them three tries to haul an exhausted Mr Vaenuku into their boat. They returned him and his dinghy back to shore.
Mr Vaenuku said he wanted to publicly thank Mr Robertson and Mr Geange for saving his family's Christmas.
But Mr Robertson said he was pleased they'd been able to save him.
"We got there in the nick of time. His whole face was drained," Mr Robertson said.
"He was my best catch of the day, that's for sure."...

I really don't want to hear how tornadoes sometimes happen in December.

A child is dead at a time of year when children are joyous in anticipating Santa Clause. This is not simply 'one of those things.' This is the climate crisis. A child is dead in the United States of America at Christmas time due to the climate crisis.

December 23, 2015

Storms and tornadoes (click here) hit the south Wednesday afternoon, leaving at least three dead -- including a 7-year-old boy -- and injuring at least 40 more while leveling homes and causing other damage, according to officials and the National Weather Service.
Two other people were missing, officials said.
As of Wednesday evening, there at least 21 reports of tornadoes and confirmed twisters in Iowa, Mississippi and Tennessee, according to the NWS, including a "large and extremely dangerous" tornado near Oxford, MS.
The NWS in Memphis released a map showing the track of an "exceptionally long-track, violent tornado" that hit Northern Mississippi....

The tornadoes came right out of the upper troposphere. If I may?

24 December 2015
UNISYS water vapor satellite of the North and West Hemisphere (click here - thank you)

Do you see it?
Exactly. Right there.


Senator Bernie Sanders is chivalrous. I noticed that about him when he spoke out about the emails. Besides being a magnificent human being and caring deeply about people and how the country is about people; he is chivalrous and does not miss one instance to assert that quality about him.

I really suggest any Presidential candidate needs to work vigorously to enforce Non-Proliferation and continue to reduce the global supply of death machines.

More than two decades (click here) after the Cold War ended, the world’s combined inventory of nuclear warheads remains at a very high level: approximately 15,700. Of these, around 4,100 warheads are considered operational, of which about 1,800 US and Russian warheads are on high alert, ready for use on short notice....

The Cold War started in 1947 and is considered to have ended in 1999. I think that is an optimistic point of view. The nuclear threat to the world actually increases with every baby born.

"Morning Bulletin" from Rockhampton, Australia on Saturday 25 June 1949.

The reason Donald Trump is notable in USA media is because he is leading the field. But, the idea his bluster is new and outrageous is a lie.

I think it is time to move on.

I have just the fix Huckabee needs for his political platform and the USA doesn't have to spend one more dime to achieve it.

If every USA submarine emptied it's Trident missiles all at once we'd have the advantage. You know Pre-emption, Huckabee.

Sunnyvale, Calif., Nov. 10, 2015 – The U.S. Navy conducted (click here) 
successful test flights Nov. 7 and 9 of two Trident II D5 Fleet Ballistic Missiles built by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT). The world’s most reliable large ballistic missile, the D5 missile has achieved a total of 157 successful test flights since design completion in 1989. The D5 is the sixth in a series of missile generations deployed since the sea-based deterrent program began 60 years ago....

I was looking to see if the red, white and blue was painted on the Trident missile, but, it must be on the side of the missile away from the camera. 

Why not just ask Huckabee how much US taxpayer dollars is needed to genocide every Muslim in the world. How much Huckabee?

Surely the wise man knows the needed military to carry that out by now.

Huckabee. OMG. Does the Republican Party ever talk about the real world rather than the one from the 1950s. That speech was worn out decades ago. 

And they say Trump speaks hate. According to Huckabee, every Muslim in the country belong to a secret club.

This is from the US National Archives in an article appearing in the New York Times.

December 23, 2015
By Scott Shane

Washington — Target category No. 275 from the nuclear target list for 1959 may be the most chilling. It is called simply “Population.

For the first time, the National Archives and Records Administration has released a detailed list of the United States’ potential targets for atomic bombers in the event of war with the Soviet Union, showing the number and the variety of targets on its territory, as well as in Eastern Europe and China...

Excuse me. But. The bombs are suppose to fall on military instillations to remove any military advantage. It was never my understanding these death machines were suppose to fall on human populations.

Key Targets for SAC Forces (click here) (Interactive map, click on targets to see more information)

         Using data from the SAC study, this Google map shows the top 20 Soviet bloc airfields of more than 1100 that SAC listed as targets for its Air Power attack [See
section 6 for complete list].  The map also shows the locations of five of the major Soviet bloc cities that SAC included in its list of over 1200 potential urban targets: East Berlin, Warsaw, Leningrad, Moscow, and Beijing [Peiping] and their suburbs.  Linked to each city is a spread sheet that lists the various installations SAC targeted for destruction and total numbers of installations targeted for the five urban areas.   Compiling these spread sheets required the laborious matching of the information in the Category Code List (section 3) with the data in the city lists in the “Systematic Destruction” sections of the SAC report [see sections 5 and 7 for excerpts].   After all the category code items for each city were counted, it could be determined how many and what type of military, industrial, transportation, power,  and communications installations, among other target types, had been slated for destruction.  The data on numbers of nuclear weapons assigned to destroy the various objectives has been excised, but there is probably no correlation between those numbers and the numbers of installations in each city....

Michael Moore. It is a masterpiece.

There were three times in the film I cried and could not keep from crying. I had tears in my eyes for at least have of it. And the rest of the film I kept being reminded there was once a USA that valued all those magnificent aspects of humanity.

I also can't believe it was rated R because of a rotund couple getting into a hot tub naked. Susan Lucci is rated at least an R on daytime television.

Weren't we there? In that space? In the moral content of where the human life was vastly more important than anything else? I remember that place. Maybe because my parents bested there parents when they moved out of poverty into the middle class because my father had a job with union representation. 

I bested my parents and had a really good job that still has union representation, but, this time I was a professional with a college degree.

My sons mostly bested me, but, there are still areas in my youngest son's life (now 34 years old) isn't up to par yet. At least as far as I am concerned.

Mike, it is the best darn Santa Wish List I have ever seen and I want it. I want it back.

The people of the USA stated it needed nation building at home. It does. Still. Any American that doesn't see this film and appreciate it's depth and morality should be in emotional and spiritual rehab.

Thank you. It is going to be difficult for you to top this one.