Saturday, August 31, 2013

The American Worker has no loyalities to Wall Street, it is quite the opposite.

The ACWA was once the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Today, those initials are valued for their Vintage value. (click here)

The American clothing industry is now in China. Imagine that. Americans actually throwing up their arms in surrender to the 'cheap economy' of oppressed and impoverished laborers. This is America?

Since when do Americans NEED deep, deep discounts in order to put their children on a bus to school?

By Bruce Watson
Aug 31st 2013 6:00AM

Before the deep, deep discounts (click here) and back-to-school sales, before it was the end of summer and the start of college football season, Labor Day signified just one thing: respect for America's organized labor. Originally proposed by the secretary of New York's Central Labor Union, the holiday was slowly adopted, state by state, until 1894. That year, the massive Pullman car strike ended with the massacre of 30 people, $80 million in property damage, and a national labor force that was furious. In an attempt to smooth things over, Congress and President Grover Cleveland rushed through a bill that made Labor Day a federal holiday.
American military policy is being built via Blackberry, wire services, telephone conferencing with a default setting to guns and a pay off to Wall Street. 

I don't think so!

Hagel never prepared for the Russian meeting with Putin before the G20 because he has been arm wrestling with the military and Right Wingers like Speaker Boner over Sequester cuts.

Now, without a meeting with the President of Russia the USA Congress it going to authorize the War Powers Act against Syria. Powers was absent and Hagel unprepared and the Syrian ally of Russia was disregarded as significant. That is only the beginning.

There is no way a War Powers Vote against Syria is justified. This is about the USA military and crony money and that is all this is about.

Is Samanatha Powers wants to propose a new approach and POLICY toward genocide and chemical weapons it takes research and concensus. Not the blantant misuse of the USA military.

There is no reason to convene Congress unless it is for the authority to conduct war.

The USA military played the Obama Administration like a fine tuned fiddle. An Irish one at that. Indeed, an Irish Fiddle to dance the Irish Gig. 

I don't think it is the Republicans President Obama has to worry about when it comes to impeachment. 

He has already lied. The United Nations has spoken and wants NO violence, including bombs and rockets. The United Nations wants talks to bring about a joint shared government. The entire war mongering belongs to Obama.

Samantha Power, (click here) the newly appointed US ambassador to the UN, has spent her career urging international intervention in cases of genocide.
The gassing of hundreds of Syrians should have been a perfect opportunity to speak out and force quick action.
However, the Irish-born academic was nowhere to be seen and failed to attend an emergency UN Security Council meeting during the week....

The Global Concensus already exists and it is opposed to the use of violence in Syria.

Remember where this was first stated, because it sure as hell wasn't the USA media.

Professor Ake Sellstrom, (click here) the man leading a team of UN inspectors in Syria, is not the first Swede to be given the job of investigating the use chemical weapons in the Middle East.

Following in the footsteps of Hans Blix – who searched for Saddam Hussein’s ultimately non-existent weapons of mass destruction in 2003 – Professor Sellstrom has been sent on a “fact-finding” mission to three locations in Syria. In one of them, the village of Khan-al-Assal near Aleppo, it is alleged that chemical weapons were used in March, killing 26 people.

Professor Sellstrom, who has held several high-profile roles within the UN, was the chief inspector of Unscom (click here), the special commission set up after the Gulf War in the early 1990s to determine whether chemical weapons were used during that conflict.

Several Western states, including France and Germany, have demanded that Professor Sellstrom be given access to Ghouta, near Damascus, where it is alleged by opposition groups that hundreds, perhaps thousands, were killed by chemical weapons on Wednesday.

Professor Sellstrom said: “It sounds like something that should be looked into. It will depend on whether any UN member state goes to the Secretary-General and says we should look at this event. We are in place to do so.”

It would seem as though the United Nations does not hold the view of President Obama. At all !!!!!!!

29 August 2013
...Earlier today, (click here) Mr. Ban said he spoke by phone with United States President Barack Obama about how the United Nations, the US and the world can work together, as well as “how we can expedite the process of the investigation.”
Mr. Ban said he expressed his wish that the investigation team should be allowed to continue their work as mandated by the Member States to probe the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Government at Khan al-Asal and other claims.
“I told him that we will surely share the information and the analysis of samples and evidence with Members of the Security Council and UN members in general,” Mr. Ban said.
Also today, Mr. Ban discussed the investigation and the overall situation in Syria with Austrian President Heinz Fischer and Chancellor Werner Faymann.
“We are of the opinion that the situation should be resolved in a peaceful way through dialogue,” he told journalists after the meetings....

The USA has problems with killing, too. 35 people have been shot in Baltimore City in 14 weeks.

60% of the Philippine Capital is under water. The world has bigger problems than Syria's Civil War.

August 20, 2013

At least eight people were killed and more than 100,000 fled their homes (click here) amid heavy rains for a third day that swamped as much as 60 percent of the Philippine capital and nearby provinces.

Forty one are injured and four are missing as torrential rains overflowed dams and rivers and triggered landslides in provinces in the biggest island of Luzon, according to the latest bulletin of the disaster and risk-reduction agency. At least 20 percent of the Manila region remains submerged as of 7 p.m. from as much as 60 percent around midday, Office of Civil Defense spokesman Major Rey Balido said by phone.

President Benigno Aquino suspended work in government offices in Manila for a second day, prompting Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and exchanges to keep currency, bonds and stock markets closed. Five provinces including Cavite and Laguna have declared a state of calamity. Mayor Strike Revilla of Bacoor in Cavite, south of Manila, said the flooding in his town is worse than 2009 when typhoon Ketsana swamped Luzon and killed more than 400. A road leading to Aquino’s office was flooded, Aquino spokeswoman Abigail Valte said...

2016, already? Joking. Shame on everyone. There are people dead and dying in Syria, but, hey makes for great politics in the USA, the world's only Superpower.

Positions on military action (click here) and going to war are critical during presidential primaries and general elections. Where potential 2016 candidates stand on intervention in Syria now could very well come up on the campaign trail in Iowa and New Hampshire.
These moments have a way of coming back to haunt presidential candidates and they will be made to answer for their positions just as then Sen. Barack Obama's opposition to the war in Iraq helped him in his primary against Hillary Clinton.
If you're in the opposition party, standing apart from the administration is key. Here's where possible 2016ers stand on Syria..

Of course as soon as the saintly USA enters the scene the dying ends. Right.

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A suicide bomber (click here) slipped into a crowd of mourners at a funeral in northern Afghanistan on Friday morning, waited until the district governor and two of his bodyguards were leaving the mosque, and detonated his vest, killing eight people and wounding 16, officials said.
The attack, the latest incident in a particularly bloody week, succeeded in killing Sheikh Sadruddin Saadi, the governor of the Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz province and the apparent target, said Mohammad Khalil Andarabi, the provincial police chief. The funeral was in honor of a local man who died of natural causes, Andarabi added.
No one claimed immediate responsibility for the attack, which took place around 8 a.m., but analysts said they suspected the Taliban. Saadi, a high-profile mujahedeen leader in northern Kunduz province during the Soviet occupation, is a member of the anti-Taliban Jamiat-e-Islami party....

We don't belong in Syria. We never did.

American Deaths (click here)

Since war began (3/19/03):44883532
Since "Mission Accomplished" (5/1/03) 
Since Handover (6/29/04):36272899
Since Obama Inauguration (1/20/09):256128
Since Operation New Dawn:6639

Definitely have to know about the people that can't speak for themselves anymore. That is a requirement. Why call them brave if they didn't earn it after all.

The Global Community has to say NO to the USA on any further lending! A review of it's credit rating is in order.

Syria is a policing action. It is to remove chemical weapon capacity from Syria to insure allies are safe. The USA is already at war. There is no need for Congress to convene.

The war in Afghanistan is already a reason for President Obama to insure the safety of the region. There is no reason for Congress to convene. Besides if this is sincerely a police action to end the chemical weapon delivery capacity of Syria to our allies, why wait? 

Nancy Pelosi has already FALLEN IN LINE. Now, those seeking monies for their districts simply have to do the same and extend the danger in the region and prolong the withdrawal from Afghanistan and begin the second front of war all over again while the spending in military escalates the ONCE AGAIN the domestic health of the American economy is deterred to Wall Street stockholders. 

The USA is corrupted to the core and this is a primary example. Supposedly, President Obama believes in peace. Right.

A suicide bomber (click here) detonated his explosives near a police checkpoint and a bank in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, one of two attacks in the heartland of the insurgency that killed 18 people over 24 hours. Separately, a NATO service member was killed by insurgents in the country's east, according to a military statement.
No group immediately claimed responsibility for any of the attacks, but Afghan President Hamid Karzai blamed the bombings on the Taliban. The militants have escalated their activity as U.S.-led foreign forces reduce their presence in the country and are in the final phase of handing over responsibility for security to Afghan troops.
Karzai said the militants should stop taking orders from foreigners — a veiled reference to Pakistan, whose intelligence services are alleged to be in league with the Afghan Taliban. The president said the security transition is nearly complete and the militants were desperate to derail it....

This is the way it plays out. The Congress extends the money to the military and Obama saves face as a great Commander and Chief while moving the timeline in Afghanistan in realization that Russia has been a bad country as is Syria and the region is at risk from now on.

But, 'intellectually' this is not Iraq.  
By: David Dayen
Monday February 14, 2011 8:55 am

...But buried deeply (click here) in these 359 pages of ugly surprises is a provision that would mean one community in America would do a lot better than all of the others. The legislation added an estimated $450 million for a particular bit of defense spending that the Department of Defense did not ask for and does not want. 

The item is a down payment that would obligate the federal government to future payments that could well be three or four times the increased spending added to this particular piece of legislation, with a big portion of the funds flowing to two cities in Ohio—Cincinnati, where Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) grew up, and Dayton, the largest city in his congressional district. 

The money will go to pay the costs to General Electric Co.’s General Electric Aviation unit and the British-owned Rolls Royce Group for their development of an engine for the new Joint Strike Fighter aircraft—money that looks, feels, and smells very much like an earmark....

Speaker of the House John Boehner is a master of bringing pork contracts back to his home district. The two most well known projects -both of which the Pentagon has declared are completely unnecessary- is a replacement engine for the International Joint Strike Fighter (estimated at $29 Billion) and the refurbishing of M1 tanks so they can be shipped to Arizona to sit in storage (estimated at $17 Billion).
What's your response to Republicans like Boehner who cry and bleat constantly about the need to reduce spending, but absolutely refuse to give up the $46 Billion in pork barrel spending that's going on in their own district?

Oh, that was a couple years ago, huh? Right.

29 Aug 2013 

Last night, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)  (click here) sent a letter to the president requesting that he clearly articulate to the American people and Congress "his objectives, policy, and strategy for any potential intervention in Syria." He told the president that it was essential that he address "the basis any use of force would be legally justified and how the justification comports with the exclusive authority of Congressional authorization under Article I of the Constitution."

The Speaker wrote that "our nation’s response to the deterioration and atrocities in Syria has implications not just in Syria, but also for America’s credibility across the globe, especially in places like Iran." 
And he expressed concern over "potential scenarios our response might trigger or accelerate. These considerations include the Assad regime potentially losing command and control of its stock of chemical weapons or terrorist organizations – especially those tied to al Qaeda – gaining greater control of and maintaining territory." 

There are chemical weapons reported that are tied to al Qaeda? LIE.

From the letter:

I respectfully request that you, as our country’s commander-in-chief, personally make the case to the American people and Congress for how potential military action will secure American national security interests, preserve America’s credibility, deter the future use of chemical weapons, and, critically, be a part of our broader policy and strategy. 

In addition, it is essential you address on what basis any use of force would be legally justified and how the justification comports with the exclusive authority of Congressional authorization under Article I of the Constitution....

Speaker Boner has been doing nothing but playing the political game of impeachment and displacement of the authority of the Executive Branch to the House. This is all political with the Right Wing. It is their 'base' they are showing how the real President actually is. It is all rhetorical. So, now our military is the puppet of political rhetoric. Gee, I wonder where this is headed?

In the USA, the Labor Day Holiday is just another day.

Will you be barbecuing (click here) this Labor Day, or slaving away at the office? According to new survey data from Bloomberg BNA and, many Americans will have the somewhat ironic pleasure of laboring on the day that’s meant to commemorate the “social and economic achievements of the American worker.”...

This has nothing to do with us as a country. This is about creating jobs through blood money and stockholder returns besides. This is an EXCUSE to nullify "The Sequester" and INCREASE military spending above the sequester limits.

The Double Standard of the USA is quite incredible. No different than the settlement between the Football League Owners and the Players. Why does there have to be a dedicated amount of money for RESEARCH? 

...“Every dollar (click here) we invested to map the human genome returned $140 to our economy — every dollar,” he said. “Today our scientists are mapping the human brain to unlock the answers to Alzheimer’s. They’re developing drugs to regenerate damaged organs, devising new materials to make batteries 10 times more powerful. Now is not the time to gut these job-creating investments in science and innovation.”...

How convenient the American media can't even come to the defense of the best interest of the players. The Obama Administration already took the heat off the football owners in monies for brain research to protect the sport from disappearing off the Wall Street Map.

The USA media has just run a campaign about OUR DEMOCRACY and demanding legislation like the British in order to FORCE a vote on Syria. What does anyone think that is? Peace? Hell, no. Peace is peace, not war. 

Where is the PUSH for funding for Pre-School education? Oh, that is government spending isn't it? 

The only thing the American Media is interested in is power, nothing but power. They want to have a purpose that ties them to the power structure in DC to make it a method for advertisers to get what they want regardless of the target. If there isn't a price tag attached to it, the American media isn't interested in bringing about an agenda of any kind.

Peace is not profitable for power players, after all how is the petroleum industry going to have their way with Russia. Oh, Russia? I thought there were missiles parked at their borders.

The entire mess with the Olympics during the 2008 elections was to displace a sitting President. Why? 

Come on, there are lots of pieces to this puzzle.

So, Romney could be the puppet the media is doing with Obama right now.

How do you make a George W. Bush out of a President intent on having diplomatic relations work?

Several ways, but, political pressure is effective enough. 

Obama needs to declare the USA a PEACE ECONOMY and get over it!!!

This is all a lie. Obama might not know it yet, but, as soon as Congress is involved it will have a Wall Street priority and the legislation will be nothing more than a web of entanglements.

She's got a great smile and super teeth. Have a great Labor Day.

"Skepticism about what military power can cause....and what American military power can do in the long term."

The problem in the Middle East is the denuclearization of Israel. That is what Syria was stating in this case in 2003. 

The USA was USING THE EXCUSE of WMD to invade Iraq. We now know that was a ploy by the Bush/Cheney White House and it involved a cabal. Syria was worried the invasion into Iraq would not be the end of it. That is the part the world ignores. The American people do have a conscience and while that is limited in power in some ways they do not approve of rampant war for the sake of 'building an American/Christian safe environment." Basically, Americans aren't interested in owning the world. Other nations don't realize how profoundly sound the American opposition to war without end is contained in our culture.

Getting Israel to disarm from nuclear weapons is going to be very difficult. The Six Day War was never far away from reaching for Israel's nuclear capacity. It would require profound, sincere and lasting treaties. It is possible, but, difficult. Especially now when so many of the nations of North Africa is in flux to their leadership, their loyalty to old values and what the future indeed holds. It is basically meaningless at this point to ask all the nations of North Africa and the Mideast to come to a diplomatic table to resolve to what Syria was striving for within this declaration in 2003. The stability in the leadership in the region is too unpredictable to believe any treaty would be ratified by those same nations. The disarming of the Mideast and North Africa would have to be ratified before it would go into effect.

I am quite confident this is on the agenda of The State Department and the Obama Administration has repeatedly stated "There is no military solution," and there isn't. We all know any sincere war between nations in the Mideast and North Africa would result in loss of civilization.

Posted Thu 17 Apr 2003, 5:54am AEST
Syria has asked the UN Security Council to help transform the Middle East into a "zone free of weapons of mass destruction".
Accused by the United States of developing chemical weapons, Syria insists it is not doing so but charges that Washington is ignoring Israel, which is widely assumed to have nuclear weapons.
Syria has circulated a draft resolution in the 15-nation Security Council, welcoming all initiatives to create a "zone free of weapons of mass destruction, in particular nuclear weapons".
But the US ambassador to the UN, John Negroponte, says Syria is jumping the gun.
"We think the focus at the moment is the search for WMD in Iraq," he said.
"Secondly, we are conerned about Syria's own WMD and obviously, if a council member or any member of the United Nations proposes a resolution for consideration, we are prepared to consider it, that doesn't mean to adopt it, embrace it or endorse it in any way, shape or form," Mr Negroponte said.